The Last of Us Remastered adds interesting Shooting Mode, which allows players to capture images of characters and scenarios, using a comprehensive tool that includes filters, borders, and advanced settings.

Learn How to use The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode.

Step 1: First of all, you need to enable shooting mode. To do this, go to the main menu of the game and choose "Options."

Step 2: Now click on "Set".

Step 3: In "Photo Mode", select "On" to enable the function.

Step 4: During any stretch of gameplay, press L3 (left analog) to access photo mode.

Step 5: In the "Camera" menu, use the analog to position the image. With L1 and R1 also gives to change the distance of the lens.

Step 6: In "Depth of Field" you can set the effect that blurs the image background.

Step 7: In "Color Filter" choose one of the effects to the image.

Step 8: You can still put edges and add a grainy image, using the "Vignette" and "Granular" options.

Step 9: When you finish your edits, press X to hide the interface and press the Share button to capture the image. Then just upload to your favorite social network.


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