Samsung has launched a new platform that lets iPhone users experience a Galaxy device from a web browser called iTest, it installs a web app that opens a simulated Galaxy device home screen replete with apps, settings, the Galaxy Store, themes and messages. It seems to be a lighthearted jab at Apple who by the way, has done a similar thing in the past with Android devices.


The web application allows users to experience the Android interface and feel to some extent. True to its capability, Samsung has been able to replicate substantial features of the Galaxy phone for iPhone users. 


The users of the application apart from being able to browse the Galaxy store are also able to experience the Galaxy camera app.  


There are also simulated phone calls and text messages highlighting different Samsung and Android features.


The Gallery app shows off photos, there are tutorials for the Samsung Kids and Samsung Health apps, and the settings app lets you know about some of the customization features available plus there's a camera tutorial from photographer Logan Dodds that walks through all of the available photography options.

iTest, iPhone Users, Experience Galaxy Features, Apps

All in all, it's a pretty neat web application.  

If you have an iPhone then all you need to do is go to this site and add the web page to the home screen.


Honestly, It's impressive how convincing and well-designed this is. I also got some laughs from the humor they sprinkled in and I think it's smart as it gets the job done of showing an iPhone user how it’s like to use a Galaxy smartphone and what they’re missing out on.

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In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Enlisted game smoothly on an old or high-end PC.


So let’s start with Windows, the first thing that I recommend is the Game Mode - make sure that your Game Mode is at ON. I saw an improvement with game mode at ON on this game, I saw like 3% boost in my fps.


Next, the Xbox Game Bar make sure that this one is at OFF. This one is causing stuttering.


Next, don't use any overlay the one from Nvidia or AMD and also the Record feature, make sure that everything is at OFF.


Next, open up your Graphics Settings – for this you’ll need the latest version of Windows and also you will need an Nvidia card 1000 series or above. In the settings, you will need to activate the Hardware-accelerated GPU. On low-end and median computer you will have like 3% boost in your fps but if you have like an high-end computer you will not necessarily see a difference but it's still good to activate it, and when you do it you will need to restart your computer to make sure that the parameter is applied.


Next, make sure that you have the latest drivers from Nvidia or AMD.


Next, power plan on Windows - make sure that you're using Performance and also make sure that you're using Performance on your power plan on your GPU. So AMD or Nvidia use high Performance.


Best Settings, Run Enlisted Smoothly, Old, High-end PC

So now let's open the game and go to the graphic settings. The first thing that you really need to make sure make sure that you're playing the game in native resolution.


After that it’s really important to play this game in Fullscreen.


After that if you have Nvidia DLSS go for Quality, it will give you a like 45% boost in your fps. So really important if you have an RTX card go with Quality because I did a couple of tests with Wltra-performance, Performance and Balance. Honestly, it's not clean, it feels a little bit blurry the game. So go with the Quality. If you don't have DLSS then you need to disable it.


Next, make sure that your Temporal Resolution Scale is at 100%, don't go lower it will decrease a lot your image quality.


Temporal Anti-aliasing Quality at Low - you will get like 3% boost for each bracket and honestly the anti-aliasing in the game feels a little bit blurry to me. So I prefer to go with Low


If you have NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency you can definitely go to boost. I did a test between On and boost and I didn't see a difference in my fps. I remember the boost one on Warzone I was losing fps but I didn't see a difference in this game. So you can definitely go with the maximum.


After that the FPS Limit I just put this one at OFF


Texture Quality and Anisotropy- if you have like 3GB of Vram and more you can definitely go at High and 16x if you have like something like 2GB go at 4x Medium and if you have less than 2GB of Vram on your video card go with 2x and Low.


After that the Enhanced Texture Filtering: you can definitely put this one at Maximum, if you're playing on a an integrated video card with 1GB maybe like go lower but it's not like you will not have a big impact here if you have a nice amount of Vram


Shadow Quality – 4% boost for each bracket, so you can definitely get like a nice 8% to 10% boost here


Next Shadows from effects - remove this one and you will get another like 3% to 4% boost in your fps.


Next Global Illumination Quality - this one you can get like a nice 2% for each bracket. So if you want like a visibility and stuff, definitely go everything at low it will help you a lot and it will be clearer but if you have a nice image quality I feel like Medium is a good.


Atmospheric Scattering Quality: this one can give you a lot of fps, again it's 4 to 5% for each bracket. So definitely go to Low.


Ambient Occlusion Quality - same thing 3% for each bracket, I go to Low


Improved Reflections - this one caused me a lot of stuttering so that's why I unchecked this one. You’ll not necessarily get like more fps when it will be unchecked but you will stabilize a lot your fps. So if you're getting some random drop probably because of this one.


Water Quality - this one I go to Low I did a test High to Low again, It's more stability you will have like a nice 3 to 4% boost in your fps but you will stabilize with your fps.


Terrain Tessellation Quality: High to Medium I'm getting 3% boost here Medium to Low I'm getting 1% so that's why I'm going with the middle ground, Medium is a good compromise here.


Dynamic Terrain Deformation - put this one OFF, it will help you a lot.


High Resolution Visual Effect - uncheck this one.


Raindrop On Screen - uncheck you want better visibility.


For the Scope Image Quality - just go to Low.


So with these settings, you should have a nice amount of fps.

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The Samsung Galaxy A82 is going to be quite a different smartphone than what we anticipated couple of days ago and today's live look of the phone shows that we in for yet another surprise.  

A few days ago a Google Console listing showed that the Galaxy A82 is not walking in the shoes of the Flippy Galaxy A80 but instead will have a centered punch-hole cutout on the screen with thin bezels, the listing didn't show the backside of the phone but that doesn't matter because we have got the full real look at the handset both from the front and the back as well as details of all the key specifications.


First up, Samsung is using a curved display on the Galaxy A82, so this makes it the first Samsung Galaxy A series phone to have a curved display which is awesome considering the Galaxy A82 is expected to cost between $600 to $700.  


Curved displays cost more and that's the reason they have been exclusive to Samsung's flagship lineups but good to see Samsung bringing it back to their upper midrange lineup as well.  


The display is measured at 6.7" Super AMOLED with a resolution of 1080x2400 FHD+ and has a 120Hz of high refresh rate, something that's becoming a norm in the Android world. The display can go up to 800 bit of brightness which is similar to the recently launched Galaxy A52 and A72.

Should I Buy, Samsung Galaxy A82, Quantum 2

The rear of the handset though will look very familiar. In fact, it's the same design we have on the recently launched Galaxy A72 which is not necessarily a bad thing because it looks really good. Not really sure about the materials used to make the back cover. Judging from the image, it looks like plastic.


The main camera sensor is 64MP Sony IMX689 which is a capable processor, companies like OnePlus has used the same sensor in their flagships last year.


Right now there's no information about the other two cameras, but logic dictates that it's going to be Ultrawide and Telephoto cameras.


Interestingly Samsung will launch the handset first in South Korea under the name, the Galaxy Quantum 2 which will have a separate quantum chip for added security. But elsewhere this will be sold as the Galaxy A82 without this quantum chip inside.


The battery size is 4500mAh and there's a Snapdragon 855+ chip inside which is a two-year-old flagship chipset at this point. But that's not a bad thing because this chipset still has enough power to smoke all the latest midrange chipsets around with a margin.


Android Authority also did a poll where they asked their readers Will they buy a Snapdragon 855 Plus phone in 2021? And nearly 70% of them said YES. So it looks like using a two-year-old flagship chipset than a current midrange one was the right decision after all.


Anyway, the Galaxy A82 will have 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The in-house box content will not have any case or earphones but thankfully they are still providing a charger inside the box. It's 15W but still better than nothing. The phone weighs 203 grams and has a MicroSD card slot. 


Its IP67 rater for water and dust resistance, and features like the in-display fingerprint scanner, Dolby Atmos for surround sound, Samsung pay with MST are all there.


It's being said that the phone will be launched on April 23rd in South Korea, no word yet on when they might launch it in other places. But people who pre-order will receive a free Galaxy buds live.

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You will surely want to play the exclusive Outriders expeditions, and in this guide we’ll show you how to access them and how do they work?


As we have said before, expeditions are the final activity in Outriders and are automatically unlocked as soon as you finish the main story.


Do not worry, because the game itself will offer you a tutorial for these expeditions, so that you understand it from the first moment. To access them, simply interact with the expedition terminal that is located in a region called Outriders Camp.


In total we have 14 different types of expeditions and they are based on a difficulty system divided by levels. We will be able to play all these missions alone or with up to three players in your group, and our recommendation is to do them in a group, to be able to revive members.


At first there will only be three active expeditions at the same time, which will rotate with many others, having the aforementioned 14 different ones.


Outriders, What are Expeditions, Guide

But there is an exception, because the expedition called "Eye of the Storm" is only unlocked after you have reached challenge level 15 and have collected 40,000 Drop Pod Resources. You don't have to confuse expedition levels with world levels that have been used earlier in history.


What is done on these expeditions?


Basically our objective is very simple: kill all the enemies that come to you in waves within a time limit.


But if you want to be one of the best and get the best rewards you must finish the elimination of the enemies as fast as you can. This is because there are 15 levels of difficulty depending on how quickly the expedition is completed, and up to four reward levels in the form of a gold-type, silver-type, bronze-type reward, and absolutely no rewards.


You need at least an allotted time of bronze to rank up one level, and if you do much better you could go up two levels at once.


Note that as you go up the level of the expeditions, you will receive better loot, but at the same time the enemies will be much stronger.


The reward you receive is the Drop Pods that are, so to speak, the final currency that you can use with suppliers and also to unlock the final boss.


Now you know what Outriders expeditions are, how we can access them and how they work.

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In this article, we’ll give you some useful tactics to beat Bishaten easily in Monster Hunter Rise, showing you the weaknesses and strengths he has and also on which parts it is better to attack him.


Bishaten Strengths and Weaknesses


This enemy does not have any element associated with it. In this case, it’s better to use the best weapon you have but taking into account that it is an enemy that can cause you the states of poison and paralysis.


Carrying a few antidotes to combat will be more than enough, while paralysis can be cured after being hit by a teammate or by the enemy himself.


It has elemental weakness to ice, and perhaps also takes a little extra damage from fire and thunder damage, but is resistant to water and dragon-type. It has a two-star weakness to explosions and the ice plague.


When it comes to impact zones, it has quite a few places that you could attack. In principle each type of weapon is effective if you hit it to the head, but cutting weapons can do good damage to its tail.


Tactics, Defeat Bishaten, Monster Hunter Rise

Best way to face Bishaten


It is not a very complicated enemy, and most of its attacks are physical, so if you are a little away there will not be much problem.


It generally performs rotating movements and you must be especially careful with an attack where it lunges at the players, where you will have to avoid it by dodging to the left or right.


If you hit the enemy while he is spinning, he will drop fruit, which you can use exclusively in this fight to cause him different states such as paralysis or poison.


Obviously the enemy can also use this fruit, and in fact it is one of its main movements, and depending on its color it can perform a different type of damage. For example, the yellow fruit is a standard projectile; purple fruit can poison you if it hits you; while the yellow-green fruit can cause paralysis.


Finally, when Bishaten covers his eyes with his wings, it will mean that he will cause a flash that will stun hunters, and for a couple of seconds you will be defenseless.


Now you have all the keys to defeat Bishaten in the Monster Hunter Rise.

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LG has confirmed through a press release that instead of selling their mobile business to others, they have decided to leave the industry altogether.


This move closes the curtain on two decades of manufacturing and selling phones.  


LG started its mobile business in 2000 by acquiring LG Information & Communications.  


It was the world's third-largest phone maker in the early and mid-2000s, behind Nokia and Samsung.   However, as of today, LG's global market share for smartphones is just 1%. Times have been tough for LG, with its attempts to innovate in mobile getting consistently overshadowed by Samsung, Apple and others. They have been losing money for 5 consecutive years at this point which's nearly 5 billion dollars in the span of these 5 years.


The end of LG's mobile phone business means that the company's rollable phone will be scratched. The company said in a statement that the LG Rollable is no longer part of its product strategy which is a bummer.


CES 2021, Press Conference, LG, Smartphone

In general, because more competition is always good because it brings more variety and better prices usually but also specifically because while I have not bought an LG phone any time recently, I was looking forward quite a bit to their rollable phone as potentially becoming my next one. Not just rollable phone their next proper flagship phone the LG Rainbow has also been canceled.


There are multiple reasons why LG mobile lost its momentum and eventually failed. Lack of marketing probably sits at the very top but I think one of the biggest drawbacks of LG was their lack of an in-house chip supply too. LG's domestic rival Samsung manufactures many key components that go into the phones, such as advanced displays and memory chips and for the past many years they also have a deal with Qualcomm to use their newest flagship chips exclusively for the first few months. LG used to launch their flagship G lineup around the same time as Samsung's S series phones and since Qualcomm and Samsung had a deal, LG had to use an older flagship SoC on their newest G series of phones which over the years has reduced the popularity of their flagships because people preferred buying the latest and greatest one from Samsung. This could have been avoided if they had an in-house chip supply.

Also, LG experimented quite a lot with their design and didn't stick to a signature look. I mean when you look at a Samsung phone or an iPhone, you can instantly tell the brand behind it but that wasn't the case with LG. Instead of improving from generation to generation, LG went back to the drawing board every year to announce something completely different, abandoning the predecessor or the main features it introduced. So a lack of brand identity hurt them big time too.


Anyway, this makes LG the first Major Smartphone Brand to Withdraw From the smartphone Market altogether as brand names like Nokia, Blackberry and more have still stuck around on devices made by third-party manufacturers.

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