Animal Crossing New Horizons has released its Bunny Day Event where you’ll have to find six types of secret eggs of this holiday and in which you’ll also get new schemes for some DIY projects.

To start the event you’ll have to talk to the Bunny, who will be at some random point on the island. When you talk to the rabbit, he will tell you that he has hidden six types of eggs on the island and that you’ll have to find them before April 12. They can be achieved in different ways.

Wood eggs: cut down trees of any kind
Water egg: fish them out of water
Sky egg: exploding balloons with the slingshot
Earth egg: digging in the fissures in the ground where you find fossils
Leaf Egg: Shaking Trees. They are like fruits.
Stone egg: hitting rocks with the shovel or ax

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to get different schemes to carry out DIY projects. They can be obtained in random ways such as in bottles on the seashore, in balloons, etc.

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The Disney Plus has started to expand its services in other countries and there are many who have subscribed to the service are experiencing of not finding the application on their Samsung or LG Smart TVs.

The main reason for this is because Disney Plus is not supported on older models of Samsung Smart TVs, so all those who have purchased Samsung TVs after 2016 can enjoy Disney + service, whose operating system in most of them is TizenOS.

Similarly, those who have purchased LG TVs with WebOS 3.0 (2016) onwards will be able to watch Disney Plus without problems. What's more, with the TV connected, it is very likely that a message will appear alerting you to the availability of the application.

If even so the Disney Plus application does not appear on your Smart TV, you will simply have to search for it through the Apps store using the search bar and in principle you will be able to find and download it without any issue. However, if your Television has Android TV you can easily download Disney +, although it is recommended that it be updated to version 5.0 or higher for better performance.

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If your TV finally doesn’t meet the minimum requirements required to be able to watch Disney + on Smart TV, there are always other alternatives, such as watching the application through mobile phones or tablets, as well as on PC, Chromecast or Xbox video game consoles. One and PS4. You could even connect a laptop to the television via HDMI cable to be able to see it better from the TV.

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In this guide, we’ll show some useful methods to farm experience (XP) and level up quickly in Call of Duty Warzone (CoDW).

Carry-Out Contracts in Loot Mode

The loot mode in CoDW is the one that allows you to earn a greater number of XP. To do this, enter this mode and ignore the rest of the companions.

First, you must focus on completing contracts, especially those of recognition. For this you must go to an area of the map and defend it for a certain time and if you do you’ll get a lot of XP.

If you complete these contracts, especially recognition ones, during the whole game and you go at your own pace, you’ll be able to earn more than 250,000 XP per game, which is turning out to be very profitable for a series of players.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Weapons Fast

First, you must select in your initial game configuration a weapon with which you feel good and know how to handle and that is the one you want to level up. Now is the time to enter loot game mode. The reason to enter this mode is that you can go to your free will and there are many actions to gain level.

Earn XP, Level Up Quickly, Call of Duty, Warzone, CoDW

The idea is that you follow a similar strategy to the previous one, that is, to carry out all kinds of contracts and ultimately those side quests that when you are doing the game in teams are not usually done.

Remember that every time you complete a series of these side quests, you can gain up to 500 XP for our weapon and therefore it will be relatively easy to level it up with a couple of games. You can also use the multipliers that you’ll find to make this experience even greater.

Take Advantage of Match Bonuses

Besides, finding resources or doing eliminations and many other side quests, you must pay attention to all the bonuses you gain at the end of the games to exploit them. In this way, you can see that you’ll get a series of bonuses for opening resources, combat and several.

Try doing various tasks per game and not just focus on eliminations, because it is a mistake that players are making during these first days of play. It is being shown that by making the most varied games possible you will get XP amounts where you’ll perfectly exceed 20,000 points per game.

Then you have a special bonus in loot mode based on all the amount of money you have obtained. In principle you can obtain this money in many ways as we have already mentioned in the guide, but we repeat that the key to getting a greater XP is doing all your varied actions.

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (AC NH), you have the option to progress fast. Whether to find a new building under construction, meet new people or change the season and have new fish and bugs. Here, we’ll show you how to change the season.

The first thing to know when playing AC NH is that the timing of the game is linked to the date of the console so each day lasts 24 hours and it can take a very long time to wait until the next day.

Indeed, some buildings are available the day after its announcement, so it may be constraining to have to wait the next day to access them. To avoid this, a trick has existed since the first installments: advance the date on your console to change the day! It can also allow you to change seasons, going directly from March to September for example. However, beware of the weeds that will cover your island with such a big step back in time.

Change the date of the Switch

Change Seasons, ACNH, Animal Crossing, New Horizons

To change the date of your Switch and advance faster in the game, follow the steps below:

Go to your console settings;
"Console" tab;
"Date and time" tab;
Choose “No” to “Get date and time via the internet”;
"Current date and time" tab;
Change the date and confirm

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Doom Eternal (DE) arcade gameplay is a bit harder to master and requires certain methods to progress. Here, we have compiled a list of useful tips to help you get started in DE.

Move Frequently

In DE, you’ll encounter numerous monsters. They are fast and aggressive. If you don’t move quickly and regularly you are dead. Use double jumps, climbing, then dash thereafter. All while shooting. Also go around the room to spread the enemies and collect loot.

Take Advantage of Glory Kills

When a monster is weakened, it will stop and then glow blue (then orange). As you approach and use a melee attack, this will start a bloody execution scene, a glory kill, which will give you the life you need to survive.

Use the Chainsaw Often

You have limited ammunition and there are a lot of opponents. The chainsaw refill the fuel bar over time, so use it whenever possible to kill a small opponents (imp, gargoyle, zombie), which will give you plenty of ammunition. If you ignite it before, you will get bonus armor.

Don't Forget your Powers

This will require training to manage everything, but by making good use of the flame thrower, the frag grenades, then the ice bombs as well as the blood punch obtained later, you’ll have many techniques in time recharge for difficult times. The ice bomb is your best friend since it can immobilize a large group of fearsome monsters and allow you to unleash the rest.

Use the Right Weapon and the Right Module for the Right Situation

All weapons are useful, and with the lack of ammo, they will have to be changed often. There are many combos to achieve and weak points to exploit. For example, the sticky bomb of the shotgun on the Arachnotron turret will destroy it instantly. The plasma rifle will explode blue shields, etc. Consult the codex to discover the tricks of the weapons and the weak points of the demons.

Use the Map

The levels are sometimes quite twisted and they involve long jumps in the void. The map will help you see where to go. It is particularly useful for finding climbing walls.
Find the Secrets

Collecting crystals, armor talent points, Slayer's Door key, weapon upgrade modules, and extra lives will strengthen you. Killing enemies and performing optional combat will earn you weapon upgrade points. Remember to assign them regularly.

Doom Eternal, Walkthrough, Get Started Tips

Open the doors of the Fortress of Doom

Between missions, you can use your sentry batteries to unlock loot in the Fortress of Doom. 2 are needed per door. We advise you to start with the 2 sentinel crystals at the bottom.

Use BFG 9000

The special weapons obtained during the adventure can change the game, the BFG 9000 can instantly destroy a huge group of demons. It can also help you finish a Slayer Gate or a difficult optional fight. The crucible blade can wipe out almost any monster in one hit.


There is no miracle technique when you are at this point in the game. Clear the area of the most dangerous monsters, stand halfway to the Marauder to encourage him to trigger his melee attack which makes his shine eyes in green. It is then vulnerable to attack for a short time. The best weapon in this case is the Ballista or the Supershotgun, chain on a shot of flamethrower even grenades. Remember to kill his orange dogs too, and move sideways to avoid his energy attacks.

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The latest Fortnite Season 2 update 12.20 has introduced a new vehicle, Choppa, the helicopter. It is a bit difficult to find and if you get one, you will always have the option of flying with it at full speed.

There is a trick that allows you to avoid fall damage if you jump from a Choppa.

Normally, if you jump from choppa, you will lose your life or suffer great damage, depending on the height at which you are jumping. However, there is a trick that allows you not to suffer any damage. We’ll give you the steps bellow:

- Find a Choppa and park it under a zip line
- Get into the helicopter.
- At that very moment, try to select the option to get hooked on the zip line
- Repeat the process until, through the cabin, your character has the purple aura that appears when you ride a zip line
- If you have it, you can jump from the Choppa to the height you want and you won’t suffer any fall damage

As we said, it is not something that is "legal", but it is a bug that currently allows you to do this.

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