Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Beginner’s Guide

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice tells the story of Senua who embarks on a journey into the Viking's hell to free her lover’s soul. She is followed by creepy voices and is pursued by her own fears. At the beginning of the game you will be pushed into the action and you will quickly find out that there is no tutorial. In this guide, we have compiled some useful tips and strategies to help you get started.

- Don’t die so often! : At every death Senua suffers, a kind of black decay spreads over the body of the warrior, beginning with her arm. This will spread slowly over the whole body, but if it reaches the head, the darkness has finally gained the power over Senua, and she will die, and so will your game. This means you have to start again. But Don’t panic! The battles are usually not too difficult and you also have the possibility to change the difficulty at any time.

- Backup: The save game is created automatically and in the main menu you just have to click "continue" to continue playing. However, some players report bugs, where they could no longer play. This is, of course, terribly annoying, so we recommend you make regular backups of your save game. So you are secured and can load the game simply and don’t have to start all over again.

- First fight in the cold water: You will have to fight right away, although you don’t even know what the warrior actually can do. So you will not be given any clues. The button assignment is there, you just have to press Pause and the button assignment is displayed. Senua can uses heavy punches and can also evades and blocks attacks with the sword. Also, the shield will be very helpful in close combat. Use it, because you can kill enemies with it.

- Combat Combo: For standard enemies you can use the following combo: Make a fast dodge step forward, then two quick hits and then a heavy sword strike to the end.

- Slow-down function in combat: There is a focus function. If you were knocked down in battle, you can use the round, luminous part that carries Senua around her hip (right). If it illuminates, press R2. So you can target your enemy and it moves only slowly in slow motion. Now you should not have any problems with killing your opponent.

- The Voices ... Angels & Devils: The whole game will tell you the voices that rush in Senua's head and speak to you. This can be a bit annoying as they will comment on all your actions. Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes angry or sad. They play many emotions again. But they also give advice or warn you, and that is very important, because that can give you a sign of how you have to act next. As enemies approach from behind, they will also warn you. So listen to the tender voices!

- Lorestones: The only collectible objects in the game are these mythological stone formations, which tell you many interesting Nordic stories. Since there is no chapter selection after the first game, you should find them all at the first time, especially if you are on the hunt for all trophies and achievements.

- Rune door puzzle: Hellblade also has some puzzles which differ from the difficulty depending on the level. In the beginning, you only have to go through doors to solve illusions and unlock new routes. Later, the rune puzzles will come to you. Here you have to discover the shapes of the runes in the game world to open the next gate. If the rune symbol becomes thicker around you, you are right in the place. Then you need to focus your environment and re-appear. Sometimes the game also helps you. For example, the controller vibrates when you are in the right place. But there are other puzzles, whose meaning you will understand in the course of time, since they are not too difficult.