Absolver Useful tips and Strategies

Absolver is an action role-playing video game developed by Sloclap for PS4 and PC. In the game, after the short tutorial you can find some useful tips. You can find them in the deck editor. Read them carefully, because these tips will help you to improve your Absolver gameplay.

- Our first tip for Absolver is that don’t use keyboard and mouse. Of course, the game offers you this option, but we recommend you use the gamepad. The quick change of positions within a fight can decide victory and defeat. For this reason you should connect a controller - if you play on the PC.

- Cairns are one of the collectible items in the game. If you've collected all the cairns, you'll get a trophy for Absolver. You can get equipment objects either over the cairns or opponents. These items drop by chance. We recommend you to collect your item after every big fight and especially before the Boss.

- Normal NPC opponents also drop items. This can also happen a few seconds after the wining. So turn around and look for glowing items that you can collect. You will also find this golden glitter in clay jugs. You can destroy them outside of a fight. All the objects from clay are used to preserve the coveted equipment. Glittering over them, you can be sure that there are collectibles for you.

- Healing is important in Absolver. If you have four fighters at the same time, you must either be a pro in combat games or have played the game for hours, so you don’t lose any health. If you are looking for a boss in Absolver then you don’t want to take him halfway through life. So how can you heal in Absolver.

* The easiest way is through the luminous altars spread throughout the world. Activate them and then interact with them. After a second, you can immediately stop again. And already the health is full again!

* Also your special ability, which you can see at the bottom left of the screen, helps you. Keep in mind that you can use the ability only to a limited extent. Also, your character needs a brief moment to take advantage of this ability. So you shouldn’t be facing enemies first, you should be at a distance. After the animation, you will light up red and heals you. The more damage you give, the more health you get. But as soon as you are struck by an enemy, the ability is passé. We could see some players who have used the ability outside of combat and don’t recommend doing that. Without giving any damage, this ability gives you very little life back.

* Select the class Kahlt Method. This allows you to absorb damage and convert it to health. We recommend this class for beginners as it is fast but strong. Their ability is easier to control than those of the other classes.

* After a fight (especially a boss fight) you get as a gift a little health back.

* Each time you step up, your health will be filled.

- In Absolvers, the shards show you how often you can use the special abilities. Defeat many characters in the game, so those who are named and appear as yellow points on the map will get more skills. Then you have to decide which ones you want to equip. Go into meditation for this. The fourth and all-right rider lets you determine the abilities - you can only take two of them.

- For example, with shards you are also pulling weapons. Defeat your bosses and you will get one from time to time, but you can only use it when your shards are loaded and also look out for the surroundings. At the old harbor you could find some weapons on the docks. You can take them with you. If you play in the coop, you can also share them with your friends.

Watch your stamina!

- Blocking and especially dodging consume a lot of stamina. Some enemies have attacks that can take you half of the endurance. If you then recharge your stamina, you shouldn’t block. Because then it takes forever. Get distance between you and the enemies and use the block button. The endurance is already much faster and you can get back into the fight.

So go back a bit, stop blocking and look at the endurance track. You should also keep this in the fight in the view. If the yellow bar is on the end of the two triangles, the attack consumes much less endurance.

By the way, your stamina also disappears when you sprint and attack an opponent. Then you start the fight with much less endurance. So if you see a hostile fighter, you should slow down and breathe.

- Especially at the beginning of the game, you are confronted with groups of opponents. However, if you want to get into the game, you should explore the world and deal with only one or two opponents. You get relatively fast in the first minutes. If you distribute the whole accumulated attribute points, you can take it soon with several opponents.

However, in the beginning you should be more inclined to the opponents. If there are too many of them, just run back. If you turn around now, you will see that the NPCs have returned to their places. So you can lure the enemies one by one and get ready. Just run slowly in their direction and wait for one or two opponents to come towards you. Then you can take them more easily.

- So here's our last tip: Play online and try the co-op mode. If you hit another Absolver player in Adal, just press LB or L1 to open the circle menu. In addition to all the emotes, you also have four options to engage with other players or to create wars. On the left you can ask for your cooperation. This also works three ways, so you can collect a third friend on the way.

If you fight against an enemy and inadvertently attack the co-op one, your cooperation will be ended and your relationship will be set to hostility. The game then thinks that you are fighting for life and death. In the end, you simply have to ask again for a cooperation request. Another advantage is that you always see the other with a blue border. He can also move farther away.