In this article, we'll be covering how to fix or lower your mouse input or controller lags.

First, you have to higher your mouse per controller polling rate which will lower your input delay and much more responsive input.

So to do that you need to download this pack and after download it double click on it and here you'll find one folder HIDUSBF which will use to higher your mouse or controller polling rate and you'll also find a registry entry file. This file will disable the USB feeding power saving feature in your power plan so you just want to run it. after that you want to open the HDUSBF folder and then double click on setup.exe. If it asks for any admin privileges just click yes and then on the pop up window click devices and click all and there you'll find USB devices that are connected to your PC. So first thing you want to do is to click install service and then you want to click on each USB device and make sure you filter on devices. Check click yes then do that for every USB device your controller it is showing under the device name and also do it for the USB port that is connected to controller or mouse.

Fix Mouse Input, Controller Lags,

After that you want to find the one that your mouse or controller is connected to it. If you are lost and you don't know where your controller or mouse are at just make sure they are both connected and then look for them under a Child Name or Device Name. Then click on the drop menu and choose Rate 1000 Hertz.

So after you are done with that you can just click close and then start with the pack and now for this step we are going to be disabling the power saving features on your USB ports from device manager. To do that you just want to right-click your Windows Logo at the bottom left corner then click device manager and there you'll see a couple of devices. You just want to click view at the top and then click devices by connection after that you want to scroll down to PCI Express Route Port. When you expand each of them till you find your USB controllers. After that you can just minimize the rest and then double click on your USB controllers. Click power management and make sure to un-check "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”

Fix Mouse Input, Controller Lags

Then you want to do the same thing for USB root hub. Click power management and un-check "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” So you have to do the same steps for your other USB Host Controllers, USB Root Hub, USB Input Device that is connected to your controller or mouse and other input devices. After you are done you can close the device manager.

on 7/8/20


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