Nick Valentine - Fallout 4 recruit him as a companion

In Fallout 4, Nick Valentine is a private detective who helps you to find your son Shaun. Nick is also a Synth, an artificial machine man, and therefore not necessarily a popular figure but for your hero, the synth detective becomes a good buddy. We show you his likes and dislikes and how you can recruit him as a companion.

Nick Valentine Location Guide

During the act of Fallout 4 you seek your son Shaun. This search will lead you to Diamond City, where you encounter the private detective Nick Valentine. As an investigator he can do best track people and is therefore your choice in the search for Shaun. But first you have to free the Diamond City from the violence of the underworld villains. Once you have completed the quest "Unlikely Valentine", then Nick Valentine follows you as a companion.

Companion Quest: Long Time Coming

If you want to have total loyalty from Nick Valentine, you should complete his companion quest "Long Time Coming". This starts as soon as you have made Nick's office, there you will find case files, complete the quests "The Golden / Gilded Grasshopper" and "The Disappearing Act.". To solve the Long Time Coming quest, you have to see 10 holotapes which can be found at the following locations:

1. First one you get from Nick himself
2. BADTFL Regional Office
3. Coast Guard Pier
4. Natick Police Department
5. Quincy Police Station
6. Nahant Sheriff's Department
7. East Boston Police Station
8. South Boston Police Department
9. Police Precint 8
10. Malden Center Police Station

Nick Valentine’s skills: His Strengths and Weaknesses

As tougher private detective Nick Valentine is with his revolver and shoots unerringly around people in close combat. He also has ability to hack computer terminals.

Increase relationship with Nick Valentine: His likes and dislikes

Nick is a man of law and deals with preference for the weak in society. Helpfulness and nice dealing with people, seeking NPCs help he will always give you positive credit.

Valentine is very balanced and avoids extreme behavior. So always try to find a middle ground in case of problems, because too much violence or diplomacy are not suited to the detective. The other likes and dislikes of Nick Valentine can be found here:

Action: Donate Items - Impact: Positive
Action: heal Dogmeat - Impact: Positive
Action: Cannibalism - Impact: Negative
Action: Kill non-hostile NPC - Impact: Negative
Action: On Stranger lockpicking - Impact: Negative
Action: Hack computer terminals - Impact: Positive
Action: Thieving - Impact: negative
Action: Pickpocketing - Impact: negative

Romance with Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine does not need love and, accordingly, you cannot enter romance with the robot. However, you can bring through positive actions and the completion of the Quest Long Time Coming, the relationship level to the maximum.

Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with Nick Valentine, you will receive following skill as a reward.

Close to Metal: You will receive an extra attempt at hacking and computer terminals are 50% faster accessible again after a failed attempt.

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