Dogmeat: Fallout 4 - Find and Recruit dog as a companion

In Fallout 4 you get the opportunity to recruit a dog named Dogmeat as a companion. No matter which opponent you encounter in the wasteland, Dogmeat will always be ready to assist you in battle. Once you have picked up the man's best friend in the desert, you will also learn to appreciate him. Since dogs want to please men, it will not be so hard to keep the animal companion happy.

In the following companion guide we will show you where to find Dogmeat, his skills and what you can do if Dogmeat is missing.

Dogmeat Location

Once you leave from Vault 111, you will come to Sanctuary Hills as part of the main quest. Go to the southeast and look for the place Red Rocket Truck Stop. There you will encounter your companion Dogmeat. After the first contact you will be attacked by mole rats. Dogmeat identifies himself as watchdog and help you in the fight.

Dogmeat’s Skills

As you probably would expect from a dog, Dogmeat always follows you everywhere
You go in the wasteland. Once you encounter an enemy, the loyal companions will also help you to attack. To stop him, you can talk to him and order him to wait at a selected location. Very reliable companion and often draws even the enemy's attention to yourself. But enjoying the help with caution, because the animal companion has limited capacity.

Once you have achieved at least four charisma points you can unlock the perk Attack Dog. This perk will expand his attacks even further and can cause additional damage. To speak to the Dogmeat, you can use the following command options:


Increase your relationship with Dogmeat

You will soon discover that the animal companion is fully devoted to you. This means that you have achieved the highest relationship level. You cannot have a romance with the dog companion that is why there are no rewards with Dogmeat.

Dogmeat is Missing, where to find him again

It may happen that you send him to a place of your choice and wait patiently for his return. However, he simply not returned. Do not worry, he usually emerges after a few hours again, or else you can search him in all kennels.
If the Dogmeat is still missing, you can demolish all kennels, except for one. Try with a quick trip away from the settlement and back again and then look in the doghouse.

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