In Far Cry Primal you can recruit specialists and then you build huts for them in the village. First you must decide what skills want to use. Then you need to upgrade the huts of the specialists that you need. These specialists are there to choose from:

- Takkar (player character): Your own skills related to survival. Primarily, these include health and its regeneration, but also sneak and sprint.

- Sayla: She is a collector and skill lies mainly discover the terrain and find resources.

- Tensay: Beasts specialist will teach you, among other things, to tame your beasts and improve your owl.

- Jayma: The Hunter in the round of specialists will teach you to use fewer raw materials when creating arrows, which grants you the bow to the best weapon to do, and to hunt animals.

- Karoosh: This mentor specializing in the fight and the handling of weapons. In addition, you can learn to ride on animals with him.

- Wogah: This mentor will help you to use fewer raw materials during manufacture of certain goods and supplies you with food boosters.

- Dah: This specialist actually belongs to the Udam strain and helps you in reducing melee damage suffer and mend your healing to maximum.

- Roshani: The Izila is connected to the fire in the eyes - it is said in Far Cry Primal. Therefore, with this specialist you will learn a lot about fire.

Upgrade Takkar's Hut

If you want to improve your Survival Skills in Far Cry Primal, then you must perform the upgrade of Takkars hut. Here, strictly speaking, is a cave that you expanding and improving.

Takkar's Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 4x Alder wood
3x Slate
2x Reed
10x Goat Skin
Survival skills
Bow Upgrade
Sting bomb
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 35x Alder wood
25x Slate
10x Reed
4x Badger skin
40 Population
+3,000 XP

Upgrade Sayla's Hut

In your village, you should definitely build Sayla's hut and also upgrade to the maximum. Sayla will reward you with many additional food recipes and if you perform the second upgrade of the hut, that will enable good health booster. In addition, supply the collector with rare natural resources, she goes to farm at night.

Sayla's Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 4x Alder wood
3x Slate
2x Reed
2x Deer Skin
Missions for Sayla
Collectors Skills
Scent Camouflage
Fireproof and Recipes for Speed ​​Booster
Daily complimentary items in reward stash
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 35x Alder wood
20x Slate
20x Reed
4x Mammoth skin
40 Population
Full Health
Ultimate Recipes for Speed ​​Booster
Rare Items in loot bags
+ 3000 XP

Upgrade Tensay's Hut

In Far Cry Primal, you can tame beasts and even ride on some of them. So you'll help everyone of animal companions, you need the shaman Tensays. Therefore, the first hut you should build in your village.

Tensay's Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 2x Alder wood
19x Slate
2x Reed
4x Wolf fur
Missions for Tensay
Shamans skills
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 38x Alder wood
15x Slate
16x Reed
1x Rare lionskin
40 Population
+3,000 XP

Upgrade Jayma's Hut

This specialist is your mentor when the bow is your favorite weapon. The best upgrades for this weapon you unlock when you expanding the Jayma hut on the first stage. In crafting menu you will find a spin. This weapon has good damage values and can activate only when you expanding Jayma’s hut. Build your village from further and second upgrade to the hut brings you more rewards. As you can see, that specialist is caregiver for those who like to sneak up on your enemies and eliminate them from a safe distance quietly.

Jayma's Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 5x Alder wood
4x Slate
3x Reed
1x Brown bear skin
Hunter Skills
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 45x South Maple
30x South Stone
15x South Rock Dust
2x Rare Deer Skin
+3,000 XP

Upgrade Karoosh's Hut

The first upgrade for the lodge of Karooshs, you will desperately need to travel to the north of Far Cry Primal. There you will venture into cold regions and the winter clothes need to unlock by these specialists.

Karoosh's Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 4x Alder wood
5x Slate
2x Reed
4x Wolf Skin
Warrior Skills
Two-Handed Club
Winter clothing
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 30x North Cedar
35x North Black Rock
20x North Clay
1x Strips Wolf skin
40 Population
+3,000 XP

Upgrade Wogah's Hut

You should build Wogahs hut in the village, if you work a lot while hunting with traps or want to tame animals. In addition, the effects of food recipes are extended. If you work a lot with it, Wogah will be very useful. Also, you switch the craft menu free many upgrades for your weapons and equipment. These include pockets upgrade (50% more weapons raw materials and food) and case (hidden traps manufacture). At least the bags upgrade will be useful for any playing style.

Wogah's Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 3x Alder wood
3x Slate
3x Reed
2x Jaguar Skin
Crafter skills
New bags and belts
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 20x North Cedar
15x Northern Black Rock
10x North Clay
3x Bear-skin
40 Population
Bomb Bag
+3,000 XP

Upgrade Dah’s Hut

You will be able to build Dah’s hut later in the game. Until then, you have probably completed all the necessary huts. If you want to reduce further melee damage or want to repair your Primitive healing, then you can bring upgrades to this hut.

Dah’s Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 15x North Cedar
15x North Black Rock
15x North Clay
1x Rare Dhole skin
40x Population
Udam Capabilities
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 35x North Cedar
25x North Black Rock
20x Northern Clay
1x Rare Rhino Skin
50 Population
Dah's missions
+3,000 XP

Upgrade Roshani’s Hut

Roshani is the fire specialist. If you use often in combat attacks that are associated with fire, then it will help you very much to expand the hut of Roshani.

Roshani’s Hut
Raw Materials
Upgrade 1 25x South Maple
20x South Stone
15x South Rock Dust
2x Rare Elk Skin
40 Population
Izila Skills
+1,500 XP
Upgrade 2 50x South Maple
40x South Stone
30x South Rock Dust
2x Rare Bitefish Skin
50 Population
+3,000 XP

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