Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge day five is here. The latest task requires you to find and destroy 100 elite members in the Ice Legion. Completed of this challenge will be rewarded you with 500 EXP.

To find out these elite members of the Ice Legion you have to look for enemies who have greenish glow inside of them. They are stronger than the ordinary zombies, inflict more damage and seem to appear more when you hit ice shard. You cannot attack them from a distance. Besides, you have to hit several times to kill them.

These enemies are rare; the only type of enemy even rarer than the elite member is the golden brute. 

Kill Elite Members, Fortnite, Day Five, Ice Storm Challenge

Check out our guide to Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge day four 

You will have to find and kill 100 of them to complete all the challenges of the ice storm. Don’t try to kill them like the other enemies, they are strong enough to survive several hits and you will deal damage before you can finish them. The best weapon to use against Elite Members is the crossbow.

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High frames per second (FPS) in Fortnite can make weapons shoot faster. Recently the streamer DrLupo has demonstrated this in a video. Epic has responded to this and announced that they are already aware of this issue and working on to fix it.

The streamer is a familiar face on Twitch.TV. He is followed by nearly 3 million people to view his Fortnite content. On Twitter, he shared a video showing how the FPS affects the firing speed of weapons.

Increase FPS, Boost Fire Rate, Fortnite BR

In this guide we’ll show you how to optimize your graphics settings and get maximum FPS from your old PC.

The minimum goal here is of course a smooth Fortnite gameplay with low end PCs - with about 60 FPS. Systems with more power can orient themselves further up here and aim at 120-150 FPS. Expect that the frames are lower in heated battles than when running over a clear field.

Shadow - If you need a fast FPS increase, you need to adjust / reduce the shadows to the essentials. If that does not help, disable it completely. Keep in mind that it will have a negative effect on the gameplay if you can no longer see the shadows of your opponents.
Anti-aliasing - If you like to do without great looks to get more FPS, then disable this option.

Effects slow down in big Fortnite fights. If your current settings caused stuttering and jerky in hard fights? Then the effects turn down to achieve more stability.

If all else fails, you reduce the resolution. For a good gaming experience we cannot recommend resolutions below the 1920x1080 standard. This should really be the last option if you really want to play Fortnite on an extremely weak PC.

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The S Rank in Ace Combat 7 (AC7) Skies Unknown is the highest position that you can get in any mission (Hard or Normal) of the game.

AC7 Skies Unknown S Rank requirements

First, you need to unlock the F-22A Raptor aircraft. This is the best aircraft to get to the Top Rank. (Tips: complete your mission and unlock all upgrades that improve the effectiveness of rockets and special weapons. Improve jet acceleration and deceleration will also help you greatly in air battles and ground targets.

Complete your mission’s tasks as quickly as possible without being damaged. Even if you take a few damages, you still have the chance of getting top rank. Of course , in missions where you have to reach a fixed point limit, the highest possible score counts. Even if you reach the limit and complete the mission, you should continue to destroy targets with tempo.

S Rank Requirements, Ace Combat 7, AC7 Skies Unknown

Note: when you need to earn points, you can always load the last checkpoint to refill your missiles and special weapons.

On the highest difficulty level you’ll encounter many rockets. Here, you can use the clouds to disturb enemy targeting. The radar gives you an indication of when an enemy missile will strike and when is the best time for a maneuver.

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Fortnite update 7.20 brings some changes and new items to Battle Royal. The Sneaky Snowman's item or costume comes again.

This Sneaky Snowman Item allows you to camouflage yourself as a snowman or place real snowmen on the ground and surprise enemies.

Here’s how to find and use sneaky snowman item:

- Use the primary fire to launch a projectile to create a destructible snowman.

- You can press right click to wear the snowman item.

- This camouflage item has 100 condition points and works like a shield snowman as 100 HP and acts as a shield when worn by a player.

Sneaky Snowman Item, Fortnite, Ability

- The snowman is destroyed when his HP falls to zero or when the player who carries it changes object or enters construction mode. This means that a player wearing this item cannot build or use another object. All other types of movement are possible.

Fortnite day four Ice Storm Challenge requires you to Find and Destroy Ten Ice Shards

- Available in common variant.

- This item can be found in chests, supply Llamas and from floor loot

- Appears in stacks of 5.

- The maximum size of 10.

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Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 4 is active now. In this event you need to find and destroy ten Ice Shards in different Fortnite matches and damage to the Ice Legion.

Ice shards are rocks used as points of appearance to the ice zombies. They look like big clear blue crystals and surrounded by zombies and appear everywhere on the map.

Even if no glare is in sight, they can be easily spotted thanks to the lightning that forms when they appear.

Ice Shards continue to appear for the duration of the game, but appear only within the safe zone, so you will find more and more as the area narrows.

Ice Storm Challenge, Day Four Event, Destroy Ice Shards, Fortnite

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 3 event: Find and Kill twenty Golden Ice Brutes

Tips: you need to find and destroy 10 Ice Shards in different matches of the ice storm event, the crossbow unfortunately does not help here, your best chance is to destroy the shards with weapons equipped with silencers, or with your pickaxe, so as not to attract attention.

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In Fortnite Battle Royale, the Ice Storm Challenges are live. In the third day event you have to find and destroy 20 of Golden Ice Brutes in one day.

In this guide, we’ll give you some useful hints to find and destroy Golden Ice Brutes most effectively.

These creatures are the most rare and dangerous type of enemy of the ice storm event. Not only they can take a lot of damage before they die but also they are extremely hard to locate.

The golden brute appears near the crystals like all other enemies, but their chance of appearance is much, much lower.
You will need determination and patience to successfully kill 20 as part of this challenge.

Fortnite, BR, Day Three, Ice Storm Challenges

Hint: Golden Brutes appear more often at the end of the game, try to stay alive for as long as possible while staying in an isolated part of the map to eliminate zombies as long as possible. The crossbow will be your best ally in this task since it kills the zombies effectively and silently, reducing the chances of attracting other players.

The following tactics can be used to perfect the waiting for the monsters.

- No matter which way the bus goes at the beginning of a match, it always lands at Frosty Flights.
- Now loot boxes until you find the crossbow.
- That can take up to 5 boxes - the crossbow can also be found on the floor as loot.
- Armed with a crossbow, it's best to get into the plane now.
- Fly towards the circle.
- Find a point at the very end of the circle, preferably at the edge of the map, and wait there.
- Wait until the second circle starts to get smaller.
- As you fly past the ice shards, you turn the camera and check to see if a Golden Brutes has spawned.
- They are clearly recognizable because they are surrounded by a purple aura.
- If you fly about 100 meters away from the ice shards, the zombies will disperse.
- If you fly back, new enemies will appear.
- With this tactic, you will fly until you find a Golden Brutes.

If you have discovered a Golden Brutes, you land, unpack the crossbow and fight your opponent. You need to shoot 14 to 17 bullets before it is destroyed. Once the enemy is done, go back to the plane and back to the tactics.

Fly to an ice shard and watch in passing if there is a golden brutes. If yes, land. If not, continue flying to the next shard or 100 yards away for new zombies to spawn.

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