Fallout 4: Unlock Cait as Companion, romance guide

Cait is one of the 13 companions in Fallout 4. Where you can find her, what’s her likes and dislikes and how you can enter into a romance with her. We will show you everything there is to know about Cait.

To Unlock Cait as Companion:

- Enter the Combat Zone in the center of Boston. The exact location you can pick up on a conversation in Diamond City.
- Here exhibition fights for the entertainment of Raider gangs. The star of the arena is Cait.
- Kill all the Raider in the field and talk to the fight organizer Tommy Lonegan.
- He asks you to take care of Cait, while building the arena again.

Henceforth Cait is available for you as accompanist.

Companion Quest: Friendly Intervention

Then maintain the relationship with Cait, where you act according to her preferences. This we describe you below. If you intensify the relationship with your female companion, she will tell you that she is a drug addict. Cait will tell you by Vault 95 and the fact that there is a way to relieve her from the addiction. To help follow these four steps:

- Make your way with Cait to Vault 95 in the southeast.
- Fight your way through the Vault. Here you meet Gunner, combat robot and turrets.
- Keep going until you come to the Cleanroom.
- Now you just need to convince Cait talking to perform detoxification.

Cait’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Cait is a seasoned campaigner with excellent melee skills. In addition, she can lockpicking. Until you have fulfilled the companion quest, she has to contend with health problems because of their drug use.

Improve Relationship With Cait: Likes and Dislikes

Cait has a fiery temperament and has a rather anarchic worldview. She thinks more of herself and estimates a selfish behavior also with you. Diplomacy is also not her thing, and that is why she is in the violent enforcement of targets always on her side.

With selfless or diplomatic behavior you will not collect any bonus points at Cait. Thus preventing to peaceful solutions to problems or take any unpaid jobs, if you want to gather with her bonus points.

The following effects will have your actions on the relationship with your female companion:

Action: Chem-dependence - impact: positive / negative (depending on whether before or after Companion Quest
Response: Use Chems - Impact: Positive / Negative (depending on whether before or after Companion Quest
Action: an object donate - Impact: Positive / Negative (depending on whether before or after Companion Quest
Action:Drinking alcohol - Impact: Positive
Action: Cannibalism - Impact: Negative
Action: Killing a non-hostile NPC - Impact: Positive
Action: Pick Lock - Impact: Positive
Action: Hacking Computers - Impact: Positive
Action: Pickpocketing - Impact: Positive
Action: Without clothes running around - Reaction: Positive

Romance with Cait

Similar to Piper you help this a high Charisma value and the Lady Killer perk. In your conversations with Cait you must caress her and flirting with her. However, this is only possible from a certain point in the relationship with your female companion. Can you manage to advance this friendship to the highest level, you get a reward.

As a reward for the maximum relationship level with Cait you gain the following skill:

- Trigger Rush: If your health is below 25%, your action points regenerate faster.

To the highest relationship level: go to the bed and let Cait follow you, and you will get the following skill after waking up:

Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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