Farming Simulator 2020 (FS20), the latest entry in the Farming Simulator video game series is only available on mobile (iOs and Android) and Switch. You won’t be able to download and play it on PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

To download and install FS 20 on mobile devices running on Android or iOS:

- Go to the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS
- Then type the name of the game in the search bar
- Click on the buy button and follow the instructions of the application.

Once it's done, you can start the game!

To download and install FS 20 on Switch:

FS 20 Available Platforms

To install the game on Switch, the procedure is very simple:

Farming Simulator 2020, Download Guide, iOS, Android, Switch

- Go to the Nintendo eShop, accessible from the homepage of your Switch
- Go to "Search", enter the name of the game and select it
- Click on "Continue to the purchase screen
- Then select your payment method,
- Once it is paid, you can start the installation by returning to the home of your Switch.

You can now play FS 20 on mobile and Switch!

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Farming Simulator 20 is now available to play on certain platforms!

However, FS sans may be disappointed as the latest entry in the series is available on very few platforms: you can only play FS20 on iOS, Android and Switch. This means that PS4, PC, Mac and Xbox One players will not be able to enjoy this title. This is not very surprising as we know that the creators of FS alternates each year the platforms. If the game is available on mobile, there is very little chance that it is also on PC and consoles, and vice versa! Platforms unavailable this year will probably be remain same next year, with the release of FS 21.

If you are still struggling whether to buy the game or not, here is a trailer to preview the game. FS20 offers the simulation of farm management, as well as animal husbandry and many other activities!

FS19: Cutting and Planting Trees, Forestry Guide

Farming Simulator 2020, FS20, Platform Guide

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Onset is an open world video game similar to GTA. The game will allow you to create your own map and make up your own rules using the tools available in the game. Onset will be available on Steam on December 13.

In Onset, you’ll be free to play the role you want, such as a cop, a criminal or simply to embody the character you want.

The game comes with the features listed below:

- A map of 20 km in diameter surrounded by an ocean,

- Dedicated servers for up to 300 players,

- Plus 400 Lua functions to customize your map,

- An in-game vocal in 3D specialization,

- The possibility to create your own server with the game mode of your choice in Lua,

- Customizing the user interface with HTML / CSS / JS

The configurations required to run Onset on PC

Onset, PC Specs, Configurations, Steam Game

Minimum System Requirements

OS System: Windows 7 - 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-750
Graphic card: GeForce GTX 660 2 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Required space: 30 GB

Recommended System Requirements

OS System: Windows 10 - 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-6400
Graphic card: GeForce GTX 960 4 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Required space: 30 GB

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A brand new set of weekly challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available, and one of the challenges requires you to succeed eliminations without aiming down sights. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do it!

In Fortnite, you’ll get a chance to use weapons to fight, defend and be the last survivor and there are two ways to use a weapon: shoot directly at the opponent or aim before shooting! For this challenge, you’ll have to shoot directly to validate it. To do this, you must never use the right click of your mouse when you shoot! Take your weapon and don’t look in the sight before shooting.

On the left, the point of view of a player who doesn’t use his sight. On the right, the point of view of a player who looks in his sight:

Fortnite, Eliminations, Down Sights, Weapons Guide

You have to be like the player on the left to successfully complete this challenge. Using the sight of your weapon will not validate the challenge. For ease, we recommend using a shotgun to complete this challenge, it will be much easier since it is a small range weapon!

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Once again a set of new weekly challenges for Fortnite chapter 2 is live, and one of the challenges requires you to find the last letter of the word FORTNITE, the letter E. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the letter E.

Like all the previous missions, to locate the hidden E in the loading screen, you’ll have to perform at least 8 mission challenges to access the screen. It is a reward, which you can unlock when you have received it, then look for the letter E. Otherwise, you can easily find it with the letter surrounded in white:

Letter E Location, Fortnite, Chapter 2, Loading Screen, Location Guide

Find Letter N: Fortnite Location Map

As you can see, the E is located at the top of a light post on a bridge. This bridge is located east of the notable Hydro 16, place in which you may have already been for a previous challenge. Find the exact location of the bridge on the map below:

Letter E Location, Fortnite, Chapter 2, Loading Screen, Location Guide, Location Map

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Minecraft Earth is the latest augmented reality mobile video game for iOS and Android phones. In Minecraft Earth, you can create your own constructions and that any other players can explore.

If you haven’t started playing Minecraft Earth yet and you want to do it, then here are some useful tips to help you level up fast in ME.

Get XP and Objects

By interacting with the constructions of other player, you’ll gain XP and different items. Each creation has a specific theme and if you interact with them they will give you rewards of the same theme.

You can place yourself in your Construction

In your construction you can place an NPC version of yourself. This will always be a version of you with your own skin and the name of your avatar, you can also import the skins of other Minecraft games.

Use the Sword to Remove Cobwebs

In ME, you also have complete areas that you can explore. You can look for blocks to add them to your inventory and use them later, but you’ll have some issues such as cobwebs, which will obstruct your path. The best way to remove them is to use your sword.

Minecraft Earth, Getting Started, Leveling Tips, iOS, Android
Use Lava To Get Fuel

Lava is the best and fastest way to get fuel. Besides, you can create a lot of lava with a tower, you just need a bucket to throw it on top of the tower and then repeat the process until you have the fuel you want.

Use Stone Spikes to Dig and Iron Spikes for Diamonds

If you don’t have many iron materials it is better that you collect them using the stone spout, since many can be crafted easily and break easily, so it is advisable to always use this spout for digging and for important resources such as diamonds you can use iron.

Be Careful With Your Constructions

If you put mud under your construction and then pour water, it will be destroyed, so be careful how you build your own creations. Also be careful with fire, which spreads quickly and can completely ruin your construction.

Complete Daily Challenges

In Minecraft Earth, you’ll have different challenges that’ll give you daily rewards. They are usually simple things that you can easily complete, so try to complete them whenever possible.

Collect Resources When Leaving Home

Every time you leave home you’ll have a lot of resources available that you can get in a simple way. Try to always be attentive to open the application and get some resources quickly.

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