Hearthstone: Beat Sindragosa - Boss Guide

The third and last boss fight of the Upper Citadel of the Knights of the Frozen Throne plays against the undead dragon character Sindragosa.

- There are 4 ice blocks on your side of the field. These cannot be destroyed and block squares for your minions. You can have a maximum of 3 minions!

- At 20 and 10 life points, Sindragosa freezes all the player’s minions and turns them into ice blocks (so that more places are irrevocably occupied).

Sindragosa himself uses lots of dragons and swears on the various synergy effects of this.

There are several approaches to this battle; the easiest victory is through a C'thun deck, which in turn causes Sindragosa to inflict more than 20 damage points so that his hero ability is never used properly.

The deck does not use spells, because whenever you have a spell, Sindragosa uses a spell that deals 3 damage (if you have a spell). An allusion to "your pathetic magic, betrays you! - the probably most composer's theorem of Sindragosa.

Just make sure you let your own minions die (wait for good trades), so you can play more buffs for C'thun.