In Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU), you’ll find four Hogwarts Houses (Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff) and the choice of the house is yours. Go to the bottom left menu - then select your house.

Some useful tips on selecting your House:

- Your house choice is not fixed and you can freely change it whenever you want.

- The house choice affects the color of your avatar in play.

- For the most of us, know that it is possible to act as if you submit to the Sorting Hat, by clicking on the crossed arrows, at the top left on the screen selection Coat of Arms. A random house will then be given to you (the Sorting Hat reads in you to make its final decision, the intersecting arrows don't have this power unfortunately).

Right Hogwarts House, HP Wizards Unite, HPWU

Right now, HPWU is not intended to make the houses compete with each other, nor even to organize wizard duels. But if the creators decide later to establish competition between the Houses, then we’ll have to give back the full powers to the Sorting Hat!

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The selection of the wand is a crucial step in the wizard life in Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU), although it is the Wand that picks its sorcerer.

To make your wand in HPWU, you have to click on your character icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then just click where no wand is still inscribed. You will then be able to choose between all the different types of wood that exist.

Select the Right Wood for Your Magic Wand

This is not easy task and you have to pay close attention to how each element influences your wizard's life. For example, depending on your birthday, the effect of the selected wood would be more or less strong! If you want a powerful wand, then here are some helpful tips and guide to pick the right wood.

If you were born between December 24 and January 20: Birch
From January 21st to February 17th: Rowan / Mountain Ash
From February 18th to March 17th: Ash
From March 18th to April 14th: Alder
From April 15th to May 12th: Willow
May 13 to June 9: Hawthorn
From June 10 to July 7: Oak
From July 8th to August 4th: Holly
From August 5th to September 1st: Hazel Wood
From September 2nd to September 29th: Vine Wood
From September 30 to October 27: Ivy
From October 28th to November 24th: Reed
From November 25 to December 23: Elder

There are many different types of wood. Here is the list and their characteristics:

Acacia: Very talented wizards Very often uses Acacia wand, since they are difficult to use.

Hawthorn: If you are of a conflictual nature, this wand is for you! But oddly, it excels in healing spells!

Alder: This is very rigid wood, in fact, made for mild-witted wizards.

Cedar: This is ideal for very loyal people.

Cherry: Contrary to what one might think, cherry wood has a deadly power! It is therefore suitable for people with exceptional mental strength!

Hornbeam: For passionate and sensitive wizards.

Chestnut: This wand types are very changeable because they are greatly influenced by the character of its owner.

Pick Wood, Make Wand Guide, HP Wizards Unite
Red Oak: Red oak is perfect for quick and fast wizards who love dueling.

Dogwood: For wizards who love fun and exciting adventures!
(Be careful, these wands refuse to cast spells if they are not formulated).

Cypress: The wood of brave and daring.

Ebony: For wizards who are faithful to their convictions and who always remain themselves.

Spruce: It takes grip and conviction to hold a spruce wand!

Maple: Ideal wood for explorers and ambitious.

Ash:Ideal wood for stubborn people. The ash wands are very faithful and only work with their owner.

Beech: Wisdom is the master word for a beech wand.

Holly: Suitable for wizards often found in perilous situations because the Holly is very protective. And guess what? The Harry Potter wand is made of hollywood!

Yew: This wood is famous for being the rods of Tom Jedusor and Ginny Wealsey. It offers power of life and death and does not choose mediocre wizards.

Laurel: Ideal for energy people but unfaithful if its owner becomes lazy.

Larch: Ideal for all those who have hidden talents.

Hazel: Perfect for sorcerers who can control their emotions because the hazel is very suggestible.

Walnut: Ideal for creative people, innovators and inventors.

Black Walnut: For insightful wizards with a good instinct.

Elm: For the worthy wizards with great dexterity like Lucius Malfoy.

Poplar: Ideal for wizards with a clear morality.

Pine: For curious and independent wizards.

Pear: For wise wizards, caring and generous.

Apple: For sorcerers with high aspirations.

Blackthorn: Perfect for dueling lovers!

Fir: For enduring and determined wizards. Ideal for metamorphosis spells.

Willow: With its healing powers, it is ideal for wizards like Ron Weasley.

Redwood: For naturally lucky wizards.

Mountain Ash: For witches with pure hearts and clear minds. Ideal for protection spells.

Elder: The most difficult wand to master, ideal for powerful wizards.

Sycamore: For curious, adventurous and dynamic wizards.

Silver Lime: Ideal for wizards with the gift of divination or legilimency.

Aspen: A wood made for duelists and revolutionaries.

Vine: For wizards who often surprise those who thought they knew him and who had high goals.

Wand Core

Once the wood is chosen, you have to define what your wand core will be. You have the choice between:

Dragon Heartstring: powerful and easy to use, but can sometimes cause accidents

Unicorn hair: for a very faithful wand without unpleasant fluctuations

Phoenix feather: for a very wide range of magical abilities

Flexibility and Size of Wand

Other important elements for your wand are its flexibility and size.

The ideal is that the size is proportional to your own size but the long wands often correspond to the wizards with strong personalities. The average is between 22 to 35 centimeters.

As far as flexibility is concerned, it mainly symbolizes the ability to adapt to changes. The harder a wand is, the straighter you are in your boots, but that does not mean that you are closed-minded, you are simply full of beliefs!

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In Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU), you can pick one of the three professions / classes and train yourself to become Auror, Magizoologist or Professor.

Let’s find out the three professions of HPWU to choose your career!


Aurors are experts who can defeat opponents easily by combining their inherent leadership with the art of casting a slew of spells. The Aruros are very effective against the Dark Arts.

Clearly, you will be better able to find and fight evil creatures like spiders or dead eaters.


Trained in the care and defense of magical creatures, magizoologists, in combat, focus on healing their teammates. They are more effective against the Beasts.

HP Wizards Unite, Pick Profession, Auror, Magizoologiste, Professor

This craft allows you to more easily find creatures like Kneazle, Hippogriffs and other Dragons.


The Professors are very skilled spell casters who use their deep magical knowledge to weaken Calamity while supporting their teammates. In short, it's a nice mix between Aurors and Magizoologists.

They are more effective against Nimbus 2000, Portkeys etc.

Each of these professions will unlock the doors of a panel of skills and challenges.

Playing HPWU While Driving Your Car

If your you are moving at the speed limit 32 km / h, then your device detects that and a message asks you if you are a passenger and warns you not to play while driving for your safety.

HPWU, Do Not Drive, Message

Here you’ll get two winks - the first one on the warning message, where we see the famous flying car movies and the second one changes your avatar and makes it appear perched on a broom, once the speed of 32km / h reached!

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Here we have compiled some essential tips and strategies for Anno 1800 beginners. Whether the needs of your NPCs, trade or the warfare, we’ll show the basics of game mechanics.

Your First Island:

- It is important that your first island generates clay, potato and grain fertility. These are the most important raw materials to satisfy your farmers and build the first buildings.

- All other raw materials will require later in the game and can be brought from other islands if necessary.

- Even a small island can be profitable at the beginning. However, at some point you will run out of space. Therefore, the first island should have an ample buildable area.

Building Design:

- A good strategy is vital for you when you are on the high levels of difficulty, before you set a building wrong and the amount paid in demolition not regained.

- Activate this mode with the "V" key. Then you can build, plan and if necessary move, if the plan doesn’t work out.


Your population can be divided into different categories: farmers, workers, craftsmen and engineers. Each team is required for certain jobs and is used as a currency during construction.

- To upgrade from one group to the next, you need to upgrade the homes of your residents. In return, you have to meet their needs (alcohol, bread, fish, soap, etc.). You will find these when you click on a house.

- The second factor to upgrade is the number of residents. Equip more houses of the lesser occupancy to replenish here.

- Be careful not to ruin your upgrade. You need balanced proportions of each group. If you equip some of them, they will of course be missing in the lower group.

- You can also downgrade houses again and thus regain residents of the lower level of the population.

Armed Forces:

- All warfare takes place on the water. Land units are not important

- Avoid building too many units before a war breaks out. A standing army has the advantage of always being prepared, but it also costs a lot of maintenance

- To defeat enemies on an island, first you must destroy their office. This is also extremely well protected by guns and cannons.

- Don't sell too many ships to allies. The same applies to cannons or sails to make the ships. Who knows if they will not strengthen their army with the new material and switch off quickly?

Anno 1800, Essential Tips, Strategies for Beginners


- The industry has its light and dark sides. With mines, smelting furnaces and blacksmithing you get a lot of money and the means to defend you. However, your inhabitants resent the pollution.

- Industrial areas should therefore always be built outside your actual settlement. Imagine it as a small colony operating with a warehouse independent of the rest.

- Because once the goods are in the warehouse, it can be accessed from any building.

- In addition, build a fire station near the industrial area. The buildings like to explode or become sabotaged. So you can neutralize quickly.


- You may have built farms but did not get any production.

- Here you have to click on the farms first and look for the field symbol in the pop-up menu. Now you can pull the boxes.

- Accordingly, farms consume a lot of space for 100 percent capacity. Again, the blueprint mode (V) helps to estimate in advance how much area you need.

- Note that pig farms and butcheries lower the reputation of your island. Your inhabitants need sausage but to ascend. So you have to balance.


- One aspect that you should not underestimate is culture.

- Both lead to the same result. They give you a nicer metropolis, in which the inhabitants like to live and visitors like to linger. As a result, you end up getting more money.

- While you may have to put up with smaller trees and shrubs in the beginning, you can later build a museum or a zoo. These then increase their popularity again, depending on the exhibits and animals you place in them.

- Such items and animals can be obtained through expeditions to which you can send your ships.

Anno 1800, Harbor, Buildings


- First, you need enough space in your warehouses. Anno 1800 doesn’t explain that you can expand your capacity by building new camps under the "Harbor" tab.

- If you have such a surplus of goods, you can click on them in the office and see how much they cost in buying and selling.

- We recommend that you always choose the sell option if you don’t really want to buy a good. So the goods are sold up to the specified limit.

- If you choose "balanced" instead, they are sold to the limit, but also bought. So should you sell fast and then consume - for example, sausage - by your inhabitants, you suddenly have unnecessary expenses.

- Trade routes in the lower left screen show you which goods the other city people needs, as long as you have negotiated trading rights with them.

- Some of them demand short-term goods, such as a sewing machine, but some cannot get enough and, for example, demand an infinite amount of coal. If you follow the wishes, you can do a lot of friction.

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In Fortnite Battle Royal, you’ll often encounter face to face close quarter battles. Thanks to our tactical guide for close combat you’ll emerge victorious from your next short distance fight.

- When starting a melee combat in Fortnite, it is always advisable to build a pyramid in the path of the enemy to avoid further construction and gain height. While this procedure is still valid, it is something that everyone already does. Well instead, you must do something special so that the other opponent doesn’t expect it. Instead of putting a pyramid to annoy the enemies, just build a wall. Your opponents will not expect this movement and you can continue building in a much faster way and can gain height faster than the opponent.

- When we have an entrenched opponent making use of the turtle technique or something similar, what we usually do is always approach to try to win one of the structures, edit it and enter it to defeat it. The bad thing about this procedure is that the rival is already waiting for you and he is following you with the peephole from within, so that when you edit and try to enter he will shoot you. Well, with this new technique you should do exactly the same, but hit one of these walls once.

Melee Attacks, Close Combat, Tactical Guide, Fortnite

- To do this after doing the editing of the structure, immediately reset it. This will make the structure stay in the middle of health, so when the opponent shoots to try to hit you, what you do is shoot the structure itself leaving it already exposed for you to edit, create a window and you knock down.
- During a close combat in a reduced 1×1 room, you can cheat your opponent by building a ramp in front of him. The opponent may think that he is protected by that ramp, but in reality while you are editing it you can turn it 180 ° to discover the enemy and be able to shoot him.

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You may have been experiencing some bugs such as Lags, Sound Issues, Slow Downs, Low FPS, Freezes and Not Starting errors when running Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on PC. Until a patch is available, we have compiled some solutions to get rid of most of these bugs!

First you need to open the folders: Documents \ My Games \ Borderlands Game of the Year \ WillowGame \ Config. Once done, open the text file: WillowEngine.ini.

Then look for: bHasVoiceEnabled = True

To go faster you can press Ctrl + F and copy in the search: bHasVoiceEnabled = True displayed above to allow you to access it directly.

Once you have found the corresponding line replace it by: bHasVoiceEnabled = False (in fact you only change the True to False). This makes it possible to turn off the microphones in game completely and to solve the bugs that seemingly come from too large packets of audio data sent into play. Once you have closed the folder text in .ini, right click on it, go to property and check the read-only box at the bottom.

Borderlands GOTY, Fix Bugs, Lags, Slow Downs, Not Starting Errors

Now restart the game and when the next screen pop up Click OK

Then choose your options from the next menu screen (you will have to redo this very simple and very fast manipulation each time) and then click BACK.

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