Among the many vehicles, there are a total of eleven motorcycles can be found in Just Cause 3. You can use the off-road vehicles such as Geschwind V3000 and Autostraad Kletterer 300 to avoid the streets and to explore Medici and liberate settlements.

Following Bikes and ATVs available to you:

1. 69 Stria Sussurro - In every respect an average vehicle with minimal armor.
2. Mugello Furia MS-316 - A pretty agile and fast motorcycle with low armor.
3. MV402 - The fastest bike that you can find in Just Cause 3. It is also quite agile, but only lightly armored.
4. Stria Risata - With a top speed of 120 km / h takes you to your destination faster.
5. Stria Giovanni - A pretty agile and fast motorcycle with low armor.
6. Vintage Stria M7 - A manoeuvrable machine with classic design and low armor.
7. Pavouk U-15 - One of the three most manoeuvrable vehicles with mediocre speed.
8. Geschwind V3000 - One of the three most agile motorcycles which is ideal for off-road driving. You have to complete all Daredevil jumps to unlock this off-road bike
9. Autostraad Kletterer 300 - This all-terrain vehicle is quite agile, but only mediocre fast.
10. Custom Kletterer 300 - This is the most agile quad in Just Cause 3, with average fast. To unlock it you must complete all 10 Stunt Jumps in Insula Dracon.
11. Incendiario Monster Truck - This vehicle is best armor in its class and rightward. However, you have to unlock it by completing all 7 Stunt Jumps in Insula Striate.

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