Here I will show you where to find all Styx Master of Shadows' Gold Coins Locations. I have made each level and each zone a screenshot. I have made all zones to an image, which then gives the whole level.

There are always 10 dollars in each zone. But if you are in Zone 2 is always displayed 10/40 or if it is a mission where there are only 30 wait: 10/30.

A detailed description, I think is not required since the pictures explain it enough.

Small yet Info: The image which is in the top left of each zone is, I'm with a grimace. Don't be surprised!

Have fun with the Guide!

Mission -1

Here are the Locations of the gold coins in the 1st mission.

Mission - 2

Mission - 3

Mission - 4

Mission - 5

Mission - 6

Mission - 7

Mission - 8


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