PUBG Week 20 Update adds 6+ Core CPU Support

Early Access week 20 update for the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) brings some bug fixes and performance improvements.

The new update is currently on the game’s test server and if everything goes well, then the changes go on the live server. The performance improvements are especially well received by users of AMD, which are based on Ryzen CPUs and thus on a multi-core processor.

The Patch Notes to the Week 20 Update in Detail

Client Optimizations

- Improved game’s Performance for 6+ Core CPUs

- Improvements to User Interface (UI)

Sound Effects

- Volume of the motorcycle and lowered by squealing tires

Bug fixes

- Improved animation when throwing items while lying down

- Fixed bug that prevented the use of the voice chat on the start island

- Fixed bug that resurrected the characters standing instead of crouching

- Fixed bug that prevented the reload of the weapon button

- Markers are now visible to viewers on the mini and world map

- Fixed a bug that did not display the target visibility to viewers

- Fixed a bug when changing the graphics option Effects

- Improved posture of the hands at the wheel of vehicles