Zero Hero is a fun online video game for free, with versions for iOS, Android and PC. Players start from below, just as a stranger in the neighborhood, but can develop to turn the neighborhood heroes. There, you can also join teams, who are true heroes of groups working for the good of their neighborhood.

Learn how to join or create a team in Hero Zero .

Creating a team

Before creating a team, you need to add 500 currencies. If you have the coins, the walkthrough is quite simple.

Step 1: Click on "Your Time" icon that looks like a shield with the letter "Z".

Step 2: Click "Create Time"

Step 3: Enter the name and description of your team. Be creative to attract more players. After clicking the "Create" button, pay the coins and ready.

Join a team already created

If you want to join a team already created by another player, simply locate it and make a request for them to accept you. The tutorial is very simple.

Step 1: Click on "Your Time" icon that looks like a shield with the letter "Z". Same button to create your team.

Step 2: Click "Browse Team"

Step 3: Look for the team you want to attend. Stay tuned to the amount present in it players and their degree of expansion. After finding the team you want to join, just select it and click "Apply".

Step 4: Enter a message presenting and click "Send". If accepted, you will receive a message back.

on 5/4/14
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