You can play the demo version of Resident Evil 2 (RE 2) 1-Shot until January 31, and you have got 30 minutes to complete this game.

Main Hall and East Side of the Building

In the main hall of the police department, you’ll have the option to collect some ammunition and also a laptop to learn about your next destination - the East side of the building.

West of the front door, you’ll find a sign “Keep Out” near that there is a lever that you need to pull. This will open the gate partially, so you have to squeeze through the small gap.

There's nothing to find in the next corridor, so you can walk to the upturned cabinet that blocked your way. Go quickly into the room on the left and collect the ammunition that lies with the corpse and then return to the main corridor.

Then move the cabinet aside by holding down X / A. On the other side, the guard enters the room and tries to lift the gate to help the policeman.

Unfortunately, you cannot stop the policeman's death, but his notebook will still be useful to you. A little later, you’ll encounter your first zombie. It's best to get on your feet and walk past him as soon as he falls over.

Now return to the main hall. Here, you’ll encounter two zombies. Don’t spend too much time with them and try to walk around them again.

Lion Statue Medallion 2F

In a cutscene with Marvin you’ll learn about a secret path and get a combat knife. To open the secret passage, here you need three medallions, which you’ll find in the main hall.

The first medallion you can get directly. Go to the Lion Statue on the upper floor of the main hall and enter the symbols: Crown, Lion and Ram.

Lion Statue Medallion, 2F, Crown, Lion, Ram, Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo

Now, place Lion Medallion directly into the dungeon to avoid wasting your inventory space.

Weapons Locker Keycard

Go to the panel board on the west side, use your knife to cut the yellow tape wrapped on the box and then trigger the lever.

Resident Evil 2, 1 Shot Demo, Panel Board, Yellow Tape

Head to the reception room and collect the ammo and the green herb there. Then leave the room through the west door.

In the next corridor there are again no items to find. Just follow the hallway until you come to a window, which is knocked hard by a zombie. Complete the zombie and then walk through the wide red door into the meeting room.

There's a keycard on the table in front of you that you need. You will also find more ammo, a report of results and a map of the police station (1F). Climb on the wooden pallets and jump through the broken window.

Location of the Shotgun

There is a dead body with ammo use them against the zombie then turn left and enter the safety deposit room.

In the room you’ll find some lockers, to open them you must use the keypad and enter the right combination key. However, there are some missing keys you’ll find them in the full version of the game.

1F, Locker Combination Key, Resident Evil 2

With the available keys you can open the following lockers:

106 (Film)
109 (Handgun Ammo)

In the back of the room you can open the weapon locker with the key card to get a shotgun and ammunition.

Leave the room and to the west side office. Kill the zombie at the desk and search the room to find ammo (locker), gunpowder with a note and a report on the results. In the next room of the office another zombie guards a locker, which you can open with the following combination: 9, 15, 7.

As a reward, there is a bag that expands your inventory. Then go back into the corridor and follow the eastern path to the stairs. Next to the stairs are wooden boards and a green herb. You can use the boards to close the window to avoid zombies.

Then go through the blue door next to the stairs into the dark room. A note tells you how to mix herbs - a red cabbage, gunpowder and ammo are on top of it. You can also develop the film you found earlier.

Open the Lock 2F

Leave the dark room and go to the upper floor. Kill the zombie on the stairs and then walk into the locker room. Attention: A zombie is hiding in one of the lockers. Another locker is secured with a lock. The letter combination is: BIO. There is plenty of shotgun ammo in the locker for you.

Go back to the hall and collect the red cabbage to the right of the vending machine. Now you can walk back to the stairs and go to the next floor.

Open Lock in 3F Corridor

The combination for the lock is RES. In the locker you will find Magnum ammo. Then cross the hole and grab the key lying on the table.

Leave the room through the western door and cross the corridor to the end to find a note. Then you go to the storeroom (West) and search this thoroughly. Here you will find, among other things, another bag that expands your inventory by two places.

Unicorn Statue Medallion

Now enter the library through the eastern door. A little later, Marvin calls you back to the lobby. Go downstairs and take care the zombies that attack you.

You reach the lounge via the south door next to the stairs. Here you will find a map and a unicorn statue. Enter the following symbols to solve the puzzle: Bird - Woman - Harp

Resident Evil 2, Unicorn Statue Medallion, Combination Code, Bird, Woman, Harp

With this Medallion you can go back to the library and open the door in the east with the blue key. Here, you can go to Marvin and complete the demo.

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In Atlas, you can build your own ship but need to have the right skill and the skill system in this game is a little more complex. In Atlas, you have to spend some skill points in different skill trees.

In Survivalism skill Tree, you must prepare to spend the following points:

The Basics: 1 point, Trade Tools: 1 point, Construction unlock: 2 points and Advanced Tools: 8 points.

In the Construction tree unlock Construction, you'll need the following points:

Basics of Building: 1 point, Weaving: 2 points, Secrets of Building: 2 points and Seamanship Unlock: 2 points.

Once you have unlocked the seamanship skill tree, you can learn everything the sailor's needs. However, you need following:

Basics of Sailing: 1 point and Shipwright: 1 point

Once you've completed all the above requirements and get access to all the needed objects and buildings. Then you can start building your ship at level 11 but remember you should have at least 21 points left in your hand.

The Basics: Build a Smithy and a Loom first. At the Smithy, you process 240 Fiber, 105 Stone, 420 Thatch, and 840 Wood into a Small Shipyard. You place the shipyard in the sea. However, make sure that that there is enough space in the shipyard, otherwise a ship can break when leaving.

Atlas, Ship Building Guide, Frame, Skeleton, Material, Skill

You can use the Shipyard itself like a workbench. At the beginning you will be able to build a sloop, the smallest ship next to the raft and the dinghy. Build the ship's backbone with 1,390 Fiber, 70 Hide, 12 Metal, 1,198 Thatch, and 1,460 Wood at the Shipyard. You must now place the necessary objects on the frame to make the ship seaworthy.

These include 12 planks, a deck, the steering wheel and two small or one medium sails. All items can be made on the Smithy and Loom. For the entire sloop you need:

800 fiber, 1060 Wood, 843 Thatch, 60 Hide and Up to 28 Metal.

When constructing the base ship, you have no possibility to make changes except for the type of sails. But if the ship is equipped with all necessary objects, you can let your imagination run free. Each ship can be further optimized with the normal components from the base construction. Although this doesn’t change the values, it contributes to the individuality of each ship.

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The latest Fortnite update 7.20 has not only introduced new weapons and skins but also bring some changes to the map.

In this guide, we'll show you an overview of what's new and tell you what's changed.

Paradise Palms

Close to Paradise Palms, in the middle of the desert, a new ice cream shop named "SoFDeeZ" was built.

Paradise Palms, Ice Cream Shop, SoFdeez

The Block

In The Block area you’ll find a new dragon type of structure

Fortnite, The Block, New Dragon Structure

Wailing Woods

Near Wailing Woods now stands a huge stone statue. It seems to be the counterpart to the male Golem, which moves regularly on the map.

Fortnite, Wailing Woods, Stone Statue

New Buildings in Tilted Towers

There are some new buildings under construction in Tilted Towers since Day 1.

We don’t know exactly when these buildings going to complete. It looks like it could be done in one of the next updates.

Fortnite, Tilted Towers, New Buildings

Polar Peak

Polar Peak was only added to the beginning of Season 7 and has now experienced some changes. The ice started to melt slowly and more and more parts of the place are accessible.

The biggest surprise is probably a huge ice globe floating over Polar Peak. It reminds players a little bit about the mysterious cube floating above the Loot Lake at the end of Season 6.

Polar Peak, Ice Globe, Fortnite, Map Changes

This globe can only be reached by building up. As soon as you approach it, your screen freezes and you can hardly recognize anything. In addition, this ball emits strange noises

The huge castle, which at first was covered in ice, is slowly melting. You can now discover new rooms under the castle and also encounter dragon eggs.

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Bandai Namco has unveiled five different character classes for its upcoming MMO “Bless Unleashed” and the first official trailer for the BU also teases its combat system.

BU is an action MMO that currently available for the Xbox One. The game relies on the UE 4 and an active combat system with the ability to evade attacks.

Five Available classes

- Berserker
- Mage
- Ranger
- Priest
- Crusader

Berserker has a large ambidextrous ax. In combat, he shakes the ground and whirls the ax around him.

Berserker, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Mage relies on the four elements. It can cause explosions or damage enemies with spels.

Mage, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Ranger is armed with a bow. He agilely moves around enemies and attacks them from a distance.

Ranger, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Priest is fighting with a magic wand. He channels yellow beams of light to damage opponents.

Priest, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Crusader seems to be the tank class of the game. He is armed with sword and shield and can block attacks or shatter enemies with his shield.

How Tekken 7: Ranking System Works

Crusader, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

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After the dispute over the Lootboxes in SW Battlefront 2, players wonder if Anthem will bring this system.

The lead producer Michael Gamble from BioWare recently stated through Twitter that Anthem will not have any loot boxes. He mentioned that lootbox in the game "would not make sense". Instead of this system one will offer optional cosmetic micro transactions.

According to BioWare, players should not have to spend any extra money on the games after the purchase.

- Anthem should not get any Lootboxes
- There is no season pass
- The story DLCs should be free

In another Twitter post, Gamble said players should buy Anthem and then stop worrying about things like a season pass.

Paid DLCs or season passes are actually typical of the Games as a service. Besides, there should be no way for pay-to-win, so the possibility to make more powerful through money.

Anthem, Earn Currency, Loot Boxes

Without micro-transactions, Anthem should not get along. However, they should only be of a cosmetic nature and be earned in the game. The players would then have to pay only if they want to get to the cosmetics faster.

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The VIP demo version of Anthem will commence later this month. Since Anthem is an online multipalyer game, the owners of PS and Xbox should have PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships to play the game.

In Anthem, you can go on missions together with up-to four friends, run raids or explore the world in freeplay. Since these are not different game modes, PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold are needed in any case.

There is a matchmaking system for all group functions in Anthem that you can use to arrange your group as you wish. Matchmaking is also available in the upcoming demo.

There are two demos for the game before the final version is released. In January 25, a VIP demo will start. You only have access to this version if you have pre-ordered Anthem. The VIP demo can be compared to a "closed beta".

On the 1st of February there will be an open demo, where everyone can participate. To reserve Anthem is not necessary for this demo. That would be comparable to an "open beta".

Anthem,  VIP Demo Guide

Five Best Free MMORPGs to play in this year

The demo version of Anthem will be different from the release version of the game. The demo of Anthem will be "easier" by collecting experience and money faster. This should allow you to see and test as much as possible before Anthem celebrates its launch.

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