As in the predecessor, you will find a lot of safes in Dishonored 2. While in the first installment we could write down a list of all combinations of safes, this is not possible in the second installment. The codes are often changed. If you play Dishonored 2 several times, the combinations will be different. The same is true for Jindosh's riddle, which you will encounter in Mission 6. For this reason, we will tell you in this guide where you can find all Safe combinations.

Safe Combination in Mission 1

In the first mission we could only find a vault. You will find the combination for this as soon as you look for the paintings in Dishonored 2.

- To find the safe: As soon as you have escaped at the Dunwall Tower, turn left and look around in the laboratory of Dr. Galvani.

- To find the combination: Look at the safe and turn to the right. On the wall there is a hanging painting, which you have to take off. Behind this is the combination.

- In the safe you can find: a gun, two bullets and two silver bars

Safe Combinations in Mission 2

In this mission you will find two safes, Bone artifacts, coins in the form of gold and silver bars, and a rune. You can find safe number 1 here:

- To find the safe: Start at Winslow's shop. You will find the building opposite the Addermire station.

- To find the combination: The combination is just around the corner. To the left of the safe you will find a checkout, filled with coins and a document. The document is the combination.

In the safe you can find: a gun, bullets, gold bars, two silver bars and a bone artifact

The second safe is in the supervisor's office.


- To find the safe: the building is recognizable by a large, white tarpaulin on the fa├žade. On it stands: "SEIZED!". Go to the parapet on the other side of the canal. Look for a red awning and the balcony above.

- To find the combination: The combination stands on a note, which you find in the room to the right of the safe (if you look at it). Go into the mission notes and read the code.

In the safe you can find: Whalebone, three silver bars and a rune

Safe Combinations in Mission 3

Also in this mission, there are two safes that provide you with blueprints, coins and quest items that help to complete missions quietly. In addition, you don’t have to kill people and you are closer to the achievements and trophies that you have to play through the game without having to be discovered or killed. Here you will find the first safe:

- To find the safe: Enter the Addermire Institute over the main gate and then teleport upwards. On the right hand side you will find a room that you should enter. Now go left and find the safe in front of you.

- To find the combination: Opposite this room is a window. Go there and grab the note on the desk.

In the safe you will find: copper wire, a silver bar and a blueprint

The second safe is also located in the Addermire Institute:

- To find the safe: In the second floor of the institute you have to turn left as soon as you are out of the elevator. Behind the lab is Vasco's office and the safe is on the left.

- To find the combination: Start on the third floor of the institute (with the elevator). Now go through the hall and turn left. Look for a victim in the back. He tells you the combination.

In the safe you can find: Addermire solution and Vasco’s notes

Safe Combination in Mission 4

So far we could only find a safe in Mission 4. You can find it here:

- To find the safe: Immediately after the start of the mission, you have to go up the stairs. Now turn left and then into the little alley between the buildings. Look for a house where you can find "FOR RENT!" On the first floor you will find a glazed office and the safe.

- To find the combination: Look for the room after a board. Here is a bottle that you have to remove. You can see the first two digits of the code. The last one you have to try then.

In the safe you will find: a valuables and two silver bars

Safe combination in Mission 5 

Also here we can only find a safe. Start at the crossroads, where a guardhouse stands. From here you must often teleport.

- To find the safe: Go to the roof of the house. Look for black pipes, and go therer. On the other side is a staircase, which you have to run up to then teleport to the balcony at the red house wall. Go to the left, then to the right on barrels and jump to the balcony. Here you have to go to the right to find the safe.

- To find the combination: You must buy the code from a black market trader. Start at the square with the many stairs, which is also against your mission goal. Go to the abandoned house and then through a metal door to meet the dealer.

In the safe you will find: silver dust, five silver bars, gun and ammunition

Safe Combination in Mission 7

Also in this chapter you can only find a safe.

- To find the safe: You start at the foyer and change into the past. Now go straight over the long corridor until you turn left in front of the tree in the room. Run through the gate and hide under the desk. Change into the present, get into the room in front of you and travel back into the past.

- To find the combination: Read through the note that lies in front of the dog. Now follow the instruction on the letter. Go back to the safe and go to the present. Now read the code from the safe door and jump back into the past to enter it.

In the safe you will find: silver bars, valuables, coins and a bone artifact

Safe Combinations in Mission 8

The penultimate mission gives you the opportunity to open two safes again. Number 1 you find in the middle with the huge tree:

- To find the safe: Stand in front of the tree and look in the direction of the wall with barbed wire. Now look to the left for a lit house entrance, enter into the building. Follow the stairs up. To the left of the iron door you can see a little rat walk. Use the ability "Shadow / Mastery" to enter a room with the safe.

- To find the combination: To find out the combination, stand in front of the safe and turn around. Above the desk you can see a picture on the left side. Use the magnifying glass to read the safecode from the image.

In the safe you can find: gold and silver bars, pistol and associated bullets

The last safe is in the office of the first captain.

- To find the safe: Start in the office with the back to the elevator on the first floor and go to the right. Turn right again. Go to the right on the round couch and then through the double door. Go all the way to the back of the room and look to the right of the wall for the safe. In addition, you can use the heart to locate the rune in the vault.

- To find the combination: Start on the third floor with the back to the elevator and turn right. In the big room, read the note on the desk on the right side.

In the safe you find: Rune


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