In Just Cause 3, if you have not got a Wingsuit or a Private Helicopter, we recommend you use the Formula 1 car. This car is quick as lightning and takes you in a few seconds to your destination. However, you should avoid driving off-road trails and mountains. Once the car is damaged by ungentle landings, it goes up in flames in the resounding explosion.

Formula 1 (F1) Car Location

- Go to Baia province. This you can do, for example, using the Quick Trip.

- Near the west coast, a race named Salrosa Sprint Race will take place. It is one of the many challenges in the game. This is located near the coast and you recognize it on a steering wheel icon.

- Once there, you walk in the direction of the street. Soon you will see a truck on the other side of the asphalt.

- Right next to the truck you can find the Formula 1 car.

In-case if you want to get a new F1 car you can travel to the same location described above and use the following combination codes.

N 40 40 118
E 5 44 670

If the particular car cannot be found at this location, you have two ways to obtain it.

- Run down the street or circling the mountain. Since the location is dynamic, you could find the formula 1 car at another location nearby.

- Leave the location for awhile and comeback again.

Formula 1 (F1) Car Speed

It may happen that you underestimated the speed of the formula 1 car and therefore you destroy it quickly. However, it is not a problem because after a short time the F1 car reappears at said location. To back up the car, you can park it in your garage.


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