Wanted to know how to get a lot of money quickly in Payday2? Video Game. Please check out this post.

Mission: Mall Crash

Information: This mission has a high shooting percentage

Requirements: strong armor, good weapons, 4 man team, saw or ECMS (many), grenades / MGs

Optional conditions: Skill for more money

Possible win: $ 3 million offshore and 0.7 million dollars cash on stage overkill with extra skills for takings in 3 minutes.

It is still possible to earn more on a higher difficulty, or if you make sure to kill a few civilians. Therefore, we consider the possible profit, which may vary according to the spec and team.

Functioning of the mission:

You start off in front of the mall and put on your mask and then got to say "Fire!". It is advantageous if you have 2 teams of 2 previously identified.

One team takes care of the rough. The shopping center to the right and upward. 3 grenades in the next 3 stores and then with machine guns and everything else can shoot what the rest of destroying such as disks and so on until the message appears that the helicopter is on the way. From this time bagging in the jewelry store and all the jewelry. There are at the end of 3 bags full of jewelry. The third bag gives one from the other team. Then off to the helicopter court and defend yourselves against the enemy masses.

The other team takes care of all ATMs in the shopping center. Sawing and the money to take out as fast as possible. Then take the third jewelry bag from the other team. Then off to the helicopter court and defend yourselves against the enemy masses.

Manage Mission and depending on the talent / Equipment / difficulty in 3 minutes.

Another tip: Sack let decorations on the back and not throw in the zone, otherwise they will not be counted for Payday.

Have fun money making, earn experience and gain mods.

on 3/25/15


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