In Anthem combos allow players to combine their attacks and skills. With this system, you can unleash all your potential in combat. Our guide shows you how Combos system works in Anthem.

The combination of two different attacks Primer and Detonator abilities is a combo. This leads to additional damage and an effect that depends on the Javelin you are playing.

Such combos can be caused either by your team or by yourself:

Primer abilities: Primers place negative status effects on the target and cause elemental damage - they are marked in the game by a "circle icon" in the skill description.

Detonator abilities: Detonators trigger the combo effect when they hit an opponent who was previously hit by a primer attack - they are marked by an "exploded" icon in the game.

So, if someone in your team is constantly dealing primer attacks, you can use detonator attacks to make a combo. These combos are one of the most effective ways to deal high damage.

What is the advantage of combos? There are also skills that are neither primer nor detonator, which then do more damage on their own. But who uses combos will ultimately do more damage than someone who uses only normal skills.

Combos, Deal Damage, Anthem

Depending on which of the 4 Javelins detonates a combo, there are additional bonus effects:
- Ranger deals damage to a single target
- Colossus inflicts surface damage around the target,
- Storm transfers the elemental effect to nearby enemies
- Interceptor gets a kind of buff aura that depends on the elemental effect it uses to attack the target.  Enemies around him receive damage and effects from the aura, so you can freeze them for example.

Which Javelin is particularly suitable for combos? In principle, each of the four different javelin is suitable. But the Storm-Javelin gives a good example of the different possibilities.

This Javelin uses elemental attacks and can use freeze, lightning and fire attacks on the enemies. This gives him a wide range of possible combos.

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The second part of the crossover is now available to Monster Hunter: World and you can unlock Ciri’s Armor and Dual Blades in the new event.

MH World Witcher Crossover event brought a new powerful monster, the Ancient Leshen is a particularly tough boss who can easily match the degree of difficulty with the behemoth or even the extreme behemoth. The new quest is called Contract: Woodland Spirit and is available from Hunter Rank 50.

Unlike the first event of the Witcher quests, you can fight the Ancient Leshen in the group with your own builds as well.

The Ancient Leshen is the most difficult boss in MHW Witcher Crossover. His health is significantly higher than the Extreme Behemoth at 67,500.

As a reward, those who manage to defeat the Ancient Leshen can craft several items from his monster pieces:

The Ciri Armor

Ciri is a popular character from The Witcher. She is the foster daughter of the sorcerer Geralt, whose armor set is also available in the game.

Ciri Armor, MH World, Witcher Crossover
These are the skills of the armor:

Evade Window Level 5
Ammo Up Level 3
Constitution Level 2
Evade Extender Level 2
Divine Blessing Level 2

These are the slots:

Helmet: level 3 slots to level 1 slot
Chest: level 3 slot
Gloves: level 2 slot
Torso: level 2 slot
Legs: level 2 slot to level 1 slot

Ciris’ Double Blades, Sword Zireael, MH World Witcher Crossover
Ciris’ Double Blades

Ciris’ double blades consist of her sword Zireael, as well as her dagger. The merits of these double blades are the white ground, level 3 decoration slot for jewel and the hidden element. The Zireael weapon is especially good for builds that use the Elementless skill. This can achieve even higher base damage. For pure DPS sets Zireael is currently likely to be one of the best double blades in the game.

The upgrade for the Geralt's sword

In addition to the weapon for Ciri, there is also an upgrade for Geralt's weapon, the Silver Sword. With the new Event Quest the higher level for the weapon has now been unlocked.

The upgrade increases the elemental and base damage of the weapon. It may now be the best choice if you are looking for a sword and shield with dragon element. It has a large bar for white sharpness, a high value in the dragon element, high dragon seal, which works well against Dragon Elders and a level 1 slot.

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In Far Cry New Dawn (FC New Dawn), you can upgrade and expand your home base for this you need ethanol, a valuable resource that your enemies want. However, for some upgrades in the base, you also need specialists that you can find at various locations in Hope County.

In Prosperity, there are eight buildings that can improve you in different areas. All facilities can be upgraded by three levels.

- Cartography - Provides intel maps for purchase, more details are visible on the map
- Explosives Lab - Unlocks the explosives production
- Expeditions - Unlock expeditions and fast travel
- Healing Garden - Improves the effect of the Medikits
- Infirmary - Improves maximum health
- Training Camp - Improves the health and damage of your NPC Companions
- Garage - Lets you manufacture vehicles.
- Workbench - Unlocks weapon production

For example, to make a higher level weapon, you need to have the appropriate level of the workbench.

Where do you get the ethanol to upgrade your home base?

The easiest way to get ethanol is by taking outposts. In total, there are 10 outposts in Hope County, which are marked by a pink flag with eye symbol on the map. However they are not listed from the beginning, but must be revealed gradually.

Get Ethanol, Upgrade Home Base, FCND, Far Cry New Dawn

Talk to the Wiki-Bean-ia scouts in the game world or Prosperity regularly. You recognize him by the exclamation mark symbol above his head. He gives you clues about interesting places, missions and sometimes outposts, which are then marked on the map.
To take an outpost, you have to kill all the enemies in it. By taking an outpost for the first time, you earn 100 ethanol. You can increase this yield even more if you consider the following factors:

- Don’t trigger an alarm: Don’t let an enemy raise the alarm in an outpost while you capture it. Pay attention to the radio masts with the green lights. At the bottom of these masts is the alarm box, which you can silently disable by hand. If there is no alarm, you'll get +25 ethanol in the end. Incidentally, there are two or three alarm systems on the higher difficulty levels that you have to pay attention to.

- To remain undetected: It is even better if you remain completely undetected while taking it. Use the bow, weapons with silencers and takedowns to hit one enemy at a time. It does not matter if enemies find dead comrades as long as they just don’t spot you. You will not sound an alarm, just look around. If you manage, you get the best bonus with 50 ethanol.

In the best case brings you the first time taking an outpost 150 ethanol. However, that's not the end of it. The respective outpost will then receive the first of three stars and you can take them to the next level of difficulty.

Go to the just taken outpost to the radio with the blue repeating symbol and loot it. This brings you another 50 ethanol and after a loading screen, the outpost is again hostile. Although the difficulty now increases, but also the prey increased by twice.

On difficulty levels II and III, you then get 200 or 300 ethanol for oral use and the bonuses also double, if you don’t raise an alarm and go undetected. Taking outposts is therefore the best way to get ethanol fast.

Deliver Tanker To Outpost

Another lucrative source of ethanol are corresponding trucks of the Highwaymen, which you can find regularly on the streets. You just have to kill the driver and any convoys. Then drive the truck to the next outpost or Prosperity to get some ethanol.

Loot Supply Drops

At regular intervals, you will see the message Supply Drops Detected. On the bottom left of your screen. The delivery will always take place only a few meters away from you, then you should leave everything and go to the landing point to loot the delivery. You have to hold the button pressed on the box for a few seconds until you get the loot. Each supply drop contains 35-40 ethanol and also useful other materials.

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The first overtime challenges in Fortnite are now alive. There are 20 tasks available to get XP, Stars, Free Skin and Battle Pass for season 8.

One of the tasks requires you to get coins in Featured Creative Islands. In this guide we’ll give you some useful tips on how to accomplish this task.

In order for you to get coins, you must start in the Creative mode of Fortnite. There you pick any island and start directly in the player search.

Where can I find the coins? The coins are scattered around the Fortnite map. There are no fixed spawn points but you'll find them quickly.

To complete this challenge you must find 15 such coins. So it takes some time for the task to succeed.

It's enough if you get near to the coin. You will then see the progress in the bar, so you can be sure that the coin found also counts.

Kate the Cursed, Collect Coins, Featured Creative Islands, Fortnite

Here, we recommend you the mode Tollmolia, you will be able to collect 5 pieces very easily and the mode Kate the Cursed or you just have to land to collect them.

Completing 13 tasks out of 20 of the overtime challenges will get you free Battle Pass for Season 8.

With the Battle Pass, you can then get free skins and complete weekly challenges in the upcoming season.

You have until February 27 to complete this task and collect the free Battle Pass.

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Apex Legends has its own in-game store where you can buy various cosmetics including Valentine's Day-themed items, weapon skins, legendary skins and new characters. These offers are changing with updates, so it's important to stay connected during the update times so you don’t lose skins and other items in the shop.

On the "Exclusive" tab, on the right side of the store, you can find items sold in Legend Token from AL games. To purchase these products you need to already have certain skins, which makes the items more desirable and interesting.

Crafting Metals

The most efficient way to get AL skins is to build them using Crafting Metals, the blue coins found in game packs. This way you can navigate through all the visual options of the game and choose which ones you want to assemble.

Unlock Skins, Characters, Apex Legends, Shop Guide

For weapons, select the category (rifles, shotguns, etc.), template and explore all options. Just click on the skin you want and confirm the purchase to unlock it. It will automatically be equipped with your weapon.

The process is quite similar for the characters, where you have to choose the legend, access the "Visuals" tab and select the skin you want to buy. Prices vary according to the quality of appearance.

In addition to skins, each Legend also has other unique items such as banners, quips and special finishers that are found in Apex Packs or can be built using Crafting Metals.

Weapons,  Apex Legends, Store Guide

Characters (Legends)

The most valuable items of Apex Legends are their legends, playable characters that need to be purchased in the store. Fortunately, it is also possible to unlock the Heroes with the Legend Tokens, received after each game.

For now there are only two unlockable characters, Mirage and Caustic, which cost 12,000 Legend Tokens. Just go to the "Shop" tab, select "Legends" and confirm the payment to have the heroes in your account. You can also buy them with Apex Coins, which cost real money.

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To get Sora and his companions Donald and Goofy to the max level 99 in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) requires a lot of effort. Here’s our strategy guide to help you farm XP and level up faster in KH3.

To level up quickly in the game, first you should complete the story and forged the Ultima weapon.

Next you need to farm a lot of XP. We recommend battle gates here. However, you will not get them until you defeat the last boss and complete the KH3 story. The battle gates are provided with a difficulty level and can be repeated as often as you like.

For our first method, you don’t necessarily need the Ultima weapon, but it will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process. Travel to Arendelle and start in the Labyrinth of Ice (middle level). Now do the following to be able to level-up quickly:

- Turn left immediately and follow the way up using your focus jump

- Once at the top, go left through the first entrance and ignore the bridge in the middle and the path on the right

- In the big hall you will find a blue ball with splinters - this is the battle gate number 9

Kingdom Hearts 3, KH3, Sora, Battle Gate Nine

- Now press R1 + X or RB + A to use the focus attack of the Ultima weapon, which will kill all smaller enemies with just one hit.

In some cases, a mini boss appears in this battle gate. You still have to tackle him before you collect the reward (45000 XP) and will be able climb several steps in a few minutes time.

Our second method to get XP fast is the very first battle gate portal in Olympus. You can find it by traveling to the area of the Realm of the Gods, and after the spawn turn right through the big gate.

Here you keep right and jump down, where you can already see the blue battle gate on the ground. The advantage of this portal is the low level of difficulty. Leveling fast will be easy for you here.

The strategy for more experience points is the same as above. With the Ultima weapon, you can even complete this task in under a minute. This keyblade is not mandatory. Simply kill all enemies and repeat this battle portal as often as you like. Here, you can earn nearly 2 million XP per hour,

As a reward, you will receive the Max Level Trophy when Sora reaches level 99.

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