Fallout 4: Recruit Curie as a Companion

In Fallout 4 you may encounter a total of two female companions. One is Curie; she is a robot just like Codsworth. She is a brave mechanical companion on the way through the wasteland. She will assist with her healing skills in combat and you sweeten the day with her French accent.

Curie: Location Guide

Curie can be found in Vault 81, but only in the secret area of the bunker. This you can enter during the quest Hole in the Wall. At the very end of the Vault, you will find Curie and incidentally also a Bobblehead. Step into the Vault 81 for the first time, you can only talk to the doctor of the Vault, and take some blood for test. Then you leave the Vault and come after 24 hours, to obtain the corresponding Quest from the doctor.

Companion Quest: Emergent Behavior

Once you have completed all quests in Vault 81 and "A hole in the wall", then increased your relationship with Curie through positive actions (see below), she reveals to you that she absolutely want to be a man. This will unlock the quest “Emergent Behavior”, when you do the following works.

- In Goodneighbor find the Dr. Amari. She is in the Memory Den.
- Dr. Amari possesses the necessary Synth G5-19 and desires to help you in the transfer of memory with Curie.
- You will come back after 24 hours, the quest continues.
- When you return you will be lavished with objections of Glory. It is against the operation.
- Convinced Curie that this is done for the benefit of science and you can finally fulfill her wish.

Curie's Skill - Her Strengths and Weaknesses

Curie is designed as a combat medic and can provide you in dangerous situations with Stimpak and heal you. In defense, she has a built-in flamethrower, which she uses against her enemies. Her strengths lie above all in the care of your wounds and not so much in the fight.

Increase the Relationship with Curie: Her likes and dislikes

Unlike X6-88, Curie is always eager to help others. Would you like to impress the mechanical companion, then you behave always helpful and not selfish. Another important point in building the friendship with Curie, is the kindness to other NPCs. Since irenic and you focus on a diplomatic solution. The following list tells you the impact of your actions on the relationship with Curie.

Action: Chem-dependence - impact: Negative
Action: Donate an Item - Impact: Positive
Action: Heal Dogmeat - Impact: Positive
Action: Kill non-hostile NPC - Impact: Negative
Action: Thieving - Impact: Negative
Action: Pickpocketing - Impact: Negative

Romance with Curie

Once you have solved the side quest of Curie and further improved your relationship through positive actions and conversations, you can enter into a romance with Curie and benefit from the advantages.

Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with Curie, you will receive the following Skill / Perk as a reward:

- Combat Medic: This ability you can use once a day. If your health below 10%, you heal by 100 hit points.

Set your relationship level with Curie at the highest, and the go to bed with her. After waking you will get the following skill:

Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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