Sonic Mania: Find all Chaos Emerald, unlock Secret End

Sonic Mania is the latest entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog game series developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games for Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One and PC. In this guide, we show you how to find all Chaos Emeralds and complete the special stages to unlock super sonic.

Become a Supersonic makes the hedgehog not only more powerful, but it is also a prerequisite to unlock the secret end in the game, which is accompanied by an additional boss fight.

The Chaos Emeralds have no solid foundations, but give it as a reward for completing the seven special stages. You can enter these bonus stages when you find the big golden rings in the 24 stages of the game, of which there are one or two at each level. Remember that there are more rings than a special level, so you have several chances to try the levels again because each ring gives you only one chance per pass.

Because of the stages architecture, we can only describe the locations of the big rings, but they can hardly be overlooked because of their size. In addition, you don’t have to find all, you can complete the special stage with few attempts.

In the special stage, you must always catch a UFO on a track that carries the Chaos Emerald. In order to do this quickly, you should collect the blue balls on the course to boost your pace. Also collect rings to extend the time available.

Since you can only activate the large rings in stages only once and it is very difficult to create the special level for the first time, you will probably not be able to become Supersonic during your first game. However, after the end of the game a level selection is unlocked, which makes this project much easier for you. Here you can play as many zones as you want and try again.

The following method shows you how to collect all the Chaos Emeralds quickly.

- Choose a large ring that you can easily reach in the game (For example in Zone 1 or Zone 2).

- Collect it then and try to complete the special stage successfully. If it does not work, exit the game and reload the zone.

- If you can, you can play the same zone again and re-activate the same big ring. Then the next special level comes and you can be so fast to become Supersonic.

The Secret Ending

If you have collected all the Emeralds, you can finally become Supersonic. To activate the transformation, you have to press the jump key again during a jump. Keep in mind that you must have 50 rings for the transformation.