Overwatch Summer Games 2017: All rewards / lúcioball guide

In Overwatch, the summer games are a seasonal event that began on August 9, 2017 and end on August 28.

One of the most interesting additions to the summer games is the new game mode Lúcioball. It is not necessary to kill most heroes or take special checkpoints - you have to take a ball into the goal in the best Rocket League player to earn points.

Lúcioball plays either in the stadium Estádio das Rãs of Rio de Janiero or since 2017 in the port arena of Sydney.

You are on the road as Lúcio, who has the ability to increase his speed of movement and get faster to the ball. In addition, this hero is predestined to slide along the walls and thus perform cool tricks.

In this year, the Copa Lúcioball mode was added and that allows playing this game mode also in the competitive sense. In this mode there are placement games as well as the ranking in the ranking system, which will reward you with a spray-top at the end of the three-week season. If you make it into the top 500 of the "Copa Lúcioball" players, you'll even get a second spray.

To start your placement matches for Copa Lúcioball, click on Play in the main menu of the game. There you choose the Arcade mode, in which you then find both Lúcioball and the competitive counterpart.

In total, there are 165 different items of the category summer games in the game. These can either be looted from Loot boxes or bought with credit points. The prices depend on the quality level of the corresponding item.

- Skins: 19 - 6 epic skins (only 2016), 13 legendary skins (7 from 2017, 6 from 2016).
- Emotes: 4 (3 from 2016, 1 from 2017)
- Victory poses: 16 (9 from 2016, 7 from 2017).
- Proverbs 50 (22 from 2016, 27 from 2017).
- Sprays: 27 (23 from 2016, 4 from 2017).
- Highlight intros: 5 (3 from 2016, 2 from 2017).

The items that were collected in the Loot boxes in 2016 cost only a third of the price of the new rewards. So if you had bad luck in your loot boxes last year, you can now buy the corresponding skins or winners or other things with credits.

Legendary skins (2017) - 3000
Legendary skins (2016) - 1000
Epic Skins (2016) - 250
Emotes (2017) - 750
Emotes (2016) - 250
Victory poses (2017) - 225
Victory poses (2016) - 75
Claims (2017) - 75
Claims (2016) - 25
Sprays (2017) - 75
Sprays (2016) - 25
Highlight Intros (2017) - 750
Highlight Intros (2016) - 250