Valve has revealed the Counter-Strike 2 and an open beta is also available on PC with limited access for now.


What are the changes in the Counter-Strike 2?


Retained Cosmetic Items 

First, you should know that in Counter-Strike 2, you will be able to keep all the items you have collected on the previous game (CS:GO). The latter will also benefit from graphical improvements on lighting and textures like the rest of the game. This should reassure players with rare and rather expensive weapon skins.


New Tick Rate System

If we are interested in the technical aspects of this new entry, there is the new Tick Rate system which will quite simply allow the actions of the players to see their delays reduced. The game will therefore use "subticks" rather than "ticks" to retrieve the game state, which will allow the server to know the exact moment when players perform an action such as moving, shooting or throwing a grenade.


New modeling for smoke grenades

What's New, Counter Strike 2, CS2 vs CSGO, Responsive Smokes, Grenades

The physics of smoke grenades will also change greatly. Responsive Smokes (grenades) will become dynamic volumetric objects that interact with your environment. This means that all players will see the same regardless of their position and it will be possible to interact with the smoke cloud. For example, the explosion of a grenade will dissipate the smoke for a few moments, providing new gameplay possibilities.


Modern graphics

Finally, the graphic evolution is going to be a major addition. The license having already a few years behind it, the graphic evolution may surprise you. Maps are going to be upgraded with reworked scenery and environments. Counter-Strike 2 maps will be sharper, clearer and of higher quality. You will obviously find Nuke, Overpass and Dust II.


Note that Source 2's rendering tools and features will be available to all creators who would like to create maps for the community. The Source 2 Workshop will also be available in a test phase later this year. 

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Niall Horan has unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming album, "The Show", which is slated for released on June 9 and will be the success of "Heartbreak Weather" from 2020.


Among the songs is the single "Heaven", the first and only sample so far of this new album.


Check out the tracklist below: 

1. " Heaven "

2. "If You Leave Me"

3. "Meltdown"

4. "Never Grow Up"

5. "The Show"

6. "You Could Start A Cult"

7. "Save My Life"

8. "On A Night Like Tonight"

9. "Science"

10. "Must Be Love"

Niall Horan, The Show, New Album, Songs, Tracklist, Tour Dates 2023


Niall Horan has also announced a new tour that, so far, will pass through the US, Europe and Asia.


Tour dates


May 26 - Boston calling - USA

June 16 - Pinkpop - Netherlands

June 18 - Isle of Wight - UK

July 06 - Stavernfestivalen - Norway

July 07 - Transmt - UK

July 20 - Colours of Ostrava - CZ

July 22 - Lollapalooza - Paris France

August 09 - Meo Sudoeste - Portugual

August 12 - Sziget - Hungary

August 19 - Summer Sonic - Tokyo Japan

August 20 - Summer Sonic - Tokyo Japan

September 01 - Electric Picnic - Ireland

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In Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake, you’ll get some side quests and Shooting Range is one of them and there are total of five Shooting Range events that you’ll encounter in Chapter 3, 9, 11, 14 and 15.


Take part in this event will allow you to earn a certain number of tokens according to objectives. During this event, you will have to destroy pirate panels while avoiding touching the sailors. You will also be able to get bonus points by shooting skull-shaped tokens visible on the models.


The tokens you earn can then be redeemed or used in the machine near the elevator to earn charms that give you passive bonuses such as an increased percentage of having ammunition.

RE4 Remake, Resident Evil 4, How To Get, S Rank, Guide, Shooting Range

Now, if you want to earn S rank during the shooting range events, you will have to achieve a specific score which is noted on the sheet for the level concerned. 

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In Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake, you will be able to complete requests given by the merchant and in this short guide, will give you the complete merchant requests, their locations and the rewards that you will get.


Destroy Blue Medallions - 1

Chapter - 2

Location - Farm

Rewards - Spinels 3


Pest control

Chapter - 2

Location - Closed down factory

Rewards - Spinels 3


Viper Hunter

Chapter - 3

Location - Town Hall 

Rewards - Spinels 4


Grave Robber

Chapter - 3

Location - Church 

Rewards - Spinels 2


Resident Evil 4, RE4, Remake, Merchant Requests, Locations, Rewards

Destroy the Blue Medallions - 2

Chapter - 3

Location - Quarry entrance   

Rewards - Spinels 4


Egg Hunt

Chapter - 4

Location - Outside the Mural cave

Rewards - Spinels 3


Catch Me A Big Fish

Chapter - 4

Location - Lakeside Settlement

Rewards - Spinels 4


A Savage Mutt

Chapter - 5

Location - Near the Town Hall merchant

Rewards - Spinels 8


Destroy The Blue Medallions - 3

Chapter - 7

Location - Castle gate, near the torch

Rewards - Spinels 5


Destroy The Blue Medallions - 4

Chapter - 9

Location - Near the merchant at Grand Hall entrance 

Rewards - Spinels 5


More Pest Control

Chapter - 9

Location - Near the stature at the Grand Hall

Rewards - Spinels 3


Merciless Knight

Chapter - 10

Location - In the  library room

Rewards - Spinels 8


Insect Hive

Chapter - 11

Location - Hive

Rewards - Spinels 4


Jewel Thief

Chapter - 12

Location - Near the elevator in the Ballroom

Rewards - Spinels 3


The Disgrace Of The Salazar Family

Chapter - 12

Location - in the Ballroom

Rewards - Spinels 4


Destroy The Blue Medallions - 5

Chapter - 14

Location - Facility 1 Storage

Rewards - Spinels 5


Even More Pest Control

Chapter - 14

Location - Waste disposal / Near the merchant in Cargo Depot

Rewards - Spinels 3


The Wandering Dead

Chapter - 14

Location - In Cargo Depot Near the elevator controls

Rewards - Spinels 8


Destroy the Blue Medallions 6

Chapter - 15

Location - Cliffside Ruins, near the church

Rewards - Spinels 5

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Lana Del Rey has released her ninth studio album titled “Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd


Her new album has very special appearances, such as Father John Misty, Bleachers (by Jack Antonoff, one of the album's producers) and Tommy Genesis. In addition to the title track, the singer had already released the singles "A&W" and "The Grants".


Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd Tracklist


01. The Grants

02. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

03. Sweet

04. A&W

Lana Del Rey, New Album Tracklist, There's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

05. Judah Smith Interlude (Ft. Judah Smith)

06. Candy Necklace

07. Jon Batiste Interlude (Ft. Jon Batiste)

08. Kintsugi

09. Fingertips

10. Paris, Texas (Ft. SYML)

11. Grandfather Please Stand On The Shoulders Of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing

12. Let the Light In (Ft. Father John Misty)

13. Margaret (Ft. Bleachers)

14. Fishtail

15. Peppers (Ft. Tommy Genesis)

16. Taco Truck vs VB 

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In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake on low-end or high-end PC.


In-Game Settings




Screen resolution - Native


Refresh rate - Depends on your monitor


Frame rate - Variable


Display mode - Full screen


Vertical Synchronization - Off


Cinematics resolution - Full HD (Depends on your monitor)


Ray tracing - Off


Best Graphics Settings, Run RE4 Remake, Low-End, High-End, PC

FidelityFX super resolution 2 - Quality


FidelityFX super resolution 1 - Off


Image quality - 100% 


Rendering mode - Normal

Anti-aliasing - TAA


Texture quality - (recommended VRAM) - High (8 GB)


Texture filtering - High (ANISO x 16)


Mesh quality - Mid


Shadow quality - Low


Shadow cache - On


Contact shadows - Off


Ambient osculation - FidelityFX CACAO

Volumetric lighting - Low


Particle lighting quality - Low


Bloom - Off


Screen space reflections - Off


Subsurface scattering - On


Hair strands - Normal (Off for low-end PC)


Graphics dismemberment - On


Persistent corpses - Few


Corpse physics - Low


Diverse enemy animation - Off


Motion blur - Off  


Rain quality - Low


Terrain - Off


Destructible environments - On


Lens flare - Off


Lens distortion - Off


Depth of field - Off


Resource-intense lighting quality - Low


Resource-intense effects quality - Low 

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