All the Cheat Codes /tricks to be entered in the Pillars of Eternity command (console) 

Press the (`) to bring up the text box and type "iroll20s" to unlock the console in which to enter the codes. Just put it back to disable the tricks.


IMPORTANT: Remember that with the tricks will be disabled STEAM Achievements.
Insert in place of the X the amount you want to have.


- Talents adds to a specific player - AddAbility NOMEGIOCATORE NOMEABILITA '
- Adds objects - AddItem objectname X
- Fast passage of time - AdvanceTimeByHour X
- Provides Experience - AddExperience X
- Fa level up to a maximum of 12 - AddExperienceToLevel X
- Provides Money - GivePlayerMoney X
- Removes Money - RemovePlayerMoney X
- It allows you to set the Attributes - AttributeScore NOMEGIOCATORE attributename X
- Allows you to set the skill - Skill NOMEGIOCATORE NOMEABILITA 'X
- Set the time of play (1 to 1am, 14 to 2 pm) - SetTime X
- God Mode, the entire party is invincible - God
- Restores HP and MP to party - HealParty
- Open all containers closed in the current map - UnlockAll
- The group does not consume utensils field - Rest
- Get a pack of material for creating - CraftingDebug
- You can create anything without having the necessary materials - FreeRecipesToggle
- The group becomes invisible enemies and ignore you - Invisible
- No fog in battle - NoFog
- You can cast spells without limitations - ToggleSpellLimit
- Unlock all the information in the Bestiary - UnlockBestiary

Pillars Of Eternity Cheat Codes - God mode, XP and Gold


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