In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the best settings to run Minecraft Dungeon on low end computer.

First, make sure your display and graphic settings set your display mode to full screen to get the most performance.

Set a resolution to your native monitor resolution in case these settings did not help as much as you wanted and you can lower the setting too. This will in any case improve your performance, but the visual quality will suffer a lot.

Set graphics preset to fast and then open the advanced graphic settings. Here, limit the FPS to your monitors refresh rate or even a bit higher if you're able to reach these values. If not and such a FPS limit to 60 this will in turn save some resources for playing the game.

You should enable the FPS counter in order to see how well the game is running a new system disable V-Sync ambient occlusion.

Set anti-aliasing quality to low as well as the shadow quality.

Lastly, disable bloom to get the most performance.

Best Settings, Minecraft Dungeons, Low End PC

Don't forget to apply your changes.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to play a custom game environment and show you how to use all of the available cheats.

First, you must select play and under custom game you have the option to play in a closed lobby or to leave it open for your friends to join.

Below you can pick a map mode and select to enable or disable cheats.

Lastly, select to start the game as attackers, offenders or as observers.

After making your selection click on start and your custom game will start up.

Make sure to look in your preferred agent and then you will be able to jump into a custom game.

Press escape and on the top right navigates to the cheats tab.

Here you can enable ghost which is essentially a no clipping mode, which enables you to fly around the map.

Below you can enable a pause match timer and enable or disable the currently available cheats.

Lastly, select to enable or disable player invulnerability and close the settings when you're done in order to leave the custom game.

Valorant, Custom Game Guide, Cheats, Ghost

Go back to your escape menu and on the top left select the veterans logo and then click on leave match.

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In this Valorant troubleshooting tutorial, we’ll show you step-by-step guide to fix the server connectivity issue (error code 59).

The error code is in most cases related to scheduled maintenance or server sided issues. You can find all scheduled maintenance on the game service status website.

You can also find recently closed maintenance and server issues. In case this does not apply to your time-zone, region or platform then I suggest you to do the following:

First, open up your task manager. Here, make sure to end all of the Games processes still running in the background. When this is done, make sure that you're using a reliable network connection sing an Ethernet cable but in any case improve your connection and reduce the amount of devices connect to the same network.

Valorant, Fix Connecting Issues, Server Problem, Error Code 59

Next, go to the resource monitor. The network tab opens the processes with network activity and after a few seconds you’ll see every process using your network connection. I suggest you to only add the processes which you know boots break your operating system. Below, you can also see your network utilization in percent.

Restart your game now and make sure that there is no maintenance break or server problem. The game should open and run just fine.

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In this short Valorant tutorial, we’ll guide you to fix the connecting issue to the platform “Error Code 29 - 43” (Windows 10)

First, you must close the game and open up your task manager. Then in the processes tab, make sure to end all of development rights games and Vanguard processes, which are still running in the background. When this is done use the Windows key and R shortcut or simply search for run and hit enter. In this dialog box type msconfig and select ok

Here, make sure to set the start up selection to Normal start up and then navigate to the services tab search for vgc and make sure that it's enabled a player changes and then you can close this window.

You should now make sure to restart your system before making the seconds and final tweak. Use the Windows key and R shortcut again and this time type services.msc and hit enter. This will open up the service control manager. Here, make sure to find the VGC service again. Then right click the service and navigates to its properties in a general tab set a setup type to automatic and apply your changes.

Windows 10, services.msc

Next make sure to start the service if the service status is set to stopped,

Veterans should now run without getting the error code 29 - 43. I hope this helped you out.

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In this short tutorial, we’ll give you some useful tips to fix low FPS and optimize your computer performance for League of Legends (LoL).

First, make sure that the LoL is running and then open up your task manager. Here, in the processes tab right click the League of Legends process. Which is using up most of the disk space and select to go to details. In the details tab the league clients that exe process should be highlighted. Simply right click the process and sets the priority to high. This will allocate more resources to playing the game and should increase your performance.

In order to reduce the CPU utilization from other programs make sure to only add the programs from running which, you know won't break your operating system. In the startup tab you can additionally prevent programs from starting up on system boot.

League of Legends, Fix Lags, Low FPS, Performance Issues

Next you can close the game and your task manager, when this is done right-click the League of Legends shortcut and select properties. Here, in a compatibility tab selected to disable full screen optimizations and apply your changes.

Then close the pop-up window and search for game bar to open up the game bar system settings. Here, uncheck the recording option and any captures tab. Make sure to additionally disable the background recording option. If you want to record your gameplay then I suggest using OBS studio or an external capture card if you liked performance.

Next open up your GeForce experience application or AMD equivalent to update your graphics card. Depending on how frequent you updating your GPU this tweak can make the biggest difference. In drivers tab simply click on downloads and the application automatically download and install the latest driver also make sure that your operating system is up-to-date to get the most out of your system

Lastly, search for %temp% and hit enter. This will open up the folder which contains all of your temporary files which are saved by your programs and should be deleted. You can safely delete everything in this folder. Some files might remain. So just leave them there.

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In this short Minecraft Dungeons (MD) tutorial, we’ll help you resolve issues such as does not run, open or unable to install on PC (Windows 10).

In most cases users have reported that the Microsoft Store version of MD is displaying the error that the game is apparently not working on their devices. In order to fix this problem, you have to search for updates and hit enter to open up your check for updates.

In the system settings window simply select download or check for updates then you should download and install the latest updates to your system. Also make sure to download and install the feature update for Windows 10. When this is done try to install and launch the game. If you’re having trouble with the Microsoft Store version - click on the first link in a description to get the page shown below:

Minecraft Dungeons, Does Not Run, Cannot Open, PC Installation Problem

Here make sure to login with the account with which you bought the game and select download Dungeons Launcher. This will enable you to install Minecraft Dungeons properly to your PC.

If nothing helped and search for firewall to open up your Firewall & network protection system settings window. Here click on Allow an app through firewall. On the next window make sure to enable the Change Setting option and then click on allow another app. 

Minecraft Dungeons, Does Not Run, Fix Cannot Open, My PC

On the pop up window select browse and then go to the Minecraft Dungeons Directory (in my case it’s saved in my Program Files of my D Drive) after adding it make sure to uncheck it and you should be able to install and play the game.

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