Genshin Impact surprised everyone by announcing a collaboration with Sony to bring Aloy, the heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn, as a playable character when patch 2.1 is released.


Genshin Impact has just released version 2.0 that the developers are already looking to the future and therefore the content of patch 2.1.


A new playable character has already been announced as Aloy, the heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn will arrive as 5-Stars which will be available for free, but certain criteria will have to be met to obtain it.


How to get Aloy for free in Genshin Impact?


miHoYo surprised everyone a bit by announcing on Twitter a collaboration with Sony and PlayStation to offer Aloy as a playable character in Genshin Impact.


On the link given for the full announcement in the Tweet, miHoYo spelled out how to get that next 5-Star Cryo character and so here's what you'll need to do:


- You need to have an adventure rank greater than or equal to 20 (AR20+)

- You need to log-into the game on PS4 or PS5


How to, Obtain ALOY, 5 Star Character, Genshin Impact

It should be noted, however, that this procedure is only valid for phase 1 of the event for Aloy which will be held from September 1 (the supposed release date of patch 2.1) to October 13 at 5:59 a.m. patch 2.1 will end.


Don't panic, players on other platforms will also be able to take advantage of this offer if they have Adventure Rank 20 or higher and log into their account between October 13 and November 24.


Either way, once this is done, you will then receive an in-game message in which you can pick up Aloy, a 5-Star Cryo who uses a bow.

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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a new fps shooter video game from Ubisoft, which right now is in early development. It was announced a couple of days back and in reality it's made itself heard a time where we have many decent enough fps shooters out there to play and it's one of the reasons why it's got a negative reaction. So what's different about this game and why should you even consider it. So these are the details we know the game so far


So XDefiant is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that pulls in many aspects from various other Clancy games. From the trailer you can see it's represented by what looks to be a fast-paced fluid combat. We can customize those and load as you'd expect with a great mix of conventional weapons but also character-based abilities.


Like I mentioned this is a mix of other Clancy games but furthermore it does look like it's taken inspiration from many other games you can play out there right now which I will state is not a bad thing.


Now, in terms of the actual debt-free details we don't have much to go on we do know there is closed testing on the game which you can sign up for I believe which starts August 5th.


For me personally I've not been a big fan of many fps shooters which are out there right now. I could never really get into proper Battle Royale games, games like Apex Legends and I was never really a big fan of games like Rainbow Six or even the Division to some degree but XDefiant is actually a game I'm kind of looking forward to at least giving it a try.


FPS Shooter Game, Is it Worth? Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

The last fps shooter that truly gripped me in was Destiny which is a million miles away from what this game is so that really doesn't count. Maybe Overwatch for a brief period of time because it's closing to me but if I'm honest for me they all lacked that feeling I got from playing like Black Ops 2 and earlier card games. This definitely looks more so towards that style of fps shooter which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. It means that there's definitely a market there for it.


Now, after seeing the backlash's games already getting from the many younger gamers out there I'm really confused and I just don’t get it, this means no doubt monetization will be there but it doesn't mean it's going to be a pay to win game which is something people expect straight away.


Now, most of the hate I'm seeing this game get is because it isn't the next splinter style game. Me personally, I'm definitely giving this game a chance and I guarantee most people hating on it before it's even here but also give it a chance. Now, will it be the new card killer like the title states I'd say probably not but card is the game most people seem to be reflecting on when watching this game which is fair enough. 

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Acid Nerve’s Death’s Door, one of the most anticipated game of 2021 is finally here. Acid Nerve is perhaps best known for their work on Titan Souls but death's door is by far their most ambitious and in my opinion their best title to date.


In death's door you'll play as a crow who works for the Reaping Commission Headquarters, in fact all of the employees appear to be crows. Your job here is essentially the well reaped souls but when the soul that you were assigned is suddenly stolen it's up to you to travel through various doors and try to retrieve it. This will set off an adventure of collecting various souls actually through a massive sprawling universe that manages to feel completely connected.


The characters you'll come across tend to be facing their own demons and even some of the majestic bosses that you'll need to slay in many cases.


I like the dark vibe of this game and the pacing of the story was fantastic. A few games really managed to create such a bleak dark setting with subtle humor like that's Door does.


A lot of the characters that you'll come across are just packed with great writing humor and a lot of personality.


You can think of the Reaping headquarters as more or less the hub world for the entirety of this game. Here, you'll be able to spend experience that you earn to upgrade your crow and you can travel through different doors to new areas, you’ll need to unlock those doors.


As you explore you'll also be needing to return to previous areas fairly often in Death's Door. As you collect more abilities such as flame magic and bombs, they will help you to unlock new paths.


As you progress through the game, it really opens up and it encourages some degree of exploration. This can feel a little overwhelming at first because of the size and scope of this world but I came to love the joy of discovery using my new magic and powers to solve simple puzzles and unlock new paths was awesome.

Death's Door, Is it Worth? Buying Guide, Acid Nerve, New Indie Game

The combat index door is really fluid here with a heavy reliance on sword swinging and dodge rolling, you have standard slashes of course with your sword but you can also mix in some projectile attacks by using your bow and arrow or hurling bombs and flames at enemies.


It is not the most robust combat system but it always manages to feel satisfying thanks to some really sound mechanics and an abundance of enemies.


The enemies in each area feel pretty unique from one another and will throw various types of patterns at you, some enemies will require a delicate dance while others will need to be stunned with magic. For example you have about four bars of magic that will drain when you use projectile attacks in this game and the way that you earn magic bar is by attacking enemies or you can also break pots.


There is a healing system in the game, you plant seeds in various pots around the maps, you grow a plant and then you heal from that plant.


The game is challenging but not frustrating. It is brimming with secrets collectibles paths to date so you can expect a good 15 plus hours of gameplay.


In Death's Door, I will say that I could have done with a bit more weapon variety, I felt like hours in I was still using the same sword that I started with. I didn't personally mind that much but it would have been nice to have some more cool weapons a bit earlier on in the game. Of course due to the somewhat open nature of this game your experience there may vary.


I'll also say that the leveling up system is quite slow here, it takes a good long while to earn experience off of enemies or by finding it in secret crevices so maxing out your character is really going to be a process.


As far as visuals go, it is a stunning work of art each overworld is brimming with small details. The dungeons look grimy and enemy designs are just really varied and interesting at all times. The game has incredible attention to detail like subtle, smokes or drops of blood that are left behind as you vanquish enemies.


The game run flawlessly, I was running it at 4k 60 fps on a RTX 2070 Super and I never came across a single frame drop even when the screen was completely over encumbered with enemies. You can feel the rich history within each labyrinth and the animations are so fluid that it brings the whole package together in a really wondrous way.


This phenomenal visual presentation is made all the better by a stunning soundtrack melancholy piano melodies, playful guitars and soothing strings make for one of the year's standouts.


There's no voice acting in the game whatsoever and I actually think that was the right choice, it just adds to the mystery and the allure of this title.


The sound effects are all very satisfying, plenty of great slashing sounds and subtle effects there as well. It really does work incredibly with the visual presentation of the game. In fact just unbelievable across the board few games really managed to captivate a player like Death's Door from its fluid fun combat, incredible dungeon design and jaw-dropping visual and audio presentation.


This is not only my favorite Indie game of the year so far it's one of the best games I've played in several years.

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In this article, I want share some of the most essential quests and subquests that you should skip in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This isn't absolutely every single one but this is the ones that I consider the best ones that will definitely benefit you through either move to your weapons items to craft or unlocks in other capacities.


So before we go through all the unlockable things, I want to start with the Clerk’s quest chain. If you go over to Lulucion and you speak to the clerk you probably picked this one up quite early on the game but you may have just skipped over it. She gives you a quest called Pukei-Pukei Need Love Too, all you need to do for this one is have a Pukei-Pukei in your team and go and speak to her and it will complete the quest. But this is the beginning of a very important quest chain because completing this will give you a level 9 Kinship, which of course unlocks the ability to do 9 Star quests.


So it is essential to do that quest and show her and then you get the next quest which is A Monster Among Flowers. For this one you need to go to Pomore Garden and you need to go and fight a pink Rathian in the Subquest Den. If you struggle to find these ones simply set the quest as the active objective and it'll give you a blue marker, so you know exactly where you need to go. Simply go there defeat pink Rathian and then return to her again.


Next up, she will then give you a quest called Azure Sea Sky Rathalos. Now, you’ll have to go and hunt on Azure Rathalos. Once you’ve done that return to her and she will give you a quest called Deviant Monsters Hakolo. Now, you go to Hakolo Island and  gather some tracks because that will then lead you to a den and you will fight your first Deviant monster. Now, of course if you've done some endgame stuff you've probably fought them already but if you haven't then this may well be your first time encountering them. You will fight a Silverwind Nargacuga and upon completing that one you will then unlock level 9 Kinship. Now, the quest chain doesn't end here but for the purposes of this guide that is as far as you need to go because that is what you need to do to unlock 9 Star Kinship.

So again you can then go to the quest board and you can pick up 9 Star quests. If you do go return to her she will then basically give you a continual series of quests that'll basically allow you to go and hunt the remaining Deviants. You'll go to various different regions, you will of course gather more footsteps you will then fight the corresponding Deviant. It's of course a good way to arm them if you want to make the gear but that is pretty much it. So for the purposes of unlocking stuff you only need to do that much the rest of it is entirely up to you.

MH, Monster Hunter,  Stories 2, Best Quests, Subquests, You Shouldn't Miss

In completing the Clerk's Quest chain you will also get the recipe for Lifepowder.


So moving on from there to the remaining quests you have the quest Hung Out to Dry. This will give you the Nulberry Elixir recipe. So if you want to craft a Nulberry Elixir to remove abnormal statuses during missions, during fights, which is definitely very important then this is the question you do from the Felyne helper.


Moving on from there the quest Anjanath Copycat will give you a Hunting Horn skill, The Evasion skill. So if you want to unlock that for your weapon and you want to use that one then that one comes from the Wyverian Babysitter.


You then have the Advanced Quiz from the Pawsitive Felyne in the Felyne Shelter. This one will give you the Hunting Horn Awakening skill.  


You'll also have that the quest A Test of Purr-severance will give you the recipe you need to get the vital essence. So of course you want to craft that which again is very useful in game when you need to replenish your hearts. This comes from the Purrrsevering Felyne located in Lulucion and similarly the quest Secret Dealings in that same location in Lulucion over by the Layered armor smithy from the Sloppy Artisan you'll get the recipe you need to craft Ancient Potions.


The quest Palco Pop Quiz from the Smitten Kitten also in the Lulucion will give you the Hunting Horn Negate Ailments ability or skill.


You then have the quest Popo Protector from the Little Prankster. This will give you the Arc Shot ability for the bow.


The quest Thunderous Terra will give you the crafting recipe you need for flash bombs. I've picked out some of these items just because I feel like these ones are especially useful. There are a few additional crafting ones that I've kind of skimmed over but for the most part these are definitely must-have items.


The quest Rider vs. Arzuros will give you the Great Sword Guard this is from the Whiny Boy in the Alcala region.


You then have the quest Shadows of Red 1. This will give you the Surge skill for the hammer. This comes from the kindly old man.


Then finally you have the quest the Good Ol' Bag of Bones, which will give you the S&S Counter move which again is a fantastic move for sword and shield. This one comes from the friendly man in Hakolo Island.


Those are what I deem to be the most important quests.

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In this short tutorial, I want to show you the best way to find bottle caps and all the locations you can go through to get them in Monster Hunter Stories 2.


There are several ways that you can find bottle caps in MH Stories 2, so in the event you've now got to end game and you're of course trying to save up bottle caps so you can buy super rare tickets or you can buy items from the bottle cap vendor then this guide is for you.


The first and most obvious location is one that we would all have encountered and that is of course the Everdens. In the Everdens, there are a fixed number of these and of course once you have gathered the bottle caps within the Everdens then those ones are complete. So that is the limited resource but it is still worth as you're playing throughout the game exploring the evidence. It's a great chance to fight monsters get eggs but you'll also get bottle caps in the process.


However, outside of that as you're exploring just random dens, there can be normal dens and there can be high ranked dens. I would of course say that the frequency seems a little bit greater in high ranked dens but you do have the chance when opening chests in those dens to occasionally obtain some bottle caps. The numbers can vary but you can still get them.


From there you then want to turn your attention to quests, it's worth noting that of course some of the quests that you can get from both NPC’s or just from the board in general can award you with bottle caps as rewards. One of the most noteworthy ones being the quest that actually has you sort of completely Monsterpedia, this one actually gives you quite a nice amount of bottle caps. But later on even some of the smaller ones will still give you smaller amounts. Those ones are of course not farmable but they are still things that are worth doing because they can give you a nice amount of bottle caps.


Outside of that one of the things you'll of course be turning your attention to more so once you get to end game are of course co-op expeditions, completing these will also give you a chance to get bottle caps both inside the expeditions and also as post expedition rewards.


Best Way, Farm Bottle Caps, Paradise, MH Stories 2, Location Guide

I was exploring one the super rare expeditions the other day with Paradise and I got a nice amount of bottle caps from the chests, which again is something you'll want to do.


Finally, after that it is also worth turning your attention to PVP matches. Even if PVP is not your thing, even if you don't win you will still get bottle caps as rewards. Admittedly, not as many as other things, co-op expeditions will give you infinitely more. However, if you are playing PVP whether you win or lose in the post-match rewards you will get a few bottle caps.


So if you combine all of these together Everdens, random chest inside dens, quests, cop expeditions and PVP you actually have a good source of bottle caps and given that you're going to be using them and spending them quite a bit to dive into super rare stuff it is 100% going to be worth your time.


So in the event you are on the hunt for them looking for them then hopefully this has given you a quick rundown of where you can find Bottle Caps. 

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In this Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide, I want to share all the royal monster locations. You’ll find a total of six Royal monsters and they are distributed between three of the primary regions. However, as you get further in the game you won’t find many Royal monsters in the later regions but if you've encountered these as you're going throughout the game you know that normally when you encounter them they're a little bit too strong to fight, so you kind of come back to them after. So in the event you want a reminder as to where you can find them then this is your guide.


So we're starting off by going to Alcala Valley. This will be the very first one you go to and this will be where you find T-Rex from the Catavan Stand. You want to run all the way around the other side up the hill and basically come over to this location you see here on the map this is where you'll find a T-Rex lying down on the ground.

T-Rex 1 Location:

MH Stories 2 , T-Rex, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps

Monoblos Location:

There's actually two T-Rex's in this area and for the second one we need to go to Harzgai Rocky Hill and before we actually talk about the T-Rex we're actually firstly gonna turn retention to a Monoblos. For this one you want to run underneath the archway, you want to use a monster that can break rocks or boulders and then go through rocky hills and when you wander through you will find Monoblos asleep on the floor. Again this the location on the map:

MH Stories 2, Monoblos Location Map, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal

T-Rex 2 Location:

Now, following on from there, there is also a T-Rex in this area. However in order to access this you have to get into Harzgai Rocky Hill from another location. So if you go back to Alcala and you go to this area:

MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal Monsters, Location Map

MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps, T-Rex Location

You again need to use a monster to break through some rocks, in doing so it will basically get you to the elevated platform in High Sky Rocky Hill and quite simply you wander around the path. There is literally one pathway, so you can't get lost. Wander around there you'll find your second T-Rex sleeping on the floor.

Gammoth Location:

From there we're now jumping ahead to the snowy region, you'll be going to the Woodland in Loloska and for this one incredibly easy. It is literally by the Catavan Stand, it is a giant Gammoth asleep on the floor. 

Gammoth Location, MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps


Zinogre Location


MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Zinogre Location Maps

So that one you don't even have to go looking, it is very simple to get to. However for the other one if you want to get Zinogre then what you want to do is go to Lavinia Gacial Peaks and then from the Catavaran Stand from where you spawn in, you then want to basically just run straight down. Go around the corner past the Legiana and you'll find that Zinogre asleep on the floor.

Brute Tigrex Location

Brute Tigrex Location, MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps

Brute Tigrex Location, MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps

Then for the last two we're going to be going over to Sandona Barrens in Lamure.  Go to the Sandona Barrens and from there you will spawn in and then pretty much if you just turn around right in front of you is a Brute Tigrex sleeping on the floor.

White Monoblos Location

White Monoblos, MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps

White Monoblos, MH Stories 2, Team Build, Top Monsters, Royal, Location Maps

Then for the very last one you want to go to the Jalama Highlands. Again, same region and this one when you spawn in at the Catavaran Stand there is a little pathway to the left just wander down there, go all the way down past of course the monsters are there and then you get to the end and you find a White Monoblos.

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