Yesterday afternoon (7), Sia released music video for her newest single, "Elastic Heart" via her VEVO channel

The video took the audience to react in different ways, but some social networks were complained that the content promoted pedophilia. "Just watched the video of Sia with Maddie and Shia, an adult man with disgusting face, and the two rubbing. Sickening, "wrote one user on Twitter, among other protests.

On her page, the singer responded to the accusations and complaints, explaining what Maddie Ziegler actors, 12, and Shia LaBeouf represent.

"I knew I would have to deal with a protest 'pedophilia !!!!' because of this video. All I can say is that I felt that Maddie and Shia are the only actors who could represent these two opposing sides of the 'Sia', "the hitmaker. "I'm sorry to those who felt provoked by #ElasticHeart. My intention was to create an exciting content, not to upset anyone."

Check out the music video below:

on 1/8/15


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