Hearthstone: how to beat boss Lana'thel

Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest expansion for Hearthstone has been live for a few days now. There were not only 135 new cards, but also a new solo adventure. The accompanying wings are published in the weekly newsletters. Currently, the second wing is open, giving the players three new bosses as adversaries. In this guide, we show you how to defeat the first boss Lana'thel.

This boss is likely to be familiar to World of Warcraft players. The mechanics of Blood Lana'thel are almost identical in WoW.

- At the beginning of the match, Lana'thel transforms the player into a vampire and replaces his heroic ability with a vampire bite.

- Vampire bite must be used for every move and costs 0 Mana. It gives a minion 2/2 and makes him a vampire.

To defeat Blood Queen Lana'thel, you only have to follow a simple strategy: play at least one minion on each round. This avoids the need to bother enemy minions.

Attention: If you don’t have a minion on the field, you must bite an opponent's minion! If you don’t bite anyone for a round, you lose the match automatically!

For the fight we use a simple paladin deck, which only minions with particularly low costs, like the Eleven Archer. There are some minions with a rush, like the wolfrider. Additional buffs such as the blessing of might and blessing of kings to accelerate the whole thing. In general, the strategy here is "face is the place" - so always in the face of the boss, without great consideration for losses.