State of Decay 2 (SoD2) is a zombie and survival video game where you need to build a community for survivors. In this guide, we give you some useful tips on how to survive, find and collect resources quickly, and build morale of your community.

In the game, your community / NPCs are exposed to death and will never return. Their accumulated experience points, skills etc will also be gone permanently! So you always have to be extra careful when you leave your safe base and go for hunting.

Also you need to provide basic supplies to your NPCs such as food, medicines, ammunition, building material and fuel. If they lack one of these items, then the morality will decline and the anger and conflict will be unavoidable.

Tips to Get Resources Quickly

If you are in your headquarters, you can see the status of your home base in the upper left corner. This includes the morale of your NPCs. When it falls, your people become uncomfortable.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to quickly get resources, what it has in influence and what you should consider when looting:

- Almost all building can be used as an outpost. You must have cleaned all the rooms, opened all the containers and killed all the zombies. With the red lantern, you can claim the outpost if you have enough influence. Many outposts provide you with sleeping places to increase your community. In addition, the area around the building becomes a safe zone. There are hardly any zombies around here.

State of Decay 2, Survival, Resources, Community Tips

- Speaking of influence: This is considered the only currency in the game. You gain influence by delivering pack sacks to the base, helping other survivors, or selling items. The latter is particularly useful if you have found luxury goods that serve only this purpose.

- You can also generate resources from outposts. Pay attention to the corresponding rewards on the map when taking in a building. You can claim up to three outposts at the same time. Either build them around your main base for more security, or choose the resources you desperately need. To claim an outpost costs a lot of influence, so do not waste it and think well what you choose.

- When looting, you should use common sense. You will find more fuel at the near gas stations, food in markets or ammunition, and weapons in police stations.

- If you run out of resources in the base, you can also use the radio to tag certain items on the map. Other survivors can also be tagged in exchange for influence - very useful!

- You should never stack too many resources, otherwise your food will rot or construction materials become unusable. Don’t ignore the warnings displayed and instead use your resources for upgrades, a garden or a workbench.

Community Tips

In SoD2, you should build a strong community so that you can easily trade characters. The game forces you more or less to level all the members of your group and send them outside. At this point we have collected some tips to strengthen your community:

State of Decay 2, Survival Guide, Zombies

- While you are out for hunting or searching resources, your survivors will become tired (maximum stamina will decrease) or they may break bones in combat (maximum health decreases). Change your active character on a regular basis, so that you can level all members and rest other helpers. Don’t forget to put the best weapons or useful items in the locker and pick them up with the new figure, so you do not have to search for new equipment for each character.

- Note: dying all members of your community called "Game Over". You have to completely restart the game and build your base from scratch.

- Be a good neighbor! You will increasingly encounter other communities. You can help them or ignore them. If you help them, you can trade with them, get extra resources or even recruit survivors for your community. If you ignore them, they could eventually attack you. And enemy humans are pretty tough opponents. They carry weapons and in most cases are smarter than undead.

- Sometimes it is better to kill survivors of your community instead of keeping them alive and putting you at risk for a cure. That sounds pretty bad, but may be necessary. Especially if you have barely leveled a critically ill character and you can just keep him alive. You're recruiting many new people, so you should sometimes free them from their suffering ... by the way, you can also loot them.

- Take an assistant on a journey by addressing him and choosing "Companion Attend." You have more fire power and can take more things with you. However, you should keep an eye on your companion and protect him, because if he dies, he will never return.

- In order to make your community especially happy at the beginning, you should first of all build an infirmary and a workshop. Then maybe a garden for passive income of resources.

- If we are already in the buildings, here is one of the most important tips: The more buildings and facilities you build, the more noise your base makes. This in turn attracts zombies and increases the risk of attack.

General Tips

If you follow our tips, you will have it much easier in the fight against the plague. Here are some general tips for you that we would like to share with you.

- Plan your equipment! You cannot take a lot of items, weapons or healing items have their own slots and don’t consume space in your backpack, so you should always fill them. Melee and firearms are important.

- Some cars that seem to be broken on the side of the road can be repaired with repair kits. There are many benefits of having cars: you can travel faster, easily bypass zombies (too much damage destroys your car) and the boot provides additional storage space. In contrast to its predecessor, you now also need fuel, which you often find enough at fuel stations. It's best to always pack a repair kit and a gasoline canister in the trunk.

- Before you go out and explore the area, you should visit cell towers. These are elevated positions from which you can mark interesting places, houses or cars on the map by briefly pointing at them. On the map you can also see directly what resources you can find in which building.

State of Decay 2, Community Status, Tips

- You should keep an eye on bookshelves or visit libraries. Here you will find books to teach your characters new abilities. Sometimes you can improve skills as well.

- Beware of disease! There are zombies with red-glowing eyes that pop up especially at night and near plague hearts. If you are hit by them, the plague line (blood plague) will fill up over the minimap. If it fills up completely, a timer expires. This indicates when your character will die forever if you do not make an antidote. Be sure to build an infirmary! (In the tutorial you have to build one anyway, but for all other bases we recommend that). So it is always beneficial to make some remedies and have them with you when needed.

- Almost everything makes noise and attracts zombies. Use a baseball bat instead of your pistol, take your time looting and do not hit the horn of your car...

- Play in co-op - The entire loot is split (yellow for the host, blue for the guest). In addition, only the host can edit the base and interact with NPCs - only in rare cases is the guest allowed to do so. Your visitor still levels and gets the bonuses back in the form of resources in his world.


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