Strong - Fallout 4: Find and Recruit him as a Companion

Strong is a very curious character and potential companion in Bethesda Post Apocalypse Fallout 4. The majority of Super Mutants in Fallout 4 is through the mutation by the FEV virus, and their long service life completely detached from their humanity and act only as a dull killing machines. Strong contrast is there quite different and one of the 13 recruitable companions. For one thing, the green giant is a true Super Mutant, but also a gentle soul who delights reading Shakespeare. In our Companion Guide will show you, how to find the atomic Hulk called Strong and win him as a companion and his affection.

To find / unlock and recruit Strong as Companion, proceeds as follows:

- Take the quest The Curtain Call. This you get through listening to Radio Trinity Tower near the tallest building in Boston.
- Then you have to climb the roof of Trinity Tower.
- Along the way you expect a lot of super mutants and mutant dogs that need to conquer.
- Once you have reached the top you can find Rex Goodman and Strong, who are imprisoned in cages and hope for rescue. Free them with your locks-cracking skill or use the key that you can find on the roof.
- Once you have rescued them, you have to shoot the enemies again all the way down.
- Once you have reached the bottom you can complete the quest and Strong joins you as an optional companion.

Strong Skills - His Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong persuades with a massive strength and, by his excessive force he can also carries a rocket launcher and can kill the enemies with rocket fire. One drawback is his sheer size. In hectic combat situations he can ever stand in the way and take care of frustration. Also in narrow corridors, he takes away a large part of the square and is available to you occasionally in the line of fire.

Increase Relationship with Strong: His likes and dislikes

Strong looks like a brutal bully, but he is not nearly as cruel as it appears. Because if you're looking for a peaceful solution, the mutant does not mind. On the other hand he can not suffer selfishness and selfish behavior, by which your relationship values suffer.

The following list shows you what Strong likes and dislikes.

Action: Creating Power Armor - Impact: Negative
Action: Go into the vertibird - Impact: Negative
Action: Heal Dogmeat - Impact: Negative
Action: Cannibalism - Impact: Positive
Action: Kill non-hostile NPC - Impact: Positive
Action: Bargain price down - Impact: Negative
Action: Lockpicking - Impact: Negative

Romance with Strong?

You cannot have a romance or relationship with the super mutants, but you can maximize the relationship with Strong through positive actions. As a reward you get the following Skill.

Berserk (Perk): If your health below 25%, caused melee weapons damage increase by + 20%.

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