In Fallout 76, it is important to have enough food and clean water to maintain your health. At the beginning of the game you’ll often find some canned food but as you progress through the game you’ll have to search for food and water. Here, we’ll give you some useful tips to deal with hunger and thirst.

You should pay attention to the following:

- Currently, we have observed that finding and hunting animals is bit difficult in the game.
- So conserving food is important and should be kept for hard times.
- When the food bar is empty, you begin to lose health. So consuming food and water in advance is important.
- For this reason, preserving food is even more important, because you cannot keep hunted raw or cooked food for long.
- So what should you do? Store your canned food items, hunt meat, no matter which, build a cooking station and make the food. With Pip-Boy you can get a better overview of your food items. Just eat the one that spoils soon, and do not just pick it up for bad times.
- Keep in mind that raw meat spoils faster than cooked meat.

Fallout 76, Cooking Station, Find Food, Find Clean Water

To satisfy your thirst

Note the following:

- Do not drink the dirty water, because it is just too contaminated.
- Build a cooking station and get wood. So you can boil the water.
- If you collect recipes and flowers, then you can also make various other drinks. This will not only quench your thirst but also provide you with buffs.
- Search for water filters. You can make purified water with a water filter.
- If you are thirsty, you gradually lose stamina, and your melee attacks become weaker. So don’t underestimate your thirst.

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There are some bug issues with Fallout 76 on the PC. To fix some these errors you have to wait for a patch. However, we want to help you with some solutions to fix problems such as playing the game in full screen, changing the depth of field or FOV or saving FPS.

First, make sure that your PC is equipped with enough hardware and software resources to run Fallout 76.

- Download and install the latest driver for your graphics card
- Ensure that your antivirus program is not blocking the game
- Make sure that your PC meets the Fallout 76 minimum and recommended system requirements

Increase 60 FPS Restriction

To do this you must first create a .ini file.

- Click in your Fallout 76 folder in the installation path- in Documents> My Games> Fallout 76.
- In this folder, you now create your own file. To do this, right-click and create a new text file.
- Call it Fallout76Custom.ini . Remember to delete and overwrite the file extension .txt.
- Open this file now with free programs like NotePad ++ or the editor.

Edit this file and write what you find in the below. Save everything at the end and execute a right click on the file again. Now set the file to be read-only.

Fallout 76, Fix Crashes, Errors, FPS Problems

Activate Real full screen

If your PC meets the recommended system requirements then you can run the game at full screen without FPS loss. For this you have to write the following lines into this file:

bFull Screen = 1
bFullScreen = 1
bBorderless = 0
Save FPS: turn off depth of field

If you want to save even more FPS, you can turn off the depth of field. For this you write the following codes in the self-created file. The first paragraph belongs to "Display" (with square brackets around it). If you did not copy the lines from "Turn on fullscreen" into the file, you still have to write "Display" (with square brackets around it).

fDOFBlendRatio = 0
fDOFMinFocalCoefDist = 999999
fDOFMaxFocalCoefDist = 99999999
fDOFDynamicFarRange = 99999999
fDOFCenterWeightInt = 0
fDOFFarDistance = 99999999

[Image Space]

bDoDepthOfField = 0
bDoRadialBlur = 0
iRadialBlurLevel = 0
bMBEnable = 0
bLensFlare = 0
bScreenSpaceBokeh = 0
bDynamicDepthOfField = 0
Turn off motion blur only

Motion Blur is an effect that distorts the image when you move the camera quickly. It should look like the environment is passing you by. Many players are just annoyed by it. To turn off the effect, write the following codes into the file. Incidentally, they must be under "ImageSpace" (with square brackets around it) .

bDoDepthOfField = 0
bMBEnable = 0

Change field of view

If you want to see more and change the FOV, you can do that in the .ini file as well. For this you enter the following lines under "Display" (with square brackets around it):

fDefault1stPersonFOV = 90.00
fDefaultWorldFOV = 90.00

Instead of 90.00 just give the value you want. Some players could go to about 110 without getting in trouble.

Change anti-aliasing in FXAA

Fallout 76 leaves you no choice - you have to live with TAA. But if your system does more, you can simply switch to FXAA in the file:

santi aliasing FXAA =

You write this code under the header "Display" (with square brackets around it).

Disable mouse acceleration

If you are annoying with the mouse acceleration in the game then do the following to fix it:

bMouseAcceleration = 0
Skip intro videos automatically

If you are annoyed by the intro and just want to skip it automatically? This also works in the file:

sIntroSequence =
uMainMenuDelayBeforeAllowSkip = 0

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American Dreams is one of the side missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). In the mission, your task is to investigate three crime scenes. For this you must first find all clue / map pieces or notes relating to these three murder cases.

Clue: 1

The first clue you’ll find between Valentine and Citadel Rock in Chapter 2. A blood trail leads from the path to a bridge where the body was hung underneath. The head with the first clue you’ll find moored next to a pillar.

RDR 2, American Dreams, First Murder Clue, Location Map

 RDR 2, American Dreams, First Murder Clue, Note # 1, Location Guide

Clue: 2

The second clue piece can be found Close to Braithwaite Manor. You’ll find the body near an old tree right at the "S" of "MEADOWS". The head with the clue piece can be found on a branch next to the tree.

 RDR 2, American Dreams, Second Murder Clue, Location Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2, American Dreams, Third Clue, Map

Cure Arthur's Tuberculosis in Red Dead Redemption 2

Clue: 3

The southwest of Wallace Station you’ll find the next murder case. The body is tied to a large rock and next it there is a small rock, on which lies the head with the third clue piece.

RDR 2, American Dreams, Third Murder Clue, Location map

RDR 2, American Dreams, Third Murder Clue, Map Location Guide

Now, you have all the required clues to find out the exact location of the killer, you can now start the mission "American Dreams"

RDR 2, American Dreams, All Clue Pieces

The clues lead you to the killer’s hidden place “Lucky's cabin southwest of Valentine. There you'll find a locked door in a hut. With the combination on the map (6 34 32) you can open the cellar door and enter the killer's hideout.

Defeat the murderer and take him to sheriff. He will once again attack the sheriff. Use your dead eye and shoot the killer for the sheriff to get $ 20 as a reward. If you do not do anything, the sheriff will overpower Edmund, but you will not get a reward.

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In Fortnite Battle Royal, you’ll get several types of sniper rifles but shooting distance targets with them is not so easy. In this guide we’ll show you how to aim and shoot long range targets effectively.

The telescope / scope attached to your sniper riffle has horizontal lines that can help you to find out the distance to your target. Depending on the number of horizontal lines your target fills, if your target just fills two horizontal lines then he is 250 meters away from you.

However, the distance determination is much more difficult if your target squat in a fortress / bunker. Either use the moments when he moves or estimate the distance based on his head size.

Alternatively, you can do few test shots and check which direction you need to adjust. Once you  have determined the distance of your target you can align your crosshair with the size of the opponent in your scope.

You always encounter an enemy in the open field and guarantee that you have the following parameters:

- 0-50 M - Aiming directly at the head, you will always score a critical hit if your bullet hits

Fortnite BR, Sniper Rifles Guide, Shoot Long Distance, 50 Meter Target

- 75 M - Aim with the first horizontal line at the neck of the opponent

Sheet Music and Piano Locations: Fortnite Week 6 Season 6

- 100 M - Aim at the opponent's head with the first horizontal line

Fortnite BR, Sniper Rifles Guide, Shoot Long Distance, 100 Meter Target

- 150 yards - Aim with the second horizontal line at the neck of the opponent

 Fortnite BR, Sniper Rifles Guide, Shoot Long Distance, 150 Meter Target

- 200 yards - Aim at the opponent's head with the second horizontal line

Fortnite BR, Sniper Rifles Guide, Shoot Long Distance, 200 Meter Target

- 250 yards - Aim at the opponent's head with the third horizontal line

 Fortnite BR, Sniper Rifles Guide, Shoot Long Distance, 250 Meter Target

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Fallout 76 is the ninth and the latest installment in the popular action roll playing game series. It is an online multiplayer game that allows you to play with up to four other players but you can also play solo. In this guide we’ll how the Fallout 76 co-op / multiplayer works.

- As we mentioned above the game allows you to play a maximum of 4 players together in a team.

- In order to add your friend, you have to search him in the social menu. Then you join his server.

- When you join his server, you will not begin the game with him, but at the point when you've clicked Join. Here, you can use fast travel to reach your friend, it is free and does not cost any bottle caps.

- If you have built up a camp, it will be teleported to your friend and will then be at the point where the camp was also at your server.

- There is no friendly fire. So you won’t be able to trouble your friends in the team. However, friendly fire is disabled once a bounty on a team member is exposed.

- Friends can revitalize you. But they need stimpacks.

You can also carry out quests with your friends but if you complete a task then the rest of the team must also go to the terminal, the note or the audio tape and the quest items are individually accessible and retrievable for each. You'll also see friends' open quests on the right edge of the screen.

If you have already completed a quest and help your friend to complete his tasks, for this you will not receive any rewards. In time, you should rather explore the area for water or food.

Multiplayer, Co Op Guide, Fallout 76

How Perks and VATS Works in multiplayer?

The Perk system has been redesigned. Now you have perk cards. If you take them from packs and have no use for them, you can even trade them with friends in the team. If you are traveling alone, but you have active perks that only work when exploring the wastelands with others, you should know the following: Perk cards can be changed at any time. Make sure that you have always equipped the best skills for the situation.

VATS is not like Fallout 4 anymore. Due to the online function, time cannot be slowed down. That would mean that it would be the same for all players on the server and therefore slowed down accordingly. For this reason, the VATS is modified to show in real time what the hit chance is on an opponent. On the PC, press Q, on the Xbox LB, and on the PS4 L1 to activate the firing mode.

Once you activate the VATS, your friends will not see it. Also, you should only use the feature if you have to shoot at NPCs. As soon as a human opponent jumps, the VATS is unreliable.

How does PvP work in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, you are safe until level 5 meaning that you cannot be killed by other players. Until then, you will not be harmed.

If you have built a camp and a chest, you have to keep your things in it. If you are killed now, you cannot only spawn at the camp, you also lose what you had with you. And here you do not lose everything. For example, if you have 10 screws in your inventory, only 3 of them go flutes, which the killer can then pick up. Among other things, weapons are always in your possession.

If a PvP player has entered in your camp and wants to grab your material, he has bad card. As soon as he looks into your inventory, he sees his materials. So, if you no longer have a bottle cap to build a camp, you can just use the inventory of other players - if they let you into the camp.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 week 7 challenges are now available and one of the tasks requires you to find and eat 5 Red Apples to restore your health. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all apples in the current week.

Some Fortnite players are complaining that they cannot consume apple. This is simply because you have a full life. Apples give you 5 lives but only if your HP 95 or lower.

So if you have a full life and still want to consume an apple, then just build a high ramp and jump down. This does some damage to your health that you can restore with the apples.

Locations of the apples in Season 6 Week 7

Here are a few locations where you can find red apples. But keep in mind that you can find apples especially on thin trees.

Fortnite, Season 6, Week 7, Apple Trees, Tomato Temple

- West of Leaky Lake: apples are often found here

- In the west of Wailing Woods: After you leave the forest, you can also find apples

- There are plenty of apples on the hill next to the southern tunnel entrance between Tomato Temple and Dusty Divot

Streetlight Spotlight Lamp Locations: Fortnite Season 6

All locations on the map

Fortnite, Battle Royal, Season 6, Week 7, Apple Locations Map

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