In this guide I will show you the best settings run the Resident Evil Village smoothly, to have like a decent 60fps with good graphic quality, on your PC.


So the first thing that you really need to do is to make sure that your game mode is at ON.


After that the Xbox Game Bar, I recommend to put that one at OFF and I recommend to put all your overlays OFF. If you're using the discord one, AMD or Nvidia don't use it, you will lose fps and also sometimes it's causing stuttering.


Next the capture part, make sure that your Background Recording is at OFF and Recorded Audio is at OFF.


After that open up the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, make sure that this option is ON (to have this option you need an Nvidia video card series 1000 or above and also you need the latest version of Windows. So once you put this option at ON you will need to restart your computer to make sure it's applied.


Next, make sure that you update your driver - Nvidia, AMD or Intel, even if you're using like an integrated video card on your CPU. It's a triple a game they always like release a dedicated driver for those games. So normally you can see a difference between 5 to 8% boost in your fps when you have the latest driver.


One more thing, in the power management mode make sure that you're using Prefer Maximum Performance Balance. This is more for a laptop, for example when I plug my laptop in the wall it's still on the ECO mode so you don't want to use ECO mode when you plug your laptop on the wall. It was using like 60% on my CPU and 60% of my GPU. So make sure that when you plug your laptop in the wall you're using the Maximum Performance or the Balance one.


Now, let's go inside of the game, we will look at the graphic parameter. We have a lot of options.


So, let's start with the Display Mode. I really recommend to use Full Screen, don't use Borderless or Windowed mode. With Windowed mode you will lose a couple of fps.


Screen Resolution: should be your native one.


Refresh Rate: make sure that you're matching your refresh rate with your monitor so really depend on what monitor that you have.


Frame Rate: I'm using variable, i just want to lower a little bit my input lag.


V-sync: if you have like a big issue with tearing in your monitor you can definitely put this one at OFF.


Best Settings, Run Resident Evil Village, Smoothly, Old PC, New PC

Rendering Mode: I recommend NORMAL, I did a comparison between INTERLACE and NORMAL the image quality is a lot better in normal you save a little bit of Vram if you go interlace but I really prefer the NORMAL one.


After that the Image Quality: go with 1, if you go on upscaling you will lose a lot of performance and if you downscale you will see that your image quality decrease a lot.


FidelityFX CAS: put this one at ON.


Anti-Aliasing: this one is really depend on your computer, for me I’m using TAA on my desktop but on my laptop I prefer to use FXAA for performance. So do a test between both but FXAA seems a good way to go.


Variable Rate Shading: put this one at OFF.


After that Texture Quality and Texture Filter Quality: So really important here look at your Vram on your card it's pretty crazy in this game I can't like Max Out my video card normally with 8GB of ram you don't have this issue. So if you have 16GB go with 8x, if you have 4GB go with 4x etc…


Mesh Quality: this is the first graphic parameter that will help you a lot with your fps. So put this one at MAX and you can get 3% to 4% in your fps. High to Medium you can get 3 to 4% boost and Low it's a 2%. So for me MEDIUM is good, like balance between image quality and fps.


Ray Tracing: This one depends on your video card, if you have like a second gen video card you can  definitely go with Ray Tracing at ON.


GI and Reflection: you can go with LOW.


Light Reflection: you can stay at Mid ( if you have something like a 3000 series video card you can definitely go with Mid or even High, it will give you a nice image quality)


Ambient Occlusion: I did a couple of tests and this will give you a lot of fps if you compare Fidelity to Off, it will give you like a nice 6% boost but I feel like you should definitely use ambient inclusion in this game because you want to be the game immersive. So between Fidelity and SSAO I didn't see a big difference and you kind of like saving a little bit of Vram so go with Fidelity effects.


Screen Space Reflection: this one will give you a lot of fps 5% ON vs. OFF but your image quality will suffer. So it depends where you're at right now in your build and your fps.


Volumetric Lighting Quality: this one also is really important High to Mid you will gain a 5% boost in your fps, mid to low you will gain 3%. So definitely go with MID for this one.

Subsurface Scattering: you can definitely put this one at ON.


Shadow Quality:  This is pretty much the most important graphic parameter in this game, Max to High you can gain 3 to 4% boost, High to Mid another 3% and Mid to Low a 2% difference. So definitely again go with MID.


Contact Shadows: you can stay at ON, you will lose about like 2% fps but still it's a really nice effect.


Shadow Cache: ON, I recommend to use this one, it will help you with your processing load.


Bloom and Lens Fair: normally those parameters I remove when I play like competitive games but in this game you want to use it because again you want to have like a nice image quality. Bloom at ON you will lose 3% boost in your fps and Lens Flare you will lose 2% in your fps.


Film Noise: I recommend to put this one at OFF I really don't like the image quality when I put this one at On.

Depth of Field: OFF, also I remove it, I feel like it's more a console thing you don't want Depth of Field when you're playing this game.


Lens Distortion: I put this one OFF, if you're getting drop because of lens distortion go with OFF.  If you don't see the difference just go with ON with chromatic aberration at on.


So that's about it guys for the guide.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best camera phone to capture high quality images right now but Samsung is all set to take that to a whole new level with the Galaxy S22 Ultra by equipping a technology that we see on digital and DSLR cameras.


The Unpacked event for the Galaxy S22 is faraway, almost 7 months to be exact but the handset is already making grounds on the internet for good reasons.


We've already heard Samsung is collaborating with the camera maker Olympus to bring sensor-shift technology to improve optical image stabilization and also to improve the low light performance. But it's not the only camera upgrade we're seeing with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to a top tipster, Samsung will equip the best zoom camera that we have ever seen on a smartphone. That's right, according to Ice Universe on Weibo, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a continuous zoom camera.


Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung

Now, what is continuous zoom camera? The Galaxy S21 Ultra has 2 zoom cameras. One is 3x optical zoom and another one is 10x for better short-range and long-range zoom. You get good zoomed-in pictures both at 3x and 10x mode. But anything in between, the quality diminishes. That's the reason Samsung brought back a 3x zoom camera on the S21 Ultra after only equipping a 5x periscope zoom on Note 20 Ultra because people started complaining that the phone isn't doing well when zooming in anything below 5x. But now, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung is taking this to a whole new level and they are making sure the quality doesn't deteriorate even if you zoom in at any point between say 1x to 10x optical. They are doing this by including a variable zoom lens.


A company called O-Film has explained how the continuous zoom camera mechanism actually works.

Galaxy S22 Ultra, Best Phone, Capture High Quality Photos

There is a piezoelectric motor onboard which smoothly and accurately drives a 3-lens assembly alongside the autofocus mechanism forward and back to reach the desired focal length. Thereby, providing higher quality images at different levels. Now, if this sounds a little familiar to you then you're not alone because Sony recently included the same variable zoom camerasetup on the Sony Xperia 1 III. But there's a huge difference between Sony's approach and Samsung's approach. The variable zoom camera on Sony's phone is locked at 2 focal lengths that are 3x and 4.4x of magnification levels. But the continuous zoom camera doesn't have that limitation. You can practically zoom in at any point between 1x and 10x and can still get perfect optical sharpness and details.


Also, those new periscope lens modules are thinner than the current ones. The one from O-film is just 5.9 mm thick which means the Galaxy S22 Ultra may not have a big camera bump.


Anyway, Ice Universe has also mentioned two other big upgrades for the S22 Ultra. The first one is the under-display selfie camera. The leaked trailer for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 already confirms the Under-Display camera for the phone, so it's no wonder the S22 Ultra will also get one to free the display from punch-hole cutouts.


The S22 Ultra will also be the first smartphone to have an AMD GPU, which is expected to be more powerful than the GPU found inside Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip. So the combination of insane camera technology, a powerful GPU, and an under-display camera will make sure the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the most impressive smartphone around when it launches in early January 2022. 

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Outriders developer Square Enix is finally rolling out a brand new update to fix characters and inventory restoration.


For Group A Characters is now underway, Group A Characters are those characters you encountered a wipe and are no longer able to log in at this point in time, please check your affected characters throughout the day. Also make sure to log out and in a game if you are in game at this time if your character has not yet been restored please be patient a little while longer as it may take a little time for the process to propagate across all affected characters.


As a reminder here is what you can expect to happen:


Group A restoration:


All items, regardless of rarity, that were equipped at the time of your inventory wipe will be restored.


All legendary items that were in your inventory.


For non-legendary items: 20 previously acquired items that were that were in your inventory, with first prioritization based on rarity (descending from epic rarity) and second prioritization based on date acquired.


All fully completed Accolades will be restored, if you previously reached the final tier of said accolade.


Outriders, New Update, New Patch, Fix Inventory Restorations, Fix Characters

Interim tiers and progress towards any tier of an Accolade cannot be recovered.


Please keep in mind that we may not be able to restore every single last item with 100% accuracy, but we are doing our best to make sure the most valuable items are accounted for.


If your inventory is already full, restored items will be held server side until there is space in your inventory and you have logged out and back in again.


Once we are happy with Group A restorations, we will trigger restorations for Group B. Group B players are those players who lost items but were able to continue playing


Please note that if you are part of this Group A restoration, your non-affected characters may receive up to 20 Legendary items that they previously sold back in their inventory. These items will be god-rolled. These items can be fully sold, scrapped or used


Finally, we'd like to thank you for your patience and support while we worked hard to bring this restoration. While it has taken longer than initially anticipated or planned, we never once wavered from our commitment to support those players who were affected.


We will soon be turning our attention to the community appreciation packs that were previously announced. We are also currently gathering information on the damage mitigation issue and are furthermore continuing to investigate reported multiplayer connectivity issues.


If you're a part of them Group A characters where you encountered the wipe and you can no longer log in on that same character from this point forward, keep checking said character and you may just get all your loot back.

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In this Call of Duty Warzone guide, we’ll be comparing the Bullfrog and the LC10, we'll be looking at their stats, best attachments and we'll find out which SMG is better, LC10 or Bullfrog in Warzone.


Now, when we're looking at the weapon stats the Bullfrog has an ADS speed of 220ms and a movement speed at 4.82 m/s whereas the LC10 has an ADS speed of 192ms and a movement speed of 4.82 m/s. So pretty comparable the LC10 does have a slight advantage in the ADS speed.


When we're looking at the reload speed it is the exact same for both SMS, 2.20s.


The Rate of Fire for the Bullfrog is 751RPM whereas the LC10 comes in at 790RPM. So the LC10 does have a slight advantage with that RoF which makes its TTK pretty comparable.


Now, let's take a look at the damage profile and see does the Bullfrog have a slight edge. When we're looking at the damage profile the Bullfrog does 55 damage to the head which means it's going to take 5 shots to down a fully armored opponents whereas the LC10 does 48 damage to the head which means it's going to take 6 shots to down a fully armored opponent.


Now, if we're looking at the chest damage the Bulldog does 34 damage to the chest which means it's going to take 8 shots to down a fully armored opponent, whereas the LC10 does 30 damage to the chest which means it's going to take 9 shots to down a fully armored opponent.


Now, both of these weapons do have a damage fall off that is pretty comparable. The Bullfrog has a damage of at 14m and the LC10 has a damage falloff at 20m.


But we need to take a look at the Time To Kill because this is where we see which weapon comes out on top. Now, if we're looking at the Time To Kill for the Bullfrog if you hit all of your headshots that means you're going to down a fully armored opponent in 320ms whereas if you hit all of your chest shots you're gonna down a fully armored opponent in 559ms. Taking a look at the LC10 if you hit all of your headshots the LC10 is going to down a fully armored opponent in 380ms. If you're hitting all of your chest shots the LC10 is going to down an opponent in 608ms which is terrible for a smg.


Warzone, Which SMG is Better, LC10, BULLFROG

Now, let's take a look if you mix in some headshots if you hit one or two headshots you are going to have a sub 400 Time To Kill at 479 ms this is very impressive for the Bullfrog. Now, if you get three headshots you are going to delete your opponent in less than 400ms. Now, if we look at the LC10 if you hit one or two headshots you're gonna down a fully armored opponent in 532ms and if you hit three headshots you're gonna down a fully armored opponent in 456ms and so here we see that the Bullfrog just has a better damage profile than the LC10 and with the bigger magazine, it's just a no-brainer to go with the Bullfrog because you can use an extra attachment somewhere else to either increase the range or to reduce the recoil.


I really love the Bullfrog. It's great for storming buildings especially with that extra ammo, with no recoil you can really challenge people with a little bit further range than most SMGs. It's great for taking on opponents, if you're outnumbered and if you hit those headshots you are going to be downing opponents absolutely quickly. The Bullfrog is amazing for aggressive play styles and also balanced play styles and not to mention it is excellent at hip fire. The LC10 is also fantastic at hip firing and can hit like a truck but you really need to hit those headshots for that ttk to be really impressive. The LC10 is great for a balanced playstyle and with that 53 round magazine it's gonna allow you to make some aggressive plays but keep in mind that you need to hit all of those headshots.


Let's jump into the attachments, so for the Bullfrog you're gonna want to go with the GRU Suppressor the 7.4” Task Force Barrel, the Steady Aim Laser, the Bruiser Grip, which is great for movement and hip fire accuracy and the KGB Skeletal Stock for the LC10 you're going to want to go with the Agency Suppressor, the 13.9” Task Force Barrel, the Steady Aim Laser, the Bruiser Grip and the Salvo 52 Rnd Fast Mag.


Here are my final thoughts, the Bullfrog is definitely my favorite out of the two, the recoil is really manageable allowing you to hit those headshots. The LC10 is fun to use and it's a balanced weapon, it works as it should, it is very usable with many different play styles. So the LC10 is going to be reliable.


However, when you're coming up against other players who are using maybe the FFAR, the MAC-10 or the Bullfrog you're gonna find that you're not gonna win much of those gunfights until the FFAR gets nerfed. You might not see the LC10 rising into the meta yet but the Bullfrog is definitely up there.

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We just got our first possibly official look of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 for the first time in history.

Samsung is finally bringing the under display camera after working on it for years and who would have thought that Z Fold 3 will be that device. So we have what I believe is the marketing material of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 is coming via user on Twitter, it's unknown source, we haven't seen leaks from this user before, but this whole leak looks very convincing, just like Samsung's official promo videos that these are not the best quality images and he also had to blur some of the important formation. But all of this come from some of the most important things that we wanted to see on a folder phone for a while. 

Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Which One You Buy

First up is the under display camera, the most awaited feature is finally happening as you can read the text Samsung will be heavily marketing as the first folder phone in the world with an under display camera. 

Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Under-display Camera

This is of course the main display; we're not sure about the outer screen whether that has the under display camera or not. But from this image it seems like the inner display has got the under display camera. 

Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Which Phone, Should I Buy,

Now, we have a brand new triple camera system log for the back of the Z Fold 3. I got to say it looks clean and it's actually based on the cameras from the Galaxy S 21 which means there's no need for Samsung to make the camera bum bigger. Like the way they did it on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in order to match the look with a Note 20 Ultra. But since  there won't be a Note 21 Ultra flashing phone coming alongside with this, this is the only Flagship product and Samsung is going for a brand new log. I kind of like this that we have more colors this time around. As you can see, we have a greenish, black and silver color. 

Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Back Side Cameras

Moving on to another big feature that people wanted to see was the S-pen. And now it's finally happening. The S-Pen is bigger and it is similar to the S-pen of S21 Ultra, and it’s not going to be integrated inside the device, like we see on the Note phones. So you have to buy it separately as well as a special case to hold it. So Samsung is marketing the multitasking aspect of the S-Pen. 

Samsung is using a brand new ultra thin glass that is said to be a lot more durable than what we have seen on the Galaxy phones. Also, we have your first look at the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a totally brand new design. There's a black border where you have a much bigger display then before, which is a very welcome change. And then on the side, we have dual cameras in vertical position. This will be Samsung's, most fashionable product ever and it's going to offer a lot more colors than before.

Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3,  Purple, Green, Silver, White, Grayish color

As you can see, the white color purple, green and grayish color. In total Z Flip 3 will offer up to eight colors. As with the front display of Z Flip 3 Samsung probably won't be using the under display camera, but it will surely get the 120 hertz refresh rate. In addition to all of these, the Z Flip 3 likely will have better protection thanks to Gorilla Glass Victus, AKA Gorilla Glass 7.

So there we go, the first look at the world's most advanced foldable smartphon. Galaxy Fold 3, first look under display camera is happening and of course in new camera look on the back and also a very surprising design look for the Z Flip 3, a lot different from what we have expected and anticipated in the lease and rumors. I got a say Samsung is really creating a unique look for their Galaxy lineup compared to their Galaxy S Series, and their Galaxy A series.

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In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Scavengers smoothly on old or high-end PC.


So let's start with the Game Mode, I recommend to use the Game Mode so put your Game Mode at ON and honestly, for my experience I did test the game on two different PC and the best combo is to play the game in DirectX 11 and use Game Mode. When I had like Game Mode at ON and I was trying DirectX 12 I don't know why I'm getting a lot of stuttering. So for me the best combo was DirectX 11 with Game Mode at ON.


After that make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is at OFF.


I don't use any overlay like a discord overlay, AMD, Nvidia and stuff like that. It's slowing your game a lot and it's more like causing stuttering. So don't use that.


For the game capture make sure that Background Recording is that OFF.


Recorded Audio is at OFF.


Next open your graphics settings, make sure that your Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON. You will need an Nvidia card series 1000 or above to make sure that you have that the latest version of Windows.


After that make sure that you update your driver, make sure that you download the driver directly from the vendor’s website.


Also look at your power plan, energy plan on your computer people who are playing on a laptop make sure that you don't run this game in Echo Mod, you really need to use like Performance or Balance Mode to make sure that your GPU and CPU will go at their maximum of their speed.


So that's about it for windows.


So now inside of the game, let's go to settings: VIDEO


The first mode that you really need to use is the Fullscreen. I was losing like 2 to 3% of my fps when I was trying Window or Borderless.


For your Resolution make sure that you play Native Resolution. So depending on your monitor, for me I'm playing at 1080p.

Best Settings, Run Scavengers Smoothly, Old PC, New PC

 Don't use the Resolution Scaling, it's a bit weird and the game looks very blurry and you will see like pixel and stuff like that when you go under 95. So don't use that just disable and go one to one and change parameter over there. Whatever, you think I'm not using it I am going with disabled. I want the lowest input lag possible but for sure if you have like a free sync g-sync just do your thing and you will be fine.


After that if you have an RTX card from Nvidia you have the DLSS option. Now, I don't recommend Ultra Performance and performance I did a couple of tests and honestly the image quality looks very blurry. So that's why I'm going with Quality. Balance was okay but like I added a difference 5% FPS between Balance and Quality so that's why I'm using Quality to make sure my game looks good. Honestly, I did a comparison between Quality and without the DLSS and honestly it's look almost the same. So it's really good without the DLSS.


After that the View Distance, really depends on your computer. I don't recommend to go too low. In a game like this you really need to see in front of you. So Medium can be a good bet. You're getting 3% Ultra to High and Ultra to Medium another 3% and 2%  Medium to Low. So Medium should be a good spot for you guys.


Anti-Aliasing - if you're using DLSS, it doesn't change. So it should be gray over there. Normally, any game when you're using the DLSS you can't change your Anti-Aliasing. So that's a bit weird that it's still there but anyway, if you don't use the DLSS go something with low. Honestly, I don't like the Anti-Aliasing using in this game. It looks very blurry, so that's why I'm removing it and you're gonna gain a nice 5 to 6% in your fps.

Post Processing - also normally I'm playing Medium or High in games but then in this game I'm going with Low it's weird man like my image quality is very blurry I feel I'm getting some motion blur with the Post Processing. So that's why I'm going to Low with this one.

Shadows - this is pretty much where you can get a lot of fps. It's 2 to 4% for each bracket. So Ultra to Low you can gain like a nice 10% boost in your fps.

After that Textures - this will depend on your Vram on your card. So more than 4GB go with Ultra, 3 GB go with High, 2 GB Medium and less than 2GB go with Low.


After that Effects - I'm playing at Medium, you're not necessarily see a big improvement in your fps when you lower your effect. It's more when you're fighting. So if you feel that you're getting crazy drop when you're fighting it's probably because of Effects so just go with something like Medium it will help you a lot.


Foliage - you can have like a nice 3% boost here with Ultra to Medium, 2% High to Medium and Medium to Low it's like 1%. So that's why I'm going with Medium. I feel that Foliage at Medium is a good spot.


The last parameter is DirectX version. So the API, I'm playing DirectX 11. I'm getting more fps in DirectX 12 but my fps are not stable it's crazy I'm dropping sometimes like 30 to 40 fps. So that's why I'm using the API, DirectX 11.

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