Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire: Elite Specializations new details

With the upcoming expansion Path of Fire will bring elite specializations and this weekend you can try them for free.

The developers have revealed more details about these specializations in a development journal, which are intended to better define the roles in the MMO. With the specialization, players should be able to fine-tune their hero to the personal game style.

However, the developers also explain that the specializations are not a must, but there will be no content that requires a specialization.

New ways to tackle challenges

With the elite specializations, players should be able to tackle challenges better and in different ways.

Guild Wars 2; Path of Fire; Elite Specializations; new details

A pure warrior can attack a boss directly with strong attacks, but will not be able to do much against his powerful attacks. On the other hand, a warrior with the specialization of Spellbreaker can have a debuff, thus weakening the powerful attacks of the boss' opponent, but inflicts less damage to him.

Guild Wars 2; Path of Fire; Elite Specializations; Guide

Veterans get more options

With the elite specializations, GW2 veterans are given new opportunities to expand their heroes in a new way and solve situations in different ways. Therefore, this feature is an important part of Path of Fire. In the development book, the team from Guild Wars 2 reveals more to the elite specializations and if you want to try them out yourself, then you can do this weekend.

The expansion Path of Fire can be tried for free from Friday, August 18th to Sunday, August 20th.