If you are a passionate FIFA football fans, then you probably know all the abbreviations for the positions on the field and know what they mean. However, in FIFA 17 there are many more acronyms than that which you probably don’t know. They don’t appear all in the game, and some only in isolated modes. In our guide we want to list an overview of all the abbreviations of the different positions as CDM, WARC or LWF and their significance.

GK - Goalkeeper

CB - Centre back

RCB / LCB - Right / left defender

CDM - Central defensive midfielder

CM - Central midfield

CAM - Central attacking midfielder

CF - Center forward

RB / LB - Right / Left Back

WARC / LWF - Right / Left Back

RM / LM - Right / Left Midfield

RW / LW - Right / Left Wing

RF / LF - Right Wing / Left Wing

RS / LS - Right / Left Forward

ST - Striker

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