The final update for season five is being pushed out to Fortnight today, update 15.5 brings a number of changes to the table. So let's check out what's new in Fortnight Update 15.5.


Let's take a look at all of the cosmetics that are coming in the new 15.5 update.


The Lazar Beam icon series bundle is the key highlight from this update as well as a few other skins like the Cypress Nell, the Haze Reactive skin, the Centurion and the Marigold skin which is actually the female Midas.


There's also a couple of bundles that are hitting the store including the Marigold skin bundle. It looks like the Zero Point is destabilizing.


Fortnite, Patch 15.5 Details, What’s New, Fixes Guide

New sounds have been added to the game after the 15.50 update that would suggest something is going deeply wrong. This is obviously to get ready for the end of season event.


As for the technical patch notes the Hand Cannon has been revolted.


There's a new island sizing creative and support for localized featured creative hubs.


The Rift Fish and Jelly Fish have been re-enabled as well as a new portal being added which has the code name portal_smallfry.


The Egg Launcher and RAPID FIRE SMG have been re-added to the game.


Now, there are new Limited Time Modes (LTM) and one of them is Classic Loot where classic Battle Royale Luc comes to the new island. We're also getting the Floor is Lava Disarmed LTM which appears to be a twist on the fan favorite where players are not given any weapons to shoot with. There's also a new bodyguard. in your squad one person is a designated VIP and you all must protect him at all costs. When the VIP dies the entire squad is then out. The VIP is marked on the map for others to potentially come over and kill.


What do you think about this new update? Leave a comment down below:

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A surprise update has come to Warzone, patch 1.33 dropped in the early hours of the morning and people were wondering what exactly was changed.

Patch 1.33 was a very small update, in fact for PlayStation users it was less than 300 MB in size and for Xbox users was about 800 MB. However, PC users had a little bit more to download in that they had 2GB in their update.


So what was this update all about? Well, you're gonna be disappointed as it was a pretty, pretty bland update. Raven Software confirmed that they addressed the issue with some of the Reactive Blueprints in the game while no official patch notes have been dropped quite yet, Raven Software were actually linking back to their 1.32 patch notes for some reason.


Warzone, Patch 1.33 Details, What’s New, Fixes Guide

They have also mentioned that another update is coming on later this week. They've informed us that they're looking at the connection issues in Warzone. A lot of players were getting Dev Errors in the past few days and it looks like they're going to be trying to fix those for this next update. Not only that but also we're expecting a bunch of the suppressors to get a fix in the next coming days.


When Season 2 arrives, the agency suppressor received a Nerf that made it almost completely useless.


The idea of this update was to bring it more in line with Modern Warfare's monolithic suppressor but it seems like Raven Software went a little bit too far down the spectrum and they will be looking to revert that in this next update.


While we haven't got a confirmed date we're expecting it to be on Thursdays this is usually when game setting and playlist updates arrive in the game.

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With Episode 2 Act 2 going live in Valorant, it means there's a new update to download. So in this article you’ll find what’s new and fixed in the latest Valorant Patch 2.04. 

The biggest content drops in this new patch are the brand new Battle Pass which will cost 1000 Valorant Points and the new agent Astra, the new Battle Pass will bring gun buddies, sprays, weapon skins and variants including the cavalier and Prism 3.


One of the biggest focuses for this patch is to target bad behavior in games in particular they're targeting AFK players and chat based offenses those who go AFK both in-game and pre-game will be much more severely punished than before. For those who like to spam a few choice words into the chat they'll now also face much more harsher penalties.

Text moderation has been revamped in over 11 languages making sure that no one is exempt from this kind of punishment.

Valorant 2.04, Patch Update Details, What’s New, Fixes ACT 2

Competitive ranks are being changed up slightly you'll no longer be lowered at the start of a new Act.  If you're immortal or radiant your points will be reduced by 90. Current radiance will be put back into a mortal due to the new requirements for radiant per region.

You can now queue with a wider group of ranks at lower ranks.

Here are the new ranked ratings for your region: 

Latin America and South Korea: 100 RR

Brazil: 200 RR 

North America and Asia Pacific: 300 RR 

Europe: 400 RR 

Bind Teleporters have now been locked open, so players won't be able to camp inside after taking a strong map position. It now looks like the bind pick rate has been evenly weighted with other escalation maps. It also looks like Riot Games are improving the agent voice overs. This means that those that don't have Mics or would rather not use the in-game communication features will have more options. So if you're someone who uses the agent voice-overs to convey what you're trying to say or what's going on in the game you're in luck

Instead of generic phrases like spike spotted or enemy spotted you'll now get more specific things such as spike spotted at B.

Valorant has also managed to improve the client frame rate by 3% on average for medium to high spec machines in 10 player games.

So what do you make of the new update let us know in the comments down below:

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In this short guide, I will show you how to get unlimited health in Valheim.

In order to get unlimited health in Valheim, you will have to make use of console commands which are not in-game by default.


Click on the first link in the description to get to the page as shown below:

How to, Get Unlimited Health, Infinite Stamina, Valheim, SK Toolbox


SK Toolbox for Valheim is a fully client-sized utility meant for improving the gameplay experience by enabling the player to modify their character or the environment to their liking.


In order to download and install the mod, you will have to create an account with nexus mods.


When this is done navigate to files and make sure to download the first zip file. The Slow Download will start after 5 seconds and your browser might ask you if you want to keep the files, simply select KEEP.


Next, open up your Steam LIBRARY.  Then right click Valheim and select properties - in the LOCAL FILES tab select Browse and a new folder should open up containing all of your Valheim files. Lastly, make sure to open the downloaded zip file with an archiving software such as 7-zip or Winward and then drag and drop the content into your Valheim game files.


You can then simply launch Valheim. Use the f5 key to open up your console. There enter the command imacheater.


You can copy all of the commands from the description below. When using the command help you should be able to inspect all of your cheat commands.


The SK Toolbox mod page allows you to inspect all of the available commands to you. In addition, you can also type question mark 124 to see the SK Toolbox command list in-game.

How to, Get Unlimited Health, Infinite Stamina, Valheim, Cheat Command List, SK Toolbox


When you using the command /infstam, you will toggle Unlimited Health or Infinite  Stamina.

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Warzone Season 2 is finally here and in this guide we’ll show you how to boost FPS, lags and Stuttering while playing the game on your PC.


So first let’s open the Background Apps Menu by using the search bar, then all you have to do is check the little box at the top to OFF that says let apps run in the background. If you don't do that all those listed apps are going to be running in the background while you're gaming and that's going to impact performance.


So once you're done with that you're going to want to go back to the search bar on the bottom left and type game and at the top you'll see Game Mode Settings. So click that and it'll bring you to a menu. Now from that menu you're going to want to click Xbox Game Bar from the left side and check that OFF.


Then you're going to go down to Captures and you're going to want to check that OFF where it says record in background while I'm playing a game.


Then scroll down a little bit to where it says Recorded Audio and you're going to want to check that OFF as well.


From there we're going to go to Game Mode and I know we used to have that off but now we actually want to turn it ON because it'll give you a certain settings. So after checked that ON you’ll see related settings on the right hand side and it says Graphic Settings click that and you're going to want to turn that ON. Then turn ON the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. After you do that you will have to reset your PC but some of you guys might not get that setting. So if you don't have that setting, just turn Game Mode OFF and you should be fine but that new setting can help improve your performance a bit.


Once you're done with that you can go back to the search bar on the bottom left and you're just gonna type power and then at the top you'll see Power and Sleep Settings. So click that and then in the pop up window you're gonna see additional power settings on the right side. So click that and it'll bring up a menu and you're going to want to check High Performance, if you don't see high performance there it might be hidden under the show additional plan. So just click that it might be under there.


So our next part of the guide is for people who have Nvidia graphics cards. So if you have an AMD graphics card you can just skip ahead in the guide a little bit. So if you do have an Nvidia graphics card you're going to want to right click your desktop and click Nvidia control panel and just wait for that to load up and once it's loaded up there you're going to see in the top left it says Manage 3D Settings. So click that and you're going to see all those settings. Just scroll down a little bit you're going to see monitor technology. Now, if you do have a G-sync compatible or a G-sync monitor this is where you're going to want to Turn that On. If you don't then you don't have to worry about this and just copy the rest of the settings as shown below:


Fix Warzone Season 2, 3D Settings, Low FPS, Lags, Stutter, PC


Fix Warzone Season 2, 3D Settings, Low FPS, Lags, Stutter, PC

Fix Warzone Season 2, 3D Settings, Low FPS, Lags, Stutter, PC

Now let’s go to the in-game settings. There has been some changes made since our last settings guide.


So let's just start, at the top we got Display Mode. Now, run your games in Fullscreen it's gonna lower input lag and improve your performance.


Then going down to Screen Refresh Rate - obviously make sure that is set to your monitor screen refresh rate.


Then Render Resolution - make sure that is at 100.


Going down a couple to VSync – Disabled. This is going to increase input lag I recommend just turning that off in every game you play. If you are getting screen tearing and really bothering you. You could enabled that but keep in mind you're adding some input lag and I just really would not recommend it.


Next, Custom Frame Rate Limit - I would put this on Unlimited. You want to get as many frames as you can out of the game.


Then under NVIDIA Highlights - I'd Disabled it otherwise random double kills and stuff's going to be recording in the background and you don't want that.


For NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - I have this on Enabled + Boost. Now, if you are streaming on a single PC setup or something you might want to just put that on Enabled. If your stream is looking laggy at all but otherwise I would recommend Enabled + Boost.


Scrolling down a bit we have Streaming Quality which I would put on Low.


Then we have Texture Resolution which I recommend putting on Normal.


Same with Texture Filter Anisotropic put that on Normal.


Particle Quality on High - For some reason increases your frame, so put it on high.


Bullet Impacts & Sprays - Enabled.


Tessellation - I have Disabled.


On-demand Texture Streaming - I have Disabled.


Then scrolling down we have Shadow Map Resolution - put that on Low. This on is really impact on performance. So definitely have that on Low.


Next, Catch Spot Shadows and Cache Sun Shadows - both on Enabled. Now, sometimes when you open up your game they are gonna be Disabled. So sometimes when you hop on just come in your settings double check that they're Enabled. I don't know why they reset sometimes but they do. So just be on the lookout for that.


For Particle Lighting - we have this on Low.


DirectX Raytracing - Disabled. If you have this option it's going to negatively impact performance a lot.


Then Ambient Occlusion- Disabled.


Screen Space Reflection (SSR) – Disabled.


Going down a bit we have Anti-Aliasing which I have OFF because I'm using a 1440p monitor. I don't really notice the jagged edges as much but if you are playing on 1080p or if you are playing at 1440p or 4k or whatever and you just don't like the jagged edges I'd recommend putting this on the SMAA-1X and then if you are doing this you have to put Filmic Strength at all the way up to 1.00.


Depth of Field - make sure it is Disabled. It's going to make things blurry around your iron sights and we don't want that.


Then going down a bit we have World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur both Disabled. These options are just bad and if you're moving around looking around the map everything is going to look blurry and we don't want that we want it to be clear and looking good. So it's easier to find people.


Film Grain - 0.00


Dynamic Resolution - I would leave that Disabled I just wouldn't mess with that at all.


There you go, there is the updated graphics settings.

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Valorant Act 2 Episode 2 Battle Pass items have been revealed ahead of its release date, March 02, 2021. This is the fifth Battle pass that has been added to game since its released in the summer of 2020.


So what exactly is on offer in this new Act?


Some of the free track items include in the Valorant Act 2 Episode 2: the Prism 3 Classic Pistol with Variants, the Versus Bind and Icebox Card, the Good Boy, Bruno Buddy and the Dumpster Fire Spray.


If you drop a thousand Valorent Points here's what you can get on the premium track:


The Prism 3 Axe Melee with Variants, the Cavalier Vandal, the Cavalier Operator, the Versus Sova and Cypher card, Make Some Noise Spray and the Epilogue Items, the Super Spray and the Good Job Paul Card.


Regarding the choice of items for the Battle pass Riot had the following to say:


“A high level goal was continuing to respond to player’s feedback for the Battle pass. Players told us they loved the cute Polyfox skins we made last year so we wanted to expand on that line with another Polygonal animal, this time we took inspiration from the frog on split, which the community fell in love with during the closed beta. With Prism 3, we want to give players who don't usually buy skins a chance to get their hands on the clean crispness of the Prism set adding colour variants to the Prism was also a fun way to give players more colour options.”


Valorant, Act 2, Episode 2, Battle Pass, Rewards Guide

“As for the accessories our goal was to continue to create a lot of really thoughtful buddies sprays and cards that feel they've been pulled from the Valorant World, Game Lore and Community Memes.”


So what do you think about that let us know what items you're excited for in the comments down below:

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