In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the Cyclops is a boss that you’ll encounter in Kythera Island there you’ll also find a quest titled One God Among Men.

In Kythera, you’ll meet a civilian who tells you about his god and asks you to free Empedokles. To complete his request you must head to the Murex Fort. There either you kill all opponents and free the man or you go unseen and free Empedokles. Then talk to the man afterwards.

Empedokles asks you to get his clothes back as it hides a key to Olympus. Use Icarus to search the men on the hill and grab the purple clad man to take the key from him.

Now follow Empedokles to meet the god. The journey takes you to the Isle of Thisvi. Enter the cave, hear the sounds coming from the gap, and use the disk to enter the arena where you’ll find Cyclops.

- The Cyclops is not the most difficult boss to defeat in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. He sits on top of you when you're too close to him for too long. So pay attention to his movements and as soon as you realize that the he wants to sit down, you have to get away from him quickly.

- You also have to dodge if he hits you with his arms. If you are unlucky, he can grab you and throw you back and forth. So stay alert and use your melee attacks, great care and concentration is required.

Cyclops, Empedokles, Stink Eye Guide, AC Odyssey

- Another attack of the Cyclops is to stamp your feet until stones fall from the ceiling and if you don’t pay attention here and dodge in time, they will fall on your head. Where the lumps will land will be recognized by the fine sand that trickles down from the ceiling. Weapons with additional Fire damage are useful here, and yes, you can also hit him with melee attacks. However, we recommend that you first shoot at its obvious weak spot - its eye. As soon as he breaks down and crouches on his knee on the ground, you run and hit him as hard as you can.

- If you have destroyed part of the cyclopean health bar, then he will build a club from a piece of wall and thus increase the range of his arm swings. However, it is much more dangerous if he raises the club with two hands and lets them go down. Try to escape from the area as this hit lets rocks fall from the ceiling, which you have to dodge again.

- Towards the end of Cyclops spin more and more and stones are falling continuously from the ceiling. Watch out for the dust and if you really want to be in close combat, then be quick and deviate a lot. Otherwise, continue to use arrows, but keep moving so that no rock falls on your head. Soon the fight is over and you have unlocked the trophy The Stink Eye.

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Like the previous game in the Black Ops series, the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (CoD BO4) will also feature a splitscreen mode. It works on both zombies and multiplayer modes, but especially in blackout. However, this mode is only available on PS4 and Xbox One.

This is how the splitcreen mode works in CoD BO4

Players who want to try out the new Battle Royale mode with a friend on the couch, works the same way as with the zombie campaigns.

The performance was smooth on Xbox One X but we have experienced some FPS drops.

- Blackout: Can be played with a maximum of one friend.
- Multiplayer Mode: Can be played with a maximum of one friend.
- Zombies: Can be played with a maximum of three friends .

At least one player needs a PS Plus subscription or Xbox Live membership to play together. For beginners, the split screen is especially valuable. You can simply start your own multiplayer game and try all the weapons.

CoD Black Ops 4, Guide, How to Use, Split Screen Mode

You can select the split screen either horizontally or vertically. You should try both to make your choice. In online multiplayer mode, each player you needs a PSN account to log in with.

Split-screen mode is activated in different ways. For example, you can click the displayed button directly in the main menu. This can be found in the top right of the screen. You can also choose the mode first and then look at the upper right corner and follow the instructions.

Then you are together in a lobby and can make other settings. The screen splits automatically - very simple! If you have no PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, the frame rate could drops heavily.

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Week 4 of Season 6 Dance on top of a Clock Tower, Pink Tree and Porcelain Throne: Once again Fortnite Battle Royal bring some cool challenges for fans and one of them requires you to dance on a Clock Tower, Pink Tree and Porcelain Throne.

** Please note that this challenge is available only for battle pass owners.

If you want to collect 5 battle points, then you should complete all three stages of this challenge. First you have to dance on a clock tower. Once you have done that, then go on. Then you should open the challenges again and take the next step.

1- Dance on top of the Clock Tower - Location map

The Clock Tower should be known to any reasonably dedicated Fortnite fan. It is located in Tilted Towers and can be seen from afar. Land on the top and dance like crazy!

Dance on top, Clock Tower, Fortnite, Tilted Towers

2- Dance on top of the Pink Tree

The pink tree is a huge cherry tree. It grows in the middle of Lucky Landing in the very south of the map. Make sure you land there first and perform your dance moves on the treetop.

Lucky Landing, Dance on top, Pink Tree, Fortnite

3- Dance on top of the Porcelain Throne

Porcelain Throne a toilet bowl. Of course you will find it at the toilet factory "Flush Factory". There is a gigantic sculpture of a toilet in the parking lot. Land there and dance.

Flush Factory, Porcelain Throne, Dance on top, Fortnite

For the first task, you only get a Battle Star, and then you get two stars for each of the last two challenges. All in all, you have to play three rounds to get half the level rise.

If there are any players who dismantle the clock tower or other objects, you should still dance on the spot. Often, however, it triggers the completion of this task.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 Week challenges are now live and one of these tasks requires you to shoot 3 targets at different shooting galleries. In this guide, well show you the locations of all shooting Galleries or targets.

These shooting targets are scattered across the Fortnite: Battle Royale map. Choose which ones you visit first and maybe combine them with other challenges from this week.

Your goal is to travel to different shooting Gallery locations and shoot at the targets there. It does not matter which weapon you use. You should score at least 3 points at 5 different shooting targets.

Paradise Palms

You'll find the shooting ranges at Wailing Woods, Risky Reels, Haunted Hills, the Viking Ship near Fatal Fields, Dusty Divot and Paradise Palms.
1. North of Paradise Palms - on the mountain south of the Corrupted Area

Paradise Palms, Fortnite, Shooting Gallery Location

2. Risky Reels 

Risky Reels, Fortnite, Shooting Gallery Location

3. Waling Woods, southeast of the maze.

Waling Woods, Fortnite, Shooting Gallery Location

4. East of the Viking village , at the very edge

Waling Woods, Fortnite, Shooting Gallery Location

5. West of Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot, Fortnite, Shooting Gallery Location

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As you progress through the Assassin's Creed Odyssey you’ll encounter one of the daughters of Artemis, Daphnae, in the sacred lands of Apollo. She will give you a quest where you have to hunt all legendary animals and bring her their fur.

Once you complete her quest, you will receive a reward for each fur. After your last assignment you will find the Artemis’ daughter on the Greek Island Chios. Here you can complete your quest and even start a romance with Daphnae.

First, you should hunt Kalydonian Boar for her and then she’ll ask you to hunt another seven legendary animals.

- Kalydonian Boar

You’ll find Kalydonian Boar in the northwest of the sacred land of Apollo. It is best to take this animal when you reach level 16. If the Kalydonian boar has been properly wounded, it will call for four more boars. Try to stun it instead of killing her. So you can prevent it calling more supporters. When you complete the fight, you will receive as a reward the Master's Artemis Hood and the Artemis' bow.

- The Hind of Keryneia

This legendary animal can be found on the Euboea island. Look for Artemision Point. You’ll find it approximately in the middle of the map. You should not take this challenge until you reach level 16. Once you have killed it, you will receive Death Arrows as a reward.

- The Nemean Lion

This legendary lion lives in the Argolis. Just look for it in the south of the area. When you reach level 22, the fight should not be much difficult. As a reward you will receive the legendary sword Pandora’s Kopis. If you like to use domesticated animals, the engraving of the sword will increase the attack of these animals by 100% and their health by 50%.

- The Kretan Bull

You’ll find this animal in Messara. Your target is on the fertile battlefield. It’s recommended to face the bull once you reach level 33. If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with Artemis' Armor Outfit.

Krokottas Hyena, AC Odyssey, Legendary Animal Locations, Rewards, Hunting Guide
- The Lykaon Wolf

Lykaon Wolf is located in Dioscuri peninsula, Laconia. If you have reached level 36, you should be sufficiently superior in combat and defeat this legendary animal quite easily. Afterwards you will receive the Master’s Artemis Treads as a reward.

- Kallisto the Bear

Kallisto the Bear is located in Arkadia, there you have to search it on the border with Argolis. Once you reach level 37, the fight will be a little easier for you. If you win, you will be rewarded with the Master’s Artemis Belt.

- The Erymanthian Boar

You’ll find this legendary animal in Elis, West Erymanthos Foothills. But you should not challenge him until you reach level 38. If you defeat this animal, you will receive Master’s Artemis Gloves as a reward.

- The Krokottas Hyena

The Krokottas Hyena is located in Skandeia Bay, South Kythera Island. This part of the quest requires you to reach level 39. If you defeat this creature, then you will be rewarded death arrows as a reward.

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During our Assassin's Creed Odyssey gameplay we have gone in search of all available romances in the game and below you’ll find the complete list of all available NPCs for a love affair.

It is important that you don’t pick a specific gender when selecting your character. No matter if Alexios or Kassandra, there is romance for everyone in Greece and you will not miss any of the love relation.

For the Aphrodite's Embrace Trophy, you just have to complete a single romance. So if you find some of the NPCs are not attractive or attractive in any other way, you can avoid the visit. But as they often provide you with a side mission and some cool rewards, you can at least take them with you.

The following list gives you all the Romanceable NPCs and their locations in Assassin's Creed Odyssey:

- Kosta: Visit the blacksmith when you're in Lokris. He has a side quest for you and you should complete it if you want to get closer to Kosta.

- Kyra: Play the main story until you meet Kyra and Thaletas during the quest "Trouble in Paradise". Follow her mission until she seeks adventure with you.

- Lykaon: After you have completed the main quest "Memories Awaken" You'll encounter Lykaon in Phokis.

- Mikkos: You'll find him in his house in the Green City on the island of Lemnos in the northeast of the world map

Aikaterine, Romanceable NPCs, Assassin's Creed Odyssey
- Aikaterine: In chapter 8 you meet Aikaterine and you have to kill someone for her. Then you can start the romance.

- Alkibiades: You’ll automatically encounter this NPC in the main quest

- Auxesia: You can find her in the north of the Temple of Apollo. Talk to her and complete the side mission for her.

- Daphnae: You will find the daughter of Artemis at the Temple of Artemis.

- Diona: If you are in Kythera Island, then you will find her there, in the north of the Skandeia Bay.

- Odessa: You meet Odessa in Kephalonia and have to free her from prison. Once again you can find this romance on a farm near Megara.

- Roxana: If you have completed the main mission "The Big Break", you can meet Roxana on the Hydrea Island (in the east of Lakonia).

- Thaletas: You have to play the main story until you find Thaletas and Kyra during the side quest Trouble in Paradise.

- Xenia: You’ll meet this warrior during the main mission. Then dedicate yourselves to her quest series and then she is ready to enter into a romance with you.

- Zopheras: In Chapter 7 you will reach the Krypteia training grounds. Here you must complete the side quest Training Days", then Brothers In Arms" and then Not My Mother's Daughter.

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