In Detroit Become Human, there are a total of 49 trophies to be unlocked including the Secrets trophy. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock this trophy.

In order to unlock this trophy Kara must find the contents of Alice's box.

For that you have to complete the chapter: A New Home

- Clean all upstairs rooms (master bedroom, toilet, bathroom)

- Go to the Alice room. Tide her bed and open the window.

- Now you can talk to her (All rooms must be cleared).

Kara, Alice's box, Detroit Become Human

- Select the dialogue: circle: FRIENDLY, triangle: NAME KARA, square: INTERESTS?, circle: SEEM QUIET. So she will give you a key.

FRIENDLY, NAME KARA, INTERESTS, SEEM QUIET, Options, Secrets Trophy, Detroit Become Human, chapter 3, A New Home
- Use the key to open the box in Alice, room on the closet next to the door. Look at all the pictures in this little wooden box and put them back.

- Go down to finish the floor.

Unlock Secrets Trophy, Detroit Become Human, Open Alice's box

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In Detroit Become Human (DBH), there are some trophies that require you to play the game 100% and to get the Platinum Trophy you also need to complete the following task:

Unlock I’ll Be Back trophy- In order to get this trophy Connor has to die 10 times in a single attempt.

You have to start a new story, you cannot just skip the story and jump into a new chapter to let him die and move on to the next - that would not update your progress between chapters and you would not deserve the trophy. All chapters must be played one after the other. Some chapters have more than one way for Connor to die. With them you only need one death. You must also be unfriendly to Hank so he shoots Connor in the Bridge chapter. Since then always disobedient, speak badly about androids, since cold, spill his drink, kill the two Traci’s in the Eden club to really make him crazy. When you visit Amanda, you can visit the cemetery at the back of the garden to see your death.

I'll Be Back, Trophy Guide, Walkthrough, Detroit Become Human

You can shorten the process by having Kara die in On the Run chapter when crossing the highway with Alice. Just don’t push buttons and a car will kill Kara and Alice, removing all her future chapters.

You can also let Mark die during the Chapter: Freedom March. When the police arrive, the option select stand your ground. Then the police shoot Markus. This removes all of his next chapters.

Note: Death in the optional chapter Interrogation is also mandatory. Don’t miss it or you will miss the trophy!

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State of Decay 2 (SoD 2) is a Zombie Survival game and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you must use the limited resources to protect yourself and your campaign missions.

Download and install the game for Xbox One: In the menu of your Xbox One, use RB to get to the Store tab and click Search

- Search for SoD 2 and click the game icon at the top of the screen

- To purchase the game, click Buy and make the payment

For The Game Pass Subscribers

- Game Pass subscribers can play the game for free. To do this, go to Apps and Games and select "Subscriptions". Click the Game Pass option

- Select SoD 2 from the list of free games and press A

- Now just click "Install" and wait for the title transfer to your Xbox One

Download SoD 2, State of Decay 2, Installation Guide

Download and Install State of Decay 2 - PC

- On your PC, go to the Microsoft Store and search for SoD 2

- Click on Buy to get the game to your account

- You will be taken to the payment screen, where you can enter an option. After that the game is ready to download

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In State of Decay 2 (SoD 2), you can build or relocate your Home Base (RHB) but for that you must find a location. Once you have selected a suitable outpost, you must make sure that you can claim it.

The cost of a camp is about 100 influence points. You can invest your influence points in the following way:

- Use the radio. This costs influence, but reveals the position to your friends and everything is transferred quietly without your support.

- Secure the outpost. You will only be able to claim it if it is deserted. To avoid wasting too much time, use the car horn to attract zombies outside the building.

- Move from the Old Camp. When you move from old home base to a new one all your resources and everything stored (in your vaults, ...) will automatically follow you in your new home. The buildings built and upgraded will be destroyed, and you will recover the cost in resources!

Fix Weapons, Automatically Unload Trunks: State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2, Change Base, Setup New Camps, Outposts

- It is better to change camp regularly, to stay mobile and have a camp close to your new adventures. Changing survivors, getting healed ... all of this will become more complicated if you prefer to develop a single base.

- Only when you have a good level and many fallback options, you will be able to settle in a more permanent way.

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In Tennis World Tour, there are a total of 30 trophies to be unlocked. In this guide, we list you all available trophies and their unlock conditions.

Platinum 1, Gold 6, Silver 5 and Bronze 18


Tennis legend: Unlock all other trophies


All that glitters: Acquire all base equipments

This is just the beginning: Reach the level 30

The hard worker: Get all the coaches to their maximum level

Collector: Unlock all the base skills

Number 1: Reach the No. 1 rank in Career mode.

Mentor: Create your Tennis academy in Career mode.

Tennis World Tour: Trophy Guide, Unlock Requirements


Don't miss a single coach!: Unlock all the base coaches

In good company: Unlock all the base agents

Strategist: Fill a skill deck with 5 skills

Technical master: Get one of your skills to the level 3

Halfway: Enter the Top 50 in Career mode


For me?: Acquire your first equipment

They always come in twos: Hire your first coach

An ace up the sleeve: Select your first skill

Patron: Win a charitative tournament in the Career mode

Find it in your heart: Make a donation in Career mode

Inception: Negotiate a video game contract in Career mode

First steps: Win your first match in Career mode

Trench warfare: Have a rally lasting more than 50 shots

Like a hurricane: Win a match without losing a game

Clinical: Win a match without making an unforced error

Speeding: Make a serve at over 220 km/h

Easy does it…: Make a winning shot at less than 40 km/h

Lightning reflexes: Make 15 volleys in a row

Never give up!: Win a match after losing the first two sets

No mercy: Don't lose more than 5 rallies in a match

You shall not pass!: Return an opponent's smash

No point running: Win a set without sprinting

Long-distance runner: Win a match without your stamina level ever going below your opponent's

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In State of Decay 2, your arms / guns become unusable after sometime. When that happens, you cannot use it anymore, and that can leave you in an unsafe situation. Therefore, it is very important to out with the right tools and in the best possible condition. To be able to repair your guns, you will first have to build a workshop in your base. A workshop costs only three raw materials and only takes a minute to build.

Then go to your storage locker. Once the workshop is available, new options appear at the bottom of your screen. You can disassemble unusable weapons to obtain usable parts by activating the Recover option. By placing yourself on a damaged weapon, you can see its repair cost as well as the number of parts obtained in case of disassembly.

State of Decay 2, Repair, Fix Weapons

Automatically Unload Goods from your Vehicles to Your Base

In order to optimize your trips, it is very important to take advantage of the vehicles trunks to bring back more than one or two resource bags at a time to your colony.

After making numerous trips back and forth between the different search areas and your trunk, once you arrive at the base, you may be carrying your bags one by one to the storage area. In fact, if you park your vehicle on one of the parking spaces of your base, you will be able to automatically transfer the bags / items by pressing the RT key.

State of Decay 2, Transfer Vehicle Trunk, Transfer Goods Automatically

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