Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 week 6 Challenges are here and this time you have to complete a new tricky challenge, Search Where the Stone Heads are Looking, to get to the new secret Battle Star.

There are seven stone heads are there to be found. First, you have to locate all stone heads and see the directions of their looking.

The following list gives you the locations of all Stone Heads

- In the southeast of Junk Junction you will find one of the stone heads.

- The nearest one is north of Tomato Town.

- Another stone head can be found in the northwest of Dusty Divot.

Stone Heads, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6

- The fourth one located towers high on the hill to the west of Lonely Lodge.

- There is another stone head in North of Greasy Grove.
- Lucky Landing also has a stone head located west of the village.

- The last of the stone head is near the place they are all looking at and has a very good view of the star.

Battle Star, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6

Below map shows you the exact locations of all stone heads:

Stone Head Locations, Map, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6

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Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 5 Week 6 challenges are now live and one these tasks require you to find five Timed Trials. We have already tested this challenge and found seven stopwatches.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all these clocks to complete the Timed Trials challenge.

You'll easily recognize a timed trail by the fact that a blue, transparent watch is floating in the air. You need to get to and interact with this clock to start the time Trial. Then you'll hear a sound that probably motivates you to go and collect all the other watches.

The timed trials are well distributed on the map, so you're unlikely to find all five in a round. So check out below pictures to find out exact location of all the timed trials.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map

Find Battle Star in Snobby Shores Fortnite Season 5 Week 5

Junk Junction:

The first time check can be found near Junk Junction. There is now a stone head where once the big football stadium was, and a clock is waiting next to it. 

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Junk Junction

Tomato Town:

Another stop watch is located at the river northwest of Tomato Town. Look for it on the bank of the river.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Tomato Town

Between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields

In the desert area, between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields there is a waterfall that you can see very well from the top. It springs from the lake in an oasis. At the foot of the waterfall, the next timed trials is waiting for you.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Paradise Palms, Fatal Fields

Lonely Lodge:

Lonely Lodge is also worth a visit for this challenge, because on the roof of the big hut is a watch waiting to be activated by you.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Lonely Lodge

Retail Row:

In the middle of Retail Row you can complete the next time check. The watch is located between two trees, on the side of Retail, where the shops are. 

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Retail Row

Between Tilted Towers and Shifty Shafts 

Southeast of Tilted Towers and northeast of Shifty Shafts there is a bend in the river and there is a heap of rocks. Above these stones the next watch hangs in the air.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts

Snobby Shores :

A watch can be found in the Snobby Shores, where a timed trails can also be completed. Look for the clock at the first house in the south and start collecting.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Snobby Shores

- After interacting with the clock, the timed trials starts.

- You can try it as many times as you like or as long as no one kills you.

- The first time you might not see all the watches you need to collect for the timed trials.

- Just look at the objects and think about the exact route you need to go to collect them easily.

- If necessary, supply you with materials if you need to build, and on some of these weekly challenges you will have to do it.

- If building is required then you can start the time check, then look at the placements of the clocks and plan how to build your ramps. Then start the trials again and run the buildings only while you collect the watches.

- It may also happen that you can complete a timed trial with the shopping cart. Not always you have to build and the time is sometimes very tight.

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PES Productions and Konami just revealed the complete list of Trophies for their upcoming soccer simulation video game: PES - Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. There are a total of 50 trophies (Gold 4, Silver 6 and Bronze 40) can be unlocked in this game.

Below we listed all the trophies and their unlock conditions.


- Ultimate Player - Perfect Collection
- Victory Haul - Win a total of 100 games
- International Champions Cup Champions - Win the International Champions Cup
- Global giants - Created a squad with a team strength of at least 2300 in myClub


- World class - Out of the game scored a goal of at least 30 m (except standard situations)
Legendary Victor - Defeated 5 opponents at game level "Superstar"
- World Best Player Award - Will be awarded for the World Footballer of the Year nomination in [Become a Legend]
- League Champions - Will be awarded for the wining of the league title in one of the top leagues of the [Master League]
Co-op Contributor - Get one of the special CO-OP game styles in online CO-OP
Eye for Talent - Get a player of GOLD or BLACK rarity with a myClub Scout

Trophies Guide, PES, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019


- Comeback king - Won after coming back from 2 goals down
- Possessive Streak - Won the game with at least 65% possession
- Super-sub - A substitute scored a goal
- The Sniper - Natted a free kick from at least 25 m
- Phantom Striker - A defender scored a goal
- Final Twist - Pulled off a win by scoring in stoppage time
- Hat trick - Scored 3 goals with the same player in a match
- Tricksters - With a trick passed the opponent and scored a goal
- Chip Shot Creator - Scored 5 goals from chip shots
- Set Piece Strategist - Score 3 goals using a strategy for standard situations
- Derby Dominator - Won a derby game
- Counter-attacker - Scored a goal on their counter attack
- Goalmouth Guardian - Saved a penalty kick (without penalty shoot-out)
- Clean Sheet King - Shutout the opposition
- Underdog - Defeated an opponent with team strength 2 or higher
- Workhorse - Played a total of 50 games
- Goal Hunter - Scored a total of 100 goals
- Assist Machine - Performed a total of 100 assists
- Played Exhibition Match!- Complete friendly game
- VERSUS (COM) - Received game data against the COM in VERSUS mode
- VERSUS (2 players) - Received game data in VERSUS mode
- Random Selection Match: Kick off! - A random selection game played until the final whistle
- The Debutant - Will be awarded for participation in [Become a Legend]
- Championship Winner - Awarded for winning a league title in [Become a Legend]
- League Best Eleven - Awarded for election to the team of the season in [Become a legend]
- Won in Master League - Will be awarded for a win in the [Master League]
- My Favorite Players - Registered a player in "My Favorite Players" in Master League
- Silver Collector: Basic - Awarded for receiving silver in each [simple] skill training
- Silver Collector: Intermediate - Awarded to receive silver in each [Advanced] skill training
- Silver Collector: Advanced - Awarded for receiving Silver in each [Advanced] Skill Training
- Silver Collector: Expert - Awarded for receiving silver in any [Expert] skill training
- First Online Divisions win - Awarded for your 1st wining in a game of [online divisions]
- Promoted in Online Divisions - Awarded for promotion to a higher division in [online divisions]
- Team Play - Initiated as a participant in a team play lobby
- Win a Casual Match - Won an opportunity game in online CO-OP mode
- Win a Clan Match - Won a clan game in Online CO-OP mode
- myClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win - Awarded for winning your first RANKED MATCH game in myClub
- Ranking Recognition - Received recognition for 10 ranked matches played in myClub
- Ace Signing - Obtained a BLACK rarity player with a myClub Agent
- One of Our Own - Trained a player to Lv.35 in myClub

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You start the Overcooked 2 with few chefs and those pre-order the game will get additional five cooks: Cat, Cow, Alien, Walrus and Monkey as a bonus. For the rest of the chefs you have to play through the campaign. Also, you will be able to unlock new chefs after successfully completion of some levels. For some cooks you have to play the levels of the dog Kevin.

Below we’ll show you the requirements to unlock the new chefs in Overcooked 2.

- Human Chef 1 - Complete World 1-2

- Cat Chef 1 - Complete World 1-5

- Human Chef 2 - Complete World 1 Special

- Human Chef 3 - Complete World 2-1

- Human Chef 4 - Complete World 2-4

- Human Chef 5 - Complete World 3-1

- Raccoon Chef - Complete World 3-3

- Crocodile Chef - Complete world 3-5

- Octopus Chef - Complete World 4-2

- Human Chef 6 - Complete World 4-4

- Human Chef 7 - Complete World 4-6

Chefs Unlock Requirements, New Cooks, Overcooked 2

- Eagle Chef - Complete World 5-2

- Cat Chef 2 - Complete World 5-5

- Squirrel Chef - Complete World 6-2

- Robot Chef - Complete World 6-5

- Human Chef 8 - Complete Kevin Level 3

- Beaver Chef - Complete Kevin Level 5

- Alien Chef - Complete Kevin Level 7

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With the sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm fast approaching, the original game quickly gained more attention thanks to the creators’ action to give away the game for free for two days on Steam.

In this guide, we'd like to give you some useful getting started tips and tricks to help you survive in the game.

Before you begin Insurgency, it is recommended a systematic and thoughtful approach. This is one of the most important tips for beginners and veterans. Constant sprinting and too offensive behavior you should get used to!

To make it easier for you to begin or to continue training your skills, here are a few useful tips for you.

- Learn the maps well and pay attention to common camper spots and how to handle them safely. A safe path over the map lets you edge your opponent much more often.

- Always have a second weapon with you! Pistols are economical and can save your life if you don’t have any ammo left for your primary weapon. Especially, snipers should have a pistol in case of an emergency.

- You can lean left and right, and you should do that to look around corners faster and reveal only a fraction of your body in a firefight. Important: If you lean to the right, you can tilt further than the left side - you should always pay attention to this.

Insurgency, Getting Started, Survival, Strategy Guide

- If you run for a short time, you can press the button to squat a few meters to slip. If you want to ski down stairs faster, this trick is worth.

- Armor and weapons affect your load and thus your speed and your agility. In goal-based game modes, light equipment is available so you can surprise the opposing team and kill them before they even notice you. With less weight you slide on, you can lean further and run faster.

- Hip firing is more effective than you might expect. Every now and then, you should take a few shots from the hips to get a feel for each weapon. At short to medium distance you save in the duel the milliseconds that would otherwise claim the goals.

- Use Cover. Many firefights you can decide with good position and cover for you. By turning on and off the target mode of the weapon with a click, you can safely overlook some coverage.

- The use of hand and stun grenades is just as important and game-changing. Even campers can scare you with grenades or C4.

- Speaking of grenades: If you have to push on a map, we recommend the use of smoke grenades. This allows you to block certain areas and edge the enemy. But smoke grenades are also good for distraction.

- Lasers and flashlights are especially useful at night, but enemies can see reflections and lights all over the map. We cannot really give you any tips on this. You have to decide if you want to take the risk or not.

It is recommended to communicate with your fellow players or at least try to read their actions and act accordingly. The commands in the game help you.

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With Monster Hunter World now out on PC, some users complaining that their saved game data disappears after they have defeated the Elder Dragon Xeno'Jiiva. Once the sequences expire, the game keeps crashing whenever they load the character.

According to a reddit post, you run the risk of losing your complete saved data after you defeat this monster.

Xeno'Jiiva is one of the Elder Dragons and the final boss of the main campaign. It is not one of the toughest monsters to tackle and it takes a little time to defeat him.

The author of the reddit post suspects that about 75% of all battles against this monster remain without consequences. Some unlucky PC users in turn have to count on this bug.

There are already some ways to prevent this error. First of all, it's recommended to back-up your saved game data before you go into the battle against Xeno. There is a step-by-step guide:

- Open C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata [YOUR STEAM ID] \, it's probably the first folder.

- Look for the folder "582010" and open it

- Open the folder "remote"

- Now copy your save "SAVEDATA1000" and save it elsewhere

Monster Hunter World, Fix Crash, Xeno'Jiiva

How long Capcom will need to fix this bug is unknown. Therefore, we recommend this measure to protect your game progress.

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