Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice: Solve all rune puzzles guide

In Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice, the puzzles are not compulsory but you must solve them to advance in the history. In the game, you will get a little help in the form of tutorials.

In the game, the puzzles differ greatly depending on level or territory. Over the entire game you will be presented confronted with the following messages:

- Locked Doors with Runes: These are the most common puzzles in the game. A door is locked with one to three rune puzzles. First, you must focus such a door and then rediscover the corresponding rune symbols in your environment. Whether you're right, you'll know that little runes are hovering around you. All you have to do is press the Focus button and look around until you spot the Rune around you.

- Locked Doors with Ravens - The symbol: You’ll find these puzzles very early in the game. You need to focus the glowing symbols in the air from the correct location to match the symbol on the locked door.

- Illusions: Sometimes routes or doors are locked in front of you. However, these are merely illusions. To solve these, you must search for portals in your environment and go through them. As if by magic, these barriers disappear.

- Repair Objects: In the course of the game, you will sometimes find strange airspaces that look like floating broken glass pieces. Here you have to look at them from the right angle, so that the destroyed stairs or bridges can be repaired and open up new routes for you. That you are in the right position, you also recognize a bluish discoloration of the screen. In the PS4 version, the controller also begins to vibrate.

- Labyrinth: In the Labyrinth Shard Challenge, you have to cross a mound in the course of the game, the routes are the same and confuse you.

- Switch Between Time Levels: In the Tower Shard Challenge you have to look through the standing masks to switch between two periods. In this way, you can open up routes that are destroyed or locked in the other side of the screen.

- Light and Shadow: At the end of the game, you will enter a dark area with only a few light sources. If you stay too long in the dark, you will die and have to start from the last checkpoint. So always stay near fire. And use the torch you get in the process to light any fire.