Fallout 4: recruit MacCready as a companion

MacCready is one of the 13 possible companions in Fallout 4, and he is a professional mercenary and excellent sniper in the post apocalypse RPG. Where and how you can recruit him as a companion and what he likes and dislikes, you will find out in our Companion Guide below.

MacCready location guide

MacCready is very easy to find, because as a mercenary he hangs around in the restaurant called "The Third Rail", which can be found in the east of Diamond City. There you can hire him for 250 bottle caps as mercenary. If this is too expensive to you, you can also use high Charisma value and bargain down the price to 200 Capsules.

Companion Quest: Long Road Ahead

Furthermore, there's still a companion quest for MacCready. At your first encounter with MacCready you will learn that he is threatened by two Gunners. Speak a few times with him or improve the relationship through positive actions (see below) to start the
Companion Quest Long Road Ahead.

- Go with MacCready to Mass Pike interchange in the northwest of Boston.
- Fight through the camp of the Gunners and kill Winlock and Barnes.
- Once you have collected enough points of reference, the quest goes on and MacCready tells you that he has a son who is terminally ill, however, and requires a special medicine.
- In order to heal the boy, you need to go to the Med-Tek Research to get the medicine, which is located in the north near the Malden Township.
- There you will have to deal with Feral Ghouls to get to the medicine.
- Bring it to Daisy in Good Neighbor to complete this quest.

MacCreadys skills - strengths and weaknesses

MacCready is an excellent shooter and should always be equipped with the best sniper rifle. In addition, positioned him at higher specified place, from where he can see give you coverage. If you still have to get him involved in one urban warfare, you give him a passable weapon for fighting at close range. But the great strength of MacCready lies in long-range combat.

Increasing relationship with MacCready: His likes and dislikes

As ruthless mercenary, MacCready does not believe in peace and joy. Rather, he is on action and violence! So heed that getting enough bodies pave your way, then MacCready is happy. If you are however constantly working to find a peaceful solution, you will never earn the respect of the mercenary. The following list shows you what MacCready likes and what not.

Action: Chem-dependence - Impact: Negative
Action: Donate an Item - Effect: Negative
Action: Killing a non-hostile NPC - Impact: Negative
Action: Thieving - Impact: Positive
Action: Successful persuasion for more Capsules - Impact: Positive
Action: On Stranger lockpicking - Impact: Positive

Romance with MacCready

You have the opportunity to start a relationship with MacCready. Simply throw as many positive actions from the above overview and conclude his side quest. Then he will call to you again and again and you have the chance to take a romance with him.

Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with MacCready and completed his side quest Long Road Ahead, you will receive the following skill as a reward:

- Killshot: your hit probability for headshots in VATS increases by + 20%.

- Once you reach you relationship level at maximum and sleep with MacCready you get the following skill:

Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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