Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 Week 2 challenges bring one of the familiar tasks from the previous season.

This time you have to locate and play the Sheet Music on different pianos in Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge.

The Location of the Piano in Lonely Lodge

The first piano is just north of the abandoned villa in Lonely Lodge.

To complete the first task, all you have to do is press the buttons on the score sheet. Jump to the button or enter. However, take care that you only press the desired keys, otherwise you have to start all over again.

On this piano you play the sounds: CCCFFFEFGAA # GA. Once you've hit all the notes, the full melody sounds and you've done part of the task.

Fortnite, Battle Royal, Piano Sheet Music, Lonely Lodge, Map

The Second piano can be found in Pleasant Park right on the hill to the west.

Sheet Music and Piano Locations: Fortnite W6 S7 

On the 2nd piano it is necessary to play the keys EGCDE. Then the task is completely done.

Fortnite, Battle Royal, Piano Sheet Music, Pleasant Park, Map

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A new Dead by Daylight chapter, Darkness Among Us, has been released with a big update today. This includes a new killer and a survivor, each comes with three fresh perks and a map.

The Legion has the Feral Frenzy ability, with that he falls into a short lived bloodlust. He then gets faster, can bustle over pallets and windows. Targets that are hit suffer from a new bleeding effect and need to be taken care of, otherwise they will go to the ground.

Besides, the Legion has the following perks:

- Discordance: When two or more survivors work on the same generator, the aura of that generator is revealed for a few seconds.

- Mad Grit: While the killer carries a survivor, he has no cooldown on missed attacks. If he hits a survivor while carrying, the surviving survivor cannot fight back for a few seconds and refills the progress bar ("wiggle meter").

- Iron Maiden: The killer can open cabinets faster. In addition, each time the position of a survivor is revealed when he leaves a cabinet. For a few seconds, this survivor then suffers the exposed effect (goes down with one punch).

Survivor Jeff Johansen Perks:

- Breakdown: Each time the survivor is rescued or escaped, the hook is destroyed, revealing the killer's aura for a few seconds.

- Aftercare: Collaboration creates a connection between survivors. When the survivor heals or rescues someone, a connection is created that allows both survivors to see each other's aura across the map. The effect is deactivated (and must be recreated by Healing / Help) when the survivor is hanged with the perk.

- Distortion: The survivor starts the match with 3 badges. Each time its aura is shown to a killer, a badge is used up and the display of the aura is suppressed for a few seconds.

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After you have completed the main story in Fallout 76 and reached level 50, you may wonder, what should I do now? In this guide, we’ll show you what other players do when they beat Fallout 76.

Here is a list of things to do after completing Fallout 76

These tips will help you level your character faster

- Upgrade / Improve your Weapons / equipment

Many endgame players are looking for a weapon that best suits their style of play and to build it up as much as possible.

To do this, you have to go through the world after completing all the quests and look for events or points where you can get recipes or rare items from opponents.

Most higher level players use their game hours to farm new weapons and crafting recipes and upgrade their equipment. If you prefer to play in a team, you will definitely always find players for a team.

- Detonate Nuclear Bombs

In Appalachia there are currently three silos for nuclear bombs. These can be used by players to launch nuclear missiles anywhere on the map. For this you need a code, a nuclear launch keycard and a cipher for deciphering.

Fallout 76, Things to Do, After Main Story

If a nuclear bomb hits, the impact zone is contaminated for a while. With proper equipment with a lot of RAD resistance you can pick up the best loot.

- Explore Post-Apocalyptic Area (Appalachia)

In Appalachia, you’ll find many caves, ruined cities and secret hiding places not discovered by the main quest.

Many players take their time during leveling to explore Appalachia. But those who only took care of the main quest can still see a lot.

But there are also many places in Appalachia to which no quest or event leads. These are mostly remote places that are difficult to reach and provide explorers with quaint scenes or additional information.

If you want to know more about West Virginia or just look for something to smile about, you should take a closer look.

- Get Second Characters

Since you cannot easily change your skill in Fallout 76, some people are playing more characters to try new builds with new S.P.E.C.I.A.L and perks.

Players also use alternative characters to get easier bottle caps from vendors, to have more storage space or to farm certain recipes. The blueprint for the handmade rifle is only available for level 15-44 players.

- Build Your Own Base / Camp

Fallout 76 offers the opportunity to build your own bases and make them whatever you want. You can pack your camp at any time and re-position it elsewhere to build your home in new places.

Some players like to work on their own home and make it their real virtual home. They always collect additional blueprints for building items and materials.

The only limit is the construction limit, which sets you the CAMP. This can be raised by building with several people or at workshops, which you probably lose when logging out.

There are also stories of some players who have turned their CAMPs into starting points for newcomers or real restaurants where they can interact with other players. So you can also build a player hub or a meeting place.

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A new update to Fortnite: Battle Royale has been released. The biggest highlight of this patch (7.01) is the unique weapon Infinity Blade.

The features of the latest patch 7.01 in PvP

Close Encounters: The jetpack mode is back with shotguns and this time the storm is moving faster.

The Infinity Blade has the following feature:

- It can smash buildings with one hit and deals 75 damages to players
- The alternative fire button lets you jump forward. You destroy everything in the way and cause 25 points damage on landing.
- Who picks it up, gets full life and shields on 200 points each.
- Every second you heal one life or shield
- Kills give you back 50 lives
- Your movement speed is 130 %.
- When you pick up the blade, you drop everything else from your inventory.
- If you die, you drop the blade

Fortnite Battle Royal, Update 7.01, Patch Note Detail

There are also other changes come with the new update:

Fortnite: Guide to Play New Creative Mode - Season 7

- There are 4 featured islands that are currently in trend. You can then visit and watch
- You can share codes from your islands so everyone can see them
- There are new prefabricated buildings
- You can set respawn points
- You have even more settings and bugs have been fixed.

The patch highlights of Update 7.01 in PvE

The legendary sniper rifle Ralphie's Revenge is back in the weekly shop. It is a rifle with good accuracy and massive headshot damage.

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Fortnite Battle Royal Season 7 Week 1 challenges  has just started and among the new features is the  Creative Mode, where you can create and customized arenas and invite friends to play games. In this guide we'll show you step-by-step guide to play the new creative mode.

- First, you must select the new creative mode from the main menu. Note that if you want to play this feature before December 13, then you must have the Season Pass or you can purchase it for 950 V-Bucks. 

- Next, Select the mode in the main menu and click to start the game.

- Then you will be taken to a lobby, where you can pick from four different islands, which can be customized individually. Walk to the light and wait for the loading of your map.

- On the map, press the jump button twice to make your character fly freely. This helps a lot when building.

- Open the structures menu (Tab key on PC and directional up on consoles and cell phones) to access all available buildings.

- After choosing a structure, shoot it somewhere to build it immediately.

- You can also copy, place, rotate, move, and remove objects and map elements. Check the commands on the left side of the screen to speed up your creation.

Fortnite, Guide, Play Creative Mode, Season 7

- All Fortnite vehicles, including the new airplane, can be placed on the new location and used at any time.

- One of the novelties was the inclusion of several special tools, such as timers and interactive counters that can be triggered by the characters in disputes.

- If you want to add weapons and consumables to your map? It is possible to create personalized llamas and chests with dozens of game items, and place them in strategic locations to equip players.

- After you build your new arena, you can select the game mode, duration of matches and add custom rules to finish. Then just invite your friends and start the game. You can also change or add new elements to your new creation.

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One of the challenges in Fortnite Battle Royal Season 7 Week 1 requires you to find and dance on top of a Crown of RV’s, a Metal Turtle and a Submarine.

A crown of RV’s is located in Paradise Palms, a metal turtle you’ll find between Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge and the submarine in Frosty Flights.

Make sure that you activate a dance emote at each location, otherwise you will not complete the first stage and will not be able to continue in the current week.

Stage 1: Dance on Tops of a Crown of RV’s

The Crown of RV’s is located in the southern part of Paradise Palms. Here you should land directly, because you may not have enough material to get to the top of the mountain.

Fortnite BR, Crown of RV’s Location, Map

Stage 2: Dance on Tops of a Metal Turtle

The Metal Turtle you’ll find between Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge. In the wooden head of the turtle you can even find a chest, so it's worth the visit to this place.

Fortnite BR, Metal Turtle Location, Map

Stage 3: Dance on Tops of a Submarine

Forbidden Dance Locations Map Fortnite Season 7 Week 1

A submarine is located in the snow area on the map, in the southwest. So go to Frosty Flights and land a little further east on a mountain.

Submarine Location Map, Fortnite BR

The submarine you’ll find on top of a frozen mountain. Again, you should land on it at best, because otherwise you first have to collect materials.

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