In this section of our guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you can find out how and where to get to complete the many CONTRACTS by Witcher to unlock the trophy / goal Geralt THE PROFESSIONAL!



LOCATION: From BACHECA in the town center of WHITE ORCHARD.

REWARDS: Between cash and some expendable, you can get the TROPHY WRAITH that, when equipped, increases of 5% experience points obtained by the killing of enemies humanoids.

INFORMATION: After taking the CONTRACT by the BOARD, talk to the man shown to get information about what to do. You can haggle a bit 'on the price but will not be able to check more than a couple of extra COINS. Reached the pit infested used the sign to bring TRAP MAGIC WRAITH his corporeal form and attach it. Lost half energy spirit will disappear at this point patrolled the area to get new information. NOT is important to collect everything, you can just jump into the well and take the BRACELET underwater. Exit the underground cavern and head back to the well to interact and pull up the horde of the bucket which is hanged a BODY. Burned the body along with the bracelet to bring up again the Wraith and give them peace with the same technique used before. Pick up the Trophy from the remains of the Wraith and returned by your customer to complete the mission. During the final dialogue you can choose to NOT require any payment in order to leave the farmer the money for his sick daughter. This will reward you with different consumables and objects of creation.



EXTRA NOTE: If you ask, the farmer will tell you that claer, the woman at the well, is a close friend of the herbalist area (the woman he encountered in SECONDARY MISSION - THE BEAST OF WHITE ORCHARD ). Speaking with the herbalist claer, you will get additional experience.



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