When Apple announced the transition to its own Apple Silicon chips for its new Mac line, few could’ve imagined the extent of praise and plaudit that followed the release of the hardware.


The M1 chip has practically unmatched performance while being shockingly affordable. The M1 chip has put Apple M1 in a powerful position. And while that may be great for Apple, it’s also great for us. Why? Because it serves as added competition that will force Intel to get its head back in the game, which will encourage AMD to keep innovating and, also will force the likes of Samsung, Qualcomm and even Google to make an ARM chipset that could rival this M1 chipset.


And that's kind of what we are hearing today on Samsung's side. There's a new report from a big South Korean publication that claims Samsung is working on its own Exynos-branded rival that’ll be used across even more devices. According to an industry insider, “The new Exynos will offer improved functions, including extraordinary computing power and battery efficiency, by utilizing a 5-nanometer processing technology. It’s good for both laptops and smartphones,”


He mentioned that Samsung will use AMD graphics on this new chipset and will make it available in the second half of this year. Initially, Samsung is expected to use it inside a Windows-powered laptop, but eventually, the chipset use will be expanded to other devices including their smartphones and tablets.


With that said, while I'm happy that there's finally some good competition in the silicon space which will surely benefit consumers but I highly doubt Samsung would surpass Apple's M1 chip in raw power and efficiency. Yes, they might come close to Apple's A-series of chipset in both CPU and GPU judging from the leaked benchmark scores but I doubt they would be able to do that with the M1 chip. And the reason for that is it’s just plain hard to beat a well-designed in-house chip.


Apple knows how to make a great in-house chip. Yes, Samsung has been trying for years with their Exynos lineup, but there’s a problem with theirs.


Apple M1,  Samsung, AMD, Exynos 2200, Which One,  Best
Samsung isn't Google or in other words they don’t own Android or Windows, because of Apple’s M1 chip, Apple now manufacturers pretty much everything that goes into their devices. They now design their own software and all of the hardware, including the processor.


While Samsung may manufacturer all of their hardware, they can’t optimize Android as well as Google does or as well as Apple optimizes iOS. So it's going to be hard for Samsung, or Qualcomm to make a chip that could go toe to toe with the M1 but the good thing for these companies is that Apple is still using A-series chipsets on their phones and they aren't quite as powerful as M1 which means this Exynos chipset with AMD graphics has all the potential to be the top smartphone chip available when it launches later in the year.


But then again, the thing that makes the M1 chip great, is that Apple can basically put it into any device that they want to. This chip isn’t only limited to laptops and desktops, meaning that it could also be used for mobile devices.


Now that Apple has put this chip in the iPad Pro, there’s pretty much nothing stopping them from putting this chip in a future iPhone, which could potentially lead to better longevity, better battery life and would place it even further ahead of the competition.


So Apple has made it really difficult for other OEMs to catch up but like I've said this will only make Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel and AMD keep innovating and as a result we as the consumers also win.

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on 5/10/21

Days Gone on PC will not support DLSS, Ray Tracing and cross save between PS5 and PS4.


The console version of the game was released in 2019, and the PC version will be available on May 18. Despite the fact that we have already known the vast majority of details about this version that will take advantage of the power of the platform, there was still some important information to know.


The main features of Days Gone were revealed with the announcement of its first trailer: support for monitors with ultra 21: 9 resolution, unlocked frame rate, higher resolution in photo mode and many other improvements. However, it has also been indicated what will not be present on PC.


In a question and answer, the developers of Days Gone have been listing a few features of the game and answering some questions. The first that has been resolved is whether the game will support Nvidia DLSS. Bend made it clear that it will not, at this time, so who knows if it could be added in the future.


Days Gone, PC, Cross Save, Between PS4, PS5

When it comes to ray tracing, here it has been more categorical. Days Gone on PC does not support ray tracing, the post stated. In addition, it was also confirmed that the PC version will not offer cross save with the saved games that a player may have on PS4 or PS5. It should be added that another case similar to Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, does not have this type of save either.


Apart from this, it has also been known that Days Gone on PC will be compatible with the achievement system and that this version includes the option to change its field of view (FOV), up to a maximum of 100 degrees. 

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Biomutant is a martial art simulation video game set for release on May 25th. In this article, I’ll quickly sum up exactly what this game is and what it will offer.


So Biomutant is described as a post-apocalyptic open world RPG that delivers a real-time melee shooter and mutant ability action. Replayability is enhanced by a varied and deep character progression system. You can explore a systematically generated surface world an underworld either by foot march, air balloon, jet ski and much more.


This game offers a martial art style combat system known as Kung Fu allowing you maximum freedom of your movement and agility while mixing shooting, melee and powers from your mutations.


In the game, you'll be able to customize your character to change the way you look and play, which also affects your attributes. In addition to this, affects your exposure to the bio contamination in the world, which also leads to other mutations of a good and helpful nature. Beyond your character though, the unlevelling progress in upgrading, learning new moves and somewhat abilities, there's also a deep crafting side to this game which is incredible.


Things You Need to Know, Buying Guide, Biomutant

The crafting system works in a way where you can mix and match parts to create your very own one-handed or two-handed slash and crush weapons. There are even characters that you'll meet in the game that will craft cool stuff for you and also let you modify your automation. This is your scrap toy psychic but trust me it goes way beyond this and it's a big part of this game but in terms of our characters and our builds beyond upgrading, earning new moves and abilities beyond crafting weapons.


You are also totally free when it comes to equipping your character not only when it comes to choosing weapons you've created but what type of gear you will wear and there is a deep gear aspect to this game, which again benefits you as a player. Like we see with many other games and some of this gear look really, just can't wait to learn what it does. With this custom built mutation of a creature you play with, you are free to explore the world and what lies beneath its surface. There are lots of discoveries to be made, mysteries to unravel, creatures to confront and weird characters to meet. With this your actions play a major part in the unfolding story where end is coming to the new world.


A plague is ruining the land and the tree of life is bleeding death from its roots. The tribes stand divided and they're in need of someone strong enough to unite them and that person is you.

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In this guide I will show you the best settings run the Resident Evil Village smoothly, to have like a decent 60fps with good graphic quality, on your PC.


So the first thing that you really need to do is to make sure that your game mode is at ON.


After that the Xbox Game Bar, I recommend to put that one at OFF and I recommend to put all your overlays OFF. If you're using the discord one, AMD or Nvidia don't use it, you will lose fps and also sometimes it's causing stuttering.


Next the capture part, make sure that your Background Recording is at OFF and Recorded Audio is at OFF.


After that open up the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, make sure that this option is ON (to have this option you need an Nvidia video card series 1000 or above and also you need the latest version of Windows. So once you put this option at ON you will need to restart your computer to make sure it's applied.


Next, make sure that you update your driver - Nvidia, AMD or Intel, even if you're using like an integrated video card on your CPU. It's a triple a game they always like release a dedicated driver for those games. So normally you can see a difference between 5 to 8% boost in your fps when you have the latest driver.


One more thing, in the power management mode make sure that you're using Prefer Maximum Performance Balance. This is more for a laptop, for example when I plug my laptop in the wall it's still on the ECO mode so you don't want to use ECO mode when you plug your laptop on the wall. It was using like 60% on my CPU and 60% of my GPU. So make sure that when you plug your laptop in the wall you're using the Maximum Performance or the Balance one.


Now, let's go inside of the game, we will look at the graphic parameter. We have a lot of options.


So, let's start with the Display Mode. I really recommend to use Full Screen, don't use Borderless or Windowed mode. With Windowed mode you will lose a couple of fps.


Screen Resolution: should be your native one.


Refresh Rate: make sure that you're matching your refresh rate with your monitor so really depend on what monitor that you have.


Frame Rate: I'm using variable, i just want to lower a little bit my input lag.


V-sync: if you have like a big issue with tearing in your monitor you can definitely put this one at OFF.


Best Settings, Run Resident Evil Village, Smoothly, Old PC, New PC

Rendering Mode: I recommend NORMAL, I did a comparison between INTERLACE and NORMAL the image quality is a lot better in normal you save a little bit of Vram if you go interlace but I really prefer the NORMAL one.


After that the Image Quality: go with 1, if you go on upscaling you will lose a lot of performance and if you downscale you will see that your image quality decrease a lot.


FidelityFX CAS: put this one at ON.


Anti-Aliasing: this one is really depend on your computer, for me I’m using TAA on my desktop but on my laptop I prefer to use FXAA for performance. So do a test between both but FXAA seems a good way to go.


Variable Rate Shading: put this one at OFF.


After that Texture Quality and Texture Filter Quality: So really important here look at your Vram on your card it's pretty crazy in this game I can't like Max Out my video card normally with 8GB of ram you don't have this issue. So if you have 16GB go with 8x, if you have 4GB go with 4x etc…


Mesh Quality: this is the first graphic parameter that will help you a lot with your fps. So put this one at MAX and you can get 3% to 4% in your fps. High to Medium you can get 3 to 4% boost and Low it's a 2%. So for me MEDIUM is good, like balance between image quality and fps.


Ray Tracing: This one depends on your video card, if you have like a second gen video card you can  definitely go with Ray Tracing at ON.


GI and Reflection: you can go with LOW.


Light Reflection: you can stay at Mid ( if you have something like a 3000 series video card you can definitely go with Mid or even High, it will give you a nice image quality)


Ambient Occlusion: I did a couple of tests and this will give you a lot of fps if you compare Fidelity to Off, it will give you like a nice 6% boost but I feel like you should definitely use ambient inclusion in this game because you want to be the game immersive. So between Fidelity and SSAO I didn't see a big difference and you kind of like saving a little bit of Vram so go with Fidelity effects.


Screen Space Reflection: this one will give you a lot of fps 5% ON vs. OFF but your image quality will suffer. So it depends where you're at right now in your build and your fps.


Volumetric Lighting Quality: this one also is really important High to Mid you will gain a 5% boost in your fps, mid to low you will gain 3%. So definitely go with MID for this one.

Subsurface Scattering: you can definitely put this one at ON.


Shadow Quality:  This is pretty much the most important graphic parameter in this game, Max to High you can gain 3 to 4% boost, High to Mid another 3% and Mid to Low a 2% difference. So definitely again go with MID.


Contact Shadows: you can stay at ON, you will lose about like 2% fps but still it's a really nice effect.


Shadow Cache: ON, I recommend to use this one, it will help you with your processing load.


Bloom and Lens Fair: normally those parameters I remove when I play like competitive games but in this game you want to use it because again you want to have like a nice image quality. Bloom at ON you will lose 3% boost in your fps and Lens Flare you will lose 2% in your fps.


Film Noise: I recommend to put this one at OFF I really don't like the image quality when I put this one at On.

Depth of Field: OFF, also I remove it, I feel like it's more a console thing you don't want Depth of Field when you're playing this game.


Lens Distortion: I put this one OFF, if you're getting drop because of lens distortion go with OFF.  If you don't see the difference just go with ON with chromatic aberration at on.


So that's about it guys for the guide.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best camera phone to capture high quality images right now but Samsung is all set to take that to a whole new level with the Galaxy S22 Ultra by equipping a technology that we see on digital and DSLR cameras.


The Unpacked event for the Galaxy S22 is faraway, almost 7 months to be exact but the handset is already making grounds on the internet for good reasons.


We've already heard Samsung is collaborating with the camera maker Olympus to bring sensor-shift technology to improve optical image stabilization and also to improve the low light performance. But it's not the only camera upgrade we're seeing with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to a top tipster, Samsung will equip the best zoom camera that we have ever seen on a smartphone. That's right, according to Ice Universe on Weibo, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a continuous zoom camera.


Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung

Now, what is continuous zoom camera? The Galaxy S21 Ultra has 2 zoom cameras. One is 3x optical zoom and another one is 10x for better short-range and long-range zoom. You get good zoomed-in pictures both at 3x and 10x mode. But anything in between, the quality diminishes. That's the reason Samsung brought back a 3x zoom camera on the S21 Ultra after only equipping a 5x periscope zoom on Note 20 Ultra because people started complaining that the phone isn't doing well when zooming in anything below 5x. But now, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung is taking this to a whole new level and they are making sure the quality doesn't deteriorate even if you zoom in at any point between say 1x to 10x optical. They are doing this by including a variable zoom lens.


A company called O-Film has explained how the continuous zoom camera mechanism actually works.

Galaxy S22 Ultra, Best Phone, Capture High Quality Photos

There is a piezoelectric motor onboard which smoothly and accurately drives a 3-lens assembly alongside the autofocus mechanism forward and back to reach the desired focal length. Thereby, providing higher quality images at different levels. Now, if this sounds a little familiar to you then you're not alone because Sony recently included the same variable zoom camerasetup on the Sony Xperia 1 III. But there's a huge difference between Sony's approach and Samsung's approach. The variable zoom camera on Sony's phone is locked at 2 focal lengths that are 3x and 4.4x of magnification levels. But the continuous zoom camera doesn't have that limitation. You can practically zoom in at any point between 1x and 10x and can still get perfect optical sharpness and details.


Also, those new periscope lens modules are thinner than the current ones. The one from O-film is just 5.9 mm thick which means the Galaxy S22 Ultra may not have a big camera bump.


Anyway, Ice Universe has also mentioned two other big upgrades for the S22 Ultra. The first one is the under-display selfie camera. The leaked trailer for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 already confirms the Under-Display camera for the phone, so it's no wonder the S22 Ultra will also get one to free the display from punch-hole cutouts.


The S22 Ultra will also be the first smartphone to have an AMD GPU, which is expected to be more powerful than the GPU found inside Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip. So the combination of insane camera technology, a powerful GPU, and an under-display camera will make sure the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the most impressive smartphone around when it launches in early January 2022. 

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Outriders developer Square Enix is finally rolling out a brand new update to fix characters and inventory restoration.


For Group A Characters is now underway, Group A Characters are those characters you encountered a wipe and are no longer able to log in at this point in time, please check your affected characters throughout the day. Also make sure to log out and in a game if you are in game at this time if your character has not yet been restored please be patient a little while longer as it may take a little time for the process to propagate across all affected characters.


As a reminder here is what you can expect to happen:


Group A restoration:


All items, regardless of rarity, that were equipped at the time of your inventory wipe will be restored.


All legendary items that were in your inventory.


For non-legendary items: 20 previously acquired items that were that were in your inventory, with first prioritization based on rarity (descending from epic rarity) and second prioritization based on date acquired.


All fully completed Accolades will be restored, if you previously reached the final tier of said accolade.


Outriders, New Update, New Patch, Fix Inventory Restorations, Fix Characters

Interim tiers and progress towards any tier of an Accolade cannot be recovered.


Please keep in mind that we may not be able to restore every single last item with 100% accuracy, but we are doing our best to make sure the most valuable items are accounted for.


If your inventory is already full, restored items will be held server side until there is space in your inventory and you have logged out and back in again.


Once we are happy with Group A restorations, we will trigger restorations for Group B. Group B players are those players who lost items but were able to continue playing


Please note that if you are part of this Group A restoration, your non-affected characters may receive up to 20 Legendary items that they previously sold back in their inventory. These items will be god-rolled. These items can be fully sold, scrapped or used


Finally, we'd like to thank you for your patience and support while we worked hard to bring this restoration. While it has taken longer than initially anticipated or planned, we never once wavered from our commitment to support those players who were affected.


We will soon be turning our attention to the community appreciation packs that were previously announced. We are also currently gathering information on the damage mitigation issue and are furthermore continuing to investigate reported multiplayer connectivity issues.


If you're a part of them Group A characters where you encountered the wipe and you can no longer log in on that same character from this point forward, keep checking said character and you may just get all your loot back.

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