The God of War (GoW) 2018 is now available exclusively on PS4. The reboot version of the GoW is a bit different from the previous games, but many mechanics have remained intact. If you have not played any other GoW games, then we've compiled some useful getting started tips and strategies below that we think will help you get started.

You can change the difficulty level in GoW at any stage of the game but to enjoy the hardest challenge, you have to start the game from the beginning, it does not matter which option you choose here. More about difficulty level selection can be found here.

Tips for the fight

Replenishing health and rage has always been one of the most important tasks of the GoW game series. Also in the latest installment it is not different. You need Idunn apples and horns to extend the two bars. You will get them from Nornir chests and to open them, you have to destroy three seals nearby. Keep your eyes open and look closely at the surroundings. Some you can smash with your axe. Rage is a major factor in the fight.

In the previous games it took much longer to get the rage bar full. Now, you don’t have the problem with GoW 2018. If you are used to keeping the Rage for terrible situations from your previous installments, then you can take this automatism off. Nevertheless, you should continue to use this mode wisely. Finally, Kratos also heals in its time of action. This is one of the more useful tips especially for more dangerous battles.

At the beginning of the game you have an axe and fists. You can aim with L2 and then throw with R2. Throw the ax at your opponents to freeze them and then treat them with your fists. The best thing to do is to concentrate on the weak spots of the opponents and pay attention to their attack patterns.

However, this is only 100% useful if the opponents are not yellow or red. In these cases, you should rather concentrate on dodging with X. Later, you can unlock an ability to block unblockable attacks.

Atreus (Loki), you cannot forget him, because he shoots at all the enemies you mark as fair game for him. Just aim at them and confirm the target with square.

God of War, 2018, Getting Started, Strategy Guide

Ranged combat is generally a great way to keep bad and powerful opponents off your back. This is especially true when they are guarding a valuable treasure.

Always have a resurrection stone, because if Kratos ever falls, Atreus will be able to revive him. Press in such a case quickly quadrilateral and the son helps the father back on his feet. However, the resurrection stone is used up, so be sure to buy new ones. You can buy these from Sindri and his brother's shop. The main quest leads you there.

After all, you don’t want to just follow the story, but also discover secret treasures in areas where the main quest does not lead you. Stick to Atreus , because he will always follow the red thread, and choose the other way to explore all the areas accordingly.

Stand still for a moment and listen to your son because he sees things you may not be able to pay attention to. Whether treasures in trees, sacks on the ceilings and lanterns or collectibles; a little hint from Atreus will help you here regularly. Take a look at Hans-in-the-Air and throw your ax to get the bags and containers from the ceiling. Maybe you are lucky and they fall on the head of an opponent - hacksilver rains in any case.
Once you are ready in the main story, Atreus will also be able to revive you!

The following list gives you a few short tips that we will expand over time, as long as we notice something important:

- You cannot enter some places at the beginning of the game. Be sure to remember where they were so you can visit them later. Fortunately, if you discover something special, such as hidden chambers, it will usually be drawn on the map.

- The spells are a kind of runes that improve your weapons and armor. You can upgrade them when changing gear, so don’t forget that! Always watch out for the enemies in the areas you are in and pick the spells accordingly.

- The level of Kratos is determined by the armor you put on it. This means that you always have to keep an eye on their value. Look closely at new armor, because sometimes it's better to upgrade the old armor.

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There are four difficulty levels available in God of War (GoW) 2018 game: give me a story, give me a balanced experience, give me a challenge and give me god of war. The automatically selected is called "give me a balanced experience". If you want to adjust the difficulty level, then just click one of the above selections and you will get more options.

Three degrees of difficulty of GoW for the PS4 are common, but not the way you may be used to. There is no easy, medium and difficult, which at first glance can lead to confusion. So some GoW fans have wondered if you can change the difficulty level at all.

To change the difficulty levels go to the selection menu, then these are already explained to you. Here you have to decide for yourself if you want to increase the challenge or rather even reduce it. But the important thing is that you have to start a completely new game on the God of War difficulty level to enjoy it. Here are the options that are available in the menu:

- Give Me A Story: That's exactly what you get. The battles are very simple and you can fully concentrate on the story in the game. By the way, the difficulty levels are related to the degree of difficulty of the fights.

- Give Me A Balanced experience: The story is still important to you, but without any challenge you don’t want to play God of War? Here you will be happy.

God of War, 2018, Difficulty Level Selection, Guide

- Give Me A Challenge: Are you real GoW veterans and have all the predecessors played through without any problems? Then have fun, this level of difficulty could be something for you.

- Give Me A GoW: A level of difficulty for gaming gods! Much frustration but also a lot of satisfaction, if you have mastered the challenges. If you want to unlock all trophies, then maybe you should choose a lighter difficulty level first.

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God of War (GoW) 2018 players are currently experiencing black borders. These borders won’t disappear, at least not until you've played with the settings of your PS4. Since you probably don’t want the black borders to interfere with your gameplay experience, we'll show you how to get rid of them.

These black borders appear because the console is not configured properly. This means that you have to open the settings and adjust something there. Proceed as follows:

- Open the settings of your PS4

- Go to Sound and Screen

- Select display area settings here

- Adjust the area to the image to remove the black border.

Now when you start the GoW 2018, the game will appear in full screen and no black borders.

We believed that this is a small trick by the developers with them they have reduced the resolution to improve the performance. 

God of War, GOW 2018, Remove Black Border, Black Bar, Edges

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In Far Cry 5, aside from campaign there’s also the arcade mode where players can use map editor and create new game worlds in which you can spend some time.

You can access the arcade mode through the main menu. In the menu you only have to navigate to the corresponding tab, in the campaign you have to look for arcade posters or machines.

If you select the Arcade Hero mode at the beginning you will be put on a random map. This can sometimes produce true rough diamonds or you can shoot fix, so you can find a better map. Of course, there are also the challenges that change regularly. Just click through and find your favorite approach.

If you want to do just that - build yourself - you should keep a few things in mind so that your map will be a success and you will actually implement what you have in mind. Here are a few tips:

- Start small and test the different modes before venturing out to whole worlds. If you want to build a game world, it is recommended to first copy subsections before you design your entire level. Even if you create your own map, it makes sense to not be too big. After all, the opponents are still to be found.

- Well-known game worlds are probably copied every day. But it's even better if you let your imagination play a bit and create something completely new. Although imitation is supposed to be the highest form of recognition, it's hard to stand out with it.

Create Your Own Map, Far Cry 5, Arcade, How to, Map Creator

- You can choose from different game modes and of course your map should match this one. A map is not very challenging if you select Team Deathmatch mode, but the map doesn’t offer hiding and looting opportunities.

- Similar to the game task, the topic should be coherent in itself. You want a horror map? Then use gloomy colors, many hiding places and suitable props. The mode of course offers countless items, but if you find something that fits little in the current map, you should rather consider starting another project.

- Not only should a map - especially if it has nature - be completely flat, you should also remember to add textures, so that the image is even finer and the immersion even more successful. Go wild and play around with the tools. It takes a while until a forest looks like a forest.

Create Your Map, Far Cry 5, Arcade

- Of course it's fun to steal from other players, but the difficulty should still be achievable. Otherwise, it is fast with patience and interest decreases. On the other hand, you should not act too easily. Slaying hundreds of opponents standing idly in the area may be funny for the moment, but it does not add value.

- When you have reached the end of the construction, you should definitely limit the map in the tools so that players don’t get lost in a wasteland in which they can no longer find opponents or loot. Due to the limitation they get a countdown and have to go back to the area.

- In the end, this is precisely in the foreground. You want a map that shines in radiant rainbow colors and is damn hard to solve? Then create it! You want hyperrealistic to copy your favorite map down to the smallest detail? That too is allowed. The arcade mode is just there: make a step out of reality and create your own.

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The developers are currently testing the private matches in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to create new custom games then you'll have to wait as the developers are currently grant custom game keys to selected players.

Since the mid of this month, there is a Custom Matchmaking key available on all platforms in the lobby. On the Xbox One you can press LT to trigger this key or L2 on the PS4 and the PC users can click with the mouse on the corresponding bar. To start your private matches in the future, you have to pay attention to the followings:

- Select cogwheel in the game settings and then to the tab "Game". Here, all participants must set the same Matchmaking region.

- All members in the custom game must set the same game mode.

- Enter the custom game key. This must also be the same if you want to play custom games.

There is currently no exact start date for custom matches and as mentioned earlier, it is available to only selected people. Therefore, you probably encounter errors if you try to open the new feature.

Sky Jump, Create Custom Games, Fortnite

Thanks to custom games in Fortnite, your creativity has no bounds. You can organize tournaments, play hide-and-seek on the map with 100 players or create completely new team compositions.

For streamer custom matches are less suitable, as they are regularly the selected target of their community. The streamer mode does not help any further. Still, custom matches can be fun if you come up with rules of your own.

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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life brings new mini-game mode called Clan Creator that allows you to create your own clan. In this clan you can have powerful team members such as lieutenants, captains and soldiers. Tactically you can move them on the battlefield and trigger special attacks to get rid of your enemy leaders.

This new mode is not available to you from the beginning. You must first reach chapter 5 of the story. Then you can unlock the Clan Creator and build your clan.

The clan battles are always about getting rid of the enemy leader. You can use Deployment Points to lead new clans onto the battlefield. Defeat enemy units, earn more DP, and slowly win.

Your team can have different units in a hierarchy system. They all bring different strengths and weaknesses and want to be used wisely by you. There are both slow armored units for the front and ranged low HP.

Codes to unlock new characters

Codes, Unlock New Characters, Yakuza 6, Clan Creator

You can automatically unlock new captains and lieutenants for your clan during the story. You can also talk to Masao, you can find him at Le Pente in Onomichi, and enter codes to unlock new characters for the Clan Creator for free.
Amon - 7R30M9ZDUH0MJIA1
Daigo Dojima - the6thheadofTojo
Daigo Dojima - M5BXOKQRSIELV19D
Evil - 0Banshee0Muzzle0
Goro Majima - T2OMQ7FM5KBJPOUR
Hiroshi Tanahashi - MisterTokyoDome0
Katsuyori Shibata - shibataGotoSleep
Kazuchika Okada - RainmakerMrOkada
Kazuma Kiryu - S66X7BAQN4ECAEE9
Kushida - TheSupernovaRana
Makoto Date - detective mandates
Makoto Date - UVHVD2H7WI95GHNL
Onomichio - 3QXI6YGSH03DETX
Satsuki - mysterymansatsuki
Taiga Saejima - VRJR9A7SX9Z6MMTV
Tetsuya Naito - ELingobernable00
Toru Yano - BinwanProducer00
Yuji Nagata - NagataLockNagata

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