Those who have pre-ordered the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 can unlock early access to the beta with a code. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use it?


If you want to know how to use the pre-order code that you normally have for early access, well, you have to go to the CoD MW2 beta site available at the link below.

Enter your code for early access to the COD Modern Warfare 2 betas 

Once on this page, you must then click on the “ Redeem Code ” button, then log in to your game account linked to your platform . In the new page that opens, all you have to do is enter the code you received, the platform you are playing on and the country in which you reside.

Finalize by clicking on Submit, you are registered to access the early access beta in connection with the platform on which you purchased the title.


The dates of the different betas:


Week 1


Early Access on PlayStation September 16-17


Open beta for all players on PlayStation September 18-20


Modern Warfare 2, CoD, MW2, how to use, beta, redeem code

Week 2


Early Access for PC, Xbox Players September 22-23


Open beta for all players on PlayStation September 22-23


Open beta for all players from September 24 to 26


CoD MW2 will be released on October 28  on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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on 8/8/22

After having released the song Western Wind recently, Carly Rae Jepsen has finally revealed the release date for her sixth studio album. "The Loneliest Time" hits stores and on streaming services on October 21.


Check out the full tracklist below:


1. Surrender My Heart

2. Anxious

3. Bad Thing Twice

4. Beach House

5. Bends

6. Far Away

7. Go Find Yourself or Whatever

8. Joshua Tree

9. Keep Away

10. No Thinking Over the Weekend

11. Shooting Star

Carly Rae Jepsen, The Loneliest Time, Tracklist, Songs

12. Sideways

13. So Nice


Deluxe Bonus Tracks:


14. Talking To Yourself

15. The Loneliest Time

16. Western Wind 

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Eminem has just released his new greatest hits album called Curtain Call 2 (CC2), which features some of the rapper's hits with collaborations.


"CC 2" follows the compilation Curtain Call: The Hits from 2005 and will feature 34 tracks divided into two discs of 18 and 16 songs respectively with hits from 2009 until today.


Check out the full tracklist below:


CD 1

1. "Godzilla (Feat. Juice WRLD)"

2. "Lucky You (Feat. Joyner Lucas)"

3. "Lighters (Ft. Bruno Mars)"

4. "Gnat"

5. "Cinderella Man"

6. "Walk On Water (Feat. Beyoncé)"

7. "Rap God"

8. "Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna)"

9. "Won't Back Down (feat. Pink)"

10. "Higher"

11. "Berzerk"

12. "Not Afraid"

13. "From The D 2 The LBC (With Snoop Dogg)"

14. "Nowhere Fast (Feat. Kehlani)"

15. "Fall"

16. "Phenomenal"

17. "Fast Lane"

18. "You're Never Over"


Eminem, Curtain Call 2, CC2, CD1, CD2, Song List

CD 2

1. "3 A.m"

2. "Space Bound"

3. "Beautiful"

4. "The Monster (Feat. Rihanna)"

5. "Venom"

6. "Crack a Bottle (feat. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent)"

7. "Is This Love ('09) (Ft. 50 Cent)"

8. "River (feat. Ed Sheeran)"

9. "Survival (Feat. Liz Rodrigues)"

10. "Best Friend (With Yelawolf)"

11. "Darkness"

12. "Kings Never Die (Feat. Gwen Stefani)"

13. "No Love (feat. Lil Wayne)"

14. "Headlights (Feat. Nate Ruess)"

15. "The King and I (ft. CeeLo Green)"

16. "Farewell"

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on 8/7/22

As you progress through the Digimon Survive story, you’ll get karma questions frequently. You can recognize these questions by the fact that the answers are highlighted in color.


After choosing the appropriate answer, you will receive information about the increased Karma value. Basically, the increased Karma value corresponds to the selected color.


The karma answers are always arranged in the same way:


Moral - Left


Wrathful - Above


Harmony - To the right



What does karma do?


Karma has 3 effects in the game:


Agumon depending on your highest Karma value.

Digimon Survive, How to, Increase, Karma

If your corresponding karma values ​​are high enough, you can use them to choose one of the 3 possible karma routes at the end of chapter 8.


The higher your Karma value, the easier it is to recruit wild Digimon of the appropriate type:


Moral - Vaccine


Wrathful - Virus


Harmony - Data

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on 8/5/22

If you want to get Two Points Campus for free on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S, then you're going to need to be a Game Pass subscriber.


There are three different offers:


The Game Pass PC is available at US$ 9.99 per month and it allows you to play all the PC games present in the catalog of Microsoft's offer.


The Game Pass Xbox costs US$ 9.99 per month and offers the possibility of playing all the Xbox games present in the catalog of this offer.


The Game Pass Ultimate is US$ 12.99 and gives you full access to PC and Xbox games, but also to play games included in the EA Play offer.


How to get, Two Point Campus, Free to Play, PC, Xbox

Two Point Campus has no restriction on the level of the subscription you wish to take and once you are subscribed, you only have to do the following actions in order to get the title for free:


Open the Microsoft Store app on your PC or click Game Pass in your console menus.


Then type Two Point Campus in the search bar to reach the game page.


Finally click Install to add the title to your game library.

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Thanks to a new Twitch add-on, you will now be able to play live against streamers or viewers on MultiVersus.


In this short guide, we’ll show you step by step on how to install the new extension, whether you are a streamer or a viewer.


For Viewers:


In the game, go to the "VS" tab


Link your Twitch account and then your WB Games account by following the instructions on the VS tab


Once on the connections page, click on "Connect" next to Twitch Validate, then restart Multiversus


Then go to the Twitch Multiversus stream also using this extension, and click on "I'm ready to play"


You just have to wait to receive the invitation to play with the streamer! You don't need to install the extension on your end, it's up to the streamer! Be careful to go to the live of a streamer who has installed the extension to be able to play with him.


For Streamers


Install the extension - Go to the "Extensions" tab of Twitch, and find the Multiversus extension, then install it


Get your setup code - Go back to "Extensions", then click on the Multiversus extension cog. The pin number will then appear in the following form: ******


MultiVersus, How to Connect, Link, Play, Streamers, Viewers

Link the extension and the game - Then open Multiversus, go to the game settings and then go to "Muxy Gamelink". Paste your configuration code and validate


Activate the extension on your stream - Go to the creator interface of Twitch, and go to the extensions. Click on Multiversus and select “Enable” then “Set as overlay 1”


By following all these steps, you will now be able to face your viewers in Multiversus!

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