In this guide, we’ll show you how to display an FPS counter while playing Fall Guys on PC.


As there is currently no FPS counter in the game settings and suggests using the steam frame rate counter.


To do this, make sure to close the game and open up steam.


There on the top left select steam and then settings.


In your settings window navigate to the in-game tab and there you can enable the in-game FPS counter.


You will have the option to set it to any one of your screen corners and below you can enable the high contrast color option.


Select OK, and the frame rate counter will show up the next time you start the game.


I hope this helped you out.

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on 8/6/20

In this guide, we’ll share some useful tips on how to fix Fall Guys from lagging, crashing and won’t launch problems.

So first, let’s open your game settings then make sure to set the in-game resolution to your native monitor resolution. If you're using an abnormal screen resolution then you should play the game in Windowed Mode for now as some word screen monitors have issues with crashes.

When this is done, you can close the game and open up your task manager in the processes tab. You should end some programs from running which could show an overlay while playing the game such as Discord Geforce experience or steam.

In addition, you should also end processes which could change the game files such as Ccleaner. But make sure to only add the processes which, you know won't break your operating system.

Fall Guys, Fix Lags, Crash, Won’t Launch

Lastly, open up your file explorer and navigate to the drive on which you save the game on. There go to your Program Files - Steamapps – Common – Fall Guys and then right click the FallGuys_clients application and select properties. On this window navigate to the compatibility tab and select disable full screen optimizations. Don't forget to apply your changes.

You should also make sure to keep your graphics card up to date to get the most out of your system.

You can update your Nvidia GPU in the Geforce experience application.

 I hope this helped you out.

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on 8/5/20

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll give you some useful tips to fix the connection error or server time out issue.

The connection error is preventing you from accessing the game on PC or PS4. As the game just released, there is an unexpected amount of players using the servers at the same time as the developers have shared on twitter.

If you are still getting the error after waiting some time, then the issue might be related to your network connection.  Try to change your network connection and use an Ethernet able if you can.

You should also restart your router or modem if you haven't done this in a while.

Fix Fall Guys Unable to Connect or Server Timed Out

In case a process running on your system is bottlenecking your performance then open up your task manager. There in the performance tab select open resource monitor,

In the network tab you will see every process using your network connection including those which could clog up your connection.

I hope this helped you out.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to find all missing parts, fix and launch Siona's spaceship.

This new challenge in Fortnite is a somewhat special as it could well open a complete part of the intrigue of Season 3. With the recent drop in the water level, the ancient spaceship near northern Craggy Cliffs is uncovered. And it is already possible to find all missing parts, fix and launch Siona's spaceship.

Step 1: Find Siona's Spaceship

The spaceship is on a sandbank, near the place called Craggy Cliffs.

Once you arrived at the ship, you then trigger the various parts constituting the secret challenge.

Step 2: Find the Missing Parts of the Spaceship

You need to fix the ship in order to launch it, and three essential mechanical parts are scattered around the crash site.

Fortnite Guide, Find Missing Parts, Launch Siona's Spaceship, Location

- The battery pack to the ship is in the little cove, underwater.

- Head shield is located in a decorative rock that you will have to break, further east.

- Thruster boom is embedded in the cliff to the south, and radiates a green light. To access it, you will need to build a ramp with materials!

Collecting all three parts will grant you 14,000 experience points.

Step 3: Assemble and Launch

Then, you will only have to return to the crash spaceship to install the missing parts, on the left side of the machine and on the left reactor.

Then activate the launch of the ship. A countdown is displayed. Once the countdown is completed, the ship will launch and you will then gain 25,000 experience points!

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix Stuttering with Frame Rate Drops and increase the performance of Grounded Game.  

 So first of all, we’ll start with optimizing windows after that we will go inside of the game. Here we’ll show you a couple of new tricks and then we’ll finish with the config file because you don't have a lot of options in the game. And in the config file, you can optimize a lot of different graphic pyramiders. So I will show you on steam and also on Xbox.

So, the first thing that you want to do is removing the game modes or write game mode put the game mode app off, the game bar at off, the capture background recording app off and the recorded audio app off.

Then remove all those overlay that you're using. I know a lot of different people are using the Discord one remove that it's causing a lot of issue in a lot of game. Also the overly from Nvidia you can keep stuff like msi afterburner like a software that you're using for your fps, that's fine, but not like a huge overlay with a lot of different options. Also make sure that you're drivers are up-to-date. So if you have Nvidia, AMD or Intel make sure that you have the latest drivers.  

So that's about it for windows.

Now we’ll go inside of the game. I will show you a couple of tricks. Here, we’ll do a lot of stuff in the config file because you don't have all the graphic parameter in the game. In the game go in option display, in the window mode make sure that you're using the full screen one. Don't use the window full screen you’ll have some stuttering because of this one so really important to use full screen resolution. It really depends on your monitor. But again after my guide if you're still struggling with your FPS then probably you will need to lower your resolution.

The thing is right now you don't have a lot of option it's just like epic eye medium and low, so you can't really change your shadow foliage and stuff like that. You have to do it in the config file. I will show you how to do it but the weird part is when you go with epic everything would be a tree. So for example shadows equal tree, that means your shadow are at epic. So that's why I'm using epic because all the graphic parameter will be actually when you use something like I medium or low it's pretty random. I'm putting I and I see some 2 some 1 some 0 so it's very inconsistent. So that's why just put epic and after that we’ll change whatever we need to change.

Another weird thing is the frame rate limit. If you have a 144 earth screen and you want 144 fps you need to put 160 to have 144 they have some kind of bug over there. It's really weird if you put 165 it will be at 160. So just put 160 and you should be fine. But anyway again in the config file, you can write the amount of fps that you want.

Fix Grounded Game, Stuttering, Frame Rate Drops

Vsync put this one out off.

Motion blur put this one at zero. Maybe if you like motion blur you can put some but honestly, it's really intense motion blur in this game. You can go higher if you want to see more in front of you.

Render scale, just don't touch it. If you decide to downscale this game, you will see that the game looks blurry and you’ll see even some pixel in it. So don't do it. Just like lower your resolution if you need more fps. So that's pretty much it with.

Now we will go in the config file. You need to go where you installed the game. So for me, it was the F drive WPsystem AppData… So you really need to open this one the GameUserSettings over there and this is pretty much where you have all your

Graphic parameter, you have a lot of a different option over there. They are really important because you put the game at epic. Everything will be a tree here. This is pretty much what I'm currently using to optimize my game.

So let's start with the ViewDistanceQuality. This one takes a lot of resources. So just by the way three equal epic, 2 equal I, 1 is medium and Zero is low. So if you have like an integrated video card and stuff like that just go with one though don't go with two or even zero because it will take a lot of resources. It's three to four fps. So if I compare three to zero you can gain a lot of fps with that so really depends where you're at right now and how many fps that you currently have.

AntiAliasingQuality - put it at one. I feel I don't see a big difference between one and three here. Honestly and I'm getting more fps. So that's why I'm using one.

ShadowQuality - this one is the most important. It's four percent for each bracket. So if you put your ShadowQuality at low, you will gain a lot of fps like 12, so it's really good.

PostProcessQuality - this one I'm putting out one didn't see a big difference between a one and two and I'm getting two percent more in my fps. So that's why I'm using one for this one texture quality.

TextureQuality - here, I feel like if you have 3GB and more you can go with a epic if you want or if you have something like with 2 GB go with medium. And for sure if you have like just one GB of VRAM go with zero low.

EffectsQuality -  I'm using I for this one. I didn't see a huge increase in my fps but if you have some struggling with stuttering even after all the change that I show you, go with one or even zero. So if you have a lot of issue with it, just go with zero for this one.

FoliageQuality. This is probably the second most important graphic parameter after ShadowQuality. This one gives you like three to four fps. So again go with zero if you really need a boost in your fps. You will gain like 10 percent so really good to boost your fps with the foliage.

ShadingQuality. I did a couple of tests with this one. It's a little bit weird my game is just more stable when I go with one. I didn't see a big increase. It's like one to two percent for each bracket. But my game is a lot smoother when my shading quality is at one

So that's about it guys.

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In this guide, we’ll show you one of the cool tricks that you are going to see in Call of Duty Warzone. To do it you need a Quad, a Claymore and a trophy system. Once you have that, the fun begins.

For this to work, you need a quad, a Claymore and a trophy defense system. Once you have these elements you’ll have to place the Proximity mine in the front of your quad and the trophy system behind.

If you succeed, then you’ll only have to look for enemy squads that travel aboard a truck or any other vehicle. The trick doesn’t require more than one thing: stamping against such vehicles. The mine will explode and make every car explode too. You will get kills while you are kept safe by the trophy system.

What are you waiting for to do this trick? If you want to know everything about this Battle Royale, do not miss our general guide of Call of Duty Warzone and especially the Bunkers, Phones and PC Locations and Earn XP Easily and Level Up Quickly guide.

Get More Kills, Quad and Claymore. CoD Warzone

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