Fallout 4: Recruit X6-88 as a companion, location / quest

The Runner X6-88 is one of the companions in Fallout 4. He is equipped with high-tech weapons. He is an invaluable companion in Fallout 4. With him you have a good chance to succeed. Violence is not a must, but sometimes simply necessary. If you are interested in X6-88 as your companion, we will show you how you can recruit his companion and increases the relationship with him.

X6-88 Location Guide

Unlike Curie, X6-88 is a robot with human appearance. To find X6-88, you must follow the main quest to go to the institute. You will meet the father of the institute and you have to join his organization. Then he will send you on your first quest Synth Retention, when you capture a Synth. At the specified location, X6-88 is waiting for your support.

However, before you can recruit him as a companion, you still have to complete quests the Battle of Bunker Hill and Mankind Redefined, you will get these from the Institute.

X6-88 Skills - His Strengths and Weaknesses

As Runner X6-88 is built for battle and brings his abilities fully. He will feel your enemies long before you can see them yourself. Thanks to his warning you can avoid a surprise attack. Equipped with a gun-Institute, he causes high energy damage to enemies and is a helpful guide when you have decided yourself against violence. Significant weaknesses: he has none.

Increase your Relationship with X6-88: His Likes and Dislikes

This companion is a robot and he is not enthusiastic about Emotional. Therefore, you should always act geared towards the mission goal in his company and act obstinate. The best non-violent, because that impressed him even more.

Fallout 4, Recruit X6-88, Companion Guide, Location
An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

Action: Chem-Dependence - impact: Negative
Action: Use Chems - Impact: Negative
Action: Donate an Object - Impact: Negative
Action: Go into a Power Armor - Impact: Positive
Action: Boarding a vertibird - Impact: Negative
Action: Hack A Computer Terminal - Impact: Positive
Action: Heal Dogmeat - Impact: Negative
Action: Modify Armor - Impact: Positive
Action: Modify Weapon - Impact: Positive
Action: Successful Persuasion for more Capsules - Impact: Positive
Action: Without Clothes Running Around - Reaction: Negative

Romance with X6-88

X6-88 is not interested in romance. Also, there are no companion quests. You can only maximize relationship level by positive actions.

Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with X6-88, you will receive the following perk / skill as a reward:

Shield Harmonics: You gain +20 to your energy resistance.

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