In TemTem, there is a chance capture some creatures however, in early access the game does not have many to discover. Even so, the cdreaters have left several TemTem that are quite rare to find, and that you may not even have heard yet and that it would be good if you find them.

Where to find Saku, Nessla, Saipat, Oceara and others?

Saku Location: You can find this creature near the Gifted Bridges, an area that you will locate along the path of Route 3.

Saipat: It seems that this creature usually appears rarely along the Thalassian Cliffs, but its appearance rate seems to be very low.

Some players have also said that they have been able to see it in the Windward Fort, route 2 and even route 3.

Barnshe: It is a fairly powerful creature, which even has one of the strongest attacks discovered so far. To find this creature you must go to the Windward Fort, specifically to the upper floor.

Rarest TemTem Locations,Barnshe

Nessla: It is not that difficult to find this creature, but it appears with a very low rate and there is no specific place where it usually appears.

Oceara: Get the surfboard and go to the Sillaro River, specifically to the docks. Once you arrive, go to the right of the docks, go up a little and find the seawater cave.

As soon as you have entered the cave, you must go to the north until you find a very long corridor. From there, go down, then turn right and go back up to find a new room where there should be a waterfall. Well, in this room you should find a natural pool at the bottom of the newly discovered waterfall and that is where you should find this rare creature.

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After your battle with Rawiri at Mokupuni Dojo, your progress through the game will become increasingly difficult. Carlos will ask you to set a trap for Clan Belsoto and you steal their clothes, then you face the clan and Dr. Hamijo inside the Volcano.

How to beat Dr. Hamijo?

Hamijo mainly has Temtem fearing the Electric type. So don’t hesitate to use Ganki (or Gazuma) at the head of the team to face his Saipat, his Kalabyss and his Zaobian. For the rest, don’t hesitate to capture a Fire type Temtem and level it up to face the Taifu of Hamijo. There will only be one Gazuma left that you can take down with your own Gazuma or your Crystle starter (if you chose this one). Earth attacks will also be effective against Gazuma.

List of Temtem of Hamijo

Gazuma: Electric and Wind types (Level 28)

Temtem, Defeat Dr. Hamijo, Anak Volcano,

Kalabyss: Water and Toxic Types (Level 28)

Zaobian: Watch out for his Tesla Prison Electric attack / Type Digital (Level 32)

Taifu: Type Nature (Level 28)

Saipat: Type Water (Level 28)

Once Dr Hamijo is defeated, Carlos will give you the precious Crystal Skates.

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This guide we’ll show you some useful tips on how to use the time machine to find and defeat the secret boss in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot)

As you progress through the game you’ll notice that certain type of enemies (red aura) called Villains are growing in the different regions and that they usually have a level above the average of the opponents that you usually encounter. Even if you can face them, it’s better to leave them until you finish the game as they’ll lead to find the secret boss Mira and Towa.

For this you’ll have to wait until you complete the game to have the time machine available. So once you complete the game, you already have the time machine available, here you must create a team with your three best fighters and go for all these villains that leave in the different areas. However, these villains are going to have levels ranging from 30 to 100 so they won't be easy.

What you have to do is first destroy all the villains of an area so that a short scene appears where Towa will be involved. Once this scene is completed, more powerful versions of the main enemies of the game will appear.

Our goal is to end all these most powerful versions of the enemies of the game, and you’ll go to the next region where you must repeat the same dynamic of ending all the villains so that all the most powerful versions of the great enemies appear, and so on.

How to Use, Time Machine, Beat Secret Boss, Dragon Ball Z, Kakarot, DBZK, Towa, Mira

When are done with all the villains and super enemies of each of the regions, Towa will already have completed his process and will bring back Mira, his great warrior. In that case you’ll have to go to the general map and press "triangle" on PS4 or "Y" on Xbox One to show various zones such as Namek, The planet of Kaito and the Kais world.

In the Kais world there is a special red icon that represents the fearsome Mira that has a level 100 and you must defeat him. Remember that this enemy has dark versions of very powerful techniques such as the energy bomb, and you will require a very high level of your characters to be able to defeat him.

As soon as you beat him, both Mira and Towa will escape to another temporary strip and they will definitely leave your region, but the villains with the red aura will appear again in the different areas that you can use to search experience and thus climb fast level your characters.

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In Legends of Runeterra (LoR), Shards are in game currency that can be used to buy cards, build your deck and unlock shipments every week.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to earn Shards quickly in LoR.

Unlock Weekly Vault

Each week, you’ll be able to unlock a chest based on the number of XP earned from the previous week. You’ll get these chests every Monday and there are 13 different levels of rewards, giving you more or less Shards as well as cards.

According to Riot, if you finish your daily quests during the week then you should be able to reach the level 10. A little extra farming will therefore be necessary to reach the maximum level.

Play Expeditions

This game mode will offer you to build a special deck from proposed cards and compete against other players to accumulate a maximum of winnings. The more games you win, the higher your rewards (the maximum being for 7 wins). However, two consecutive defeats in this mode will eliminate you from the match! You will then receive rewards based on your number of wins.

Shard Farming Methods, Legends of Runeterra, LoR

In LoR, you can play a maximum of 3 expedition sessions per week. It is therefore impossible, like other similar game, to use this mode in order to intensively farm the cards. However, the rewards are very attractive and it is necessary to do your 3 runs per week if you want to optimize your progress as much as possible.

Increase Your Region Levels

You can pick a region of your choice to gain XP which you can use to level up in LoR. For each level done, you’ll get rewards including chests that give Shards. In addition, your progress may allow you to get champions from said regions. You can only pick to climb one region at a time, but it is quite possible to pick another region at any time. The last award from each region will unlock champions.

Duplicate Cards

Another method to earn Shard, card recycling will allow you to clean up your collection somewhat and enrich it. To compose a deck on LoR, you can only align the same card 3 times in your stack. Therefore if you have 4 times the same card, the last will automatically transform into 25 shards if it is "common" or 75 shards if it is "rare".

For an epic card or more, it will automatically transform into another card of the same rarity which you don’t already have in 3 copies.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne players on PC are experiencing numerous performance issues at launch. Capcom has apologized for the technical problems that accompany the release. Until a patch is released, we have compiled some tips here to make things better. You don't have to expect a miracle, but they can improve things more or less individually, and make a difference in the end.

Nvidia Cards:

- Update your Nvidia drivers to the latest.
- In the Nvidia Control Panel, open "Manage 3D Settings", deactivate the "Low latency mode" option if it is activated.
- In the same panel, you can try to disable vertical synchronization.


- Close unnecessary applications as much as possible, like your Internet browser.
- Open the task manager and select MHW in the programs. Right click then details, in the new tab, select it, then put its priority high.

MH World Iceborne, Improve PC Performance, Run Smoothly

Monster hunter world

- Disable the DirectX 12 Api, even if you have a compatible card and Windows 10.
- Generally, playing in optimized windowed mode is much more demanding, switch the game to full screen mode.
- Activating the limit at 30 FPS seems to solve certain problems like regular freezes.
- In the game menu, reduce all graphics options to the minimum, this is quite extreme, but generally effective if you are desperate and all of the above have not been sufficient to provide acceptable playing conditions. You can of course grope for intermediate graphic parameters which will offer a good compromise between graphics and fluidity.

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Riot Games revealed that an open beta will be available on Legends of Runeterra (LOR). The beta test will commence on Friday January 24 on PC & Mobile.

If you pre-register on the official website, you will be able to play LoR on Thursday, January 23, the day before! Unfortunately, this will not be possible over the phone.

The Classified Mode in LoR

One of the most anticipated features by all players in a game that aims to be competitive: classified games. The developer has understood this very well and will release the mode at the same time as the beta, on Friday, January 24.

LoR Rank System

The ranked will work as in League of Legends, with each victory you’ll gain LP to win in division and reach a next level. The stages will be similar, going from Iron to Master. There will still be some differences compared to LoL, in LoR once you reached a level you cannot go down even if you lose. The developer wants to make it easier for you to experience new decks and synergies between cards.

Legends of Runeterra, LOR, Ranking System Guide

In order to make the game beta more dynamic, developer also clarified that updates and balancing will take place during the beta period.

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