Hearthstone: Beat Professor Putricide - Boss Guide

Professor Putricide is the second boss in the Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest expansion for Hearthstone. He was already known in WoW for his three terrible-challenging phases. In Hearthstone, he also has three phases. Each phase comes with a new heroic ability of the opponent, which affects the whole game.

- Phase 1: All secrets cost 0 Mana.
- Phase 2: All weapons cost 1 Mana.
- Phase 3: All Cards cost 5 Mana.

He has a lot of secrets in the deck that you have to play around carefully. You don’t have to worry about explosions, he does not use them. Otherwise, he has packed all the annoying things such as ice block, frozen clone, ice barrier, potion of polymorph, duplicate, counter spell and Mana Bind.

Therefore, two secret keepers are absolute duty to conquer the professor

The professor changes the phase when he has subtracted his 15 armor points (which he then gives in Phase 2).

A solid mage deck seems to be the easiest solution here, because it can quickly eliminate the major threats and that is important after the phase change. If modernity is conquered, the battle is much easier and almost won. A voracious mud makes a short process out of the professor's weapons, so they are no longer a threat.