Shiftlings is the new plat former game backed by Sierra. For the PC version, there is a long list of unlockables. Check out them below:

Fast as the wind: Finish Earth 2.0 in less than 31 minutes.

Absurd Speed: Sherbert Ends in less than 34 minutes.

You're Surrounded !: Wrap the wire around the Shiftlings around an object.

Rookie Collector: Collect all Black Hello Cola bottles single level.

Friends to death: Complete a multiplayer level with a random partner.

And that does not suck: Complete Event Horizon.

Meeting in the sweets shop: Finish Hyperactivia.

For a handful of Zorks: Finish Veraville.

One small step for a Zork: Finish Earth 2.0.

The road Tentacle: Finish Sherbert.

Want to play with me ?: Invite a friend to a multiplayer game.

Puffy: Changes for the first time.

I was there, I died as well: Die in six different ways.

Gathering Cola: Get 30 bottles of Black Hi Cola in one world.

No guts, no glory: Jump on the head of Hammerbot and live to tell the tale.

Gravity Challenge: Complete level 10 Earth 2.0 without jumping over 5 times.

Attachment to the land: Complete level 3 Event Horizon without jumping more than 14 times.

Alternate: Complete level 10 Earth 2.0 without changing more than 11 times.

Flight twin: Keep the two characters airborne simultaneously for 4 seconds.

Suction rate: Horizon Event Ends in less than 16 minutes.

The lightning that never stops: Finish Hyperactivia in less than 24 minutes.

Malcolm in the front: Finish Veraville in less than 26 minutes.

No time to lose: Complete all levels in Time Trial mode.

Employee of the Month Zomegacorp: Finish the game.

Sugar rush: Get the 150 Black Hello Cola bottles.

The last Zork: Defeat the boss giant robot end of each world without dying.

Switched at Birth: Complete Level 3 Event Horizon unchanged over 11 times.


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