Deacon: Fallout 4 - recruit him as a companion

In Fallout 4, Deacon is a secret agent of the mysterious Railroad organization that specializes in the rescue of synths. He is one of the 13 companions in the post apocalypse RPG and you only meet him if you have found the Railroad Group. We lead you to Deacon and show you his strengths, likes and dislikes.

Deacon Location

Deacon is one of the top agents of Railroad organization. To meet him you have to search and find the Railroad. This you do through the quest "Path of Freedom", which starts at the Boston Common. There is a trace of brick runs through Boston, you need to follow it to the Old North Church. Inside the church you enter the basement and make your way around there with ghouls. Then solve the puzzle with the turntable. Here forms the word RAILROAD and a secret door opens. You will already expect Railroad leader Desdemona and Deacon.

Recruit Deacon as a Companion

- Get your quest with Deacon at old Highway before Boston and follow him and talk to the tourists.
- Sneak through the escape tunnel in the military base. Alternatively, you can also use the main entrance, which is guarded but stronger.
- Get the prototype by Carrington and go back to the Old North Church.
- After a final conversation with Desdemona, Deacon will be available as a companion.

Deacon’s Skills - Strengths and Weaknesses

Deacon is a secret agent and loves hidden proceed. So if you like sneaking around and want to go rather unconventional ways, then the Agent of the Railroad is the perfect companion for your character.

Increase relationship with Deacon: his likes and dislikes

The Railroad Agent is an affable chap and he may prefer to act in secret and wisely. Try in his company also always nice to deal with other NPCs, if you want to improve your relationship with him.

Violent solutions provide between you and Deacon negative relationship values, try to avoid this.

An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

Response: Use Chems - Impact: Negative
Action: Chems-dependence - impact: Negative
Action: Donate Items - Impact: Positive
Action: Heal Dogmeat - Impact: Positive
Action: Cannibalism - Impact: Negative
Action: Kill non-hostile NPC - Impact: Negative
Action: Lockpicking - Impact: Positive
Action: Hack computer terminal - Impact: Positive
Action: Bargain prices down - Impact: Positive

Romance with Deacon

Deacon lives abstemious and is not interested in any romantic relationship with you. There is also no quest, which you can meet for him. You can improve your relationship until Maximum only through discussions and positive actions.

Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with Deacon, you will receive the following skill/perk as a reward:

- Cloak & Dagger: Stealth Boys hold 40% longer and you share 20% more damage while sneaking out.

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