With the newly released DLC "Finance and Felony" for GTA Online, you now have the opportunity to become VIP and even to work as a bodyguard for a VIP and make money. Here you enjoy all the privileges of a VIP. Accordingly, there are also new VIP missions and VIP challenges.

VIP Missions

- Bounty Hunter: Eliminate targets that appear randomly on the map, against time.
- Airfreight: Loot precious cargo containers from guarded areas and bring them in safely with transport helicopters.
- Transport: Provide a trailer full of tax-free goods to its illegitimate owners.

VIP Challenges

- Pay out: Prove yourself as pack leader in the great wave of ATMs fraud in the streets of Los Santos.
- Salvage: Prove yourself in the mountains of lost cargo, which is spread all over the ocean floor.

GTA Online: VIP - how it works

You need at least 1 million dollars in your bank to become a VIP. In addition, your time is limited as a VIP, you are allowed at a time 4 hours in free mode and it must simultaneously give per session, only 6 VIPs on the map of Los Santos.

VIP Perks

- You can adjust up to 3 players at once as bodyguards or fire back.
- VIPs can provide ammunition and armor for their bodyguards or order them one of the new cars, such as the bulletproof limousine.
- As a VIP you managed your own criminal organization with names and dress code.
- As a ghost organization you can even hide on the mini map your bodyguards.
- You may take VIP jobs and complete co-op missions in free mode.
- In the VIP challenges you have to fight in PvP against other organizations.
- The special abilities of VIPs include arms and ammunition procurement, supply special vehicles and the removal of investigation levels.
- In the free mode, the VIP gets all revenues, which were won by his bodyguards.
- You may as VIP for a death in your bodyguards spawn.

VIP Jobs

With the DLC, there are 6 new VIP Jobs available:

- Hostile takeover: Conquered and provides a "package" to the destination.
- Repatriation: You have police stations in Los Santos seek to kidnap confiscated vehicles and bring to a destination. However, the police and other players try to destroy the vehicles.
- Piracy: You have to protect the luxury yacht of your VIPs from enemy attacks.
- Executive Search: The bodyguards must protect their VIP for 10 minutes, while all the other players have in the session to kill him.
- Sightseer: The VIP must visit various places on the map and hack terminals there. Hostile organizations must prevent this.
- Liquidation: Executive Deathmatch, put an opponent organizations into a Deathmatch. Each VIP only has 10 lives.

VIP Challenges

Also there are 6 new VIP challenges:

- Wanted list: All members of an organization to get a 5-star wanted level. The last player still alive after the 10-minute countdown, wins.
- Market manipulation: The player, who has collected the most money when the time expires, wins.
- Car Sale: All players must steal and deliver as many vehicles as possible. The total value of the vehicles decides the victory. So stealing more expensive vehicles makes sense.
- Point to Point: A point-to-point races in which the VIP the line determined.
- Courier Service: Players must find money bags and deliver. Other players need to prevent this, in order to secure the money.
- Due Diligence: Collect the packs that are marked with lights. Each pack gives you 100 dollars and the player with the most packs wins.

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