Need for Speed ​​Unbound will be available to play on December 2 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


Now, EA is giving away a limited-time offer, a 10-hour free trial for EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, as well as the option to get the title for free if you're an EA Play Pro subscriber.


The EA Play Pro plan costs you $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Once you subscribed, launch the EA app on your PC. Then search for NfS ​​Unbound and click on the game to have a button appear that allows you to download the game for free with EA Play Pro .


You can also take advantage of 10 hours of free trial with EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and here is the procedure on PC and Xbox Series X / S.


How To Play, NfS Unbound Free, EA Play Pro, Xbox Game Pass



Head over to the NfS ​​Unbound page on the Xbox Store. Remember to sign in to your Xbox account

Then click the "Get - Free Trial with EA Play" button

Press the "Get" button in the new window that opens to add the trial to your library and download the game


Xbox Series X/S


Launch your console, then click the Xbox button on your controller

Then press the “My games & apps” menu

Choose “See all”, then Full Library

Now go to the EA Play and Trial Play option

Hit the Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound and Free Trial with EA Play button to add it to your library, then start downloading

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In this short guide, we’ll show you the exact locations of all five Memory Fragments in the Last Chapter of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Finding all Memory Fragments will reward unlock you the Jarl of the Raven Clan armor set. This will give you bonuses to attack and armor based on your remaining health, as well as increased critical chance and critical damage.


Memory Fragment # 1 - Ravensthorpe


The first Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, Young Eagle” can be found right in Ravensthorpe on a small hill in front of the Hidden Ones Bureau as shown in the picture below: 

Memory Fragment # 1, Ravensthorpe

Memory Fragment # 2 - Wessex


The second Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, Aelfred Rex” is on the porch of The Old Minster in Wincestre in Wessex, in the southwest of the map.

Memory Fragment # 2, Wessex, Map

Memory Fragment # 2, Wessex, Picture

Memory Fragment # 3 - East Anglia


The third Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, Aethelstan” lies on the roof of the house in the middle of the Northwic in East Anglia.

Memory Fragment # 3, East Anglia, Map

Memory Fragment # 3, East Anglia, Picture

Memory Fragment # 4 - Norway


The fourth Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, King Fair Hair” you must change maps and travel back to Norway, where the game once began. Here the Memory Fragment lies just outside the entrance to the long house in Alrekstad,  north of Hördafylke.

Memory Fragment # 4, Norway, Map

Memory Fragment # 4, Norway, Map

Memory Fragment # 4, Norway, Picture

Memory Fragment # 5 - Ravensthorpe


If you have collected all four Memory Fragment, you can now see the image of the last Memory Fragment (Fare The Well, My Ravens) and have to go back to Ravensthorpe again. Here you’ll find the fragment on one of the buildings at the docks.

Memory Fragment # 5, Ravensthorpe, Picture

Now you can enjoy the ending sequence of AC Valhalla and then find yourself in the shoes of Basim, who will star in the next installment, Assassin's Creed Mirage. 

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In Marvel's Midnight Suns you take on the role of a hunter and you can form a team to fight against villains such as Lilith, Crossbones, HYDRA, Chthon and Sabretooth.


Here is the list of all playable Heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns



Iron Man

Doctor Strange

Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel

Captain America


Playable Heroes, Characters, Marvel's Midnight Suns


Nico Minor

Ghost Rider




In addition to these heroes, you will encounter other characters that cannot be playable or used in battle.






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If you want to play coop or multiplayer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, then, you must unlock the Union Circle feature first. This is available after reaching the first Pokémon Center in Los Platos. Once it's done, here's the procedure depending on whether you want to play online with your friends or local, offline.




Go to a Pokémon Center


Then go to the Yellow Circle


Now, approach the screen in front of you and interact with it.


Click on the L key to go online and choose Create a union to have a link code displayed


Give the 6-digit/letter code to your friends to join you


Finally, select the Go on an adventure to play multiplayer with your friends

How To, Union Circle, Play Multiplayer, Pokemon, S&V, Scarlet and Violet

Offline or local


Go to a Pokémon Center


Then go to the Yellow Circle


Now, approach the screen in front of you and interact with it.


Choose Create a union to have a code displayed


Give the 4-digit/letter code to your friends to join you


Finally, select the Go on an adventure! to play multiplayer with your friends 

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During The Clans of the Plains quest in Wow Dragonflight, Khan Sansok will ask you four questions and in this guide will give you all the correct answers.


In the Maruukai area, you will meet an NPC named Aru who will give you a quest called Clans of the Plains. In order to complete this quest first, you will have to meet Khan Sansok in Maruukai. This character, after starting the discussion, will ask you four questions, here will give you all the questions and answers.


Q1. Which clan upholds our ancestors’ traditions and guides the Maruuk according to their ways?


A. Clan Teerai


Q2. Which clan is made up of centaur from across the plains who have honed a special connection to our god, Ohn’ahra?


Answers, Questions, Khan Sansok, WoW, Dragonflight, Clans of the Plains

A. Clan Ohn’ir


Q3. Which clan is the newest to rise to power and maintains the largest standing military force?


A. Clan Nokhud


Q4. Which clan specializes in honing their skills and hunting game across the plains?


A. Clan Shikaar

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Just like last year Spotify offers you a retrospective of 2022 and it is only available for Spotify users.


To see or access your Spotify Wrapped 2022, you have two options:


- Open the link in the official Spotify email, which will be sent to all its users


- Use the link to the Spotify Wrapped 2022. This link only works on phone, provided you have Spotify installed


How To, Retrospective, Spotify, Wrapped 2022

If you go through a link opening in the application, you just have to click on the story present at the top left to access your entire Spotify Wrapped. You will then find all the statistics in image concerning your year 2022 in music, and small quizzes are also offered!


You will learn the number of artists you have listened to, but also the list of your favorite podcasts or the number of minutes of listening you had in 2022. 

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