In The Division 2 (TD2), you can invite your friends to join your group and you also have the option to leave the existing group. In this guide, we’ll give you step-by-step guide to start a  group and enjoy playing co-op and share loot.

To join / create a group press the Options button (PS4) or the Menu button (Xbox One) and select the Social Tab in the menu on the left.

With the left click you can pick friends with whom you want to play in co-op. Press X or A to get more options.

Select "Invite in Group" to Join Group.

The number of friends you can invite is limited to four. However, in the future there will be raids that you complete with a group of eight friends.

To leave a group, you should return to the menu by pressing the Options or Menu button.

Then go back to "Social" where you see your active team at the top. Go on your own name and select "Leave group." You leave the co-op session and return to your world.

Join A Group, Leave a Group, The Division 2

Progress in co-op sessions

Now you are sure to wonder what progress is saved when playing in co-op. There is no co-op campaign in the classic sense, but you can do all the missions and activities for two or more players.

Even if you complete a major mission in a friend's world, you will receive all experience and rewards. If you return to your instance, the main mission will disappear from the map, so you cannot play it again unless you choose a higher difficulty level.

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As you progress through The Division 2 TD2, you'll encounter more and more difficult enemies and challenging missions. So having more powerful weapons or high gear score will help you to progress quickly in TD2.

In TD2 difficulty levels (after level 30), you need to overcome several enemy strongholds that require higher gear score and each time you complete one, the level of enemies and the rest of the game will increase.

Here are the 4 steps currently available in TD2, it is easy to get the required gear score from the map

- World Tier 1: Maximum possible gear score: 300 and gear score required for the fortress: 275
- World Tier 2: Maximum: 350 and Required: 325
- World Tier 3: Maximum: 400 and Required: 375
- World Tier 4: Maximum: 450 and Required: 425

Only the main equipped gear parts are taken into account to calculate the gear score, this means, your main weapon, the secondary, the extra weapon, the mask, the bag, the vest, the knee pads and gloves.

It seems that the skill modules and modules added on the gear are NOT taken into account.

Gear Score Improvement, The Division 2, TD2 Guide

Increase your gear score

You should know that the score of the items you will find will almost always be a few levels higher than your current gear score - within the limits of the World Tier you are in. The best way to increase your gear score is to make your notions of optimization and consistency and your preferences second and to equip the objects with the highest possible score, even if they are objectively worse than lower-level alternatives. This can be annoying for weapons, if it forces you to use weapons of a type you don’t like, but rest assured that this sacrifice will be amply and quickly rewarded.

Here are some useful tips to increase your gear score:

- The bonuses are fantastic, they quickly make it possible to obtain many yellow objects with a high score. You can also select certain bonuses that have a reward of a specific type, such as a rifle-type gun. Remember to start the matchmaking to do them if you are alone. Finally, Jared Nash, the informant, will also suggest high value targets.
- Dark Zones are much easier alternatives if you have a group of friends to play with.
- Field caches obtained every time you get experience guarantee high level equipment regularly.
- Shelter merchants and the hidden merchant sell high-level gear.
- Realizing projects will sometimes earn you yellow equipment.
- Unfortunately, craftsmanship is NOT a good alternative as crafted gear is always late in terms of score.

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To travel quickly from one place to another in The Division 2 (TD2) map, you can use the Fast Travel system. However, only few locations are available and that you have to unlock first.

This is how the Fast Travel works in TD2

If you play the previous game TD1, then you already know how this system works. Simply select the location you want to visit and then hold down the square / X / mouse button to travel.

You can visit the following areas using Fast Travel system:

- To White House, your base of operations.
- To settlements such as theater, campus, etc.
- Certain control points or checkpoints (red flag icon) become high speed points after you take them. You then change the color to green.
- You can visit to the starting points of major missions that you have discovered or completed.

Fast Travel, Locations Guide, The Division 2, TD2

At each of these locations, the button for the fast travel feature will appear at the lower left corner of the map screen, and you can then travel quickly. You should always take control points nearby if you pass them to unlock them as a high-speed point. Incidentally, discovering the checkpoints also earns trophies and achievements in The Division 2.
Even if you are in the team, this system is useful. Outside of combat, you can always teleport directly to your companions, but in a fight this is no longer possible.

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One of the easiest ways to earn rearwards in The Division 2 (TD2) is to dance around with your allies or strangers.

TD 2 has a set of challenges called commendations. You can find this under the progress menu.

The Commendations are 125 tasks you can achieve in TD2. The commendations will give you virtual points (VP) that will allow you to rank up and get additional rewards / patches.

The commendations are divided into 5 categories with 25 tasks each and one of the most interesting categories is called Teamwork, where you can do some tasks together with your teammates to unlock some rewards.

- Synchronization Award: All teammates in a group of 4 must do the same move at the same time. This rewards those who improve the morale of their teammates with moments of lightness. To make move, press the down arrow key, then select a gesture with the right stick and press X (PS4).

Dance Rewards,The Division 2, TD2, Commendations Guide

- Peacock Award: You must do a dance move in a public area while other agents are watching. Another agent should then also perform a dance move. Say, you have to get other agents to dance along. According to Massive, this award is given only to those who uphold morality by cheering up fellow combatants.

These are commendations for positive behavior:

- Dark Zone Medic Merit: In every Dark Zone, you must heal agents that are not in your team. A total of 5 mates per dark zone. So go out there and selflessly heal other players.

- Lifesaving Distinction: Following a foreign call for reinforcement in a major mission, revive an agent in the group and complete the target with the group without using any healing skills. According to Massive, this award is only for agents who demonstrate compassion and hold together in difficult times.

- Award for Foam Rescue: If a member of the group has been hit by sticky foam from the chem. You have to help him out.

The service category requires you a strong stamina - and promote the one or the other perhaps the long-term motivation. For example:

- Play for 12 months on 14 days a month
- Play for at least an hour every 100 days and deliver 20 resources to checkpoints
- 672 hours of in-game time
- Play for at least an hour every day for 30 consecutive days and complete one mission

Most of the other commendations refer to killing your opponent in certain ways or completing missions under certain conditions.

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Our guide to The Division 2 (TD2) we’ll give you some recommendations on which skills are best get first and optimize your style of play, group or solo.

Recommended Skills to Use for Close Distance Targets

If you like face to face combat or to protect your teammates, you should unlock these skills.

- Ballistic Bulwark Shield: You can use this skill to face enemies directly and you are completely protected but the disadvantage is that you can only use a handgun here. However, you can draw your enemies' attention so that other team members can shoot the enemies from a safe distance.

- Pulse Scan: You can use this to send an impulse and scan your surroundings. The Pulse Scan allows you an aggressive approach without running into the risk of being covertly surrounded by the enemy. You see them earlier.

Best Skills to Use for Medium Distances Target

Unlock these skills: If you want to be a flexible player who doesn’t have complete melee or ranged combat skills, the following skills are recommended.

- Cluster Seeker Mine: This skill split in three search dates, becoming a deadly surprise to your enemies when deployed

- Drone: The drone can save your life. You can use them to attack your opponents while you retreat or use them for defense or as a repair drone.

Best Skills for Long Distance Targets

For ranged combat you can unlock the following skills that support your style of play.

- Hive skills: You cannot throw this skill far but it has other exciting variants for you. For example, try the Restorer (Drone skill), which will revive your allies while you stay safe.

- Assault Turret: When enemies (especially melee opponents) make it through to you, you can set up a gun that will automatically fire, deflect, and protect you.

Recommended Skills, Best Skill, Unlock Skills, The Division 2, TD2

Best skills top use for solo agents and agents in the team

Recommended Skills for Solo Agents:

- Assault Turret: In The Division 2 you are often flanked by enemies. Overrun them, it is beneficial if you have extra firepower. The Assault Turret automatically targets nearby enemy targets and distracts them from you.

- Crusader Shield: This skill protects most of your body and thus repels a great deal of incoming damage, yet you can use all of the primary weapons. You can activate it quickly so that it can save your life in many situations.

Recommended Skills for Agents in the Team:

- Reviver - Hive skill: In case if your teammates are down and you cannot reach them without having to leave the protective cover? Then your allies will be happy if you have this skill that can revive them.

- Restorer - Drone skill: Your allies will be happy about this skill as well. Because this drone repairs the armor of the nearby allies so that they can go back directly into the battle again.

Keep in mind that these recommendations may not be the best choice for all agents. So you better check out our complete TD2 skill guide.

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Those who played the beta version of The Division 2 know having the right skill can make all the difference to your game progress. In this guide, we focus on all the important skills and their advantages in combat in TD2.


Scan: This skill allows player to send an impulse to scan his surrounding to find out nearby enemies. Besides, you can use it to collect information such as SHD. There are also talents that trigger by shooting the enemies affected by the impulse!

Remote sensor: This one has the distinction of being portable, so once deployed, the pulse scans the environment continuously.

Jammer: This will deactivate enemy electronic devices such as turret. Note that you can manage the impact radius by pressing and holding it.


Assault: Optimized for offensive players with a close combat focus, this turret is capable of rotating 360 degrees to attack the nearest enemy target.

Incinerator: The one is designed to ignite and project area damage to enemies.

Sniper: This semi-automatic turret targets the same enemy as you fight in the same way as the assault turret.

Artillery: You can unlock this at level 30 and it is a specialized turret that can be deployed to launch explosive projectiles at any location of your choice. A shell is launched in an arc to a targeted position.


Stinger: Equipped with micro-drones, the Surf breaks on the hostile targets that fall within their range. They mainly target the weak points of your enemies.

Restorer: Useful when you can no longer manage your enemies, the hive reconstituting restores some of your armor and that of your allies, deploying micro-UAV repair.

Booster: This sends a micro-drone per allied player who administers them stimulants, to increase their effectiveness in combat, and improving their handling of weapons. Note that travel and their other physical abilities will also be boosted.

Reviver: Extremely useful during a very epic fight, Reviver allows as its name suggests, to revive your allies. Note that you can also hold the button to charge the micro-drones, in which case your revived allies will have health and armor benefits.

Skills, Skill Benefits, TD2,The Division 2

Chem Launcher

Firestarter: With this you can send flammable gases in the form of clouds. You can activate it by shooting at it, an enemy firing inside the cloud is inflamed.

Riot Foam: This send cartridge containing riot foam that disperses on the enemy. A sticky and spreading foam on the body quickly. It stops enemies for a short time if they struggles and hardens if they let themselves.

Oxidizer: It fires a cartridge that emits a cloud of corrosive chemicals. When activated, the chemical cloud persists for a long time and effectively gnaws the armor or mechanical elements of your enemies.

Reinforcer: This shoots a projectile, sending a cloud of powder able to clog your armor. It can also be used by your squad. Ideal for support players to allow easy regeneration of your teammates.


Striker: This skill has a small supporting turret, which helps to neutralize your enemies. Once is not customary, you can control it remotely to assign a specific enemy on whom to shoot.

Defender: This defensive drone protects you by sending back enemy fire thanks to microwave blasts, creating an invisible barrier. And as the technology at its limits, each bullet intercepted gradually draining its battery. As usual you can assign it to one of your allies to help him in combat.

Bombardier: Quite useful for clearing the combat zone, this drone bombs over a long distance. Previously ordered by your Agent, your drone deploys a barrage of explosives from one end of the area to the other.

Fixer: This repairs your armor gradually during intense combat, and can also be sent to your ally in the same way as the Reviver Hive skill.

Tactician: You can unlock this from level 30, used to mark nearby enemies, the technician drone flies to the maximum altitude at a location effectively indicating their locations.

Seeker Mine

Explosive: This classic unmanned mine pursues an enemy you have chosen before, then unleashes a stunning explosion. Important to note that it has a small arming time before the explosion.

Airburst: Same principle as the above skill, this mine rolls to a designated place then launches an explosive device in the air, at the height of the heads of the enemies.

Cluster: This one contains a number of smaller charges, which, when deployed, move toward an enemy and explode. Note that they are ineffective when your target moves and they are not homing.

Mender: Can be unlocked once you reach level 30, similar to two other skills, this sends restorative chemicals. In the form of a cloud, it repairs your armor or those your allies.


Ballistic Bulwark: This allows you full coverage. However, you can only use a handgun to defend yourself.

Crusader: Same principle as for the Ballistic Wall, the only difference is that you can use main weapons (except sniper and rifles), however you will be more vulnerable because it does not protect the legs and head.

Deflector: This deflects bullets towards nearby enemy. Note that only a handgun is usable in support of this shield.


Blinder: This flaunts the defined enemies, disturbing the enemies and allowing you to gain an advantage over them.

Demolisher: This destroys the weak points of enemies, such as heavily armed enemies, turrets, the skills of enemies or even surrounding objects.

Burster: This flies to your enemies and marks them with small metal splinters, so if a marked enemy approaches too close to another enemy, it will cause a chain explosion.

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