In this short tutorial, we are going to look at the Ghost Perk in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War and exactly how it works? 

Now, for veterans this will be an extremely basic guide and you will learn nothing from this tutorial. So just a disclaimer there especially for people that have played previous Black Ops games but for a lot of people this is their very first Black Ops game and therefore, they're confused about how the Ghost Perk works in this game because in last year's Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Ghost was always active for you if you had it on your class setup it was always working whereas in Cold War and many other Black Ops games Ghost only works if you're moving and people want to know what that threshold is and this movement threshold actually does change from Black ops game to Black Ops Game and Black Ops 4 was incredibly unforgiving. Basically, you had to be sprinting in order for Ghosts to be working at that time and the moment you'd stop sprinting Ghosts would deactivate and therefore, it was a pretty weak perk in that game. In Black Ops Cold War I did a bunch of testing to find out the thresholds and it turns out your movement threshold appears to be exactly 5 miles per hour. So any movement speed below 5 miles per hour and Ghost won't be activating for you. You’ll show up on the radar for enemies that have a spy plane in the air. However, with any movement that's faster than 5 miles per hour this is when ghosts will activate and you will now be hidden from those spy planes as long as you continue moving at that speed. 

Now, that might be a little bit confusing because how do you know if you're going 5 miles per hour or faster? Well, first you could look at the weapon stats and you can see it's usually the aim down sight movement speed you want to be focusing on with any one of the guns in the game. As long as you're standing up and moving forward at full speed even without sprinting Ghost will be working for you because you're going to be moving well above 5 miles per hour. However, with all of the assault rifles, tactical rifles, LMGs and snipers if you don't have any attachments that improve your aim walking movement speed Ghost won't be activating for you. If you're aiming and walking forward for all the other guns the SMGs, the pistols as well as the shotguns Ghost will activate when aiming down sight and walking at full speed and thankfully we actually have a really easy way of telling if Ghost is currently working for you, while you're actually in the game playing and this is if you look at your mini-map you see that you have your own arrow on that mini-map and it has a little bit of a yellow glow around the edges of it when that yellow glow is visible Ghost is not working for you and you'll notice that's how it appears when you're not moving at all even when you have ghost equipped. If however, you start moving faster than 5 miles per hour you will see that it sort of fades away and you've now got more of a faded arrow when you're seeing this faded version of the arrow this means Ghost is currently active for you and spy planes won't be able to pick you up as long as you continue moving at this speed and then you'll notice if you stop that yellow outline will reappear and Ghost has deactivated. So that's a super simple method to see if you're moving enough for Ghosts to be working for you and this is where I wanted to get into.

Beginner's Guide, Ghost Perk, Black Ops, Cold War

Just how much you have to move or how little you have to move in order to keep Ghost active because for a lot of people they do want to hold a particular power position but they want to stay off the radar and they want to know how much they have to be moving around in order to stay off the radar. Well, you just have to move in a little bit of a circle and that's just fine and even while aiming down sight. It does depend on the attachments you have.

Now, the downside to doing this especially if you're in a potentially close quarter situation is if you're using ghost and not using ninja then a competent player is just going to be hearing your footsteps anyway and they'll actually have a better indication of exactly where you are compared to if they were seeing you on the mini-map. So that is something to be aware of if you are trying this technique of staying off the radar while still holding a particular position.

There's one last thing that I just wanted to mention here, which is stated in the perk description but Ghost will also be working for you if you're calling in a streak where you have to pull up one of those tablets to be calling in your streak and it will also be active for you when planting or defusing a bomb in search and destroy for instance and with that that pretty much covers it.

Ghost is really as simple as that make sure you're having a look at your arrow on the mini-map to see what your movement speed thresholds are and that should allow you to get a pretty good feel for things as for my opinion on how they've balanced Ghosts this time around with Cold War.

I actually think they've found a pretty good balance. I'm a big fan of having this style of ghost where you have to be moving in order for it to be active because that just takes a lot of the power away from those people that will literally just sit in a random corner and wait for somebody to walk by. Those people will have quite a bit less power if you've got a spy plane in the air. However, at the same time I feel like Black Ops 4's version of Ghost where you essentially had to be sprinting all the time for it to stay active that was far too unforgiving and I didn't like that very much either. I think Cold War has found that perfect middle ground where as long as you're maintaining some movement you're not just sitting in the exact same spot Ghost is going to be working great for you but if you're stopping and just standing still and pre-aiming a lane or sitting in a corner and not doing anything then Ghost will no longer be helping you. Of course that is just my opinion on this.

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In this guide, we’ll to show you the best settings to play Call of Duty: Warzone on PlayStation 5 (PS5). Currently the game is locked at 60 but for sure the developers are currently working on to increase that. They can't just let this game run at 60 FPS on the PS5 and also you can't use the 2K resolution, you can do it on the Xbox Series X. It's not possible right now on the PS5. So you have 1080p or 4K again. I'm pretty sure Sony is working on the firmware to update that. 

So first of all, open the settings and go to the Screen and Video. In the Video put 1080p if you want better performance. It's a nice resolution and also when they will unlock the FPS you will probably run the performance on the 1080p because I'm pretty sure 4k 120FPS is not really possible on Warzone on the PS5 but again we will see that. 

Make sure that your HDR is at off really important you don't want that.

Deep Color Output also off. You don't want to use those options where you're playing a competitive game.

After that just go back and open the Saved Data and Game/App Settings. Click Game Presets. This is pretty much where you will find your performance mode or the resolution mode. So by default the PS5 is at Game Default. If you're playing competitive games go with Performance Mode. You want to lock this one manually because you always want the performance mode. So for example if they do an update to Fortnite to the 120 FPS or Warzone you will have it. 

Best Settings, Warzone, PS5

Now, let's go inside of the game. I will show you a couple other like tweak that you can do to the game on the PS5.

So just click on Warzone and after that you have to press start. It is really important to mention that this game is currently the PS4 version. So that's why you see the PS4 logo when you open the game. The first thing that you need to do is the motion blur so the World Motion Blur make sure that is disabled and also the Weapon Motion Blur. You don't want to use that in any competitive game because the image is getting blurry. When you play a competitive game you want to have a very clear image. 

Film Grain: make sure that it's at zero. You don't want to use any Film Grain in this game. Again you want like no visual noise a clear image.

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In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Fortnite on the Xbox Series X to get 120 FPS. Unfortunately, this game right now is locked at 60 FPS. So even if you're playing 4k or 2k 1080p it's all the same right now. For sure they're going to release a patch I'm not sure if they're going to do it this year or more like early next year because most other competitive games are currently running at 120 fps on the Xbox Series X. So they need to do a move for that. In guide, we’ll show you how to optimize your game so that it will be ready for 120 FPS on the new console.

So let's go to the settings - go to TV & display options. This is the first option that you need to change.

Display – here you’ll find your current resolution that you're running on your Xbox. So if you want high refresh rate then you need to be able to play high refresh rate on your hardware. So make sure that your monitors support the 120 fps or the TV. So the first thing that you need to do choose 1080p or 2k if you're playing on the high refresh rate monitor. So that's about it and if you have the option under this one you will have a refresh rate option and you will have two different options. The first one will be 60 hertz and the second one will be 120 hertz. You need to select 120 earth to be able to have 120 FPS. So it's really important. If you don't see it and you think you should have it make sure that you have a proper cable also make sure that your monitor really supports the 120 refresh rate. if you want more detail about it you have in the setup 4k TV detail. You’ll see all the stuff that you're currently supporting or not. 

After that go to video mode and you have a lot of different options over there. 

The first thing is for sure if you have an Allow auto low-latency mode then check that one on and also the Allow variable refresh rate is at on.

Another thing called Allow YCC 4-2-2. so I'm going to explain this one very quickly. Normally, your Xbox will send a signal called 4-4-4 but if you're asking too much for example 4k 60fps HDR and you don't have the bandwidth on whatever on your cable or on your TV you can have like a backup plan because if you don't have the bandwidth normally the Xbox will send four to zero and the signal will be more compressed than the 4-2-2. So now you have a backup plan so if you can't send the 4-4-4 because you don't have the bandwidth now you can use the 4-2-2. Less compressed signal so just check that one. It will be a backup plan and if you have some issues but honestly it's more like when you play 4k and you put a lot of detail on like HDR 60fps 4k etc. and also if you're playing 4k 120fps you can maybe have the issue but normally if you're using HDMI 2.1 the max bandwidth on the Xbox is 40. So you should be fine.

Best Fortnite Settings, Get 120 FPS, XBOX Series X

After that if you're not playing 4k make sure that Allow 4K is at off.

Uncheck Allow HDR10.

Uncheck Auto HDR.

Also need to be unchecked Allow Dolby Vision.

Honestly, when you play a competitive game you don't want HDR you just want to see and shoot people. 

After that go to Video fidelity and overscan. Normally if you're playing 1080p you should just go at 8-bit but if you want like a nice image quality then I recommend to use maybe 10-bit but 12-bit can be a little bit too much for your bandwidth. So normally at 10-bit you should have a nice video.

For the Color depth I use 8-bit because right now we're not playing photographic we're playing for the performance. So that's about it.

Now let's go back and open the game and I’ll show you what to tweak inside of the game to run the game better. 

So now inside of the game just press start and then to settings, first thing that you really need to do with the Motion Blur make sure that you're not using any motion blur on. Any competitive game you're playing War Zone, The Rocket League or whatever make sure this one is at off. 

The second one is Show FPS, make sure that this one is at on. You want to look at your FPS like are they stable? Do you run the game well? etc. 

After that the Matchmaking Region, this one I recommend to you select manually your server. So choose the one with the lowest MS because you don't want to lag it.  

And the last setting that you need to change is Record Replay put this one at off because sometimes it's causing like stuttering when you're playing and after that save so that's about it guys.

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In this guide, we compiled handy guide for the various different versions of the Cyberpunk 2077 game and what you'll be getting on December the 10th. Of course, depending on where you intend to play it whether it be last generation systems or current generation systems then the experience you get will be ever so slightly different with of course a bigger robust patch coming later. On top of that we also got a list of PC specs for you guys intending to play on PC.

So Let's begin with the console version, if you guys saw the video last week you'll know that we got 10 minutes of console gameplay running on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. The game still looks fantastic. This is something we've been wanting to see for quite some time because of course up until this point they've always shown shiny PC visuals. The fact that we got to see it running on console both last generation systems and current or new generation systems was incredibly exciting and the game looks fantastic. However, it is important to clarify and I want to make sure people know exactly what they'll be experiencing next month.  It's worth noting that if you play the game on the new consoles namely PS5 and Xbox Series X it will run and look better than if you play it on Xbox One X or PS4. However, it is important to note that it will not be the full next generation version next year 2021. No date currently but there will be an update coming to the console versions that will add in the shiny bells and whistles. This basically means that the ability to run the game in RTX with all those kind of fancy lights and reflections  will be coming later on. So what you are effectively playing on the new consoles is the last generation version. Admittedly again running and still looking better, you can see this when you look at the Xbox gameplay. You can see a notable difference between the Xbox One X version and the Xbox Series X version. So you are still going to have a fantastic experience. I’m probably going to be playing on PC but that being said I do still kind of want to play it on console as well. Just because whenever a new console comes out even if you have a powerful PC I just like playing games on the new generation systems. For those of you guys intending to play on console keep in mind that the game is also available via backwards compatibility. 

Cyberpunk 2077,  Best Version, Buying Guide, New Consoles, PC

So if you buy the last generation versions Xbox One X and PS4 you will of course have the free update and just free transfer to the new generation systems so no need to double buy it, which is nice thanks CD Projekt Red for that that's awesome but more importantly if you're playing on last generation hardware of course the game will still run you'll still look great but if you're playing on the newer systems you will be getting a better looking version and a better running version but it won't be the full next generation version. For that you will have to wait until next year it's also worth noting for those of you guys wanting to see it running on PlayStation hardware CD Projekt Red have said they intend to show a PlayStation gameplay video at some point. There's no current date for it.

However, Microsoft do seem to be the one leading the console marketing push for Cyberpunk so it may well be they have some kind of deal whereby they don't show on

PlayStation till launch. 

It is also worth noting that even if you're playing on PC the experience will vary depending on your system. Now, I don't just mean on a specs point of view because that's kind of obvious what I do mean is for those of you wanting to play with RTX and DLSS and all the fancy shiny lighting it'll be available for some of you at launch but not for everybody. What I mean by that is that at launch provided you're running a PC build with an Nvidia RTX graphics card then you will of course be able to play the game with RTX and the DLSS supports. However, for those of you with AMD based systems you will have to wait a little bit longer and that's also partly why the consoles have to wait longer as well because the consoles the next generation systems are built on AMD architecture. 

So with that being said Nvidia, of course you know they've got the marketing deal for Cyberpunk they're the ones that are pushing it. So if you're playing on those systems you will of course have those available to you provided your system is powerful enough to run it but if you are on an AMD based system you will have to wait a little bit longer.

So again no details on exactly when that patch will happen but for those of you wondering you know how you can get the best experience then turn your attention to the specs you see on screen. I'm not going to rattle through all of them but the most noteworthy thing is of course if you look over on the right in the green they are the RTX specs. You of course have the minimum specs, high specs and ultra specs. So of course if you want to get like Ray Tracing on minimum then you're at least going to want an RTX 2060 16 GB of ram an Intel core i7 and probably be running it on medium specs 1080.

Meanwhile, if you're trying to sort of target that like sweet spot that 1440p you're going to be looking at the new 30 series cars the RTX 3070 again 16 GB of RAM and i7 and you can run that on ultra and if you want to go all the way to like 4k then you're going to be looking at like RTX 3080 and some pretty beefy setups. 

However, of course you know you can still look at the nice high specs and ultra specs if you want to just run it without RTX without all that kind of fancy reflections and stuff. You've got a lot of options but either way that is effectively what you need to know about the different versions of the game. of course, keep in mind Cyberpunk is coming to Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 Stadia and PC. So you can play it pretty much anywhere apart from Nintendo Switch, maybe one day.

However, more importantly that is what you need to know about the different versions if you're planning on playing it on console.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to optimize your Call of Duty Warzone for the Xbox Series X and play the game smoothly at 120 FPS.

So first of all let's go to the settings. We'll start with the TV and Display option press on it. The first thing is your resolution. Normally you will see 720p 1080p and 4k. Here, I'm selecting 1080p because I want my full 120fps and normally just under the resolution you will have the earth option and you will have 60, 100 or 120 hertz you need to select the 120 hertz to get your 120 fps. You can't do it in 4k, you really need to go in 1080p and I've heard 2k also. So the 2k it's a 1440p.

After that I think that you can use is the 4k TV details. This is pretty much where you will have all the information about your TV and what's going on. 

After that Video Mode you have a lot of different option over there. If you can't allow auto low-latency mode then this option needs to be checked.

If you have the option Allow Variable Refresh Rate, this is pretty much the free sync, it needs also to be checked.

Allow YCC 4:2:2 - this is more like when you're playing a game in 4k, you will just have a better colors and stuff like that, less compression in your signal. So just checked it, you will probably use it if you play like 4k games with HDR and etc.

After that make sure that Allow 4k is unchecked really important.

Same thing for the Allow HDR10, you really don't want to use that and also Auto HDR unchecked.

The other option that you really need to make sure that everything is okay it's in video - Video fidelity & overscan. Make sure that your override is at auto-detect. 

After that you have the color depth just make sure that you're playing eight bits you can go like 10 and 12 but it will take more resources. Normally when you just play a 1080p 120FPS game you don't want to go crazy with this. So just stay at 8 bits.

So another thing that you can do is the network settings. You can change your DNS because sometimes your internet providers don't give you like good DNS so you can change it with the best one on the market. I will show you how to do that. Click on network settings - go at advanced settings after that you need to click on DNS setting and you need to press manual so write

After that press ok and the secondary DNS, this is pretty much again a backup plan if you like I don't know something happened with the primary DNS you don't want to lose internet because of this so you have a backup plan so this is and press ok so after that just go back and you will see an image called everything is good. So now you know that your internet is working and you have your brand new DNS.

So let's go back again. Now, we have a couple of options that we can change in the game itself so we're gonna open Warzone. Press, it will connect to the game. So right now Warzone is running very smoothly on the Xbox.


Best Warzone Settings, Xbox Series X

Now, let's press start and go to General. In General you have the World Motion Blur so this one you want to disabled and you want also to disabled the Weapon Motion Blur. Those one you don't want to use. Blur is more like it was created for console. For example you're playing a game and it's only 30 fps when you add blur it feels a little bit smoother less choppy. So that's why it's pretty much exists but when you play a competitive game remove this. You want like a clean and fast image. 

So this is pretty much it after that it's more like settings that you already know. For audio mix - I'm using Boost. I know a lot of people is asking me the question and also you can set the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox 3x. So that's really cool you just plug and play like USB mouse and keyboard. I did a couple of tests with them and honestly it's running like a PC. I'm really impressed with it like I don't have any issue with my sense or even the configuration of my keyboard. So that's good you have two different options that you can use your gamepad or your keyboard and mouse.

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In this article, we’ll show you the best settings increase overall performance and FPS when playing Rocket League on an Old PC or laptop.

First, open up the game and navigate to your Video Settings. The changes you make here can already have a big impact on your system's performance.

Set the Display Resolution to your Native Monitor Resolution.

Set the Display Mode to Full Screen I have set it to a node as it's easier to record.

Disabled V-sync as well as anti-aliasing.

Set the Render Quality option to Performance as well as the Render Detail option also make sure to cap your frame rate to a value above your screen's refresh rate but below the maximum FPS you can get. This will help save some valuable resources while playing RL.

In the Advanced Video Settings simply set your Texture Detail, World Detail And Particle Detail options to Performance.

All of the settings below should be disabled for best performance.

When you have done the above changes, leave the game running and open up your Task Manager. Right click your taskbar to open up your Task Manager. There in the Processes Tab right click Rocket League and select to go to details. In the Details Tab the RocketLeague.exe application should be highlighted. Simply right click it and set the priority to high. This will in turn allocate more resources to run the Rocket League smoothly and should increase your performance, especially if you have other programs running in the background.

In order to reduce the CPU utilization from other programs, I suggest you to end some programs from running in the background, which you don't need while playing the game but make sure to only add programs from running which you know won't break your operating system. In the startup tab you can additionally prevent programs from starting up on system boot. 

You can now close the game and exit out of your Task Manager.

When this is done search for game bar to open up the Game Bar System Settings Window

There uncheck the Recording option and in the Captures tab make sure to additionally disabled the Background Recording option. These settings will only reduce your performance.

If you want to record your gameplay, then I suggest using OBS Studio or an external capture card if you like performance.

Next, make sure that your graphics driver is up to date. I suggest using the GeForce Experience application, if you're using an NVIDIA GPU but you can also use the Amd Driver Suit depending on how frequently updating your GPU.

Best Settings, Run Rocket League, Old PC

In the drivers tab simply click on download and the application will automatically download and install the latest drivers. When this is done search for updates. To open up your check for updates system settings window, click on Check for Updates and after downloading the latest OS Updates make sure to restart your PC.

Next right click your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. You can do the same step with the AMD Driver Suit. There navigate to Manage 3D Settings and then program settings. Select to add a program to customize and then add Rocket League from the program list.

Then make sure that the CUDA setting is set to your main GPU.

Set the power management mode to prefer maximum performance and set the texture filtering quality to performance.

When this is done search for Graphic Settings and open up your Graphic System Settings on the pop-up window select browse and your file explorer will open up. From there go to the drive on which you save the game, on Program Files - Rockets League – Binaries - Win64 and here make sure to select the RocketLeague application and then add it to the program list.

Once it's added you can change the options of the application so that your graphics preference is set to high performance.

Don't forget to apply your changes.

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