Infamous: First Light is a downloadable game released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 that puts players in the shoes of Fetch, a character who made his first appearance in InFamous: Second Son. In the game, you can improve / upgrade character skills using attribute points achieved during the campaign.

Check out the tutorial below:

Step 1: At any time of the game, press Start to access the pause menu.

Step 2: Press R2 to the "Updates" tab. On this screen you can use points to unlock new abilities / Skills.

Step 3: At the bottom right of the screen, you can check how many points you have to spend on skills. Each has a cost, which can be seen on its icon.

Step 4: To unlock more skills, search and collect bright red dots on the map. They add a "SP" to your score. Usually they are located on top of tall buildings where you need to use Fetch skills to achieve them.

Step 5: Place the cursor over the skill you want to unlock to give a description of improvement. To buy it, press X.

Step 6: Okay, now the item will be illuminated on the screen, and a new level of that ability should be available for purchase.


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