Watch Dogs, the acclaimed game that Ubisoft recently released, has a bug that prevents players progress. It may occur during the third act of the adventure, the mission For the Porfolio. While an official patch fix is not released, users discovered a solution to the decks One Xbox and Xbox 360.

During the mission For the Portfolio, you will need to protect the character T-Bone, while eliminating all the enemies around you. After passing through a metal gate, it will warn you that there is a sniper shooter. When you have eliminated all these enemies, including the sniper, the game will tell you to regroup with T-Bone.

Here is the problem, because even though the order is to regroup, T-Bone stands. The symbol on her head to show their goal as "Protect" and not as "Regroup". Check out how to fix this problem on Xbox platforms:

Step 1: Press the Home button (with the Xbox logo) in the center of the controller.

Step 2: In Xbox One select the Quit option to exit the game. In the Xbox 360 just go back to the main menu of the console.

Step 3: Restart Watch Dogs and load the game.

Step 4: The adventure will continue for a while before it stopped and where the enemies of previously should be there again.

Step 5: Kill all the enemies and this time T-Bone should behave the way it should.

Note: Sometimes T-Bone will crash even before the fight, but in these cases simply upload a recent Auto Save.


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