Arena of Valor: Hero Selection guide

Arena of Valor is now available on mobile devices and brought a lot of characters. In this guide, we will give you some useful tips to help you select characters.

One of the most important features in the character selection menu is the ability to try them all before you buy. This is exactly what you should do, because even if we or someone else, give you a list of the best heroes, it does not mean that these characters would be best for you.

The best heroes of the week

This can of course be very complex and with such a selection it can also take a long time. After we have tried out several heroes, we had hardly any desire and still no decision, which character we want to unlock. Fortunately, the Arena of Valor developers have built a wonderful feature to help you choose heroes.

- If you click on "Academy" in the main menu, you will get to the news page within the app.

- If you scroll down, you will find the entry "Top 10 Heroes Weekly".

- Here you can see an overview of the 10 best heroes of the week. You can see their Win Ratio and if you click on a hero directly, you will get more info.

You should of course not simply choose the number 1 and buy, because it does not mean that this fighter is also the best for you. However, you can consider the list as a kind of recommendation and can focus on testing the suggested characters.

There is also the option to view the values of all heroes to the left of the Top 10 overview. These are also determined weekly.