The easiest way to make some extra money in Jurassic World Evolution is to run a restaurant or other shop. Just running a store won’t bring you profit or extra money unless you manage it properly.

If you want to make your visitors happy, then you must rely on a varied selection of additional attractions. Choose different stores and don’t put them all on one area of the island. Make sure that the stores in the park are distributed and guests regularly visit your shops. But that's not all you have to keep in mind when managing stores.

The Settings of the Stores

Once you've set up a shop, you should go into its settings. Here you will find the option to manage it. No matter which shop you pick, you have to keep the product you want to sell there. In addition, you should set the right price and then also the appropriate amount of staff.

In the administrative area of the shops you can see their financial reports. This means that you can individually set and check each individual shop. But let's start with the aspects of administration. Overall, there are three settings that you have to focus on:

Product to be sold: Select the products you want to sell at your store. You always have the choice between a cheap, an average and an expensive product. Since you will probably have many stores in your park, you should be careful to offer different goods.

Example: If you have three souvenir shops, then each of the three shops sells one of the three products. So you guarantee good diversity in this area. You cannot change the cost of the product.

Set Selling Price: Of course, pricing your selling product depends on many factors. If you are still at the beginning and need money, then you probably need to set a bit higher price and if you want to get a 5 star rating then you set the prices more reasonable.

Manage Shops, Make Profit, Jurassic World Evolution

Example: In our souvenir shop we sell Barbasol. It costs us $ 10 and we sell it for $ 16. Less operating costs, we should make a good profit. Of course, that also depends on how many employees we have set up in the shop.

Manage staff: The staff is important, because without the staff, the shops would not run. The question is how many employees should you have. You have the choice between one and five employees.

Example: In our souvenir shop currently 900 guests can be served. You can see that in the financial report. At the moment there are only 456 people in the shop. This means that we have too many employees - five employees. In such a case, you can reduce the number of employees to four, maybe even three. But this decision must not be final.

The financial reports of the stores

The factor guests in the financial report is at the beginning still overlooked. This is the option that your settings of shops, restaurants and other additional attractions should be based on.

As described above, the second number behind the slash indicates the amount of shop visitors your staff can serve. If the first number before the slash is higher than the second, then you must hire more sellers. Otherwise, you cannot meet the demand and in the worst case, your facility rating could get worse.

Manage Shops, Park, Restaurant, Make Profit, Jurassic World Evolution

Of course, you always have to adjust the price of the sales products in your stores to the personnel costs. If fewer sellers are hired, you don’t necessarily have to adjust the prices downwards. That depends on the satisfaction of the park visitors. Logically, it increases a bit when customers spend less money.

However, if you are increasing the number of salespeople for the first time, then you have to see that your operating costs are not higher than the revenues. In the end you can always orient yourself to the last value of the financial report of the shops. This means "total (per minute)" and describes the pure profit you make with the shop or restaurant.

The bottom line is that you have to be careful when managing your stores in the park that you build many different shops, offer different products there and make the settings correctly. If you stick to it then the audience on your island will get bigger and so will your income.

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Satisfaction of your guests is very important aspect in Jurassic World Evolution. This will ensure money flows into your cash register. Besides, you’ll get better rating for your facility from satisfied guests.

The factors determine the satisfaction of the visitors

Your guests have certain needs that you have to fulfill. Which of them are and how well you have satisfied them, you see in the menu of your island. You can open it on the PS4 with the square and on the Xbox One with X. Here you can go straight to the island rating and then you go to asset valuation.

- Dinosaur Visibility: Dinosaur visibility is an important factor for visitors. After all, they travel to Jurassic World because they want to see dinosaurs. Visitors will be satisfied if you can guarantee high dinosaur visibility. So build observation galleries, observation towers and also the railroad. If you click on an observation station, you will see the angle at which visitors can observe the creatures from it. If the entire facility is lit up, then you should achieve a very high dinosaur visibility.

Increase Guest Satisfaction, Jurassic World Evolution

- Food, drinks, fun and shopping: Yes, visitors are not satisfied if they only see dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are nothing special anymore and so you have to worry as park operators for extra fun. For the visitors to be happy, you need more attractions. Build souvenir shops, restaurants, clothes shops, bowling alleys and whatever you could unlock by research. Distribute it neatly on the island, so that dullness never arises.

- Transport Rating: The railroad is a fantastic means of transport that you should definitely build in your park. Make sure that you also install enough stations. You don’t get this value so fast to 100%, because you unlock the gyrosphere quite late in the game. Fortunately, guest satisfaction is so many factors that it doesn’t matter if you're behind here.

If you pay attention to these aspects, more and more visitors will visit your facility. Of course, the amount of dinosaurs and their variety are important to get additional guests. But to guarantee proper visitor satisfaction you should not forget the additional attractions.

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In Jurassic World Evolution, it is not that difficult to get 5 stars rating of your island. You can see your rating in the Status Menu (PS4 = square, Xbox One = X). The island rating consists of two aspects: dinosaur rating and facility rating.

Again, these are separated into other factors. They are color coded and your task is to get them to a green level. It is not necessary to have all the factors highlighted in green to get 5 stars for an island. Sometimes one or two factors can be blue.

Dinosaur Rating (5-Star)

The dinosaur rating is separated into three additional factors: the number of dinosaurs, the variety of the species and the welfare of the animals. 

The variety of dinosaurs is also easy to increase. Always try to keep the minimum number of species so you can meet your social needs and still have enough space to accommodate more species.

If you click on the Dinosaur Rating field, you will get more information on what you can do to improve the island. Authenticity is related to genome research. The better you research a genome, the happier your guests are. The modifications increase the pleasure. So, if you unlock modifications for your creatures, use them to improve the island rating.

In this view, just look for the factors that have a minus in front of it. You'll have to take care of them to get more stars.

Stars Rating Guide, Jurassic World Evolution

Facility Rating (5-Star)

The Facility / Park rating is also separated into three factors: The amount of safety, the capacity and The level of satisfaction

At this point you may open up questions and if you click on the Rating field, you will get a large list that shows you what to look for.

- The facility rating is carried out by the guests on the island. This means that you have to take care of the satisfaction of the guests to get 5 stars.

- The safety is then ensured if there are no guest injuries. Of course, dinosaurs may break out and get in trouble so quickly. So always make sure to have enough shelters and call in your guests in time, when a storm comes or an animal breaks out.

- Sufficient capacity is easily achieved if you have built enough hotels to accommodate your guests.

If you pay attention to all the above factors, you will soon realize that the 5 stars are quite easy to get. You need time and money and a little bit of skill building so you can use the space on an island efficiently.

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In Jurassic World Evolution, your captured or hatched dinosaurs like to escape from their enclosure. To stop this you have to take some safety measures so that they settle down in their enclosure.

Move your pointer over the Raptor or other Dino who keeps escaping and look at his needs. It's actually quite simple, because the controller should be in the bars on the blue side.

The game shows you that the dinosaurs escape when the total security is in the red. This total security includes factors such as open grasslands, forest cover, social groups and the number of animals in an enclosure. Pay attention to your individual needs with each species.

- Make sure that the dinos have enough food or water points: Sometimes an animal is dissatisfied because it has fed away the turf and you have not brought a new one.

- It may also happen that the environment does not fit them. Make sure that there are enough trees and grass in the enclosure?

- You recognize the effect of your actions rather quickly because the corresponding controller slowly moves in the blue direction with the appropriate factor.

- Particularly important is the bar under "social." For example, you don’t have much room for the Raptor here if you don’t want it to escape. Pay attention to whether your dinosaurs prefer to be alone, in large herds or with only a few members of their kind.

Stop Raptors Escaping, Jurassic World Evolution

Stop Raptor Keeps Break Out

Below we’ll give you some useful tips on how you can increase the security to prevent their escape attempts.

- The most important tip we can give you is that you should hatch at least two raptors at once. It costs a lot of money but a Raptor alone will always be unhappy and try to escape.

- Sometimes two raptors are not enough to guarantee the social satisfaction of the dinosaurs and thus to prevent the escape.

- Three raptors are ok, but it is a very insecure box. If something happens that doesn’t like one of the dinosaurs, then he will quickly be dissatisfied. If one dies, you must replace him quickly, so that the other two are not dissatisfied.

- The magic number in this case is the four! Even five raptors can work in an enclosure, but that's too hard at the limit.

Always pay attention to the needs of your dinosaurs to prevent an outbreak.

Before you let the first Raptor go, you should cover about a quarter of the area with trees. Next, place one food slot with meat and at least two with live loot, so your raptors are busy.

Around the enclosure you should pull an electric fence, because all the other barricades break down too fast and don’t even keep the little guys in the cage for the length of the storm. Even the electric fence gives no 100% certainty, but it keeps much longer. Two simple or reinforced fences will not really help you, because they also don’t keep the raptors from escaping for long.

Of course, the electric fences should be neatly powered. If you can afford it, build a power station specifically for the electric fence of the raptor enclosure. In addition, you should definitely build a shelter in the vicinity of the enclosure to quickly bring the visitors to safety. A ranger station nearby is also an advantage.

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There are many ways to make money in Jurassic World Evolution. In this guide, we’ll show you some of these methods to make a lot of money in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you don’t need any money. But as soon as you enter the second island Isla Muerta, the simple part of the game is over. You start with no research, expedition, fossil and ACU safety stations. Each of these buildings cost you lot of money. And new dinosaurs have to be paid somehow.

The easiest way to farm quick money in JWE is to do the missions for the 3 divisions of Jurassic World Evolution. Click on the control room, the first icon at the top left of the navigation. Request orders below on the left. Choose wisely which department you want to hire. You can also stop the missions if you don’t like them.

If you start on the second island and you want to build some buildings quickly, you should hatch Dinosaurs. Look for those who have the best rating. These are mainly carnivores. The better the rating and the more different creatures you have in the park, the more money you will get per minute. If you have a few dollars left, we recommend a fast food restaurant for the guests. Always check the number of guests that food buys. If necessary, you have to hire by staff, in the end to be able to serve more people.

The small cash injection: take pictures of Dinosaurs

If you already have at least one Dinosaurs in your park, you can shoot photos of him. That's what makes their money - not much, but in the repetition is the goal. Simply select a Ranger vehicle and steer yourself. At the bottom left you will see which button you need to press for a photo. For example: on the PC, F.

Make Quick Money, Jurassic World Evolution, Guide

Depending on how well your photographed Dinosaurs is, you will get more money for the photo. But first you have to drive into his enclosure. Just stand in front of the gate to the enclosure. After a short while it opens and you can enter.

If you want to earn more money with photos, you should consider the following:

- The more dinosaurs in the picture, the better. And if they're all different species, you'll get even more money.

- If you pick the creature on an activity, you get more money.

- Make sure that the Dinosaurs is placed exactly in the middle of the picture and can also be seen in the middle of the frame.

Make Quick Money, Jurassic World Evolution, Dinosaurs

- If you make a whole series of photos of the same Dinosaurs, you'll be deducted money on the rating and you'll get less money.

- If you have to wait for the construction of a building or the completion of a research, the photo function offers a good bridge.

The following activities ensure that you earn a lot of money with the photos:

- Drink from a pond, river, etc.
- Eat another dinosaurs or goats
- Socialize (only dinosaurs that belong to the same species within a compound can do that)
- Hunt for another Dinosaurs
- Racing or fast running
- Fighting and attacking another dinosaur

Money transfer between the islands

What doesn’t work that easy in reality works great with Jurassic World Evolution. You can transfer money between the islands. We therefore recommend that you stay on the first island for as long as possible and that you are already exploring all projects and improvements. After a relatively short time, we were able to collect more than $ 8 million on the entry-level island.

If you change to another island now, you will notice that you will not keep the money, but the research progress. Accordingly, you don’t necessarily have to build a research building. All upgrades that you have discovered on Island 1 are also available on the second island.

The whole thing works well with fossils. From time to time, you'll get materials like fossil excrement, which you can only sell and extract no Dino DNA from. Keep her, move to your current island and sell this item here. You can do the same with fossils that you don’t need.

With this method, you have to travel a lot back and forth, but also quickly have a lot of money in the account.

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In Conan Exiles, Trapezohedron is one of the six artifacts that you’ll need to collect to complete the game. To get this shiny trapezohedron you have to go inside the volcano and defeat the Lizardmen boss.

Before you go inside the heat of the volcano, you need to equip properly to keep you from heat stroke. For this, you must first get the recipe for the armor of the silent legion. This is the only set that can handle the heat.

Only then you should go inside the volcano and look for the shining trapezohedron. You can reach the roundabout via an access from the north or if you take the longer way over the buildings in the eastern part of the volcano.

If you come from the pilgrim's path, you can also farm a lot of obsidian, which lends itself to being able to forge obsidian weapons only in the volcano forge at the source. However, the tools you can also craft at the local forge.

Defeat Volcano Boss and Get Trapezohedron

So that you don’t lose sight of the approximate direction to the source, you can follow the blue ray of light that rises from the center of the building. The way to the dungeon is a bit trickier, because you have to cross lava-rivers! Since even the best armor cannot tolerate molten rock, you'll have to jump on moving rocks to prove your skill and patience.

In order to enter the dungeon, you must now have some confidence and jump into the blue beam. Only then the loading screen appear and you enter the source of Skelos. Inside the spring you will find the volcanic forge in the lower area. When entering, you have to be careful, because if you don’t walk carefully on the bars, you can also burn the forge's lava!

Conan Exiles, Defeat Volcano Boss, Get Trapezohedron

Instead, turn left in front of the forge and follow the path until you reach a building. Here you turn right and walk on, because on the horizon you will soon see king fortress. Only take care of the lizardmen if you have to, so that you lose as little health as possible.

On the way to the boss you have to make a few jumps over lava. In fact, you can also get rid of annoying enemies, because they will blindly track you and burn you miserable in the lava. If you reach two big goals, you have to pass both of them and then, after the second goal, walk down the path to the right. In the end, you see two lizardmen statues with violet flames in their hands. These mark the entrance to the throne room.

Like the Witch-Queen, the lizardmen king sends his henchmen before he comes to you. So don’t try to break the shimmering wall of magic and instead go to the ghosts. These opponents are not very strong, but if you are alone, they can still harm you. Be fast and always on the move.

The Boss fight itself is quite unspectacular because the Lizardmen King has neither great attacks you should be aware of, nor is he particularly enduring. Going with targeted strong attacks on him, then he should be obsolete after a few minutes.

If you take it apart now no matter which tool the shiny Trapezohedron will come into your possession and you will be one step closer to the end of the game. Some players also report receiving the Trapezohedron as they dissect the other, slightly larger lizards with the skinning knife. You can find one of them at the forge.

The shiny trapezoid is also a reference to the shining Trapezohedron a story by HP Lovecraft.

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