EA Sports UFC, finally received its first major update. New movements, animations and of course fighters became available in a free DLC. Check our tutorial to get new characters to the MMA game exclusive to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Automatic updates
When new free fighters, as this latest update, the game will alert the first time the user run it. So just allow the action to download the package. The screen will turn black with small red octagon on the right corner of the same, indicating that the data is being loaded, and a few seconds to download the fighters.

Purchase fighters
But this is not the only way to update the cast of characters from EA Sports UFC with new fighters. You can also buy them. Just go to the "Store" menu, where the purchase can be made by "Packages", acquiring more than a fighter discounted or "Fighters" format, acquiring one by one. At this time, Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie still are the only options.


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