Ether One – here is a list of unlockables / achievements that we can discover as we progress in the game:

Intelligent obstruction: Restored five projectors.

Concern: you hear all voice mail messages.

DEJA VU: You touched the bell in the Prologue the second time.

Defragmentation: Collect all fragments of memory.

Ether One complete walkthrough – PC/Mac

Genius: Restored 15 projectors.

Horder: Fill the shelves in the case.

Lucid: Restored 20 projectors.

Photography: You took each photograph Memory Core.

Rembrandt repairman: You changed the fuse in the House of Restoration 3.

Smarty Pants: 10 projectors have restored.

Restorative: Restored all plates.

If you know more tricks Ether One don’t hesitate to share with us.


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