Absolver is an action role-playing video game developed by Sloclap for PS4 and PC. In the game, after the short tutorial you can find some useful tips. You can find them in the deck editor. Read them carefully, because these tips will help you to improve your Absolver gameplay.

- Our first tip for Absolver is that don’t use keyboard and mouse. Of course, the game offers you this option, but we recommend you use the gamepad. The quick change of positions within a fight can decide victory and defeat. For this reason you should connect a controller - if you play on the PC.

- Cairns are one of the collectible items in the game. If you've collected all the cairns, you'll get a trophy for Absolver. You can get equipment objects either over the cairns or opponents. These items drop by chance. We recommend you to collect your item after every big fight and especially before the Boss.

- Normal NPC opponents also drop items. This can also happen a few seconds after the wining. So turn around and look for glowing items that you can collect. You will also find this golden glitter in clay jugs. You can destroy them outside of a fight. All the objects from clay are used to preserve the coveted equipment. Glittering over them, you can be sure that there are collectibles for you.

- Healing is important in Absolver. If you have four fighters at the same time, you must either be a pro in combat games or have played the game for hours, so you don’t lose any health. If you are looking for a boss in Absolver then you don’t want to take him halfway through life. So how can you heal in Absolver.

* The easiest way is through the luminous altars spread throughout the world. Activate them and then interact with them. After a second, you can immediately stop again. And already the health is full again!

* Also your special ability, which you can see at the bottom left of the screen, helps you. Keep in mind that you can use the ability only to a limited extent. Also, your character needs a brief moment to take advantage of this ability. So you shouldn’t be facing enemies first, you should be at a distance. After the animation, you will light up red and heals you. The more damage you give, the more health you get. But as soon as you are struck by an enemy, the ability is passé. We could see some players who have used the ability outside of combat and don’t recommend doing that. Without giving any damage, this ability gives you very little life back.

* Select the class Kahlt Method. This allows you to absorb damage and convert it to health. We recommend this class for beginners as it is fast but strong. Their ability is easier to control than those of the other classes.

* After a fight (especially a boss fight) you get as a gift a little health back.

* Each time you step up, your health will be filled.

- In Absolvers, the shards show you how often you can use the special abilities. Defeat many characters in the game, so those who are named and appear as yellow points on the map will get more skills. Then you have to decide which ones you want to equip. Go into meditation for this. The fourth and all-right rider lets you determine the abilities - you can only take two of them.

- For example, with shards you are also pulling weapons. Defeat your bosses and you will get one from time to time, but you can only use it when your shards are loaded and also look out for the surroundings. At the old harbor you could find some weapons on the docks. You can take them with you. If you play in the coop, you can also share them with your friends.

Watch your stamina!

- Blocking and especially dodging consume a lot of stamina. Some enemies have attacks that can take you half of the endurance. If you then recharge your stamina, you shouldn’t block. Because then it takes forever. Get distance between you and the enemies and use the block button. The endurance is already much faster and you can get back into the fight.

So go back a bit, stop blocking and look at the endurance track. You should also keep this in the fight in the view. If the yellow bar is on the end of the two triangles, the attack consumes much less endurance.

By the way, your stamina also disappears when you sprint and attack an opponent. Then you start the fight with much less endurance. So if you see a hostile fighter, you should slow down and breathe.

- Especially at the beginning of the game, you are confronted with groups of opponents. However, if you want to get into the game, you should explore the world and deal with only one or two opponents. You get relatively fast in the first minutes. If you distribute the whole accumulated attribute points, you can take it soon with several opponents.

However, in the beginning you should be more inclined to the opponents. If there are too many of them, just run back. If you turn around now, you will see that the NPCs have returned to their places. So you can lure the enemies one by one and get ready. Just run slowly in their direction and wait for one or two opponents to come towards you. Then you can take them more easily.

- So here's our last tip: Play online and try the co-op mode. If you hit another Absolver player in Adal, just press LB or L1 to open the circle menu. In addition to all the emotes, you also have four options to engage with other players or to create wars. On the left you can ask for your cooperation. This also works three ways, so you can collect a third friend on the way.

If you fight against an enemy and inadvertently attack the co-op one, your cooperation will be ended and your relationship will be set to hostility. The game then thinks that you are fighting for life and death. In the end, you simply have to ask again for a cooperation request. Another advantage is that you always see the other with a blue border. He can also move farther away.

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Yakuza Kiwami is the latest entry in popular Yakuza video game series. The game is action, but also has elements of item collection, combos, new map, rescue and evolution of characters. Here are some useful tips and strategies to help you get started with Yakuza Kiwami.

The Right Combo

Our protagonist has access to several combos throughout his adventure, but the most efficient, at least at the beginning (when there are few abilities), is the combination of square, square, square, and triangle in the control. This type of combo has the power to break the enemy's defense or to drop them on the ground if they are not protecting themselves, which can facilitate elimination. It works on any of the four moves of the character.

Don’t Get Lost!

Whenever you're lost and don’t know your goal, open the map using the DualShock 4 touch panel and check the blue dots. They usually appear in a very varied way and usually only one gives the continuity to the story. It is always good to visit them for more details of the story. It is worth remembering that the pink dots are those in which the game highlights the continuity of the story, but they don’t always appear.

Always Change Your Moves

The enemies are get used to the blows during the fights, even with the combo tip, just above. Therefore, whenever possible switch between the four fighting styles available: Brawler, Rush, Beast and Dragon. Each one has specific points: more speed, more strength, more ease with combos and so on. Alternating in the middle of the fight is possible through the digital directional, in real time, without losing the rhythm of the blows.

Watch Kiwami

Kiwami is Kazuma's supreme coup. When the Climax Heat Gauge is full, he can activate it and kill the opponent in just one second - destroying whoever is in his path. The problem is that the Kiwami mode icon appears very quickly and the player can lose it if he is in the middle of a combo. The trick is: always try to hit the triangle too so that the Kiwami can be activated in the middle of the usual scams, when available.

Majima Everywhere System

Majima Everywhere is a fighting system of in which Kazuma finds, at any moment, the personage Majima in the streets of Kamurocho to be able to fight of free form. You can get away from these fights - but don’t do that. The Majima Everywhere fights are a lot of experience and are very difficult, which greatly facilitates the evolution of Kazuma. In fact, this modality was added with the objective to help in the growth of the main personage. So, no matter what mission you are in, always fight Majima.

Upgrad Your Health

The evolutionary system of Yakuza Kiwami allows Kazuma to upgrade, including fighting styles, speed, punches. But the main tip is always to start releasing new health and life points. Kazuma's life bar is too small early in the game - after the prologue, when he returns from prison and recovery items are scarce. It is easier to survive a difficult fight if you are more likely to take wallops without dying.

Always Save Your Game Progress

Yakuza Kiwami is not a difficult game, but it's always good to save your game progress. If you die or the game goes off for some reason, you will return to the last auto-save. The game warns you of this, but it is worth to leave the tip: the "save" also has changed. Now you don’t have to go to the phone booth to do it, just press the pause button - Options - to enter the menu and choose the option.


One of Yakuza's funniest functions is back: now Kazuma can be equipped. Many players don’t know this, mainly because the game is action and pounding, however, items can make your life easier in the fighting. The game does not inform you which are equipables. You usually buy them in stores or get as rewards for quests, but the game does not indicate the benefit of equipping. Press Options and go to the inventory menu to check what you have and don’t stop using.

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Yakuza Kiwami is an action adventure game and a remake of Yakuza from the developer and publisher Sega. In the game, you have to find locker keys for a total of fifty coin lockers. In these lockers, you find many different items such as potions, weapons and equipment. You can sell these items for many yen at the Ebisu Pawn Shop. These items are extremely useful at the beginning of the game.

All Coin Lockers can be found in the center of Kamurocho as in the previous game. Just to the left of the Millenium Tower, you can unlock fifty lockers with correct keys that are scattered across the map. The keys are named from A1 to J5 and the following video shows you their locations.

Yakuza Kiwami; Bob Utsunomiya; Clown
Before you look for the keys, you should pay a visit to Bob Utsunomiya. For this NPC, who is appeared like a clown, you can exchange CP (Completion Points). You get these by completing activities in the game (for example, eating in restaurants, playing mini games, defeating opponents, etc.). Bob Utsunomiya is located at the entrance to Tenkaichi Street in the south west of the map near the taxi stand (check out the below video to find his location)

If you have collected five Completion Points, you can exchange them for the Key Keeper. This will cost you 3 CPs, but you must first score two points for Gotta Go Fast Lv. 1 so that the Key Keeper can be enabled. The Key Keeper can be equipped later. If you are near a Locker key, the Key Keeper starts to beep, which makes it easier for you to search further.

Note the following peculiarities for some keys

I4: You will find this key in the West park, where you only gain access later in the game.
B5: You can enter the underground casino area later in the game. Here you will find the key half way.
I3: You will get the Sub story 23.
C1: You will get the Sub story 42.
J5: You will get the Sub story 43.

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In Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are new open world activities. Earlier they were presented earlier as opponent dungeons, with unique bosses protecting treasures. To get into a Lost Sector, you don’t have to load a new instance, as is the case with Strikes or Story missions. Instead, you can enter these activities without loading times when you are pushing for your open world exploration. They are optional activities - similar to public events. You can attack them, but you can also simply go past them.

The dualshockers.com has already been able to play Destiny 2 in the European death zone. The author stumbled over a Lost Sector. Here is gameplay material of it.

The idea behind a Lost Sector is already known: One discovers in the Open World a sign, which points to a Lost Sector. When you see this symbol, you know: There is something nearby.

Then the area is searched for the entrance, which leads one into this sector. There are several enemies and a boss. Defeat the boss. This will drop a cache code, which can loot the loot chest. Then you can leave the Lost Sector and explore the world further

In the gameplay video, you can see a Lost Sector in the EDZ. It is located inside a building. The author writes that he was in a public event when he discovered the symbol for the Lost Sector. He went deeper into the building, where they were waiting for him.

The boss in the sector is called Calzar. He is a Scarred Captain, who can plug in some. When he was defeated, the squad received the cache code. In the chest was a blue armor part, an EDZ token (which can increase the reputation for the new character Devrim Kay) and 700 mica. Lost Sector looted appears on the left side of the screen.

Dualshockers draws the conclusion: Lost Sectors are short and sweet. The bouts don’t last long - depending on their own level - but the Lost Sectors are satisfying, as it is exciting to go deep and explore them. And there is also Loot.

According to dualshockers, the Lost Sectors are displayed on the target map, yet they are not easy to find. The entrance was only to be discovered. In addition, it should be possible to repeat these after a certain time.

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Samsung HDR 1500 TV promises brightness intensity superior to HDR10, conventional standard, used by the other TV manufacturers.

By achieving higher brightness, brand-name TVs allow for sharper contrast levels, featuring brighter colors, more noticeable dark tones and image reproduction that tends to offer more quality.

The term trend here is central because although the displays have extremely high brightness, even exceeding the minimum specifications of what is meant by HDR today, the fact is that experiencing all this image quality can depend a lot on the content you watch : most TV channels don’t broadcast in HDR, streaming services like Netflix, GloboPlay and GlobosatPlay offer HDR in a restricted collection of titles and the application of this technology in games still crawls and is prone to hardware limitations.

What is HDR, anyway?

HDR is an imaging technology that aims to raise the intensity of colors and contrast reproduced by a screen. Associated especially with 4K TVs, the HDR can be found in more than one standard, but generally refers to screens capable of displaying images with 10-bit color depth and total of 1.07 billion different colors.

The difference from Samsung TVs is the offer of specifications that are even higher than the HDR10. For example: the line of HDTVs with the so-called HDR1000 reaches 1400 nits of brightness intensity well beyond the minimum 1000 nits required for a product to receive the HDR10 seal.

For HDR1500 brand televisions, the screen is expected to reach at least 1500 nits of brightness.

It may seem strange to consider the picture quality of a screen from the brightness level, since if you put the brightness at the maximum of your TV, it will overshadow the images and will not gain any quality from that.

But in this case, the measure refers to theoretical limits of display performance and, in the case of color perception by those who watch, the level of brightness is essential for faithful reproduction of images in darker scenes, or even So that the contrast between colors and light and dark tones is more noticeable.

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Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice is a horror video game from the developer and publisher Ninja Theory. The game needs a lot of hard disk space but the system requirements are not demanding. The game can run smoothly on GTX 770 or R9 280X. Besides, Hellblade relies on full controller support and uses the cloud to save your progress. However, the graphics settings are less variable and leave little room for maneuver. In this guide, we show you some fixes, tweaks and improvements for you to make it easier to play.

Fix Crashes:

The developer behind Senua's Sacrifice is constantly working on updates and patches. However, some errors have not yet been fixed. Numerous players have reported that they have been experiencing black screen when they die. Hellblade then pause and does not even let you open the task manager. If you hear your hard drive working here, you should wait for awhile. Then you can use Task Manager to complete the game. Of course, this solution is not optimal. However, some players have already informed this issue to the developer.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice: Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
Processor: Intel i5 3570K, AMD FX-8350 or Comparable
Graphic Card: Nvidia GTX 770 (2GB), AMD Radeon R9 280X (3GB) or comparable
DirectX: DirectX 11
Resolution: At least 1280×720

If your PC meets these minimum system requirements, then you can run the game at about 35 to 45 FPS. If you want to maximize the FPS, then you should have a GTX 1060. But also here are "only" 40 to 45 FPS. More than 60 FPS and 4K are only available with a GTX 1070.

Improve Game Performance:

Before we show you some optimizations, you should know what you're getting into. Hellblade could crash or stop running, so we recommend that you copy and re-save any file you need to rewrite before you change it.

Skip Intro

You cannot skip the intro manually. Whoever has to start the game several times will be annoyed by it.

- Go to the path …\HellBladeGame\Content\Movies\

- Now choose the files NinjaTheory_Logo.bik, ThirdParty_Logo.bik and UE4_Logo.bik. Cut it out and move it to another location, such as the desktop. If you never want to see the intros again, you can delete them.

Improve Field of View (FOV)

- Go to the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\HellbladeGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

- Open the engine.ini file and simply add the following line, save, close the file, and restart the game


Turn Motion Blur Off

- Go to the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\HellbladeGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

- Open the Scalability.ini file and search for the value PostProcessQuality @ 3.

- Now open the file GameUserSettings.ini and find the same text. The numbers here must be the same. Stay best in the range of 0 to 3.

- Finally, your Game User Settings will close and add the following text to the end of the Scalability.ini file:


Disable Movie Grain Effect

- Go to the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\HellbladeGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

- Open the file Engine.ini.

- Look for r.Tonemapper.GrainQuantization and r.Tonemapper.Quality. Set the value to 0.

Change Mouse Sensitivity

- Go to the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\HellbladeGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

- Now open the file GameUserSettings.ini.

- Find the following values for AxisMappings=(AxisName=”LookUp”,Key=MouseY,Scale=-1.000000) and AxisMappings=(AxisName=”Turn”,Key=MouseX,Scale=1.000000).

- Change the values and increase them. For example, set it to 2.0.

- Restart the game and set the control to default or preset in the settings.

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Observer is a horror video game that will lead you through a gloomy future in Krakow. In this guide, we will show you not only how to fix problems, but also to optimize them.

System Requirements for Observer

Before you begin make sure that your PC meets the following system requirements:

Operating system:

Windows OS: At least Windows 7 and DirectX 11
Mac OS: 10.12
Linux OS: 16.04 (recommended: 17.04 or SteamOS 2.0)


Windows: Intel Core i3 (3.4 GHz), AMD A8-6700 (3.1 GHz) or better
Mac: Intel Core i5 (3.2 GHz) with four cores or better
Linux: Intel Core i3 (3.4 GHz), AMD A8-6700 (3.1 GHz) or better


Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 660, AMD R9 270 or better (with 2 GB VRAM)

Keep in mind that Intel graphics cards are not supported. The following controllers are supported:

- Cable users Xbox-360-Controller For Windows from Microsoft

- Cable users Xbox-One-Controller from Microsoft

- Cable-bound and cable-free PS4-Controller von Sony
- Cordless PS3-Controller from Sony

- RumblePad 2 from Logitech

- Dual-Action-Controller from Logitech

Observer Does Not Starts in the Steam-VR-Modus

Observer does not have many problems at all. However, some PC players complain about the start in VR mode. The developers are still working on this problem. However, we have already found a workaround that should work for each player. Start Steam Observer in VR mode, crash or the performance is bad. A patch is to direct the whole thing. Now you can disconnect your connected VR device. Then restart Observer.

If Observer does not start at all via Steam, you can go into the game folder and open theObserverSub.exe file there. But then the steam overlay does not work anymore. If there are problems with the keyboard and the assignments, you can connect a gamepad or reboot the game.

Skip Intro

- Go to the folder where the game was installed and then continue \steamapps\common\Observer\TheObserver\Content\Movies\.

- Delete, move, or rename the following files: LoadingScreen.mp4, LoadingScreen.ogv, LoadingLoop.mp4 and LoadingLoop.ogv.

Enlarge Field of View (FOV)

- Go to the configuration file that you want \TheObserver\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ finds.

- Open the engine.ini file and type the following line. Close the file and then save.

[/Script/Engine.LocalPlayer] AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV

FPS-Cap Open / Increase

- Open Engine.ini under\TheObserver\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\.

- Look for FrameRateLimit and type the number to represent the maximum FPS number, e.g. 120.000000.

Disable Chromatic Aberration

This effect plunges the edges of the objects into a comic light and causes color traces on them. For example: If the game becomes bad, this effect should be turned off.

- Open the following file: Scalability.ini.
- Insert the following text, save, and close the file.
- Start the game and set the graphic quality to High or Custom.


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The third and last boss fight of the Upper Citadel of the Knights of the Frozen Throne plays against the undead dragon character Sindragosa.

- There are 4 ice blocks on your side of the field. These cannot be destroyed and block squares for your minions. You can have a maximum of 3 minions!

- At 20 and 10 life points, Sindragosa freezes all the player’s minions and turns them into ice blocks (so that more places are irrevocably occupied).

Sindragosa himself uses lots of dragons and swears on the various synergy effects of this.

There are several approaches to this battle; the easiest victory is through a C'thun deck, which in turn causes Sindragosa to inflict more than 20 damage points so that his hero ability is never used properly.

The deck does not use spells, because whenever you have a spell, Sindragosa uses a spell that deals 3 damage (if you have a spell). An allusion to "your pathetic magic, betrays you! - the probably most composer's theorem of Sindragosa.

Just make sure you let your own minions die (wait for good trades), so you can play more buffs for C'thun.

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Professor Putricide is the second boss in the Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest expansion for Hearthstone. He was already known in WoW for his three terrible-challenging phases. In Hearthstone, he also has three phases. Each phase comes with a new heroic ability of the opponent, which affects the whole game.

- Phase 1: All secrets cost 0 Mana.
- Phase 2: All weapons cost 1 Mana.
- Phase 3: All Cards cost 5 Mana.

He has a lot of secrets in the deck that you have to play around carefully. You don’t have to worry about explosions, he does not use them. Otherwise, he has packed all the annoying things such as ice block, frozen clone, ice barrier, potion of polymorph, duplicate, counter spell and Mana Bind.

Therefore, two secret keepers are absolute duty to conquer the professor

The professor changes the phase when he has subtracted his 15 armor points (which he then gives in Phase 2).

A solid mage deck seems to be the easiest solution here, because it can quickly eliminate the major threats and that is important after the phase change. If modernity is conquered, the battle is much easier and almost won. A voracious mud makes a short process out of the professor's weapons, so they are no longer a threat.

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Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest expansion for Hearthstone has been live for a few days now. There were not only 135 new cards, but also a new solo adventure. The accompanying wings are published in the weekly newsletters. Currently, the second wing is open, giving the players three new bosses as adversaries. In this guide, we show you how to defeat the first boss Lana'thel.

This boss is likely to be familiar to World of Warcraft players. The mechanics of Blood Lana'thel are almost identical in WoW.

- At the beginning of the match, Lana'thel transforms the player into a vampire and replaces his heroic ability with a vampire bite.

- Vampire bite must be used for every move and costs 0 Mana. It gives a minion 2/2 and makes him a vampire.

To defeat Blood Queen Lana'thel, you only have to follow a simple strategy: play at least one minion on each round. This avoids the need to bother enemy minions.

Attention: If you don’t have a minion on the field, you must bite an opponent's minion! If you don’t bite anyone for a round, you lose the match automatically!

For the fight we use a simple paladin deck, which only minions with particularly low costs, like the Eleven Archer. There are some minions with a rush, like the wolfrider. Additional buffs such as the blessing of might and blessing of kings to accelerate the whole thing. In general, the strategy here is "face is the place" - so always in the face of the boss, without great consideration for losses.

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The Lost Legacy is the latest expansion to the Uncharted action adventure video game series from the developer Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4. The game brings new collectible items called Hoysala Token and you’ll find these items in Chapter 4: The Western Ghats. If you've found all 11 of these Tokens, you'll get the special "The Queen’s Ruby" item. This is not only cosmetic, but also helps you to find treasures. In this guide, we show you the locations of all 11 Hoysala Tokens.

Here is a map, which shows you all the Token locations.

The Hoysala Tokens are hidden in various places and sometimes you have to solve some puzzles to reach their locations. However, sometimes they are also hidden behind walls that you can break with a C4 or targeted shell.

Once you have collected all eleven Hoysala Tokens, return to the ruins in the north east and place them on the wall map. This opens the small container in front of you and you get the special item Queen’s Ruby for Chloe.

All 11 Hoysala Token Locations

1 - After you have interacted with the wall map in the ruin, a gate opens to your left, behind which the first Hoysala Token hides.

2 - Just south of the ruin you’ll find a hole. First, you must connect the well cover with your grab hook and then pull it over the bar from above to raise it. Dive into the hole and collect your Token.

3 - Directly southeast of the ruin. Climb the wall up in the area with the bells, then shoot the seven bells one after the other to remove the bars that block you from entering the room. Don’t take too long here, otherwise the bells will be silenced and you will have to shoot them again.

4 - A little further southeast you find another Token. Just climb the tower and swing over the platforms to a small cave with the Token inside.

5 - Just west of the Fort in the southeast. Clear the gun outposts of all enemies and then destroy the wall with grenades or C4 to get the Token.

6 - From the fifth Token from far west you will find the next one. For this you have to climb up the wall and swing five times with your grab hook to get to a hidden area. Here again you have to destroy a wall to get the Token.

7 - In the middle of the water level in the south-west stands a larger elephant statue. Just before that you can dive into an underground cave for the next Token.

8 - At the sea front post just north of the water level. Get rid of all the enemies and break the wall to get the next Token.

9 - In the middle of the map, there are several small ruins just to the east of the large lookout tower. In the center, on the roof of the ruins you find a switch that you need to press. In this way water fountains are fired on the roofs of the other ruins. Now swing from ruin to ruin and press the floor of the fountains until all have disappeared. Now you have to return to the starting point and press the delta key. The whole thing you have to complete under time pressure.

10 - A little further north you come to the forest outpost. There you find a wall again, but the rebels were faster than you and have already collected the Token. Fortunately, they hid it only a few meters further in a box on the loading area of the van. Crack the lock and grab your Token in it.

11 - The last Token you find directly west of the ax-fort in the north-west. Climb up the wall and solve the simple puzzle so that the locked gate opens with the Token in it.

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Arena of Valor is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile video game developed by Tencent Games for Android and iOS devices. In the game, you unlock new skills and equipment through the levels. The higher your character is in the level, the stronger your team and there are also ways to upgrade the level for your entire team.

You have two options to upgrade your hero:

- Collect gold to unlock equipment. This allows you to upgrade your attack, defense, and more.

- XP Farms to unlock and level up all character skills. Overall, you have three active abilities that unlock you with the first level of your character.

When you have reached level 4 you will be able to kill the strongest - the Ultimate. It is not so difficult to reach level 4. However, leveling is important because you can again upgrade your skills with a new level. This makes them stronger and you become more deadly. But what actions get you many XP or gold?

One of the easiest ways to level up your character is simply time. Even if you just stand around and do nothing, you get up and get gold to unlock new equipment. But of course this is not the only thing you should do, because you want to reach the highest possible level to be stronger than your opponents.

One of the most logical and easiest ways to farm XP faster is killing the minions. However, you have to make sure that you also get the last hit. In this way, you not only get experience points, but also more gold.

A good opportunity to give the entire team more XP and gold is by destroying towers. It does not really matter if you destroy the tower or one of your minions. Here you don’t have to pay attention to the last hit.

Also, don’t underestimate the monsters in the game. You'll find them in the Jungle and if you kill them, you and your team will get additional XP and Gold. Some will take you on buffs and strengthen your entire team as well as your own fighters.

The best way to level up is to defeat the opponent's heroes. So if you see the opportunity, then take it. But don’t fall wildly into the battle if it does not fit your class or if you die, because that brings your opponents turn points of experience and you should try to prevent.

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With the upcoming expansion Path of Fire will bring elite specializations and this weekend you can try them for free.

The developers have revealed more details about these specializations in a development journal, which are intended to better define the roles in the MMO. With the specialization, players should be able to fine-tune their hero to the personal game style.

However, the developers also explain that the specializations are not a must, but there will be no content that requires a specialization.

New ways to tackle challenges

With the elite specializations, players should be able to tackle challenges better and in different ways.

Guild Wars 2; Path of Fire; Elite Specializations; new details

A pure warrior can attack a boss directly with strong attacks, but will not be able to do much against his powerful attacks. On the other hand, a warrior with the specialization of Spellbreaker can have a debuff, thus weakening the powerful attacks of the boss' opponent, but inflicts less damage to him.

Guild Wars 2; Path of Fire; Elite Specializations; Guide

Veterans get more options

With the elite specializations, GW2 veterans are given new opportunities to expand their heroes in a new way and solve situations in different ways. Therefore, this feature is an important part of Path of Fire. In the development book, the team from Guild Wars 2 reveals more to the elite specializations and if you want to try them out yourself, then you can do this weekend.

The expansion Path of Fire can be tried for free from Friday, August 18th to Sunday, August 20th.

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The Deathmatch mode was requested by many Overwatch fans over a longer period of time but the developer was always said that Overwatch was not the right game for this special multiplayer mode. However, with the implementation of the Arcade in Overwatch, it was much easier them to implement ideas and concepts that would not be used for the normal game. The Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode also added.

In this special game mode, it is simply a question of getting the most kills. In the standard Deathmatch everyone plays alone and in Team Deathmatch, you have to try and reach the most kills for your team. All kills of players from a team are added to the team account, and the team with the most kills wins the game.

Blizzard has developed a special statistic for this mode, in which you can then see the already acquired kills. You can open them by pressing the Tab key in the game.

You play against seven other players. You can choose any hero you and then you have to deal with this hero so well that you can reach 20 points - kills from other players.

Pick Your Hero

If you are better than half the players in a deathmatch, you will be counting on your weekly arcades, which will surely make this game for fans who are not so serious about the rankings. You get Loot boxe as a reward by wining three Arcade games and thereby you’ll get a chance on chic skins and other ingame items.

Team Deathmatch - 6 vs. 6

In principle, this is the most kills of opponents. However, in a team of six players, you are playing against another team and you have to score 30 kills to win the match. In Team Deathmatch, for example, Mercy's Ultimate Revival is an interesting thing because by using this ability, the other team is even taken a kill.

New Map and Special Versions of Old Maps for This Mode

Furthermore, many of the overwatch maps have been adapted to suit the mode. So you will be fighting for glory and honor at famous battlefields, even if you don’t have to take control points.

As a highlight, you will expect a completely new map, Château Guillard, which was only developed for Deathmatch mode and it is the home for Amélie Guillard, who after her wedding took the surname Lacroix and is probably better known as Widowmaker.

However, in the Team Deathmatch, you will be on other maps than in any-versus-any mode. For example, the Château should not be so much fun with its construction in the team, but maps like the Black Forest, Ecopoint: Antarctic and the Necropolis - the Arena maps.

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Sonic Mania is the latest entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog game series developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games for Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One and PC. In this guide, we show you how to find all Chaos Emeralds and complete the special stages to unlock super sonic.

Become a Supersonic makes the hedgehog not only more powerful, but it is also a prerequisite to unlock the secret end in the game, which is accompanied by an additional boss fight.

The Chaos Emeralds have no solid foundations, but give it as a reward for completing the seven special stages. You can enter these bonus stages when you find the big golden rings in the 24 stages of the game, of which there are one or two at each level. Remember that there are more rings than a special level, so you have several chances to try the levels again because each ring gives you only one chance per pass.

Because of the stages architecture, we can only describe the locations of the big rings, but they can hardly be overlooked because of their size. In addition, you don’t have to find all, you can complete the special stage with few attempts.

In the special stage, you must always catch a UFO on a track that carries the Chaos Emerald. In order to do this quickly, you should collect the blue balls on the course to boost your pace. Also collect rings to extend the time available.

Since you can only activate the large rings in stages only once and it is very difficult to create the special level for the first time, you will probably not be able to become Supersonic during your first game. However, after the end of the game a level selection is unlocked, which makes this project much easier for you. Here you can play as many zones as you want and try again.

The following method shows you how to collect all the Chaos Emeralds quickly.

- Choose a large ring that you can easily reach in the game (For example in Zone 1 or Zone 2).

- Collect it then and try to complete the special stage successfully. If it does not work, exit the game and reload the zone.

- If you can, you can play the same zone again and re-activate the same big ring. Then the next special level comes and you can be so fast to become Supersonic.

The Secret Ending

If you have collected all the Emeralds, you can finally become Supersonic. To activate the transformation, you have to press the jump key again during a jump. Keep in mind that you must have 50 rings for the transformation.

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Arena of Valor is now available on mobile devices and brought a lot of characters. In this guide, we will give you some useful tips to help you select characters.

One of the most important features in the character selection menu is the ability to try them all before you buy. This is exactly what you should do, because even if we or someone else, give you a list of the best heroes, it does not mean that these characters would be best for you.

The best heroes of the week

This can of course be very complex and with such a selection it can also take a long time. After we have tried out several heroes, we had hardly any desire and still no decision, which character we want to unlock. Fortunately, the Arena of Valor developers have built a wonderful feature to help you choose heroes.

- If you click on "Academy" in the main menu, you will get to the news page within the app.

- If you scroll down, you will find the entry "Top 10 Heroes Weekly".

- Here you can see an overview of the 10 best heroes of the week. You can see their Win Ratio and if you click on a hero directly, you will get more info.

You should of course not simply choose the number 1 and buy, because it does not mean that this fighter is also the best for you. However, you can consider the list as a kind of recommendation and can focus on testing the suggested characters.

There is also the option to view the values of all heroes to the left of the Top 10 overview. These are also determined weekly.

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In this guide to Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne, we have summarized all the details and some useful tips for the prologue as well as the first three missions and boss battle tips for you.

The first enemy you’ll encounter in the prologue of Knights of the Frozen Throne is Lich King. Unfortunately, you don’t have many chances in this battle and it's more about the story than about the possible victory against this opponent. Soon you’ll find out that Tirion Fordring is on his way to help you. However, you must wait three games, which is also shown on the field. This waiting time is an advantage for the Lich King because he defeats you within these first three moves. Here, you are not dying but you are re-enacting Jaina as Frost. The Lich King seems to have fulfilled his task and his armies richer by one member. Through your new powers, this battle is easy for you.

If you win this battle, you’ll get a random Death knight hero card as a reward, and he persuades you once again to return to the side of the living. Therefore, for a long time, your existence as a death knight did not stop, and the Lich King is even more angry now in the next missions.

In the lower citadel, you’ll encounter three bosses: Lord Marrowgar, Deathbringer Saurfang and Lady Deathwisper . In contrast to the first mission in the prologue, in the fight against these three powerful opponents, you can assemble your decks yourself and choose your class before the beginning of the battle.

Boss Battle:Lord Marrowgar

This boss has the heroic ability of skeletal reconstruction that heals his full life in use for 0 mana . This will force you to kill the boss in one move, as otherwise he will be completely healed again and again.

To make your life a bit more difficult, Lord Marrowgar uses cards such as bone spines, skeletal knights, or bone storms (1 damage to all servants) in battle. A deck with many small servants or servants with divine symbols is not really worthwhile.

A selection of decks, with which the first bosses of the lower citadel can be successfully defeated.

Boss Battle: Deathbringer Saurfang

This boss seems like an easy opponent, because he has only 20 health points. However, he cannot be easily defeated at second sight, because you can only harm him if you use a weapon. So, not every class is suitable for this fight, since not all heroes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft can use a weapon.

In addition, he plays a lot of servants who have a mock, so their Saurfang can not always directly attack. This is to keep under control, and defeat the Deathbringer, before his death by cards such as Bloodstorm (heals Saurfang at the beginning of his turn) seems almost impossible.

Boss Battle: Lady Deathwisper

The third and the final boss of the first wing is Lady Deathwisper. She possesses the heroism of Whisper of Death (inflicts 1 damage to all servants until they have 1 health), which she will always uses at the beginning of her turn. This threatens the use of Valithria Dreamwalker who will help you in this fight.

With 30 attack points, Valithria can be useful against the 90 points armor and 30 health points your opponent has. However, the dragon can only attack if he is not hurt...

A good way to defeat this boss is to choose the priest as a class for your deck. Finally, you will be given a large selection of healing spells and will be able to restore Valithria to attack again when you are on the train. Furthermore, you have the possibility to silence the dragon, so that it can always attack, even if it does not have full health. If you take this step, it can also be attacked and removed from the game board.

If you have defeated all three bosses in the  prologue, you will receive a card pack from Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne.-

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Early Access week 20 update for the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) brings some bug fixes and performance improvements.

The new update is currently on the game’s test server and if everything goes well, then the changes go on the live server. The performance improvements are especially well received by users of AMD, which are based on Ryzen CPUs and thus on a multi-core processor.

The Patch Notes to the Week 20 Update in Detail

Client Optimizations

- Improved game’s Performance for 6+ Core CPUs

- Improvements to User Interface (UI)

Sound Effects

- Volume of the motorcycle and lowered by squealing tires

Bug fixes

- Improved animation when throwing items while lying down

- Fixed bug that prevented the use of the voice chat on the start island

- Fixed bug that resurrected the characters standing instead of crouching

- Fixed bug that prevented the reload of the weapon button

- Markers are now visible to viewers on the mini and world map

- Fixed a bug that did not display the target visibility to viewers

- Fixed a bug when changing the graphics option Effects

- Improved posture of the hands at the wheel of vehicles

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In Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice, the puzzles are not compulsory but you must solve them to advance in the history. In the game, you will get a little help in the form of tutorials.

In the game, the puzzles differ greatly depending on level or territory. Over the entire game you will be presented confronted with the following messages:

- Locked Doors with Runes: These are the most common puzzles in the game. A door is locked with one to three rune puzzles. First, you must focus such a door and then rediscover the corresponding rune symbols in your environment. Whether you're right, you'll know that little runes are hovering around you. All you have to do is press the Focus button and look around until you spot the Rune around you.

- Locked Doors with Ravens - The symbol: You’ll find these puzzles very early in the game. You need to focus the glowing symbols in the air from the correct location to match the symbol on the locked door.

- Illusions: Sometimes routes or doors are locked in front of you. However, these are merely illusions. To solve these, you must search for portals in your environment and go through them. As if by magic, these barriers disappear.

- Repair Objects: In the course of the game, you will sometimes find strange airspaces that look like floating broken glass pieces. Here you have to look at them from the right angle, so that the destroyed stairs or bridges can be repaired and open up new routes for you. That you are in the right position, you also recognize a bluish discoloration of the screen. In the PS4 version, the controller also begins to vibrate.

- Labyrinth: In the Labyrinth Shard Challenge, you have to cross a mound in the course of the game, the routes are the same and confuse you.

- Switch Between Time Levels: In the Tower Shard Challenge you have to look through the standing masks to switch between two periods. In this way, you can open up routes that are destroyed or locked in the other side of the screen.

- Light and Shadow: At the end of the game, you will enter a dark area with only a few light sources. If you stay too long in the dark, you will die and have to start from the last checkpoint. So always stay near fire. And use the torch you get in the process to light any fire.

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In Overwatch, the summer games are a seasonal event that began on August 9, 2017 and end on August 28.

One of the most interesting additions to the summer games is the new game mode Lúcioball. It is not necessary to kill most heroes or take special checkpoints - you have to take a ball into the goal in the best Rocket League player to earn points.

Lúcioball plays either in the stadium Estádio das Rãs of Rio de Janiero or since 2017 in the port arena of Sydney.

You are on the road as Lúcio, who has the ability to increase his speed of movement and get faster to the ball. In addition, this hero is predestined to slide along the walls and thus perform cool tricks.

In this year, the Copa Lúcioball mode was added and that allows playing this game mode also in the competitive sense. In this mode there are placement games as well as the ranking in the ranking system, which will reward you with a spray-top at the end of the three-week season. If you make it into the top 500 of the "Copa Lúcioball" players, you'll even get a second spray.

To start your placement matches for Copa Lúcioball, click on Play in the main menu of the game. There you choose the Arcade mode, in which you then find both Lúcioball and the competitive counterpart.

In total, there are 165 different items of the category summer games in the game. These can either be looted from Loot boxes or bought with credit points. The prices depend on the quality level of the corresponding item.

- Skins: 19 - 6 epic skins (only 2016), 13 legendary skins (7 from 2017, 6 from 2016).
- Emotes: 4 (3 from 2016, 1 from 2017)
- Victory poses: 16 (9 from 2016, 7 from 2017).
- Proverbs 50 (22 from 2016, 27 from 2017).
- Sprays: 27 (23 from 2016, 4 from 2017).
- Highlight intros: 5 (3 from 2016, 2 from 2017).

The items that were collected in the Loot boxes in 2016 cost only a third of the price of the new rewards. So if you had bad luck in your loot boxes last year, you can now buy the corresponding skins or winners or other things with credits.

Legendary skins (2017) - 3000
Legendary skins (2016) - 1000
Epic Skins (2016) - 250
Emotes (2017) - 750
Emotes (2016) - 250
Victory poses (2017) - 225
Victory poses (2016) - 75
Claims (2017) - 75
Claims (2016) - 25
Sprays (2017) - 75
Sprays (2016) - 25
Highlight Intros (2017) - 750
Highlight Intros (2016) - 250

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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice tells the story of Senua who embarks on a journey into the Viking's hell to free her lover’s soul. She is followed by creepy voices and is pursued by her own fears. At the beginning of the game you will be pushed into the action and you will quickly find out that there is no tutorial. In this guide, we have compiled some useful tips and strategies to help you get started.

- Don’t die so often! : At every death Senua suffers, a kind of black decay spreads over the body of the warrior, beginning with her arm. This will spread slowly over the whole body, but if it reaches the head, the darkness has finally gained the power over Senua, and she will die, and so will your game. This means you have to start again. But Don’t panic! The battles are usually not too difficult and you also have the possibility to change the difficulty at any time.

- Backup: The save game is created automatically and in the main menu you just have to click "continue" to continue playing. However, some players report bugs, where they could no longer play. This is, of course, terribly annoying, so we recommend you make regular backups of your save game. So you are secured and can load the game simply and don’t have to start all over again.

- First fight in the cold water: You will have to fight right away, although you don’t even know what the warrior actually can do. So you will not be given any clues. The button assignment is there, you just have to press Pause and the button assignment is displayed. Senua can uses heavy punches and can also evades and blocks attacks with the sword. Also, the shield will be very helpful in close combat. Use it, because you can kill enemies with it.

- Combat Combo: For standard enemies you can use the following combo: Make a fast dodge step forward, then two quick hits and then a heavy sword strike to the end.

- Slow-down function in combat: There is a focus function. If you were knocked down in battle, you can use the round, luminous part that carries Senua around her hip (right). If it illuminates, press R2. So you can target your enemy and it moves only slowly in slow motion. Now you should not have any problems with killing your opponent.

- The Voices ... Angels & Devils: The whole game will tell you the voices that rush in Senua's head and speak to you. This can be a bit annoying as they will comment on all your actions. Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes angry or sad. They play many emotions again. But they also give advice or warn you, and that is very important, because that can give you a sign of how you have to act next. As enemies approach from behind, they will also warn you. So listen to the tender voices!

- Lorestones: The only collectible objects in the game are these mythological stone formations, which tell you many interesting Nordic stories. Since there is no chapter selection after the first game, you should find them all at the first time, especially if you are on the hunt for all trophies and achievements.

- Rune door puzzle: Hellblade also has some puzzles which differ from the difficulty depending on the level. In the beginning, you only have to go through doors to solve illusions and unlock new routes. Later, the rune puzzles will come to you. Here you have to discover the shapes of the runes in the game world to open the next gate. If the rune symbol becomes thicker around you, you are right in the place. Then you need to focus your environment and re-appear. Sometimes the game also helps you. For example, the controller vibrates when you are in the right place. But there are other puzzles, whose meaning you will understand in the course of time, since they are not too difficult.

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