In Mass Effect: Andromeda, regardless of race and gender, you can enter into a lot of romantic relationships with Ryder but you should make it clear that you cannot get all romances in a game, because some NPCs are pure hetero and therefore only interested in female or male Ryder. In addition, some of the characters can only be concerned about serious relationships and will not be enthusiastic about your affairs with other NPCs.

Unlike previous games, Mass Effect: Andromeda clearly recognizes your dialog decisions with heart icons as flirting. However, this does not always mean directly that a relationship must necessarily develop from it. With many of the NPCs, you can only make friends without a physical romance.

Remember that you can flirt with each NPC at the beginning, where the opportunity arises. As soon as a relationship evolves, you always come to the point where you can decide whether you really want to enter into a romance. Pure flirtation will not ruin your chances of another romance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

As a rule, you should note the following steps for romances, which are always similar.

- In first dialogues with the respective NPCs on Tempest or elsewhere, you can already flirt and show your interest in dialogues with the heart icon.

- Always talk between main missions and the potential partners to further deepen your relationship.

- Each NPC has loyalty missions to help you, and further strengthen your connection.

- After the loyalty quests, there is usually an invitation from the NPC, giving you the chance to confess your feelings and start a relationship. However, it is only if you are not already in a relationship with someone else.

Not every romance runs according to this pattern. In the following we want to introduce you to all potential partners. Here you can see at a glance what preferences they have, what kind of romance they are looking for and their respective loves.

Note: You can experience all the short love adventure in the game, without having to fear consequences, even if you have already entered into a serious relationship. However, remember that you can exclude other serious relationships when you have chosen a firm partner. Think about your choice so well.

Romance with Cora

Status: Team member

Who can enter into a romance with Cora? Only Male Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship

If you want to win Cora's heart, then you should regularly flirt with her from the time on the Tempest. You can find her usually in the Tech Laboratory or the Cargo Bay as well as in the office of Director Tann on the Nexus. If you make regular advances to her, you will be able to unlock her loyalty quest, which consists of an extensive quest line. At the point where you finally meet Eos and you are still single, you can start a relationship with her. The love scene between Ryder and Cora can be seen in the following video.

Romance with Liam

Status: Team member

Who can get a romance with Liam? Only female Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship

Liam is almost the standard partner for the female Ryder as Cora is for the male Ryder. Also here you should flirt with him regularly from the time on the Tempest and thus unlock his loyalty quest quite early in the game. He is normally available near the Cargo Hold. Even after the loyalty mission, you can enter into other affairs. Alternatively, you can start a fixed relationship with him after returning from Eos.

Romance with Vetra

Status: Team member

Who can enter into a romance with Vetra? Female or male Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship

With Vetra, you rarely have the opportunity to flirt during the game. So use every opportunity for a conversation and don’t be deterred by the Turian woman's restrained reactions. Flirts with her after her main mission on the Tempest, on the market square of Aya and then complete her loyalty quest. Then talk to her in the armory where she proposes you a meeting on Kadara. Make sure she is in your squad and go there. The romance then continues on the Tempest.

Romance with PeeBee

Status: Team member

Who can make a romance with PeeBee? Female or male Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship or short love affair

The PeeBee is initially not really interested in a relationship with you, but open to an affair. After recruiting her to Eos for your team, she shoots her camp in the room with the rescue capsules near the bridge. Tell her about her interest, do some of her loyalty quests and visit her in her apartment on the Nexus.

Afterwards, you have to make an important decision: If you only want an affair with her, you can address this in dialogue with her, otherwise you must say that you want more. Conduct further loyalty missions with her and speak regularly with each other to advance a long-term relationship.

Attention! If you decide for a short love adventure with PeeBee, you finally take the chance for a long-term relationship!

Romance with Jaal

Status: Team member

Who can enter into a romance with Jaal? Only female Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship

Jaal belongs to the race of the Angarians, who express his emotions openly. And so you should also talk with Jaal in dialogues, if you want to enter into a relationship with him. This will cost you some time and you must make regular progress in the main mission to unlock new dialogues with Jaal. Note that the dialogue options with Jaal have no heart, but a pair icon. Use this option whenever you want to further consolidate the relationship.

As with Cora, his loyalty mission extends over several quests. Check your emails after you complete your missions and the relationship will unfold from there.

Romance with Gil

Status: Tempest Crew Member

Who can get a romance with Gil? Only male Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship and / or short love performance

Gil is only on men and is already open from the outset for a relationship with a male Ryder. Flirt regularly with him on the Tempest when you are on Aya or after story missions to get closer to him. In addition, you can deepen your relationship through a few rounds of poker. Eventually you will get an email from him and can meet him at Prodromos, where you can decide for a relationship with him.

Unlike PeeBee, you can first deal with him without tying you up. So you can still enter into a serious relationship.

Romance with Suvi

Status: Tempest Crew Member

Who can make a romance with Suvi? Only female Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship

Suvi is only interested in female Rydern and her romance can be quite easy. She is one of the pilots of the Tempest and therefore always available on the bridge for you. Just flirt regularly between missions with her, although you may well be of a different opinion than she is, as she appreciates this property for discussion. As soon as it gets serious, you will receive an e-mail from her and you can go with her in the sunset.

Romance with Keri

Status: Outside the crew

Who can enter into a romance with Keri? Female or male Ryder

Type of romance: Short love adventure

Keri is a journalist whose questions you can ask regularly for missions. As an unprofessional Pathfinder, you can flirt with her many times, and after the end of all interviews she can have a one night stand with you. So make sure you check your mailbox for Keri emails after each main mission and complete your interviews. However, it does not matter, whether you are already in a relationship or not.

Romance with Avela Kjar

Status: Outside the crew

Who can make a romance with Avela? Only male Ryder

Type of romance: Short love adventure

Talk to Avela directly on your first visit to Aya. You can flirt with her after the first conversation at the docks. Later you will find her in the museum on Aya. Complete her missions to get closer to her and get the romance rolling.

Romance with Reyes Vidal

Status: Outside the crew

Who can enter into a romance with Reyes Vidal? Female or male Ryder

Type of romance: Long-term relationship and / or short love performance

The romance with Reyes is easily missed, if you accept the deal of Sloane Kelly. If you refuse, you can meet Reyes at Kadara in different places and flirt with him. In doing so, you can then enter into a brief affair with him and / or initiate a meaningful relationship.

Can you start a romance with Lexi?

Ryder would like to have a romance with Lexi. But is this possible?

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you here, because even though Lexi can make advances in dialogues, she will reject you because you are not her type and she wants to see you purely as a patient. As Ryder gets a basket from Lexi, you can see again in the following video.


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