Dangerous Skies is one of the trophies in God of War video game. To unlock this trophy you need to complete three side quests “labors” and these side quests require the free of three locked dangerous.

To free these tree dragons, you must destroy three dragon shrines close to Reginn, Otr and Fafnir.

Free Reginn

Reginn is located in the Konunsgard area, west of Midgard. However, you cannot enter this area until you have completed all the favor of Brok and Sindri. If you stand in front of the seal altar holding the dragon, go to your left and jump over the bridge. After a few meters you will find the first dragon shrine on the right side.

Go straight and keep right. You enter a cave where you’ll find the second dragon shrine.

Now go back to the first shrine and see the other path. The gate is closed and you have to ring three bells to open it. Right next to the gate is the first bell. The second bell is further up to the left of the gate (throw the ax). The third bell is also on the left behind a grid. Take a red explosive crystal and throw it in front of the grid - with that you should be able to ring the bell (shoot the arrow). Then open the gate and follow the path until you reach the third dragon shrine.

God of War, 2018, Free Dragon Reginn

Free Otr

You can find Otr in the Veithurgard area, northeast of Midgard. Here, you have to take the long staircase and dodge sideways as the dragon fires its thunder beam. At the end, you need to go to the right and destroy the first dragon shrine at the end of the path.

Then you follow the left path until you reach the second dragon shrine. Then you have to run over the bridge, jump to the lower level and then go under the same bridge.

Follow the path and keep right - you will reach a cave. Pass the cave and you will soon find a locked gate. Left and right there are characters that you can change with an ax throw.

Go through the gate and turn right in the temple. Destroy the red explosive vessel to clear the way. Behind it you will find the third dragon shrine guarded by some enemies.

God of War, Dragon Otr

Free Dragon Fafnir

The third dragon is located in the Council of Valkyries area (North of Midgard). Row the boat to the coast, climb up the cliff face, and at the end of the path on the left, open the gate - you see the dragon in front of you.

Jump down the cliffs on the left and follow the left path to the first dragon shrine.

Go towards the dragon and keep an eye on the left side. So you should be able to quickly locate the second shrine.

Then you have to run back and look for a small waterfall. Near the waterfall you can climb up a rock face. So you reach a cave with the third dragon shrine.

God of War, 2018, Dragon Fafnir

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In the city-building survival video game, Frostpunk, you can unlock a total of 49 Steam Achievements. To these achievements you have to fulfill the respective condition.

In our guide you will find all achievements and their unlock conditions.


Lost souls: In the "New House" scenario, rescue every person lost in Frostland

Once More unto the Breach: Supply an amputee with a prosthesis

Built to serve: Build an automaton

Scientific Method, Volume II

Politician: Stay in power after the residents have threatened to overthrow you

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

Scientific Method, Volume I

Promised Land: Have maximum hope and no dissatisfaction

Expats: Build 2 outposts in a game play

The Saviour: Complete the "New Home" scenario without killing residents through cold, hunger, disease or overwork on Hard difficulty

Leader: Complete the scenario "A new home"

Oxbridge: have 4 workshops doing research at the same time

Compassionate: Include all refugee groups in the scenario "A new home"

United: In the "New Home" scenario don't let anyone goes to London

Frostpunk, Steam Achievements Guide

Power Overwhelming: Have a fully upgraded generator (power, range and overdrive)

Shai-Hulud Summoner: Have 4 active heaters work at the same time

Bad at Politics: Keep all the promises made during the gameplay

Tis but a Scratch: Finish a gameplay without an infirmary or a house of healing

Carnivore: If you have the choice, end a scenario only with the use of hunters

Technocrat: Complete the scenario "The Arks"

Conservationist: Save all seedling arks in the scenario "The Arks"

City of Man: Have more than 650 inhabitants at the same time in the city

Hyper efficient: Have a workplace with efficiency above ... [200%]

City of Steam: Own 15 automatons at the same time

Advanced designs: At the same time possess an Advanced Coal Mine, Advanced Wall Drill and advanced Steel Works

Search and rescue: Save all your people coming to the city

Satellite: Complete a scenario without ever expanding the range of the generator

Refugee: Complete the scenario "The Refugees"


Unknown ship

The Union

Unskilled Labor: Finish a scenario without the construction of steam buildings or advanced buildings

Autonomous city: Have a city with at least 200 inhabitants, in which automatons are employed in more than half of the jobs

Vegetarian: If you have the choice, just end a scenario with the use of hothouses

Everybody Lived for Once

Central heating: Finish a gameplay without building a single Steam Center


Better than London: Finish a gameplay without building a single tent

Worse than London: Finish a gameplay without building a single house or barrack

Charcoaled:Finish a gameplay with charcoal-makers as the only coal-fired buildings

My Turn to Speak

Golden path

The Saviour: Complete the New Home scenario on Hard without dying from cold, hunger, disease or overwork

Iron Man (a new home): Complete the scenario "A New Home" on Hard

Iron Man (The Refugees): Complete the scenario "The Refugees" on hard difficulty

Iron Man (The Arks): Complete the scenario "The Arks" on hard difficulty

Urban planner: Have 300 inhabitants who live in the same heat zone of a single steam center

Bread and Games: In a city with at least 200 inhabitants make sure that everyone has access to the inn and the fighting arena

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (HPHM) offers a wide variety of hair styles and clothing customization options. In this guide we'll show you how to unlock and change your character’s hair color, hairstyle and outfits.

You can create your character at the beginning of the game and put eyes and facial features to it. However, you cannot change its hairstyle yet. For that you have to attend classes and complete lessons with professors Flitwick and Snape. After that you can click on your character menu in the top left corner.

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, Professor Flitwick

There, you have the option to change your character’s name and view the attributes. In addition, a hanger icon appears in the bottom left corner. This will take you to the customization menu, where you will have access to hair color, hairstyles and outfits.

Change Appearance, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery

There are five hairstyles to choose from. The rest you have to buy either for coins or gems and you have to reach appropriate character level to unlock more hairstyles. Even then they cost you some of your money. Among the hairstyles is also the hair color, which you can customize as you like.

Available Hair Colors:

Dark Brown

After you encountering the Devil's Snare, you can customize your outfits and the hanger icon will appear in the selection as you stay in your common room. Then you can see and try on the unlocked clothes. You have the choice between tops, pants and skirts as well as robes and accessories. Again, there are items that you will be to unlock only with appropriate character level and cost you gold or crystals.

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In God of War (2018), you can get a secret ending that will show you an alternate outcome of the story. Here, will show you how you can unlock this secret ending.

As you play through the game you’ll encounter many more activities, treasures and secrets to find and solve. For example: you can search treasure maps and Nornir chests make or do all the other favors.

However, with a little trick, you can unlock an alternate ending also know as the "real" ending. After completing your journey, you go one last time to your house in the wild forest - you can use the mystic gateway to get here faster. In the hut Kratos 'and Atreus' adventures began and here also the secret end is to be revealed.
In the house you will find some beds, where father and son have to take a quick nap. This will play a secret end and an alternate end sequence will go over your screen.

God of War, 2018, Unlock Secret Ending, Alternate Ending

We don’t want to reveal too much info here. Maybe this alternative end is a hint of a new DLC or even the next part of the series.

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Frostpunk is a city-builder video game from the video game developer 11bit Studios. In the game, you will not need steam cores at the beginning but they are essential when you want to build something such as greenhouse or hospital.

The game provides some helpful instructions to players but they don’t reveal everything. For example: how to get steam cores.

At the beginning of the game you have only one steam core, so you should think carefully in which building you invest this. Because you cannot get them so easily.

The only way to get to Steam Cores in Frostpunk is to explore. Shortly, the game will tell you to explore and build a Signal Station (base). From here the game gains even more depth and lets you explore places. That's not always easy, and your troops might die too.

As soon as you want to build robots, you need a factory. In order to build this, a steam core is needed. We initially saved the first steam core for as long as possible until we could find other cores. So build a workshop quickly and look for some blueprints in the exploration tab.

Remember, your scouts will find the materials like steam cores and they will not automatically belong to you. You have to send the squad back. The steam cores belong to you only when the scouts arrive at your settlement.

Frostpunk, Get Steam Cores, Tips, Guide

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A new glitch that allows you to farm unlimited amounts of XP in God of War (2018). You can use this very early in the game to earn valuable skills as quickly as possible. This makes the GoW a lot easier.

This is how you have to proceed to get infinite XP in GoW:

The key is the Quick Reflexes, in which you have to parry attacks with the shield. To parry an attack, you have to press L1 at the right moment (a short slow-motion effect will appear if you can do it). For the Gold target (parrying 100 attacks), you get 3,500 XP. It is important that you have not completed this task yet!

Find an opponent with a sword and parry attacks until you reach 99. In the menu you will see the progress - so you don’t have to count.

- Once you have parried 99 attacks, you kill the opponent and continue playing until the game is automatically saved.

Farm Infinite XP, God of War (2018), Exploit, Glitch

- Find a new opponent with a sword and parry the 100th Strike - you will receive 3,500 XP.

- Now press the Options key and then the Triangle key to access the options. Now select "Restart from control point."

- You may keep the earned XP, but the order will be loaded as incomplete. Parry another blow to get another 3,500 XP. Repeat the process as long as you want.

The method will probably work with other jobs as well , but parrying is best because it's easy and fast. We expect the exploit to be patched soon - so you should hurry.

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