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Mitamas are the souls or spirits of fallen warriors or strong personalities from the Japanese legend and history. In the game Toukiden Kiwami these spiritual beings have captured almost all by Onis (demons).

A Mitama is released at the defeat of the corresponding Onis and it is possible to bind the Help menu. Most attracts you use when it binds to a weapon depending on the pedestal seats can hold up to 3 Mitamas.

This binding can be a style typical automated capability for the Main Mitama as Mitama access what impact such as faster stamina recovery (Focus) or build according to a shield has. Also become a style typical active usable capabilities of Main Mitamas for disposal. However, the number of uses and the individual passive abilities are different from Mitama to Mitama.

Mitamas also have a history and origin period when you bind specific Mitama in a gun together, this can have a special combination Boost produce which represents an additional passive ability.

Important to mention is that nowhere has to be durable binding, you can change your mind at any time try out and new combinations and the more Mitamas in your repertoire, the more you can experiment. With over 200 Mitamas with twelve passive skills where only three ever can be selected per Mitama and comes to a final as fixed bonus ability to remain a ton of experimental options.

To help you find the decision something, now follow the properties and capabilities of each Mitama stile:

Mitama - Attack Style (ATK)

The Attack style is oriented to affect the enemy's life energy massive, all abilities to help themselves fully to the killing of Onis to concentrate.

Specific capacity as Main Mitama: When enable the "ritual of purification" the focus bar increases enormously quickly, even at current consumption of the Focus display by example. the activation of "Eye of Truth".

Active Usable Skills:

Might Increases the damage output while the ability is active Slowly
LeechA part of the life energy that can inflict damage on is their own added as long as the ability is active Slowly
Carnage All attacks to critical hits, while the ability is active Very Slowly
Recovery Healing a part of your own Life energy immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Defense Style (DEF)

The defense style is designed to intercept damage and also well suited to draw the attention of the Oni on itself so that the other fellow can gets to act freely.

Specific capacity as Hauptmitama: When run from the "ritual of purification" creates a shield bar that prevents damage from hits of the life bar is to the shield bar up.

Taunt Increases the defense and draws the attention of opponents to the user for the duration of the activation Quickly
ShieldIncreases the maximum of the shield bar and fills it immediately, but the maximum shrinks damage back to the original size (effect of the maximum increase is not multiplied) Quickly
Barrier Makes for a short period of time the ability untouchable enemy hits Very Slowly
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Speed Style (SPD)

The speed style is suitable for players who want to be always in the right place at the right time and do not want to feel held back by their own endurance. So deadly chain of attacks to be connected together or one slips through enemy attacks in summer months.

Specific capacity as Hauptmitama: Reduces use of focus for certain actions.

Energy Increased moving speed and filling rate of the focus block for the duration of the ability Average
AgilityCanceled a hit and takes a while dodging attacking even after they had already been made, capacity remains active until you hit was Quickly
Vigor Increases attack speed and reduces the consumption Focus for the duration of the ability Slowly
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Healing Style (HLG)

The Healing style is for all who care about the welfare of the group. The best way to aggiert as Healing-based fighters from a distance to keep track of the life energy of the troops to keep and to intervene at any time.

Special feature of the Main Mitamas: Negative status changes to allies can hit caused by his own weapon allies, undo the suffering immediately. In addition, the effect of recovery is significantly improved.

Zeal While the ability is active, the Focus displays all group members in the same area is continuously regenerated regardless of their actions and the natural regeneration A Little Slow
VitalityGenerated for the duration of the ability of a field that continuously the life energy of all the allies that are in effect radius, fills A Little Slow
Panacea Provides all the vital energy and focus of all group members immediately restores and revives this also if necessary completely back, also it removes all state changes in the group for all those who are in the same area as the user Extremely Slow
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Spirit Style (SPT)

The Spirit style is great to always have a trick up its sleeve with powerful spells and in certain situations to land devastating results. This one takes a goal in order to take it for his spell to target and then unleash a deadly power.

Special features of the Hauptmitama: The "ritual of purification" can accumulate magical energy which spells are stronger.

NameEffect Decay
Pursuit Fires a homing magic arrow in the direction which the user looks now Average
FountainCan now hail a Magical energy Average
Eruption Can immediately detonate a ghostly mass Avery slowly
Recovery Healing a part of the life energy immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Deceit (DCT)

The Deceit style is like gets to act for the people out of the shadows. It is therefore to keep and weaknesses and allies in secret in an opponent position.

Specific capacity as Hauptmitama: Attacks on the back of the Oni have an increased chance of critical hits land.

Puncture Immediately unleashed a slow big ball that rises in a nail rain and all the Oni get hit by the needles a strong penalty to its defense Average
IllusionCreates for the duration of the ability of a field which protects all Group members located in front of the perception of the Oni (Oni prevents this Characters as the destination select) A Little Slow
Stupor Generated for a while, a field which paralyzes every Oni which it enters Extremely Slow
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Space Style (SPC)

The Space style is great for all put a high value on tactical placement. Use of this style can defuse most situations, if properly used.

Specific capacity as Hauptmitama: Surrounded by a self-applied "ritual of purification" accelerates the decay of skills for all allies which are within its range.

Warp Teleports the user immediately forward a little Very Fast
SanctumGenerates a sphere which for the duration of the ability of a 'ritual of purification "performs (this is independent of the user but disappears immediately upon his death, however, the" ritual of purification "same impact whether as if the user himself to perform it) A Little Slow
Paradox Creates for the duration of the ability of a sphere all the Oni continuously causes harm located near Very Slowly
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Luck Style (LCK)

The Luck style is for those who prefer cube dice instead of fixed values to exit the best choice. Although one never really knows what is happening but this one has the largest selection of skills by all, even if they can not make targeted use. But this is ultimately the fate of those who rely on luck.

Specific capacity as Hauptmitama: (taken Oni body (part)) even a successful "ritual of purification" performs this represents random from the use made of a random ability a little unit / s Restore.

Random A random ability is executed or a rivet prevent a certain amount of time at the next use Fairly Quickly
FortuneFor a time attack and / or defense is raised or lowered and when it runs really bad one is given a negative change of state Fairly Quickly
Revival The usages of skills of all allies in the same area immediately restore Extremely Slow
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Support Style (SUP)

The support style is completely designed for the support of allies. Who share joys and sorrows takes literally will surely find themselves in this style.

Featured properties as Hauptmitama: fill in the arms bar for normal destroyer attack is the rise with all our allies divided located in the same area.

Altruism To the user creates a field that defense and attack of the allies are in it increases Slowly
DiffusionWhile the ability is active the damage of all party members in the same area is divided among the group in the same area and all lost life is treated as a red energy beams (thus regenerates itself) for the duration of the ability Quite Slow
Sacrifice Canceled all results for allies in the same area for the duration of the ability or until the user's life falls to zero, while the ability is active, the user continuously loses life Extremely Slow
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

Mitama - Danish Style (PLN)

The Danish style is the counterpart of the attack style, he focuses on the direct destruction of Oni-body parts and thus ensures that a direct attack on the Severed limbs is possible which only caused the actual damage to the Oni.

Specific capacity as Hauptmitama: When a kill Oni Oni or amputate a body part Attack Power is increased for a while.

Breaker Adds the ability for the duration of the destructible parts of Onis more damage Quite Slow

For the duration of the ability Oni-body parts are being attacked cleaned automatically during the instant effect (immediately transformed into an object) Quite Slow
Intensety While the ability is active, the weapons display for the destroyer attack is much more populated Extremely Slow
Recovery Healing a part of your own life force immediately Very Fast

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