Preston Garvey: recruit him as a companion in Fallout 4

Preston Garvey is one of he first companions that you encounter in Fallout 4. He is the leader of Minutemen and very concerned about the security of his settlers. He fights with a laser musket and is a valuable ally in the fight against the dangers of the Wasteland. Where you can find him, what he likes and dislikes and how you can build and strengthen the relationship with him, we show you in our Companion Guide below.

Location of Preston Garvey

You cannot miss him as you automatically met him almost at the beginning of the game in the course of the main quest right after you leave from Vault 111 to the town of Concorde. There you will find the Museum of Freedom, where some of the remaining Minutemen hide from the enemies. Helps the Minutemen and kill the Raider who surrounded the Museum. In this way you will get to know a companion Preston Garvey. You ill also find a Holotape and a Vault-Tec Bobblehead in the same room.

Recruit Preston Garvey as a Companion

Now he will ask you to help in cleaning up the city. For this purpose, you will get power armor, and must eliminate all Raiders in Concorde. In addition, you'll also encounter a Deathclaw. Once you have cleaned up in Concorde, Preston Garvey thanked for your help and asks you to converse with him in Sanctuary. Once there, he asks you if you want to join the Minutemen. Do this and you can take Preston Garvey as a companion from now on.

Preston Garvey's Skills - His Strengths and Weaknesses

Equipped with a laser musket he is likely not much help in the melee fight. However, the Minutemen leader is good in long-range combat. In addition, he will give you numerous exploration quests, which opens up their new settlements. These you can connect with supply routes, wherewith Preston Garvey thrilled for you.

Increase your relationship with Preston Garvey's: his likes and dislikes

Do you want to arouse the sympathy of the companion Preston Garvey for you, you need only to behave as he does. The Minuteman is a moral flagship citizen with a strong helper complex. He always carries his weapon, but he likes it very much if you manage to resolve a conflict diplomatically and without use of weapons. Behave according to this principle and already you have inspired him for you.

The below list shows you an overview of the impact of individual actions on your relationship with Preston Garvey:

Action: Chem-dependence - impact: Negative
Action: Donate an object - Impact: Positive
Action: Cannibalism - Effect: Negative
Action: A weapon modding - Impact: Positive
Action: Killing a non-hostile NPC - Impact: Negative
Action: Strange castle crack- Impact: Negative
Action: Stealing - Impact: Negative
Action: Pickpocketing - Impact: Negative

Romance with Preston Garvey

You can also start a romance with the charismatic leader of the Minutemen. For this purpose, you perform the actions listed above positively and slowly gaining confidence in personal conversations.

Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with Preston Garvey, you will receive the following perk / skill as a reward:

- United We Stand: you deal + 20% damage and gain +20 damage resistance when you stand three or more foes.

Once you have reached the maximum limit of the relationship level, and Garvey follows you to sleep in your bed you get another reward:

- Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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