D-Horse is your first companion in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain and available to use after the prologue. It guarantees you a quick progress in the vast areas of Afghanistan and Africa, and can also be used as a diversionary tactic to stop enemy vehicles. Here we explain you everything you need to know about your Buddy D-Horse.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D-Horse Buddy Guide

D-Horse has 12,000 hit points and stamina 6,000 points. If one of these values drop to 50%, the horse has to lie down and rest. During this time, you don’t ride on D-Horse. Otherwise, you should try to ride on D-Horse as long as possible, because every 36 seconds you gained + 1% relationship value with the horse, where the additional command lot provided for you from 50% Relationship Status (bowel movements / poop).

D-Horse Ability at a glance

Backwardness - You command D-Horse to move away from you.
Whistle- Your calls D-Horse to your position
Do it (Poop/ bowel movement) Relationship: 50% D-Horse will poop at its current position. Light vehicles skid when driving on them and the occupants stunned.

You can also move sideways by pressing the X or A button so that the enemies won’t notice you.

D-Horse Buddy Equipment 

D-Horse can endure longer in the battle, and you can also develop Battle Dress and other equipment for the horse at the Mother Base. This includes Furicorn, a pitch-black variant. 

GMP Costs
Normal 1 - - 0
Battledress (DH) 2 - - R & D: Lv 5  50,000
Battledress (DH) 3 Defense improved 1 - R & D: Lv 15
- Combat unit: Lv 15
- Electrospinning specialist 
Battledress (DH) 4 Defense improved 2 - R & D: Lv 29
- Combat unit: Lv 29
- Material Technician 
Furicorn 4 - - R & D: Lv 35
- Burning Man (corpse) (Important Subject) 

D-Horse battle dress location


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