Killer is Dead is a Beat'em All developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Kadokawa Games in Japan, America and Xseed Games Deep Silver in Europe. Goichi Suda aka Suda 51 returns to the front of the stage after games like No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned or Lollipop Chainsaw.

The game takes place in the near future or you will play as an "Executioner" called Mondo Zappa. You will be under the command of Bryan giving you contracts ending most often by the execution of the person in question.

In this comprehensive solution, DTGReviews ascend you how to retrieve all the skills Mondo, how to defeat each boss, find Scarlett who hide in the levels and complete schedules and main quests in the game

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This part of the Complete Guide to Killer is Dead you how to succeed fully ascend the main story of the game Each part will be illustrated with a video showing you how to successfully defeat all the enemies as quickly as possible and defeat the Boss:

Episode 1: The man who chose the Moon

Episode 2: Killer is Dead

Episode 3: The living martyrdom

Episode 4: The man who stole the Moon

Episode 5: The one who eats dreams

Episode 6: The man who had stolen his

Episode 7: The tiger which was based in black

Episode 8: The one that plays with dreams

Episode 9: The giant who had stolen a planet

Episode 10: The bearer of love

Episode 11: The one who lives in dreams

Episode 12: The Chosen of the Moon

Episode 1: The man who chose the Moon
This first episode will be only mouthing the game, just look at the first kinematic Killer is Dead and take possession of your character. The game will then explain how to move, rotate and manage the camera using the right stick. Advance towards the enemy to come out of the alley. It will do more than keep the R1 button before release. Then admire the second kinematic offer you the game.

Episode 2: Killer is Dead
In this new episode, you will learn first using your katana against the first enemies you will encounter:

Katana "Gekkou"

Your trusty katana "Gekkou" absorbs blood to make you stronger. Press the action button to perform a combo katana several times. Make combos to accelerate attacks. Hold the action button to perform a "Moon Slash" which is to hit all enemies around you. Once defeated enemies, recovered objects on the ground. You will have many items to collect throughout the adventure:


Lunar crystals

Gem health

Blood Rose

The reward will be the "swag" that you can recover after each opponent killed. Synapse Wires gives health while the energy core gives blood. Lunar crystals help strengthen Mondo, you can use these gems to get technical and improvements. Gems strengthen your health vitality, bring in health experience. When your level of health increases, the maximum level of health increases. Blood roses strengthen your blood level, report the blood experience. When your blood level increases, the maximum blood level increases.

Once emptied the first room, open the door at the end of the corridor. Kill the two guards who will wait and watch the cutscene. It will do more than run a QTE consisting pounding the action button until the old "Executioner" is found mortally wounded.

Episode 3: The living martyrdom

Scarlett find:

Scarlett # 1: The first Scarlett find is from the beginning of the level. Take the stairs on your right and go upstairs to discover. Talking to him you'll get the "Challenge combo first part."

Scarlett # 2: The second Scarlett find is on the first floor of the second room. However, you will first learn how to use your bionic arm before it can recover. Just before leaving the room, position yourself on the heart and watch the lamp to activate the platform. You will find Scarlett who will give you the "Challenge Katana second part."

Scarlett # 3: The third Scarlett is located in the hallway just before the Boss room. Destroy all statues cat to appear. It then gives you the "Challenge targets first part."

Course level:

Go straight ahead and talk to Alice's sister. You will arrive in a huge room completely returned. Take the open door on your right to get a tutorial. You will learn how to keep, dasher and breaking the guard enemies.

Guard Break: break custody Wires powerful to make them vulnerable. Press the Action Guard Break button. Holding the button then releasing you make a Guard Crush (Needs Improvement).

Once the enemy killed, you get a cake in the center of the room.

Return to the previous room and give the cake. Then go to your right where a new door will make its appearance. You will find an intermediate Boss in this room for you to complete your tutorial. Break his first custody until you see the execution symbol appear Adrenaline Burst. Adrenalin Burst bisects a stunned enemy. Consume the blood. Hold the trigger R1 then your action button. Then take the flower and give it back to the previous room.

Then enter the room located at the bottom level. You will see your assistant who will explain how to use your bionic arm. Then use your arm all the candles to open a secret passage.

Cybernetic arm: Musselbak, left arm Mondo consumes blood Wires defeated. Musselbak secret: you can mimic a human hand to fool fingerprint readers.

User secondary weapon: Mondo-vision analysis enemies and chooses the optimal secondary weapon Musselback. Use your secondary weapon with L1, aim with the right stick and R1 to shoot.

Once the secret passage discovered, use the action button to destroy it and get the watch that you give to the young lady located in the previous room. Kill all the enemies and use the stairs leading down to the Boss room.

Boss Alice:

From the beginning of the fight you head near Alice and chain your combos katana. After a few seconds, it will turn on the walls of the room. Avoid his shots and pull it over your arm to make her fall. Do not forget to use your guard to not suffer the damage you will perform Alice and Guard Break to break his guard.

Final Judgment: chain combos to try Wires. The rewards vary according to the judgment. square / X: sentence. Triangle / Y: carnage. Cross / A: sentence. Round / B: murder.

Improvements: collect lunar crystals to unlock new techniques. Check your state after being picked. Improvements to open the menu, choose "condition and improvements" in the office or in the pause menu.

You then approach her and cut the first time by running your "finish". The Boss then deliver to rotate around the room but you send eggs that will turn into enemies (picture 14). Kill them and make it fall two more times until you see the final performance show. Press the R1 button to finish slicing the beast.

Just Guard: block when the enemy flashes to pierce his defense. Even the strongest enemies are defenseless when they attack.

Burst Rush narrowly dodge an attack to make a Dodge Burst, then press the action button for a Burst Rush. Round / B with the left stick to perform a Dodge, during an attack to make a Dodge Burst and hammer square / X to perform a Burst Rush.

Episode 4: The man who stole the Moon
Scarlett find:

Scarlett # 1: the first nurse to find will be found after entering the first table. Then go to your left and destroy the two pots. You will see that the wall has a crack, use your drill to destroy the wall and Scarlett find behind it. You will get the "Challenge Technical Part".

Scarlett # 2: after retrieving the first Scarlett up the stairs and destroy the pot which will be on your right. Then use your bionic hand on the small switch and enter the secret room. Inside this room, destroy all the pots to show a new nurse who will give you the following challenge: "Target Challenge third party."

Scarlett # 3: the last Scarlett will find at the top of the stairs of the main hall. You simply unlock the last table before David then climb the stairs to find in front of you. Tell him to get the "Challenge Part survival."

Course level:

First kill all of the three enemies in the lobby and then continue your journey to find the left where two guards with huge shields. Make a to-break guard to guard down opponents before completing with your katana. Continue your journey into the green room where new enemies await you. Once the battle is over, go around the table to absorb and you find yourself in a new part of the house.

Climb the stairs to get to a new kind of monster. This enemy will have the opportunity to launch a ray of light that you need to avoid using your dash. Its weak point is its eye, so we advise you to wave your bionic arm and shoot him in the eye when you arrive to eliminate the opponent. Then go down the hall to return to the main hall where you expect new enemies. Once the massacre ended, go in the left panel.

You will face three enemies in this room. Then use your bionic hand on the digital terminal to open the door. You return to the main hall where you will take the right table. Inside kill all the enemies and return to the lobby to access the Boss of this episode. Once inside the last table, you have to face the henchmen of the Boss before the deal in person. Feel free to use your performances to overcome enemies as quickly as possible.

Boss David

You are now facing the second boss of the game First you will avoid the blades that you launch it after a little animation of his sword upwards. When David will end and you will see violet rays around it, make a dash to do not you take his load. Finally, it will do more than hammering your attack katana then run the Boss with R1 after completing the QTE required.

Episode 5: The one who eats dreams
First follow the path in front of you to trigger a cutscene. Then continue forward until Boss of the area. The Boss will be quite simple as you only need to beat pounding action button to hit the enemy katana. It happens that you see the vision of the Boss, in this case, move to the "screen" and hit until the Boss perish to regain your vision. Once the life bar of the empty enemy, run.

Episode 6: The man who had stolen his
Scarlett find:

Scarlett # 1: after seeing the cutscene where your ally pulls all enemies, go to the left of the screen instead of using the stairs. Underneath find many funds that you must destroy to show the first nurse that level. And you will receive the "Challenge katana third party."

Scarlett # 2: Once in a circular hub, turn the platform three times and then enter the room that contains a screen. Then use the mechanism in the room to destroy a wall. Scarlett will be behind the wall that you come to destroy. Talking to him you'll get the "Challenge combo second part."

Scarlett # 3: Just before entering the elevator leading up to the Boss, destroy the body lying on the stairs, it will aim to show the third and final level of the nurse. Talking to him you'll get the "Challenge Technical Part".

Course level:

From the beginning of the level, you'll face a few enemies "to form," slice their throats and enter the building in front of you. Once inside, fight enemies while using your dash to avoid getting hit by snipers. You will then pull up the cables to collapse the bridge that takes you to the second part of the level. In the next room many enemies will appear, fortunately for you, your sidekick will help you pull all your opponents and finish the fight after only a few seconds.

At the top of the stairs you will face new monsters assisted turrets. Take your bionic arm and pull priority over drones to not make you dizzy and finish the last enemy in hand-to-hand. In the new circular room, you have to defeat all your opponents by hiding snipers. Then use the green mechanism in order to make the platform turn.

Crouch: you can dodge the shots squatting. Hold L1 and the right stick to crouch.

Use four times the mechanism to fall on a piece concealing a second lever. This will allow you to create links leading you to a new door. Kill all the enemies that will be on your way to enter the elevator that takes you right to the Boss of this level (8-9 frame).

Boss Victor:

You must first of all avoid the charges that you will make the Boss, for this, use your dash when a violet glow surround Victor. Then stay away from him and pull him with your bionic arm. Once the Boss will a laser beam, dashez to him and pound your action button to remove the most points possible life. After three executions, Victor will no longer arm and a timer will start up. Kill him one last time and run it now R1 to complete your mission.

Episode 7: The tiger which was based in black

Scarlett find:

Scarlett # 1: you approach the waterfall and use your bionic arm on the enemy "eye" at the top of it. Once defeated, a tree falls in the river and you can access the inside of the waterfall where we will meet the first nurse. Scarlett will give you the "Challenge katana first part."

Scarlett # 2: Go to the back of the house where the rock allowing you to invoke the penultimate ninja. Use your drill to destroy the rock and cut bamboo "or". Scarlett will appear and give you the "Challenge katana fourth part."

Scarlett # 3: The last nurse found just past the door to open. Retrieve the five hidden in the area rolls then go near the door. Once open, look to your left to see Scarlett who will give you the "Challenge combo third party."

Course level:

You will find five ninjas in this mission and retrieve rolls to access the Boss. The first ninja statue found in leaves. Destroy the leaves then fight the ninja to get your first roll. The second statue ninja will be behind a bridge. The third statue will be on the roof of the small house near the roof.

Then go to the back of the house where you find Scarlett and look on the roof to retrieve the fourth stone. A little further in the marsh find the latest stone, hidden behind the bushes. Once all the ninjas defeated, return near the large door that opens ... Take the small path to the Boss of the area.

Boss Hamada-Yama:

The Boss will have to fight in two phases, first you'll be on the bike Vivienne Vivienne Phantom. Vivienne master the technique of "Vivienne Phantom" to 16 guns. This is also an accomplished biker. Use the left stick to bending. The left stick with the cross / action button A to move. Use square / X to hit the enemy katana and finally round / B button to endure a collision. During the second phase, you can simply use your bionic arm away and get close as possible to the Boss. When his form Tiger happen, dodge his attack and inflict him of "finish." Finally, hold the trigger and release R1 to cut off his head.

Episode 8: The one that plays with dreams
In this episode, you will return to the memories of your hero. Browse all of the first level in a straight line while killing enemies in your way. You will eventually reach a place where your mother has prepared a fried egg. David will then break into your memory! You just hit your mother David and not to inflict damage and finish the level as quickly as it has begun.

Episode 9: The giant who had stolen a planet
Scarlett find:

Scarlett # 1: To recover the first nurse, go kill the guard on his turret. Then take possession of the turret and destroy the barrels behind you. Scarlett will be in one of the boxes on your right and give you the "Challenge Part survival."

Scarlett # 2: Once in the room that trigger the timer, destroy all the boxes as shown in the picture. Then pull out your Drill and destroy the wall to discover the second level nurse who will give you the "Challenge targets fourth part."

Scarlett # 3: Once your teammate has helped you, leave the room on your left. Destroy all the blocks inside to show the penultimate level nurse who will give you the "Challenge targets fourth part."

Scarlett # 4: The last nurse to nurse incidentally will find the harder the game Just before arriving at the top of the plant, you will take the stairs. Go behind the stairs and shoot in the dark to destroy the box that will contain the nurse. You will get the "Survival Challenge Part III" at the same time.

Course level:

From the beginning of the level, go to your left and kill the enemy in charge of the turret. Then continue your journey to new opponents right where you need to get rid appear. You will eventually get into an elevator that will take you to the upper floor of the plant. Use your "finish" to quickly finish the fight which you will be faced out of the elevator and take the leader's head to allow you to open the back door of the area.

Take the stairs that take you a little higher in the plant while cutting enemies in your way. A Minutera will then set up and you will defeat the "executioner" of the room as quickly as possible to recover the key to the elevator. Once in the new area, many snipers will begin to shoot you, do not worry because your teammate will give you a hand to get rid of all your enemies.

Then go into the room to the left of your site and activate the switch located inside the platform to move in the middle of the room. Then use the new bridge designed to reach the top of the roof and come face to face with the Boss end level. You will first have to create a path avoiding its light rays and kill enemies on your way to join the top of the factory ...

Boss Giant Head:

To defeat this Boss, you can simply use your bionic arm over his eyes and his belly. When the Boss is back, pull her back and if you ever have more life, wait until it launches enemies to make up your blood bar. Once his eyes pierced the Boss fall and kinematics will end the fight. Then hold the R1 button and release it to cut the giant's head.

Episode 10: The bearer of love
Scarlett find:

Scarlett # 1: The first nurse is in the first room of the train. Go behind the desk and turn green with your bionic arm mechanism, it will aim to show Scarlett. Tell him to get the "Challenge weapons first part."

Scarlett # 2: when you are in the big room full of snipers, go upstairs by taking the stairs on the left. Then destroy the box located at the bottom of the bridge to show Scarlett. This will give you the "Survival Challenge Part IV."

Scarlett # 3: After using the turret Bryan, go to the bottom of the car and take the ladder on your right. At the top will be found a box that you must destroy to discover the penultimate level nurse. Scarlett will give you the "Technical Challenge Part IV."

Scarlett # 4: The last nurse will be on the roof of the car, just before arriving at the final boss of the area. Destroy all the crates until you reach the far right of the area as shown in the picture and destroy the last box on the right to see Scarlett that will offer the "Challenge targets seventh part."

Course level:

Upon arrival on the train, you will face many enemies. Then go to the "purple" room and shoot the two electrical cables. This will take you to the next car where many snipers will appear. To defeat these enemies you can either hide behind the crates and pull away or run multiple dashs and get the body-to-body to use your katana. Then do not forget to destroy all the crates to collect items that you used to improve your skills in the future.

Then leave the room to find out that Bryan heavy artillery. The "Bryan Turret" even after the retirement of Bryan, Bryan Turret his technique has not lost efficiency. Use the right stick to aim and the R1 button to shoot. You can also zoom in on the enemy with the L1 button and exit the module with the button used to perform dashs. So get on the camera and shoot the red balls located on your right until they explode all. You will then do the same with the balls and the enemies in front of you.

Finally, go to the bottom of the car and climb the ladder. You need to move between several boxes on the roof of the car. So use your dash when you see a metal bar below or you get you lower. Then destroy the crates and kill the sniper positioned at the rear of the car. Kinematics will then start...

Boss TM-551:

To defeat this boss, you will firstly aim and shoot his eyes with your bionic arm. Once the eye fell, pound your katana attack to inflict damage until you see the button "finish" enabled. Cut two eyes to see a huge head appear. Just as the eyes, pull on the head with your bionic arm then slice it with your finish-move. Finally, hold the [R1] button on the handle and release to cut the train in two.

Episode 11: The one who lives in dreams
You start the level at the same stage of introducing the game Go to the end of the lane and watch the cutscene and eventually end up in front of the Boss: Dolly. You must first of all avoid its rays while firing at him from a distance and then destroy his shield to inflict damage to the body-to-body. Once done, the Boss will be on platforms that you must destroy with your bionic arm. Then complete this quick fight holding the [R1] and press release to decide the best way head Dolly.

Episode 12: The Chosen of the Moon
This level is none other than the level 4 of the game you have already done. Therefore completely rebuilt your previous route to get to your brother David. His first form is known and you just have to make a QTE before finishing. Once this first battle is over, you will find yourself in space and you will achieve three dodging now to complete your brother a second time. Finally, you arrive in front of the latest form of David! Use your bionic arm to inflict damage from a distance and dodge his attacks to cons-attack. Once the bar empty life, make a finish to end the fight and finish at the same time Killer is Dead.

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