In Senpou Temple area in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you’ll discover a Kite with a ninja enemy and one of the quests require you to fly this kite to pass and reach a mysterious fruit as well as the Great Serpent. However, when you fly the kite, it automatically returns or stops. Here, we’ll show you how to use this mysterious kite.

To find the answer to this you have to go and meet the old woman in the summit of the temple, if she is not sick you give her rice. You must kill the ninja and use the puppeteer ninjutsu on him. To acquire the Ninjutsu technique, first you must have killed Genichiro and then you can get the puppeteer by overcoming the monkeys’ boss at the top of the Senpou Temple.

The ninja will then automatically operate the kite and keep it permanently, even if you die.

Once the kite is flown, go near the old woman in the top of the temple, then climb the kind of gigantic green root. You will learn that the kite serves as a point of attachment to the grapple to cross the ravine. On the other side, go down the cliff using the grapple on the branches. You will eventually reach the Sunken Valley, as well as an overhang above the Great Serpent, at least if it destroyed the bridge after you passed through the sunken cannon of the sunken valley, when you were trying to join the valley of the monkeys.

Use Kite, Sekiro, Kill Great Serpent

Now, all you have to do is walk on the beam to kill the sleeping Serpent after targeting his head.

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In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, having the Prosthetic Arm with firecrackers will often help you to shorten a battle by frightening the opponent, especially if it is a boss like the Blazing Bull. But you still have to find it. Fortunately, the answer is very simple

Firecracker Prosthetic Arm Location

Just after you kill the Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa boss, you’ll find a Sculptor's Idol as well as a staircase that you can use to return to the castle that you had just passed before reaching the boss. You have to climb a full of corpses of ninjas. In the tall building you’ll meet the Tengu of Ashina, he’ll give you the Rat Side quest and a secret above. But to the right of the building is a merchant. You simply have to look at his goods and buy the upgrade material Robert's Firecrackers for 500 Sen. As well as a Gourd seed for 1000 Sen. It only remains to bring the firecracker to the Sculptor.
Sekiro SDT, Firecracker Prosthetic Location, Guide

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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you get a chance to increase the difficulty and get better loot by finding and ringing the Demon Bell. Follow our guide and find out how to activate or deactivate this hard difficulty mode.

To get to the Demon Bell, first you must find and kill Chained Ogre boss in Ashina Outskirts, there you’ll also encounter several enemies, Great Serpent as well as Sculptor’s Idol. Close to the general you’ll find a small wooden house on the cliff, on which there is a warning message about the invincible monster: the Headless, a semi-boss terribly difficult but optional. Follow the path to reach him, use the grapple on a branch, then jump to hold on to a ledge. Walk down on the platform below and enter the cave of the monster. You don’t need to face the headless, go around and look for the farthest side of his cave, there is a narrow passage in the rock, which leads to a secret passage.

Once you reach other side of the passage you’ll encounter some enemies, kill them with claws, then follow the path to reach the bell.

Ring the Demon Bell or Not?

Demon Bell Location, Turn On, Deactivate, Bonuses Items, Sekiro SDT

Here, there is an inscription warning you that ringing the bell is a bad idea. The reason is that it will make the enemies more powerful. But, enemies will begin to drop valuables like Iron, Divine Confetti etc. So that you can use them to increase your item reserves, or you can use specific items for particular fights, like the confetti mentioned above, as they are required for the spectral enemies. Plus, you can easily turn off this difficulty level.

Turn Off Demon Bell Difficulty Level in Sekiro SDT

You have to open your inventory and select this item to stop its effects. If you want to benefit again, you simply have to teleport to the Idol near the bell to ring it again.

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Juzou, the Drunkard is the second boss that you’ll encounter in Hirata area in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. If you've reached this boss then you're starting to master the basics, but he is a pretty difficult boss to deal with. The best strategy to defeat Juzou, the Drunkard is to kill all other enemies and avoid face to face fight with him. In addition to being a boss, he is surrounded by many friends.

Strategy to Defeat Juzou

The best thing to do is to kill all the enemies around Juzou before confronting him. If you talk to Nogami Gensai, he will also support you in the fight. He is the key to victory! However, you must first defeat all other enemies before you call Nogami into the battle.

To kill the surrounding enemies go through the buildings of the left side and take them one by one. Follow the course and you can then stab an enemy with a wooden shield - now all enemies are storming towards you!

Kill the henchman as fast as possible and then eliminate one opponent after another until only Juzou is left.

Now escape back to the building and wait for Juzou to lose track and return to his starting position.

Sneak up on him and attack him with a stealth attack to reduce his life-bar.

Defeat Juzou, Unlock Rewards, Unrefined Sake, Prayer Bead, Sekiro SDT

Then walk to Nogami Gensai and talk to him to help you. Just stay behind Juzou all the time and wait until he focuses on Nogami.

Juzou is not so complicated once his attacks are learned. Generally, he attacks two or three times in a row. Before making a formidable attack that must be avoided by jumping (A / X) but it is a difficult habit to take.

The best time to attack Juzou when he drinks alcohol but when he spits, you should not stay in front of him otherwise you will be poisoned, make a dash to put yourself in his back and attack.

Defeating Juzou will unlock Unrefined Sake and Prayer Bead.

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Hirata Estate is one of the optional areas that you’ll encounter in Sekiro Shadows The Twice, and unlocking this area will get you some valuable loot.

After Sekiro’s introduction, you’ll find a special Buddha statue, proceed until you get to the second sculptor figure in the Ashina Outskirts.

After you encounter several enemies, you’ll find a ruined two story building. Go to the upstairs and talk to the old woman there. From her you’ll get the Young Lord’s Bell Charm. Now go back to the sculptor and place the bell in front of the Buddha statue. This will transport you to the past, where you can reenact the events of three years ago on the Hirata estate.

Unlock Hirata Estate, Sekiro Shadows, The Twice

You should travel around the Hirata estate parallel to the Ashina area. Here you will find a hidden temple key, three prosthetic modules and memory that are extremely helpful later in the game. There is also a very special dealer with rare items.

In addition, there are dozens of valuable items here that are worth to keep in your inventory. Here, after defeating several bosses you will receive new prayer beads. The events on the Hirata estate are also significant to the history of Sekiro.

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The Division 2 (TD2) allows you to play alone but unlike Co-op multiplayer, in single player mode you have to take some extra precautions to survive and progress in the game. So having the right skill and weapon are crucial to your success in TD2.

Recommend Skills for Solo Players

We recommend the use of Chem Launcher (Works up to 3 shots, with a reasonable cooldown time) and Drone Striker (This helps to neutralize your opponents besides you can control remotely to select the target at the touch of a button, as these two skills are most effective against enemies.

Recommend Weapons for Solo Players

The exotic weapons are obviously the best pick in TD2 single player mode. Here are some useful tips to help you make your choice:

- The worst thing that can happen to you in a battle against enemies in TD2 is to be surrounded. Pay close attention to the threat circle on the radar and avoid letting the enemies overflow you to the sides.

Solo Player Build, Skill, Weapon Tips, The Division 2, TD2

- Advance cautiously: a well-placed grenade can do enough damage to your enemies. Another, more tactical, approach is to analyze the arena and find a good sniper spot.
- Make more "inventory breaks" than in a group and constantly update your equipment to better manage the blows and to come more quickly over your opponents.

Here are some useful tips that will help you enjoy the solo play:

- Target for weak points of enemies quickly. A successful shot on these is indicated by a yellow circle on the screen.
- Listen to the recordings and watch the echoes of the map for more details on the context of the game.
- Go to the nearest hideout and search for all SHD caches in order to make a good stock of points for the skill. This will allow you to better explore the areas and enjoy the many secret passages they offer.
- Checkpoints are excellent sources of experience and loot
- Side missions of the game pass very well solo besides, they generally allow unlocking new blueprints.

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