The Kasabian released the audio of the first single, “Eez-Eh”, from their fifth studio album "48:13" (the title refers to the duration of the album), scheduled for launch in the month of June.

2014 looks like it will be a good year for the band Sergio Pizzorno and Tom Meighan. The new album arrives expecting to repeat the same performance of previous work of the group - the last three albums of them reached at the top of the UK charts - and the quartet will also close one of the nights of the Glastonbury Festival.

Kasabian - 48:13 Track List

1. "(Shiva)" 1:07 (Track length)
2. "Bumblebee" 4:01
3. "Stevie" 4:45
4. "(Mortis)" 0:48
5. "Doomsday" 3:40
6. "Treat" 6:53
7. "Glass" 4:48
8. "Explodes" 4:18
9. "(Levitation)" 1:19
10. "Clouds" 4:45
11. "Eez-Eh" 3:00
12. "Bow" 4:27
13. "S.P.S" 4:22

Listen to "Eez-Eh" below:

on 4/29/14


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