Beginner’s Tips and Strategies for Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza Kiwami is the latest entry in popular Yakuza video game series. The game is action, but also has elements of item collection, combos, new map, rescue and evolution of characters. Here are some useful tips and strategies to help you get started with Yakuza Kiwami.

The Right Combo

Our protagonist has access to several combos throughout his adventure, but the most efficient, at least at the beginning (when there are few abilities), is the combination of square, square, square, and triangle in the control. This type of combo has the power to break the enemy's defense or to drop them on the ground if they are not protecting themselves, which can facilitate elimination. It works on any of the four moves of the character.

Don’t Get Lost!

Whenever you're lost and don’t know your goal, open the map using the DualShock 4 touch panel and check the blue dots. They usually appear in a very varied way and usually only one gives the continuity to the story. It is always good to visit them for more details of the story. It is worth remembering that the pink dots are those in which the game highlights the continuity of the story, but they don’t always appear.

Always Change Your Moves

The enemies are get used to the blows during the fights, even with the combo tip, just above. Therefore, whenever possible switch between the four fighting styles available: Brawler, Rush, Beast and Dragon. Each one has specific points: more speed, more strength, more ease with combos and so on. Alternating in the middle of the fight is possible through the digital directional, in real time, without losing the rhythm of the blows.

Watch Kiwami

Kiwami is Kazuma's supreme coup. When the Climax Heat Gauge is full, he can activate it and kill the opponent in just one second - destroying whoever is in his path. The problem is that the Kiwami mode icon appears very quickly and the player can lose it if he is in the middle of a combo. The trick is: always try to hit the triangle too so that the Kiwami can be activated in the middle of the usual scams, when available.

Majima Everywhere System

Majima Everywhere is a fighting system of in which Kazuma finds, at any moment, the personage Majima in the streets of Kamurocho to be able to fight of free form. You can get away from these fights - but don’t do that. The Majima Everywhere fights are a lot of experience and are very difficult, which greatly facilitates the evolution of Kazuma. In fact, this modality was added with the objective to help in the growth of the main personage. So, no matter what mission you are in, always fight Majima.

Upgrad Your Health

The evolutionary system of Yakuza Kiwami allows Kazuma to upgrade, including fighting styles, speed, punches. But the main tip is always to start releasing new health and life points. Kazuma's life bar is too small early in the game - after the prologue, when he returns from prison and recovery items are scarce. It is easier to survive a difficult fight if you are more likely to take wallops without dying.

Always Save Your Game Progress

Yakuza Kiwami is not a difficult game, but it's always good to save your game progress. If you die or the game goes off for some reason, you will return to the last auto-save. The game warns you of this, but it is worth to leave the tip: the "save" also has changed. Now you don’t have to go to the phone booth to do it, just press the pause button - Options - to enter the menu and choose the option.


One of Yakuza's funniest functions is back: now Kazuma can be equipped. Many players don’t know this, mainly because the game is action and pounding, however, items can make your life easier in the fighting. The game does not inform you which are equipables. You usually buy them in stores or get as rewards for quests, but the game does not indicate the benefit of equipping. Press Options and go to the inventory menu to check what you have and don’t stop using.