This weekend, the pop world has a new singer that promises to rock the scene with her music and attitude. During the X Factor final this weekend, the British broadcaster, Channel 4, released as part of its campaign "Born Risky”, the video for Viktoria Modesta’s "Prototype."

In addition to her bold and avant-garde stance, singer, songwriter and model stands out for being the first artist with an amputated leg, breaking with the pre-established concepts in the industry.

According to her biography, with the English ancestry of Latvia decided to remove part of the left leg on a voluntary basis in 2007 at age 20 after suffering a lifetime with the sequel caused by a problem in her delivery, which left her with the committed member.

Nevertheless, Viktoria began her artistic career at age 4 and has on her resume appearances in fashion weeks in London and Milan, editorial publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, iD and Grazia, and a participation in the Olympic Games in London, interpreting the Ice Queen in Coldplay’s "42".

"For a long time, pop culture closed the doors for me as amputated and alternative artist. I think people have always had difficulties to feel or what to think of an amputee who is not trying to be an Olympic athlete. In sports, overcome a disability makes you a hero, but the pop no room for this feeling," said the singer." Through this project with Channel 4, I hope to establish new principles in music and fashion, tearing the rulebook and develop a stronger example of what it means to be a musician, model and artist."

Check out the video for "Prototype" below:

on 12/15/14


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