Arena of Valor: Gold / XP Farm and Level Up guide

Arena of Valor is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile video game developed by Tencent Games for Android and iOS devices. In the game, you unlock new skills and equipment through the levels. The higher your character is in the level, the stronger your team and there are also ways to upgrade the level for your entire team.

You have two options to upgrade your hero:

- Collect gold to unlock equipment. This allows you to upgrade your attack, defense, and more.

- XP Farms to unlock and level up all character skills. Overall, you have three active abilities that unlock you with the first level of your character.

When you have reached level 4 you will be able to kill the strongest - the Ultimate. It is not so difficult to reach level 4. However, leveling is important because you can again upgrade your skills with a new level. This makes them stronger and you become more deadly. But what actions get you many XP or gold?

One of the easiest ways to level up your character is simply time. Even if you just stand around and do nothing, you get up and get gold to unlock new equipment. But of course this is not the only thing you should do, because you want to reach the highest possible level to be stronger than your opponents.

One of the most logical and easiest ways to farm XP faster is killing the minions. However, you have to make sure that you also get the last hit. In this way, you not only get experience points, but also more gold.

A good opportunity to give the entire team more XP and gold is by destroying towers. It does not really matter if you destroy the tower or one of your minions. Here you don’t have to pay attention to the last hit.

Also, don’t underestimate the monsters in the game. You'll find them in the Jungle and if you kill them, you and your team will get additional XP and Gold. Some will take you on buffs and strengthen your entire team as well as your own fighters.

The best way to level up is to defeat the opponent's heroes. So if you see the opportunity, then take it. But don’t fall wildly into the battle if it does not fit your class or if you die, because that brings your opponents turn points of experience and you should try to prevent.